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Timeline photos 07/31/2021

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 07/31/2021

An attitude of gratitude is the best medicine. 👊

Be appreciative! 🤗



Timeline photos 07/30/2021

Isn't it hard you make getting what you want when all you really have to do is ask?🤷‍♂️

🤔 What do you think?

Do you agree?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Have an excellent weekend with your families!


Timeline photos 07/29/2021

👋 This is for YOU...

Don't ever give up!

You always have one 'play' left to make. 👍

This quote reminds me of another quote from ,

💎 “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

We hope you have a superb night!


Timeline photos 07/29/2021

Just imagine…you after a few months! Let that movie play out in your mind.

Can you see it?

Visualize it? 🙃

Hold on to that energy and get busy!

And in 3 months or less, you will be proud of how far you have come! 🙌


Timeline photos 07/28/2021

🤔 Agree or Disagree?

A big thanks to for today's motivational quote to help us get through 🐫 .

You can't expect change if YOU aren't willing to make some sacrifice and do the work. 💪

So get out there, fam, and challenge yourself in a way you have never done before. 👊


Timeline photos 07/28/2021

👋 What you didn't know about lemon water 👇

Did you know that bad breath is often caused by dehydration?

Not only can water help your stay off bad breath, but hydration is critical to your health.

Research has shown that lemon water may also increase the amount of daily water intake. 👍

So, less bad breath, better health?

Yup! Lemon water is a win-win! 😁


Timeline photos 07/27/2021

The secret to changing habits that do NOT serve you 👇


👆 The same goes for creating new habits that are in alignment with your goals.

If you don't like where you are, and you are ambitious to change, have patience.

Don't take shortcuts. 👎

Take it one minute, one hour, one day at a time.

Jim Rohn says,

💎 "You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight."

Small changes accumulate over time.

Do your best, have faith in the process, and always bet on yourself to win. 🤗

Before you know it, you will have new habits that will sail you to your goal(s). 👊👊

Have a great day, everyone!!!


Timeline photos 07/27/2021

👀 This blows the "I'm trying" excuse out of the water!

Bob Proctor () says,

💎 “Don't be a VICTIM of negative self talk – remember YOU are listening.”

Your thoughts and words shape your reality.

EVOLVE your self-talk to achieve what you never thought was possible.

Elevate those positive vibes, ! 😉

YOU CAN AND YOU WILL achieve what you put your focus and energy into.

Say it with me, I CAN AND I WILL! 😁

We get it, life is tough, but so are you! 💪


Timeline photos 07/26/2021

Frequently, we let others influence our decisions.

Yet this is not about others. This is about YOU. 👈

Don't let anything stop you, not even yourself.

💎 You are your most significant' roadblock' when it comes to the achievement of your goals.

It is your life, your goal, your dream.

The only person to blame if you do not achieve it is yourself. 👈

You are capable of more than you think. 🤩

No one has a say in it but you. 🤗


Timeline photos 07/24/2021

It can be tough to make changes, but you gotta start somewhere! 👇

🤔 If change isn't happening, look to your goals. Do your actions align with your goals?

The catalyst to change for daily success is preparation. 👇

The energy you put into preparation will, more often than not, help you stay committed and prevent decisions that are not aligned with your goals.

Regardless of your goals - fat loss, muscle gain, strength, or even world domination 🤣, preparation is 🔑.

You have the power to build the of preparation. If you find it challenging - work on your .

And if you find that you keep making poor decisions, get real with yourself and ask WHY?

When this happens, it may not be your discipline that is at fault, but more likely a priority conflict issue. 👇

Likely you are comfortable with where you are, and you like the idea of achieving your goal, BUT...

The 'BUT' comes from a lack of true commitment to achieving that goal.

So, you need to make a choice: 👇

1️⃣ First, be happy with where you are.

2️⃣ Or make the necessary sacrifices and fully commit to your goals.

Priority conflicts cloud your vision, making it nigh impossible to hit your target. 🎯

Neither decision is wrong, but we want you to have clarity either way. 👊

Aneurin Bevan (Former Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom) says,

"We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over."

Aneurin is talking about being uncommitted. 👇

You need to make a choice, or you will continue to struggle from being torn into two different directions, which leads to frustration and inner strife.

