Coin Op Gaslamp

Coin Op Gaslamp


There was also a shooting game that wasn’t working two player as well last night
Y’all need to maintenance the arcade game ASAP. Ms PAC Man cut me off and took my quarters and the two player game was eating quarters didn’t let us play at all.
If we’re forced to stay home this NYE, at least we have Coin Op Gaslamp meat and cheese platter to keep us company!
Are you still hiring
Do you guys have any specials deals going on and how much are playing the video games there
Coin-Op Gameroom Update: It’s been about 2 weeks since our bar operations have been turned upside down. When we closed our doors due to COVID-19, our main priority was our staff & how these 200 individuals & their families would be impacted. Our management team has been working tirelessly to offer as much support as possible to those employees most affected by our temporary closures of 6 stores.

Here’s what we’ve done! We’ve launched our Coin-Op Family Food Bank, which provides provisions to our staff & their families on a weekly basis. We’ve continued to employ a healthy few to prep these Food Boxes as well as operate our small Curbside Take-Out operations from Coin Op Gaslamp, Coin-Op Temecula & The Lion's Share on a daily basis. For those who have ordered takeaway meals & beverages from our locations, thank you so much for your business! All profits from these sales go back to paying our hourly staff & funding our Food Bank. Please continue to do so!!

In addition, with the help of industry ambassadors and liquor companies, they have sponsored meals for our staff through Free Pizza Giveaways at certain locations. While winners call in for a chance at a free pizza, we also encourage the additional purchase of a drink or appetizer with your free takeaway, or perhaps a tip, that would benefit our staff who prepared your pizza. The deepest of gratitude to all sponsors who are giving back to the bar community as well as those who have grabbed an extra item or two with their free pie! Every penny counts! Follow our Instagram accounts for these announcements!

If you wish to also directly fund our Food Bank & support our family, please donate to our GoFundMe campaign ( We are uncertain when we will be able to open our doors again & continue to plan ahead ensuring all 200+ mouths are fed. The donations we have received thus far from bar regulars, friends, family members, investors, and strangers alike has moved us beyond words. On behalf of our staff, we thank you all so much! We can’t wait to host you all again at our bars.
Although anything but normal, it still Friday evening and you know after the week we've all had, you definitely don't feel like cooking dinner.
Our RMD venues are closed but these local SD restaurants are still serving up delicious meals for their neighborhoods! Give them a call, order online, use your favorite delivery app, and remember to tip!
#supportlocal #strongertogether Kettner Exchange Catania SD Crazee Burger Fernside Coin Op Gaslamp The Lion's Share Buona Forchetta Buona Forchetta - Encinitas Officine Buona Forchetta Garage Buona Forchetta
Merry Christmas to all the team of coin op
I miss you guys a lot😊
San Diego Arcade Adventure: An opportunity to travel across the country leads to Timmy finding a pretty sweet arcade! Coin Op Gaslamp
Coin Op Gaslamp had a special guest come through 🤯🏀
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders took some time out of his busy schedule to shoot hoops at Coin Op Gaslamp during his recent visit to San Diego.
‪SDCC: #FuelYourFandom at the Ultimate Convention Kickoff Party!
The Pop Insider in partnership with us, Spin Master Global Cosplayers Getting Coffee Disguise Costumes and Arcade1UpOfficial are throwing a rager at Coin Op Gaslamp!! JOIN US!

Arcade Games, Food & Drinks in The Gaslamp of San Diego Bringing the Retro to The Gaslamp in Downtown San Diego

Operating as usual

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It’s Friday! 👾Let’s get WEIRD


The Weekend has arrived! Grab your crew and get down here to achieve some ! We have game time specials all weekend too!


⚾️ The @padres open their doors today for the Home opener and we are celebrating!
Awesome Drink Specials ALL GAME LONG!!!
DJ Ratty @moviejacques will be throwing down on the turntables from 9pm - 1 Come watch the game and party all Night!

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Finger. Licking. Good.

📷: @hogiemonster

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This bad boy knocks out hunger in a couple of bites, and it's great for sharing...
- Grilled Chicken
- Avocado
- Cheese Blend
- Pico de Gallo
- Chipotle Aioli
- Cilantro

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Ain’t no party like a Coin-Op Party…especially when @bacardi shows up and brings the heavy 90’s vibes! Mad props and love to the masses of @bartendersweekend participants that raged with us!!!

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🌽Do I make you corny baby?

Mexican Street Corn - Cotija, Chipotle aioli, Lime, Tajin, 🔥

📸: @hogiemonster

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Battle Shark is a first person shoot 'em up arcade game released in 1989 by Taito. The player looks through a submarine periscope in order to destroy enemies, featuring simulated damage whenever the player gets hit by either an enemy torpedo or a missile.
The player starts off with a limited amount of torpedoes, which slowly replenishes itself, so players must shoot accurately. Power-up targets appear throughout the games, which can increase the player's supply of torpedoes, repairs damage or add extra firepower in addition to the torpedoes. At the end of each stage, the player faces off against a Boss character.

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⚠️⚠️🕹NEW GAME ALERT🕹⚠️⚠️

PONG has made its way to our game floor come by tonight to experience this retro glory!

P.S. the Atari wheel drives like a Cadillac


May your holidays be filled with fun because there’s all kinds of excitement going on next week too!


