San Diego Fighting Game Club

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the FGC grow and to host casuals and tournaments for the San Diego scene! Weekly Casuals + Tournaments

Come check out our weekly casuals/tournaments, or sign up for information for our upcoming major tournament! Mondays - Marvel and SF Casuals and Tournament

Thursdays - Smash 4 Casuals and Tournament

Friday - Dustloop Anime Fighters Casuals and Tournament

Every Other Saturday - OFC SF, Marvel, and More Casuals and Tournament

Operating as usual


San Diego Fighting Game Club

[07/10/15]   We would like to remind you that since we have concluded our operations, all our regular events and streams are being hosted by our good friends at LanDiego.

Please go and like their page and follow for updates, as this page will no longer be updated regularly.

Thank you for your years of unwavering and unquestioned support, and we hope that you show LanDiego the same level of appreciation and dedication as you did for us! 06/08/2015

LanDiego! San Diego's Gaming Community

There will be no SaltMines today.

The venue will be closed this week to allow for renovations and its official transition into the venue's new name, LanDiego Lounge. In addition, the SDFGC is happy to announce that LanDiego will now manage the day-to-day operations for this venue.

With this change in ownership, please refer to LanDiego's website and page for updates on future events, especially when the venue reopens:

The SDFGC would like to thank all the communities especially San Diego, LA, and Arizona for making it out to our events. Also, we would like to thank our online supporters on Twitch and YouTube for tuning into our channel. A big thanks goes to LanDiego and we hope them the best in their endeavors. They can count on our support as they have done for us in the past.

Overall, it has been the SDFGC's pleasure serving the community, making bonds and sharing great memories.

-Ryan Tang and Adrian Saclolo Introducing – LanDiego State 3 Want more information? Click here Search for: Forum Topics Posts Freshness Announcements LanDiego Announcements are located here 1 1 9 months, 3 weeks ago jameson General General topics are located here 0 0 No Topics Games Game discussion is located here 0 0 No...


San Diego Fighting Game Club's cover photo


SaltMines Interview with LanDiego

Here is the interview SaltMines had this past weekend with LanDiego concerning the changes that will occur next month.

I want to thank Stephen aka Crom our resident commentator for the impromptu, yet highly professional interviewing skills. And I woud like to thank LD Aaron and Jessie from LanDiego for joining us during their holiday weekend.

I will make a future post thanking more people, especially this past weekend for making the event a great success.

Here's the link to the interview with time stamps of the questions:

0:02 SaltMines Background Story 2:41 LanDiego Introductions 3:10 What is LanDiego? 4:10 How long has LanDiego been in the community? 5:12 LanDiego's focus in...

SDFGC Presents: Pass the Salt Please Memorial Day Weekend Event 05/25/2015

SDFGC Presents: Pass the Salt Please Memorial Day Weekend Event

[05/23/15]   SaltMines Presents "Pass the Salt, Please 2-Day Event"

The end of a great chapter for the San Diego FGC is coming to a close as the SaltMines passes ownership from Ryan Tang to LanDiego. But do not fret, for this Memorial Day Weekend allows the community to give the venue as we know it a grand farewell.

Starting on Saturday 5/23 at 1pm will be the beginning of a two-day event of non-stop gaming and streaming. In addition, for those in the area please come out because food will be provided.

Here is the schedule of events for both days:…/1KAXiHcZe8J8BzauQlxC7VgSk-u…/edit…

I am only one person so I hope to have the help of the community to make this a great event.

Things I will need help with at least are: setting up the venue; finding a portable propane grill; picking up food; providing set-ups to run tournaments such as Smash 4, MKX, and Guilty Gear Xrd. Post below if you can help with any of these requests.

Let's have a fun weekend and please remember to respect the venue by cleaning up after ourselves. Thank you everyone.

SmashMines 04/10/2015

San Diego's Smash Scene Going Strong

San Diego's Smash Scene Going Strong


RustyShackleford and Sh**un Marvel Fans, Final Round 2015 Pool Footage for your viewing pleasure

RustyShackleford vs Will Richards:

Sh**un vs Terry Bogard: 03/28/2015

LanDiego State 3

Attention all Street Fighter, Marvel, Smash, Melee, and PC communities: LanDiego State 3 is approaching soon Sunday April 19th and this is an event you don’t want to miss out for plenty of reasons.

