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What a great idea to store pet food. My two little Chihuahuas don't eat a lot and the AquaBrick Storage containers will keep it fresh. Thanks for the tip! (And I'm going to keep an extra one on hand with my 72 hour preparedness kit)
When we first moved here, I couldn't stand the taste of the water...but thanks to the Aqua Brick, not only does the water taste cool and refreshing, but now, it's also actually good for me, filtering out all the insipid toxins, including fluoride! Best Buy EVER!
Can we drop by vs web order?
I live in Canada. Is there any distributors here in the Great White North? Lol
Got banners? posters? foam boards? menus? brochures? postcards? booklets? business stationery? wall/window decals? 858-566-2536 free local delivery of $50+
30 off 1 item webcode: happyeaster

Best products for Outdoor Adventures! Kelly Kettle®, AquaBrick™ Water Filtration System, Woof ‘Em Sticks & more! Step Outside! Unique outdoor gear and water filtration products for all your outdoor adventures!

Coldstream Outdoor is home to the AquaBrick Water Filtration System, Kelly Kettle products and more! Great outdoor gear and great for your emergency kit! Step Outside. #outdoorgear #waterfilters #campinggear

Tests indicated the presence of bacteria in Blue Can Water 12/15/2017

Tests indicated the presence of bacteria in Blue Can Water

A real eye-opener. If you think you're prepared with Blue Can Water - don't miss this...

Tests indicated the presence of bacteria in Blue Can Water Independent Water Research Lab tested Blue Can Water for presence of bacteria in the water. These tests indicated the presence of bacteria in Blue Can Water


Alarming results on tests of Blue Can Water. Read this if you have Blue Can Water in storage. The public has the right to be informed about test results showing bacteria in 15 out of 19 cans of Blue Can Water tested.

Please share this link - there's lots of Blue Can Water out there which may contain bacteria.

Timeline photos 10/29/2017

Hope y’all have a great Sunday. And hang in there... you can do this.

Photos from Coldstream Outdoor's post 10/27/2017

The Kelly Kettle Whistle is here! Put the GREEN Whistle into your Kettle spout and your Kettle will invite you back when your 💦 is boiling! Cool 😎 @ Rancho Bernardo, San Diego

Photos from Coldstream Outdoor's post 10/27/2017

The Kelly Kettle Whistle is here! If you're a Kelly Kettle fan add this to your Christmas list now! Or heck just buy one. They're pretty affordable and a cool game changer for your Kelly Kettle experiences.


A favorite account of ours👍🏼 Follow 💦@coldstreamoutdoor💦for more interesting shenanigans from @shanecoffey_outdoors
A little look into the our day. @kelly_kettle @heavycoverinc


Outdoor Adventure Crew reviews Sagan Life Journey Water Bottle👍


Love that Kelly Kettle

Black Rock meets Sunset Strip. Some positively charged spray laden air in my lungs, huge waves roaring over the pebbles, crying oystercatchers whistling over the surf, and a beach brewed cuppa. It's all the medicine I need today.

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Kelly Kettle fills it's own mug!

Tea time on the trail
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Timeline photos 12/26/2016

Christmas dinner by candlelight as our power was out in North County San Diego. One of the most memorable Christmas' as we really felt the peace of the day.

Photos from Coldstream Outdoor's post 12/24/2016

Interesting fact: Hanukkah and Christmas have fallen on the same day only 4 times in the past 100 years!

Timeline photos 12/24/2016

Happy Hanukkah to you and yours from all of us at ColdStream Outdoor!

Timeline photos 12/24/2016

Over 2,000 years ago tonight, a precious miracle occurred that changed the world.

Effects of Fluoride in Water and Harmful Effects of Fluoride 12/17/2016

Effects of Fluoride in Water and Harmful Effects of Fluoride

Effects of Fluoride in Water and Harmful Effects of Fluoride Much controversy on effects of fluoride in water and harmful effects of fluoride. Why do they put fluoride in water? What are negative effects of fluoride?

2016 Holiday Gift Guide Travel and Commuting Edition 12/16/2016

2016 Holiday Gift Guide Travel and Commuting Edition

Thanks OPEN AIR LIFE for including of our awesome products in your Holiday Gift Guide 2016! The Amazing Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kit and Sagan XStream Straw Water Filter! We appreciate your shout out - as well as your great taste in outdoor gear!

Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kit

XStream Straw Water Filter

2016 Holiday Gift Guide Travel and Commuting Edition Open Air Life - Bringing the Outdoor Community Together

Timeline photos 12/14/2016

On sale for only $17.99 Save $7.00 and be get the coolest , yet. The family will love the "Woof'em Sticks" kit all year long. Make biscuit shells and stuff with chili & cheese for dinner or dessert? How about vanilla pudding and cherry pie filling? OH, YUM! Versatile and inexpensive

Timeline photos 12/14/2016

The Awesome Kelly Kettle Trekker, eh @kelly_kettle ? for all

Timeline photos 12/13/2016

The perfect gift for your favorite outdoor guy. It's easy to pack..stuff it in his jacket pocket and he's got access to all the safe, clean drinking water he needs. A four foot long straw means no laying on his belly to access clean water. Drop the straw into the creek and feel safe in drinking as much pure, refresshing water as he wants. Get one today at and get free shipping!

Kelly Kettle Makes Marty A Believer! 12/12/2016

Kelly Kettle Makes Marty A Believer!

I love this video from . Starts out calling the Kelly Kettle "a novelty item that would just stay in the truck." Watch to see how his attitude changes. LOL Love this! FYI The Kelly Kettle has actually come along way since he recorded this. Has the new cork and Hobo Stove. Everyone should have a Kelly Kettle - they are really awesome! Great for all outdoor adventures and as survival gear!

Kelly Kettle Makes Marty A Believer! Marty received a Kelly Kettle from a coworker in his office as a Christmas gift. He said it was pretty much just a novelty gift that he would never use. Watc...

Kelly Kettle Scout/Hobo Stove Review - Algonquin Highlands 12/12/2016

Kelly Kettle Scout/Hobo Stove Review - Algonquin Highlands

See the Kelly Kettle in action - a very informative review on how the Kelly Kettle Scout works; using the Hobo Stove and overall feedback. The weather was windy; the all natural twigs were damp from previous rain... The Kelly Kettle was undaunted! This is such an amazing device! Awesome gifts for campers, hunters, fisherman, kayaking, all outdoor adventures and ideal for survival kits!

Kelly Kettle Scout/Hobo Stove Review - Algonquin Highlands This is a first review of the Kelly Kettle Scout, a trippers stick stove for remote cooking. In the video I show what the Kelly Kettle scout comes with, how ...

Timeline photos 12/12/2016



Awesome AquaBrick Water Filter! Filters ANY non-salt water source making pure safe and clean drinking water!

Timeline photos 12/11/2016

Have a Kelly Kettle Christmas! 🌲

Timeline photos 12/11/2016

Every outdoor adventurer needs a . Perfect FOR


Sea foam off the coast of Ireland. Never seen anything quite like it.

Timeline photos 12/09/2016

Sooo, our company Holiday Christmas party last night! Lot's of fun. Did I go too far on the beverage station? I mean... great tasting, safe clean water, right???


Congratulations, Robert! Rec'd your information and your Kelly Kettle will be on it's way shortly. Have fun and let us know how you like it...send lots of photos, please, when you use it :)

Timeline photos 12/07/2016

Today we remember those thousands, who gave their lives 75 years ago at Pearl Harbor. Freedom is NOT Free! They paid the price, that we may treasure the freedom's we enjoy today. This photo is the USS California on that day.

Timeline photos 12/06/2016

So this guy just randomly posted how much he loves his Kelly Kettle. Might be something to consider for your guys holiday gift👍🏼

Timeline photos 12/06/2016

Congrats to Robert Valesquez of Espanola, New Mexico! You're our !
We'll be sending you a Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Base Camp Ultimate Kit!

Thanks for entering our contest! YOU WILL LOVE YOUR KELLY KETTLE!!! Best camping kettle and cook stove - ever! Please message us your details, so we can get it out today!

Timeline photos 12/05/2016

"Oh What fun it is to ride, in a one horse open sleigh"

Timeline photos 12/02/2016

UPDATE: Our new family fun and campfire cooking product is coming the end of NOVEMBER! Perfect for camp cooking, fire pits, and beach parties! Fun outdoor activities for kids. Outdoor cooking for a great breakfast, dinner or easy dessert recipes. Woof' Em Sticks are on their way! ⛺️

Timeline photos 12/02/2016

The Awesome, the AquaBrick Water Filter. Great for hunters, campers, outdoor adventurers, preppers and everyday moms who don't want their kids drinking tap water! Heavens NO!

Timeline photos 12/01/2016

The reknown Kelly Kettle. Camping Kettle and camp stove. Check out Coldstream Outdoor Facebook to win the complete Ultimate Kit.


Who's whistling in the dark?

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Love that Kelly Kettle
Kelly Kettle fills it's own mug!
Holiday Giveaway! Win a Kelly Kettle Ultimate Kit




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