💎 Part of knowing what you want is understanding and ACCEPTING the to get there.

Alignment, preparation, and acceptance of the sacrifices it will take to achieve your goal is the key to your daily successes and building habits that keep you ahead of the game.


Timeline photos 07/23/2021

When you learn the rules like a pro, only then can you start to create original work. 👇

Take ; she is arguably one of the best gymnasts of all time. 🤩

Her art form is so incredible and dangerous that they (the IOC) limit the scoring rewards for her trying.

has learned her craft so well that she is essentially 'breaking the rules, ' but her artform's beauty and courage should be encouraged, not denied. 💯

The world will come at you with curve balls to try to contain your creativity. But, let them try because you are more powerful than they could even imagine. 💪

Win the day Fit fam and break some rules in the progress. 👊


Timeline photos 07/22/2021

Nutrition tip of the day. 🥦🍎🥑🍓

Doing this simple bit of math will help you more than you realize!

👀 Did you know that Men should get anywhere between 30 and 35 grams of fiber a day?

👀 Did you know that Women should get anywhere between 25 and 30 grams of fiber a day?

If you didn't, now you do. 😎

The best way to make sure you are getting enough fiber is to look at the food label and then use an app like to see your daily fiber intake. 👍

Have an excellent , and happy label reading!

🔴The content in this post is intended for educational purposes only. No information in this post is to be taken as medical or health advice. See a healthcare professional if you have any questions about your individual healthcare needs. 💪


Timeline photos 07/22/2021

The health and fitness solution


Usually, when we do not see the results we want, it comes down to a lack of consistency.

It could also come from an alignment issue. 👈

So be honest with yourself and ask if you want the outcome you seek. 🤗

There are always pros and cons to every change in life.

You must be willing to invest the time and sacrifice to build the habits that will help you achieve your goals.👊

Be patient, stay consistent, get back on track when you hit a roadblock, and you will create the results you desire.

Like Aristotle suggests, to be excellent, you must repeat it daily.

Developing habit requires much discipline, but when you have a strong enough 'WHY,' you will become .

Happy Thoughtful Thursday, Fitfam!


Timeline photos 07/18/2021

What do you think about and this quote?

If you built habits that were in with your goals, do you think you would be more successful? Let us know in the comments section below!

Do not forget to push that ❤️ and follow button for more that is sure to provide you with some motivation and insight.

You can find us here:

Timeline photos 07/18/2021

It's not just a song by ! 👇

The legend Michale Jordan said,

💎 "Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."

Which one are you?


Timeline photos 07/18/2021

We always have the ability to manifest what we want in life❣

Once we make up our minds, the universe will concede. 💪

That mental shift causes a flow of positive energy towards what you are trying to accomplish. 🤩

💎 Feel it. Use it. Watch as your dreams come true.

Comment below and share what this quote means to you.

Have an excellent day!


Timeline photos 07/17/2021

💧Water tip! 👇

Water is the single most important thing you can do as you start exercising.

It's not just for thirst.

It's also for:

🔹Clear skin


🔹Healthy teeth and gums

🔹Good digestion, and a host of other things!

When you think you've drunk enough water, drink some more! 👍


Timeline photos 07/16/2021

This is vital. 👇

To move forward, you must:

✔ accept who and where you are.

✔ 'do' without the obsession of the outcome.

✔ acknowledge what you have and stop comparing yourself to others.

Now, get out there and START!


Timeline photos 07/15/2021

The real 'F' word is failure. 👇

The more we fail,

the more we recover, ✔

the more we uncover. ✔

the more we can GROW! ✔

What do you think about this quote from ?

Don't forget to follow for daily , health tips, and more! 👇👇👇


Timeline photos 07/14/2021

Because what we do and how we go about doing it matters in a significant way... 👇

..even those seemingly insignificant small 'things' matter. 🙌

Booker T. Washington (American educator) said,

"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way."

We think it is time to start doing everyday things with inspiration!

💎 Being a master at 'common' things takes practice with relentless pursuit and builds the foundation to do GREAT things.

How we do one thing, is typically how we do everything. 👈

💎 Live life large by doing little things in a BIG way.

Have an excellent 🐫, fam!


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