12/24 & 12/25 we will be closing our doors to celebrate the holidays

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Sometimes a burger and fries is the only thing that will get the job done. Like today, today is one of those times.

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So much fun last night for our 4th anniversary party!! Thank you again to our sponsors @realdelvalletequila @heneberywhiskey @mezcaldivinomaguey @siphecho @highnoonsunsips @skrewballwhiskey @crystalheadvodka and everyone who came out and showed love! To many more!


Welcome to the Thunderdome! The magic of the evening is brought to you by this engine and its drivers! Come to the bar and order up!


It’s our 4th Birthday and we’re throwing down!
Doors Open at 8pm and so does DJ Ratty, spinning til midnight

$8 Cocktail Deals 🍹
$6 Shot Specials 🥃
From our sponsors:
@siphecho @heneberywhiskey @mezcaldivinomaguey @realdelvalletequila @skrewballwhiskey @highnoonsunsips @crystalheadvodka so you know it’s gonna be crazy!!
Just like the years before we’re giving out our annual swag anniversary shirts to the first 100 party animals through the door!!! We’ll see you November 8!!!


The streets seem to come alive at night during this time of year….whether it’s you or the lightning the energy is real!!!


[email protected]

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Meet Ivan one of our Great Bar Staff Favorite Quote: “Barbacks have it easy these days”
Favorite Food: Tecate Allow him to shake something up for you…his hair shakes when he shakes! @stonedbone5s


NEW SNACK ALERT FREE THE SPEARS (As in Free Britney) $5 Cucumber, Chamoy, Tajin, Lime


We’ll be back at it tomorrow. See you soon!


this sunday



Join the team!

[email protected]


In honor of the 2021 U.S. OPEN being held @torreypinesgolf we’ll be slinging “John Daly” cocktails for $9 starting today and running ALL WEEKEND. Cheers!

*served in a PINT GLASS



All games will be on and ready to play starting at 4pm today! Open 7 days a week 🎉👾


Zoltar is ready to party, are you?
Open til 2am


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The weekend has arrived! We’ve got game day specials going all weekend, FREE PLAY this Sunday, and we are ready to party. Let’s make this one count


Join us for FREE PLAY this Sunday and the 1st Sunday of EVERY month.


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Game time is approaching and we’ve got the specials you’re looking for.


Gotta trust Zoltar and his wealth of wisdom.


Our Hurricane is a must try. Stop by for some Skee Ball and cocktails today. Open @ 4pm!


Come by today for our ballgame specials and say hi to this guy.

Joey is our GM and he provides good times while maintaining order, which is no small feat. Good vibes and high fives at all times. Cheers to Joey and cheers to you!

$8 Corralejo Marg, Templeton Mule and Old Fashioned

$6 shots of Skrewball, Corralejo, Templeton

$10 for 2 slices and an Alesmith 394


Come on by today for this delicious cocktail!

“El Niño”
Aloe Liqueur
Spicy Bitters




Teddy Ruxbin came from the mind of Ken Forsee, an ex Disney employee who thought it’d be a good idea to bring a lovable, yet very creepy animatronic character into the homes of millions of children. Teddy Ruxbin became the best selling toy of 1985 and 1986, making the company that produced and distributed it, Worlds of Wonder, very rich and powerful.


Coming off of the “Video game crash of 1983”, where there was a large-scale recession in the gaming industry (1983-1985) due to over-saturation of available consoles and games, as well as the arrival of Personal computers, no one wanted to fund the distribution of yet “another gaming console”. Atari had plans to market the NES as the new Atari gaming system, but backed out due to a debacle involving Coleco at a consumer electronics show back in ‘83. Fools.

Thanks to Teddy Ruxbin, Worlds of Wonder made a cool $93 million in 1985 alone, providing them with the cashflow to become the Nintendo Corporation’s sugar daddy and distribute the NES to retailers throughout the USA.

As we all know, the NES went on to resurrect the American video game market and become THE BEST gaming console of all time.

1987: Riding high on all of their success, Worlds of Wonder decided to place a massive order for more Teddy Ruxbins, but the kids moved on to the Koosh Ball, My Little Pony, and Jenga, leaving a stock-pile of battery-powered Illiops to rot.

Sh*tty move, NINTENDO:
In October of 1987, The Nintendo Corporation cancelled its partnership with Worlds of Wonder and hired/stole all of their staff. World’s of Wonder went belly up in 1991, and Nintendo went on to do what Nintendo has done.


Also, we open @4pm today.


Are you the piece of the puzzle we’ve been looking for?

Join our team!

Send resume to
[email protected]



Start your weekend at Coin-Op! Padres specials, booze, food, and fun in the gaslamp. Let’s get it!


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Closed a bit early tonight to resolve some maintenance issues. See you soon👌
Indoor dining and games are back!!!-Join us down in the Gaslamp for your favorite socially distant Arcade & Pinball Game...
Indoor dining and game’s are back!!!--Join us down in the Gaslamp for you’re favorite socially distant Arcade & Pinball ...
Huge shoutout to everyone who stopped in this weekend for @dj_mull ‘s bbq plates! We are sold out!🍻
Chef is having the crew do a little social distance taste testing for the Mac and cheese balls😂🤤
Monday's amiright? We’re getting ready to pop another whiskey bottle for this weeks $12 Beer & Shot special, while suppl...




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