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We are living in wild and confused times where the Democrat party is literally using baby and child mutilation as KEY talking points for this election.

It’s horrific but not shocking. Why? Because when people reject God they become confused and foolish.

Without the truth that you have a loving Creator, all truth disappears.

On your ballot this midterm and every election, vote for people who align with Biblical values as best as possible.

And just for ease, that means Do Not Vote for a Democrat. I wish there was a better two party system that both platforms provided options to vote for but at this time in American history you have no biblical option to vote for democrats.

By party, they have aligned themselves with Satan’s agenda.

Choose candidates who CHOOSE LIFE!


If you’ve had a book that you know you should write or everyone has been telling you to write the book then why haven’t you?

🚩 Maybe it’s because you haven’t know how to put a strong book outline together?
🚩 Maybe not sure about how to get a book published?
🚩 Maybe you didn’t think you had the money set a side to publish a book. (You don’t actually need much, if anything.)
🚩 Maybe you tried to start writing and need to motivation and practical steps to complete it.

For any or all of the above reasons. You’ll want to join me for this workshop!

✅ We will teach you have to publish your book
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✅ You’ll get connected to other authors on the writing journey.
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Early bird rate ends tomorrow! Price goes from $299 to $599. Love you have you join. Only 6 spots left at the early rate.

Hit the link in my bio and select the Book Writing Workshop!


I hate the word “Nuance” right because it’s been adopted as a word that allows Christians not to have to take a stand on Biblical truth.

Anything that we feel might be controversial ends up being called “nuanced.”

But, abortion isn’t nuanced. It’s clearly the taking of innocent life!

Gender isn’t nuanced, any acceptance of gender confusion outside of male and female is a lie.

God’s word is clear and specific. There are few areas that are slightly different or nuanced.

Let’s stand clearly and boldly on God’s truth so that the world can be set free!


1 minute of hope

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I understand the idea of saying, “A math teacher doesn’t need to chat about their relationship status.”

But, the truth is that all great teachers bring their personal lives into their teaching material.

I don’t want robotic teachers for my kids. I want fun, personal, creative and high quality teachers.

As Christians we know that our faith or ideologies are core to every area of our lives, including education.

The best teachers share their lives.

Now, the real issue is that we’ve allowed adults who are massively broken and in many cases perverted to be allowed to be teachers in our schools. So, we need to not allow those kinds of individuals to teach our children.

Or if that’s not an option to block or fire a teacher then you’ll need to remove your child from that school and find a school that you trust are putting Godly teachers in place. Or pull them out of the system and homeschool them.

Should a teacher be allow to push perversion on our kids? Absolutely not, but the answer is not to “shut up teachers,” the answer is to minister the gospel so teachers are living for Christ and until then move our kids out from the leadership and influence of dysfunctional teachers.

Your child is too valuable to let them be indoctrinated by a godless and confused teacher!

Transform the school/teacher or change the school.

Do you agree? Thoughts?

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Tag someone who should write a book!

Love working with writings to get their message out!

This workshop will help you clarify and shape your book and get you ready to publish your book!

I’m limiting the worship to keep it hands-on. I have a few spots left at the early bird price. Jump on that quick to be in the room!

Hit the link in the bio and click on the Workshop link!

DM w/ questions and tag or forward this to a writer or someone who keeps talking about writing a book but just won’t do it. Ha!

7 Biblical Principles on Parenting — SAMUELDEUTH.COM 10/10/2022

7 Biblical Principles on Parenting — SAMUELDEUTH.COM

Do you know what the Bible says about parenting?

7 Biblical Principles on Parenting — SAMUELDEUTH.COM Like my mom has said to many other parents over the years, “Parenting isn’t for the faint of heart.” And while parenting is beautiful and rewarding, it is true that it can also be very difficult and trying of our patience. Having said that, oftentimes, some of the biggest challenges we face in...