Guaranteed top 4 pay out for all console tournaments. Tons of potential free stuff provided by LDS 3’s sponsors such as J!NX, Ubisoft, and more. In addition, if you’re planning to watch Marvel’s Avengers Age of Ultron, representatives will be onsite handing out free limited advance screening tickets of the highly anticipated cinematic experience.

This will be a fun filled day to play all kinds of games and interact with different communities. In light of Ryan Tang’s recent post on the current state of SaltMines, this is also a perfect opportunity for all SD communities to unite and show LANDiego-Salt’s long time partner-our continued commitment to have a thriving scene.

Register now for only $20 at this link:

For more information or questions visit: It’s going down again. Sunday April 19th, 2015, 11am-9pm. That’s the when. The where will be The Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union Montezuma Hall 5500 Campanile Drive (that’s SDSU). Wait 3? There was a 2? Yeah man there was! And it was awesome. And LanDiego State 3 will be awesome too! Be…


SanDiegoFGC - Twitch

OFC Saturday Stream starts now. LA Invades SDFGC Marvel. Stacking the body bags is the relentless, the fearless Clockw0rk!!!

San Diego Saltmines #154 ft. Viscant, Rusty Shackleford, Knocturnal, Mr. Certified, and more



Good evening Smashers,

SmashMines will be open at 7pm today. There will be a stream tonight. Please remember to bring your set-ups, specifically your WiiUs, the game, and adapters; we have the monitors for you here.

Casuals are free as always. Tourney will start around 8pm. This is going to be a great night and I hope to see you guys here.

For those who will be unable to attend, this will be the link for tonight's stream, which should start a little after 7pm.

SaltMines #149 - Farewell Myles! ft. Rusty Shackleford, Sh**un, Mr.Certified, and others!


SanDiegoFGC - Twitch

Happy MLK Day everyone!

SaltMines will be open this evening at 6pm. Casuals and competition for Marvel, Ultra, and Smash. However, any and all games are accepted. End your Monday holiday with us playing games, having fun, and kicking back.

Stream peoples your presence is essential because we love entertaining all of you so tune in at 7pm and we'll present the fun times.

Dustloop Fridays


SanDiegoFGC - Twitch

Monday Funday!

SaltMines will open at 6pm. Come by and get your casuals in and as always it's free to play. Marvel, Ultra, Guilty Gear Xrd, and Smash will be there. Potential out-of-town guests tonight so keep a careful eye for any updates later tonight.

Streams need monsters, so we need you. Join us at 7pm tonight for some good times!

Marvel Mondays #146 Featuring RustyShackleford, Sh**un, Uncle Matt and More Guys You Don't Know


SanDiegoFGC - Twitch

SaltMines is open. Casuals free. Set-ups welcomed. Any and all games appreciated. Marvel, Ultra, Smash here. Stream needs monsters. Please won't you join us!!!

Streaming now!

Dustloop Fridays

Dark SaltMines Rises 01/05/2015

Dark SaltMines Rises

EVO 2014 SDFGC Suite 01/05/2015

EVO 2014 SDFGC Suite

SDFGC Bar Fights #1: Nolbu Edition 01/05/2015

SDFGC Bar Fights #1: Nolbu Edition


SanDiegoFGC - Twitch

Oh it's happening. What's happening? Ultra Marvel Smash Mondays!!!

Doors open at 6. Stream will start at 7pm. Casuals are always free. We have 3 Ultra set ups, 3 Marvel set ups, and at least 2 Smash set ups.

Bring yourself, your friend, and a stranger to have a great time playing games with great people. Can't make it? Check the stream out. Tell your friends, your neighbors, and your parents.

LanDiego State 2 ft. Viscant, Clockwork, Infrit, Knives, Fanatiq, Rusty, Clegg, Wentinel, Sh**un, and MORE!


SanDiegoFGC - Twitch

Guilty streaming pleasure of the night Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-

Check it out now!!!

LanDiego State 2 ft. Viscant, Clockwork, Infrit, Knives, Fanatiq, Rusty, Clegg, Wentinel, Sh**un, and MORE!


SanDiegoFGC - Twitch

Happy Holidays everyone. Oh how we have missed you all! We will be streaming tonight. Join us for the White Elephant hype we will be having among members of our community. There will be Marvel, Ultra, Omega mode, and Smash. Doors will be open at 530pm. Swing on by and kick your holiday festivities right!

