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Why you splurge during the holidays 😜

Dominique Myers Erik Myers


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Myers Mindset


You never know how much you appreciate good health...until you feel like crap for 2 weeks😜 I went to the doctors today to try to get some answers. They drew some blood and said they'd call me tomorrow with what they find👌🏼 In the meantime I'll continue to relax and keep my thoughts focused on all the GOOD things that I can be grateful for❤ thank you all for the warm messages🙏🏼


If it takes a couple days to get a text, message or email response this week--it's not personal! This headache is getting the best of me😐 The time that I feel okay throughout the day I'm usually writing👨🏻‍💻 Thank you all for the warm messages, it means a lot🙏🏼


You know they got a good workout when...


The first draft of the book is COMPLETE!!!!! It's a surreal feeling😳 The ideas that are in this book have been lingering around in my mind for the past four years and this is what I've learned the past 22 days since I started writing: 1.) By the yard it's hard, but inch by inch it's a cinch. Have you heard that saying? I thought I knew it, but now I really understand it. Writing a book was a daunting challenge. I broke it down to half of a chapter and no more than 90 minutes each day and it was a lot more manageable than I thought. We've got to BREAK OUR GOALS DOWN and celebrate the little wins🤗 2.) Better done than perfect. I have a LOT of editing to do before this book is ready to publish. But the whole time I kept reminding myself it's better to have a fully written draft that I can go back and edit than 3 perfect chapters and an unfinished book. Strive for PROGRESS, not PERFECTION👌🏼 3.) Smile when we're faced with challenges. A week and a half ago I started getting brutal headaches. As you can imagine that makes it tough to sit down and stay focused. I was reminded that life has a sense of humor and likes to challenge us when we follow our dreams to test how bad we really want it. So I did my best to smile and do it anyway. It wasn't pretty, but it worked😆 This morning I woke up with another killer-headache and had a tough time waking up. After meditating and doing some yoga, I started feeling better and decided to just GO FOR IT and finish the last 3 chapters. As a result, the first draft is finished😌 I can't wait to get this book in your hands. I truly believe it's going to help a lot of people🙌🏼 To claim your FREE copy of the book, click here 👉🏼


#TransformationTuesday There is NOTHING more inspiring to me than to see someone pursue their dreams, no matter how scary they might be at first. 6 months ago my wife decided she was going to follow her heart and compete in a bikini competition. As a "habitual quitter" she was worried she would be able to stick with it... Spoiler alert: she's stuck with it and she's CRUSHING IT! She has 14 weeks until her first show and this is the phase where s**t gets real. She'll be taking her body to a place it's never been before. What you don't see is the hours she spends planning & prepping her food and countless hours spent at the gym each day. If you all could do me a favor and help me support and encourage Dominique during these last 14 weeks I know it would mean a lot to her...because it's about to get TOUGH! Let's go #TeamDom 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Myers Mindset


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Today and EVERY day, use this as your mantra❤


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My one and only rule for meal prepping is.....KEEP IT SIMPLE! About twice per week Dominique and I cook up enough chicken and sweet potatoes for the next 3-4 days...that's it! It works well for us. Find what works best for you that you can consistently stick with👌🏼


One of the most important lessons that yoga has taught me this past year is to release the EGO! I still use modifiers, take breaks when I need it, and learning to let go of comparison❤️

Stay in your lane and be the best YOU can be :)

Day 4/28 of #28TONE with Upper Body 1 and 30 min of yoga✔️



What we FOCUS on is what we FEEL



THIS is the holiday season that you come out healthier on January 1st to start the new year☝🏼️LIKE or COMMENT if you'd like to be part of our FREE 7 day clean eating challenge starting this Sunday, December 18th!


After 2 weeks of sleeping in, it felt GOOD to get back to the grind this morning with my brotha Joemy and we did day 3/28 of #28TONE 💪🏼💦

The ONLY way I'm able to consistently get my butt out of bed at 4am is because I've got a workout partner. I can't stress enough how important it is to find people who will hold you accountable. If YOU need some extra accountability and support, I'd be happy to help :) comment below or message me directly👊🏼



We don't get from life what we WANT, we get what we ARE and what we EXPECT


Begin to live each day as though your dreams have already come true :)



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Myers Mindset


Tag your workout partner below and try this one out👫👬👭💪

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How to play it off when you fall :)

How to play it off when you fall :)



How to enter:

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🎶 Timeflies: "Once in a While" 🎶


When I first was exposed to the possibility of owning my own business with the freedom to work when I want where I want...I was HOOKED🎣 It never occurred to me that this was even POSSIBLE!

At the time I was working at 24 hour fitness and Costco, 60-70 hours per week with no free time. I began to dream and I promised myself no matter how long it would take, I would make it happen no.matter.what.

Since that time I've met the ❤love of my life, read more 📚books than I thought I would have in my life, listened to hundreds and hundreds of hours of 🎧inspirational audios, started traveling the 🏝world, and made a deliberate effort to surround myself with 🙏business mentors who are already doing what I want to do.

Beachbody Coaching has helped us find our purpose in this life and is going to give us the opportunity to raise our kids together from home and I wouldn't trade that for the world!