Katie, You are the prize and joy of my heart! Xoxo

My beautiful lioness fresh home from .women’s Conference! Loved hearing all that God did the last couple days!


Having fun with my youngest while her momma and sister are away at .women Conference!

Love you, miss you, and praying for you !

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In one of the parables Jesus tells, He describes His nature as “Generous.”

Generosity in all things is a key character trait of God and because of that it should be a key quality of Followers of Jesus.

If you’re always trying to figure out how to give less, tip less, get things for free, work every discount and try to get Christians to discount you on their work, and you have a hard time each week during the giving opportunity at your church… then, you need to go to God and repent for being stingy and lacking generosity and invite God to flood your heart with His over the top generous love, grace and life!

I’ve been guilty of being a “stingy” “no person.” But, the bent of our heavily Father is giving, freedom, and generous! Jesus said, “I came to give you life and life to the full!”

Generosity is an attractive trait that will pull people towards you so that you can introduce them to Jesus!

Book Writing Workshop — SAMUELDEUTH.COM 10/06/2022

Book Writing Workshop — SAMUELDEUTH.COM

The early-bird rate is limited for my Book Writing Workshop on October 29th! Lock in your spot today! Can't wait to help you shape your book during this hands-on workshop!

Book Writing Workshop — SAMUELDEUTH.COM Learn to write and publish the book that's in your heart. In this workshop, author Samuel Deuth will help you leave with a full outline of your book.


My Bible reading plan is really zeroing in on offense, rebuke and forgiveness!

Love these verses from today.

Love covers and forgives. Offense holds on to grudges and pushes away friends.

And the reminder that if I am a wise person than I will embrace rebuke and correction.

Lord, these are not easy verses, so help us to have courage and grace to love, forgive and be open to the correction of those who love and lead us.


You might say, “but you don’t understand what they did.”

That is a statement born out of pain which is hard work through some times.

But, if you are a follower of Jesus, then you have been forgiven all your sin. He holds none of your offenses against you.

And then He calls us to extend that same grace to others.

No matter what a mom or dad did to you or what a family member or friend did. Or what a boss, pastor or coach did. No matter what has been done to you, we must forgive!

1. Because we have been forgiven by Jesus
2. Because unforgiveness is a poison to your life.

Keep no record of wrongs. Stop bringing up peoples past offenses against you.


Getting hurt might not be a choice, but staying hurt is a decision you make to foster and rehearse a pain you should be forgiving.

People will do things that hurt us, so what do we do?

1. Offenses will always come so learn to forgive quickly

2. Increase your unoffendability (if everything offends you then it’s your problem not theirs)


When God and The Bible are rejected in someone’s heart—all lies and perversion slowly become options.

Rejecting God’s Word leaves an individual and ultimately a nation in confusion.

Clarity and hope are restored from embracing the authority of the Bible in your life.

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🚀 🚀🚀 So excited for the launch our new Parenting book!

This resource is within our Following Jesus Series of books and focuses on digging out 7 essentials to raising children God’s way!

Available on Amazon!


Even as an adult, these txt are powerful! Men, if you have children, let them hear your love and affirmation!

My heart goes out all of those reading this, especially the men, If you didn’t grow up with a father like this. But, all that can change for your kids.

My dad didn’t grow up with love and affirmation from his dad, but he shifted that for us.

Thankful that my dad was the curse breaker in his family!


Each election cycle, pastors like myself have said things like, “Vote your conscience” or “vote your values.”

But, we must end those statements because most of American’s values have been shaped by a godless culture.

Vote according to the Bible not your culture.

To pastors, teach your church not to vote with culture but the Bible. To them to vote for candidates that stand for Pro-life! No exceptions! Vote for those that stand for family as God designed it. Dad and Mom and kids. Two genders only. Vote for those who believe in creating jobs rather than giving handouts.