LanDiego State 2 ft. Viscant, Clockwork, Infrit, Knives, Fanatiq, Rusty, Clegg, Wentinel, Sh**un, and MORE!

[12/02/14]   We...are...back! Salt is back after the holidays. We will be having Marvel and Ultra tournaments tonight. In addition, if the Smash U community comes out, we can have casuals and hopefully a tournament. Please bring your own controller. Hope to see everyone tonight. It's been a while.

[11/25/14]   There will be no SaltMines today. We should be fully operational next Monday. Thank you everyone.

[11/17/14]   Just a friendly reminder that there are no events this week at the mines! We will be on break until next Monday. See you next week!


SanDiegoFGC - Twitch

We are LIVE with top 16 UMvC3 from LDS2!

Brackets here:

ioG Thursdays: It's for the People, by the People, and just People People

[11/15/14]   Spectator passes available too if you just want to come watch! $10 at the door


LanDiego2 at SDSU is happening today and is open now!!! Link for details

SDFGC will be hosting the Marvel and Ultra tournaments with plenty of guest appearances such as: BrokenTier's Clockwork and Viscant, Fantatiq, Knives, Wentinel, Freedom, Infrit, Wolfstreet, CleggMadness, Las Vegas' HitBox Crew, SD's RustyShackleford, Uncle Matt, Sh**un, and many many more!

Tournaments starts at 1pm so arrive early to sign up. 25 dollars at the door gets you entry to watch live as well as into both tournaments, Marvel and Ultra (if you so desire). So swing on by there's plenty of space.

Watch out for the because it stream will be up soon. Spread the word because the matches played today will be hype!

[11/15/14]   Online registration is closed, but we will have VERY limited day of registration tomorrow morning. Be sure to show up early if you forgot to register!

See you all tomorrow!

[11/14/14]   Schedule for fighters this weekend:

11am - Doors open
12pm - Check in
1pm - Pools start
6pm - Top 8 USF4/UMvC3

During pools there will be only a few casual stations. As pools start to finish, stations will open up

[11/14/14]   Tomorrow is the last day to pre-register for LanDiego State 2 on Saturday! Check our page for details!


SanDiegoFGC - Twitch

SaltMines #142 is live! Swing by to get your free casuals in before the tournament.

If you just want to be a homebody, chat and troll then check out the stream

SaltMines Presents Ultra Marvel Mondays #140 Featuring RustyShackleford, Sh**un, Uncle Matt, and more scrubs 11/03/2014

LanDiego State 2

LanDiego State 2 registration is open NOW!

$25 flat fee, entry to both SF4 and UMvC3 included.

Register ASAP, as there are a limited number of spots!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS, it's only 2 weeks away! Did you miss us? We sure missed you! And to show all you awesome gamers in San Diego (and beyond!) just how much we missed having you around, we decided to throw you the biggest LanDiego event ever seen! How big? So big, we had to ask our friends at the SDSU eSports team to loan us space at the…


SanDiegoFGC - Twitch

SaltMines #139 is live and ready! Some fun before the tournament. If you're in the area swing on by. Free casuals as always. Check out the stream and spread the love!

ioG Thursday Casuals


Case of the Mondays? Well SaltMines has the cure and it starts with a Marvel exhibition between Slayin_Legendz and Crom, a Marvel and Ultra SF4 tournament, free casuals, and plenty of salt. And to all the Super Smash Bros 3DS players we invite you to come on over for some local brawls.

For the stream monsters, you know what Twitch channel to tune in on Mondays. So pay it forward because sharing is caring:


Super Smash Bros 3DS players: next Monday, SaltMines would love to see an all out local brawl. Bring your 3DS, your copy of SSB3Ds, your chargers, and your game face as we set up local wireless battles. If there's enough people willing to play, we can setup a 1v1 and/or 2v2 tournament.

So people who already attend SaltMines on Monday and play Smash on 3DS, tell your friends to stop by because this could be the beginning of something Legendary...wait for it...dary!!!



San Diego, CA

General information

For casuals, check the SRK thread HERE: For tournament updates, like us here, or follow our twitter! www.Twitch.TV/SanDiegoFGC

Opening Hours

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Friday 7pm - 1am
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