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Welcome to the official iDive page, your source for news and conversation about iDive products The iDive was developed in the Red Sea Research Center at KAUST to provide scientists with better ways to record data while scuba-diving.

But once we had figured out how to use an iPad underwater it seemed a shame not to let everyone else in on the fun. There are many ways to water proof a device, but no previous solution lets you use the touchscreen while underwater. There are cases that use external buttons, but we needed a way to use the full touchscreen. This means that all the existing apps can be used and anyone has the freedo

Operating as usual


Participants check out the iDive at the 13th International Coral Reef Symposium in Hawaii.


Here's to a weekend of diving. Enjoy it!

This shot of the iDive was taken at Sha’ab Rumi reef.
Credit: Tane Sinclair-Taylor


Looking back at some of the first customer images taken with the iDive and iPad. Here's one from Norman Wei in Bonaire - no filter!


Berumen on global coral bleaching

Dr. Berumen of iDive housing talks about coral bleaching.

Video courtesy of KAUST Official.

Professor Michael Berumen discusses recent bleaching events in the Great Barrier Reef and relates phenomenon to the Red Sea


IDive Housing's cover photo


Up close with the iDive housing CO2 configuration.
Buy online @


Another FIRST for iDive! This is the mini air kit designed originally for University of North Carolina to keep the iDive and iPad underwater at coral reef study areas for extended periods (days/month) at a time.

Similar in concept to the CO2 configuration, but with the benefit of longer duration of air supply and monitoring gauge. 04/11/2016

Coral Restoration Foundation 2016 Making Waves

We are working with the Coral Restoration Foundation, providing demo iDive housings to support their important work. Check them out at

VIDEO LINK: This is "Coral Restoration Foundation 2016 Making Waves" by oceanimagingstudios on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. 04/08/2016

Setting Up the iDive Housing

Don't forget to check our videos for helpful set up information. Dr. Michael Berumen walks viewers through the initial iDive housing set up. Learn how to install the iPad, bumpers, low pressure hose and how to manage press...


"Words of Wisdom Wednesday"


Time & tool saving tech. Ditch the slate and pick up an iDive.


"Never get so busy making a living, you forget to make a life."


It's the weekend! Get out and explore...

Here's iDive founder, Dr. Michael Berumen diving the Umbria wreck off the coast of Sudan.
Photo: Tane Sinclair-Taylor


Scuba Diving Magazine

We asked, and you told us: The best of EVERYTHING, as voted on by our readers!


DIVERS - We want to know! Would you want an iDive® pressurized touchscreen housing for your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus?


NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab seen here using the iDive housing. Tell us how you use your iDive!


Scuba Diving Magazine

Fave Dive of the Day: Alaska's own Jellyfish Lake!! Baranoff Island, Alaska.


Our manufacturer not only builds our housings, but are avid divers and help us test our products in real world applications!


California Academy of Sciences

See scales differently: A landscape of shimmering arapaima—among the world's largest freshwater fish—snapped by visitor Damian King.


Don't forget to use our YouTube page for video support and info.


Scuba Diving Magazine



Happy Friday...Time to dive.


Here is a shot taken with the older iPad 2 in the Bahamas. The camera capabilities have only continued to improve!


TBT to a dive in the Azores while testing the iDive housing.
Thanks to Tane Sinclair-Taylor.



Since 2005, Oceana and its offices around the world have conducted underwater expeditions that help show all of the amazing wonders that the ocean holds. Check out our new interactive map that shows where we have been -->

Where would you like to see us explore next?


We hope you all have a happy, healthy, and successful 2016!


IDive Housing's cover photo


Merry Christmas from the team at iDive! 12/17/2015

6 great gifts for adventure travelers

Looking for a gift for the adventurer in your life? USA Travel picks iDive®! These great gift ideas are sure to impress adventurous travelers.


Scuba Diving Magazine

What's it like to take on "the ultimate challenge"???


Marine Biology students from KAUST used the iDive housing units in Al Lith, northern Farasan Banks, Saudi Arabia, to document the extent of coral bleaching.

Thanks to Royale, Ali, and Maddie for the images and report. 12/02/2015

Purchase - iDive

Looking for a gift for the diver in your life?
Our online store is live at You can also purchase at The iDive® Housing is now available. MSRP: $799 COMPATIBILITY: iPad 2,3,4,& Air (Contact us for iPad Air 2 availability.) Ships with both air and CO2 configurations. Watershot Incorporated is the official distribution partner for the iDive housing. Upon clicking the link you will be taken to the Wat…


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The team at UCSC follows this checklist when using the iDive for underwater data collection.

1 - Turn iPad on and lock rotation before placing in housing.
2 - Switch off wi-fi (to conserve battery life) and auto brightness.
3 - Connect with Smart Dive Buddy before descending.
4 - Once underwater adjust brightness to conserve battery life.

Message us with your tips.

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Shot on an iPad safely enclosed in an iDive housing.  No filter.  Share your images with us!
Giant Trevallies at the Dora Reef in the Red Sea captured by Tane Sinclair-Taylor with his iPad and iDive housing.
iDive in action.  Finally, divers can use the touchscreen.  #usethetouchscreen #underwatertouchscreen




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