Love you ! You bring peace and joy to those around you, including to me and our home!! Xoxo


“Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭26:8‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Photos from Samuel J Deuth's post 09/12/2022

The Church Jesus is building is designed to be the carrier of the Hope to a dying world!

Which is why the devil does all he can to stop the church or at minimum make it ineffective.

“And God placed all things under his feet and appointed him to be head over everything for the church, which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way.”
‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭1:22-23‬ ‭NIV‬‬

12 Step Book Writing & Self Publishing Checklist — SAMUELDEUTH.COM 09/09/2022

12 Step Book Writing & Self Publishing Checklist — SAMUELDEUTH.COM

If you feel compelled to write a book, but don't know where to start or how you would get it published, I hear you and have been there. After publishing 7 books, here's some tips I've learned that I believe with help you.

12 Step Book Writing & Self Publishing Checklist — SAMUELDEUTH.COM “Writers aren't just those who are good with words, but those called to give words to a generation!” I love writing in all forms; from social media and blogs to articles and fully published books, each are their own challenge and each has their own opportunity to make a lasting impact on people....

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We must wake up the Christian voters in this nation to take back our country by electing God-fearing men and women to office!

Our nation and states like California are being harmed by evil and satanic leadership like & .

We must remove them from office and appoint leaders with truth and the courage to act on it!

If you are a believer, make sure you are registered to vote 🗳 and rally all your friends and family to vote in good leaders!

Note, any candidate offering everything for “free” is not your friend. Any candidate promoting pro-choice, is not who you want leading.

While God is not a Democrat or Republican, it’s clear that the Democrat leadership have embraced satans agenda to kill, steal and destroy.

And while the Republican platform is more aligned with Biblical values, we must contend for that integrity as well or the GOP will be as compromised as the DEMs.

Choose life as the ballots come out this November!



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Photos from Samuel J Deuth's post 09/02/2022

God created us in and for community!

You need other people and other people need you.

Yes, we need love and care and comfort from each other but we also need to be challenged and confronted.

Any Christian who pushes people away because they “only need God directing them,” is heading down a dangerous path.

The way that you and me stay healthy and get mature is by speaking and hearing the truth in love.

Who do you need to invite back into your life to speak the truth?
Who do you need to speak the truth to?

If you’re a believer, are you connected to a connect group or small group in your church that can speak the truth to you?

We need each other to live the FULL life that Jesus intends for us!

Photos from Samuel J Deuth's post 08/26/2022

A statement like this keeps me in alignment.

To me, “Honor God” is to remember who my Heavenly Father is. He’s not just a distant religious concept, but he’s a close, loving creator that holds everything together by the power of His Word!

And, “Serve People,” keeps me thinking of my family, friends and strangers in the right way. It keeps me others-first focused. That is the Biblical secret to meaning relationships. Instead of seeking how everyone can serve me, my goal is to focus on meeting their needs.

Photos from Samuel J Deuth's post 08/18/2022

The focus on getting rich becomes a hollow goal.

It often destroys those who chase it and never fulfills on its promises.

Having said that, when you make honoring God your goal and obeying His Word and living according to the Bible, blessing, honor, wealth, prosperity and often riches will follow.

Why? Because God’s principles produce.

His Word has a creative and multiplying affect!

Focus on obeying God and serving people; all the Biblical health, wealth and prosperity will flow from that.


What’s your hope in?
What have you put your confidence in?

Peace or anxiety follow our lives based on what our faith is in. Is your faith in yourself or on God?

Lord, give us peace today as we walk through the storms and challenges of life!

“Unless the Lord had given me help, I would soon have dwelt in the silence of death. When I said, “My foot is slipping,” your unfailing love, Lord, supported me. When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭94:17-19‬ ‭NIV‬‬


The primary issue we have in our individual lives which then spills over to our family, work, city and nation is trying to get God to conform to what we want instead of submitting our lives to His way.

A relationship with Jesus is not al a carte, He is Lord of everything!

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