Coaching isn't for everyone, it takes a lot of hard work and a genuine desire to help others. I just know I'd rather work hard building my dreams than drift through life building someone else's🙌
If you've ever been curious about what we do as Coaches, email us at [email protected] we'd be happy to answer any questions you have smile emoticon


Adele: Hello Parady (Hella Cravings)

The struggle is real...

Adele: Hello Parady (Hella Cravings)


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Myers Mindset


Don't limit your challenges. Challenge your limits!

Monday's don't have to suck. It's a new day, new week, and to me that is refreshing and renewing. What's going to be different about this week from last for you? Only you can answer that question.

I'll bet you have something within that's driving you to want me, do me, be more, and give more. TODAY is the day to make that happen.

I just crushed a Body Beast workout and now heading home to do Insanity Max30 with my beautiful fiancé what do you have planned for the day?


I'm throwing out the "man card" for this post and gonna be honest with you.

Anytime we're following a dream or major goal it's inevitable that we'll be challenged to discover the reason WHY you're doing what you're doing, right?

That reason WHY (whether it's the people you're doing it for or whatever may be) is there to mentally push you through all the speed bumps and hiccups along the way.

I'm not sure where exactly my turning point took place, but these last few weeks I've really felt for the first time that I've found my WHY because when I think about it, my emotions pour out. It happened this morning while doing my workout.

That powerful sensation in my chest comes and I lose my breath when I think about turning our dream.

I'm doing it so that Dominique, our families, and our future family can live a life of possibilities & fulfillment. I'm doing it to show that anybody that feels small in this world because they're shy, insecure, and filled with anxiety can find their passion and release themselves from those overwhelming mental barriers.

It's possible. You bet it's possible, I'm living proof and I've met many others too. But it's also NECESSARY for you to create a vision and follow your heart. Because you're worth it. BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!




To eat the frog is do that task that you KNOW you needs to be done FIRST! It's easy for us to confuse activity with productivity. We go through the day busy doing one thing after the other until the day ends and we realize we didn't do what NEEDED to be done. Do it first.

Insanity max30 workouts are BY FAR the most challenging part of the day for us. These workouts are tough. But we know we need to get it done each day and it would be easy to put if off.

Today when you're making your to-do list, circle the task you KNOW needs to get done and DO IT! Let's make it an amazing week. Be the best you can be, you're stronger than you know!

(PS...join us for LIVE workouts on periscope @domanderik)


You don't have to be PERFECT to be CONSISTENT!

If you're a human (and especially if you're a guy) you're gonna make mistakes. It's gonna happen. The difference between those who keep moving forward and those who quit is how we RESPOND to those mistakes.

In a perfect world, I would wake up every morning at 4:00, as crazy as that sounds. I love the feeling and calmness of being in control of my day, instead of simply being responsive. HOWEVER, late nights happen. Oversleeping happens. Forgetting to set the alarm happens. And that's okay.

Once I stopped putting that pressure on myself to be PERFECT whether it's sleeping in, workouts, nutrition, or with work, I started becoming more consistent by taking it one day at a time.

Take it one day at a time. Do what you can where you are with what you've got. And don't ever forget to BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!


Do the thing, have the POWER!

I went to bed nervous last night. This morning I woke up nervous. I was scheduled to teach a 7:30 yoga class, which is awesome...except I'd never taught a yoga class before.

The nerves were lingering throughout the morning and then all of a sudden it hit me...what am I really nervous about? Let's say the worst case scenario is I make a mistake.

Would I embarrass myself a little? Sure.

Would that embarrassment be so humiliating that I'd never want to teach a class again? Not quite.

Isn't making mistakes part of the process to learning & growing? You bet.

A sudden calmness filled my body and I went on with the rest of the morning. The class wasn't perfect but it flowed, they got a good workout, and I DIDNT DIE! Nope, still alive haha trust me, I know how intimidating it can be to do things that stretch us out of our comfort zone. But once you do, you'll feel so proud of yourself for doing it.

Do one thing that scares you today and BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!


You're gonna get knocked down.

There will be heartaches, setbacks, and struggles. Loved ones will be lost, dreams will fail to manifest, and it's not all going to go according to the plan.

Kinda depressing, right? (You're like jeez- happy Friday to you too Erik?)

BUT there's good news also. There's also going to be AMAZING moments that take your breath away; there will be times that you think this is
TOO good to be true; there will be indescribable JOY that melts your heart.

Once we accept that life's challenges are, well--part of life--then we no longer fear them. Once we trust that the good times are on their way, we can simply enjoy them.

In every setback we're given a choice: stay down or get back up. Choose to get back up and into the ring of life, it's so worth it.


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Why you splurge during the holidays 😜Dominique Myers Erik Myers
After 2 weeks of sleeping in, it felt GOOD to get back to the grind this morning with my brotha Joemy and we did day 3/2...
We don't get from life what we WANT, we get what we ARE and what we EXPECT
Tag your workout partner below and try this one out👫👬👭💪#Shredd4theWedd #becomingtheMyers #fitcouple #domanderikfitness
How to play it off when you fall :)
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