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De Soto Sport & Mask Company


Polypro Top. Perfect for almost anything including taking first in your age group in live race after one year of lockdowns. I’m back.
I’ve worn De Soto gear from mountain bike trails, running city streets, to the Ironman Kona course and now pandemic rules skiing....
Love your kit! Keep up the good work.
Any Black Friday deals planned? I’m hoping for a deal on bib shorts.
It's not only a Right, it's a Responsibility!
My teacher friends love this mask! Thanks De Soto!
I’m so grateful for our DeSoto Face Masks. Our wildfires are level 3 and we evacuated 2 day ago and just returned home. My 85 year old mom and I wore our masks throughout this whole event. Thank you for such a quality easy to wear product.
A BIG thank you to De Soto Sport Triathlon Company for generously donating masks for our staff. #grateful #community
We'd like to give a huge Thank You to all of the wonderful individuals, organizations and businesses who generously made and/or donated masks for our staff and volunteers to use while at Mama's Kitchen and out on deliveries! Our #1 priority is everyone's safety, especially that of our clients whose illnesses often makes them immunocompromised. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe!

- Jennifer Ludwig, Locality - Handmade in San Diego
- Families of The Bishop's School
- Lotus and Luna, via volunteer Teri Tucker
- Marie Clark
- The Little Saigon Foundation of San Diego
- Patty Scarborough, Qualcomm
- Kevin Atto, Mama's Kitchen Board President
- EJ Flynn, via volunteer and Mama's Kitchen Board Secretary Andrew Rosenberg
- Emilio De Soto, De Soto Sport Triathlon Company Company
- The Naumann Law Firm, PC
The past few months have been challenging for us all, but we received overwhelming support from our donors, sponsors, and friends – like YOU! As a result, we’ve been able to provide new, critically-needed resources while continuing to meet the immediate needs of our families amid the current health crisis.

From all of us at Miracles for Kids, THANK YOU.

Special thank you to our corporate supporters, including AAE Aerospace Group, Advanced Framing Structures, Alo Yoga, Anaheim Community Foundation, Assistance League of Orange, Bracken's Kitchen, Bright Star Kids Foundation, Dance 4 Joy Ministries, De Soto Sport Triathlon Company, Eight88 Hospitality, Tom Ferry Ferry International, Joseph R. Tomkinson and Impac Charitable Foundation, Juice Plus+, Live for Others Foundation, Manna Kadar Cosmetics, Motiv-8 Performance, OC Community Resilience Fund, Perricone Farms, Playa Mesa, RVCA, Serve First Solutions, Inc., Smith and Severson Builders, St. Anne School, Tavern+Bowl, The Smith Group, Coldwell Banker Realty, Traffik Advertising, and WAXIE Sanitary Supply.
How to wear your Skin Cooler Face Mask using just 1 ply or 2 plies! Our mask has 3 plies, but you do have options as Emilio shows you in this video. Wearing just 1 or 2 plies helps if you are hiking, cycling, running, or having to exert any sort of additional effort that many require you to breathe deeper or harder. We are a performance apparel company, so it only makes sense that we offer a mask that is so versatile. Like any bike, or helmet, or shoes, or wetsuit, it may take a few tries to get it just right for you.
When bad things happen, you remember the good people.

Thank you, De Soto Sport, for being great people. It is rare to find a company that has a sincere mantra, and the sincere commitment to back it up.

Wonderful to deal with, and looking forward to getting your masks.
De Soto Sport Triathlon Company creó el primer traje de triatlón de una pieza, específicamente para mujeres. 👩👍

✅ Diseño “Fli-Fly”™ que te permite ir al baño de forma rápida y discreta.
✅ La tecnología Femme Snakezip™ hace que abrir y cerrar el zipper trasero sea fácil y rápido.
✅ El zipper tiene un forro interior completo para mayor comodidad y para eliminar el potencial de rozaduras
✅ Tejido Mobius™ Compression para un soporte adecuado y cómodo.
✅ Mangas y hombros hechos a base del innovador tejido Skin Cooler90™ para protección solar UVB 90 y una sensación de frescura cuando el traje está mojado.
✅ La almohadilla de flotación Femme de 4 mm en la entrepierna proporciona comodidad en la bicicleta y pasa desapercibida durante la carrera, además es antibacteriana y absorbe la humedad.
✅ El zipper al frente permite la ventilación en movimiento
✅ 3 bolsillos: Uno en la parte posterior y uno en cada pierna, en la parte de atrás, para tus necesidades.

🌐 Compra en línea:

#PersonalBest #DeSoto #Trisuit #TrisuitParaMujer #TriatlonMexico #LograTuPersonalBest

Since 1990 we have been creating highly technical apparel, wetsuits and accessories for swimming, cycling, running and for many other sports and activities.

We make and 98% of the products we sell are made in our own building by our hard-working staff. Founded in 1990, De Soto Triathlon Company (De Soto Clothing Company, Inc.) has established itself as the most visible brand of apparel at any triathlon around the world. Founded by triathletes, Emilio De Soto and Dan Neyenhuis, the San Diego-based company leverages almost 30 years of experience in inte

Operating as usual


@justtoofarr "Make your own luck."

TUESDAY RUN SHORT - This durable, high-quality run short with Skin Cooler liner has been a staple in our production since 1991 and a favorite for men.

Learn more here ~


FORZA TRI SHORT 4-POCKET - With a total of four pockets and the Mobius™ Comfort Compression leg-bands, this is considered to be the best short for long and ultra-distance racing. It is identical to the Forza Tri Short model FTS3 with the addition of pockets.

Learn about more features, read customer reviews and get sizing guidance here ~


I have been using De Soto tri clothes since 2002, which I still have my very first tri top. I love their products, especially the Forza 4 pocket shorts. Shipping is always fast and customer service is awesome. I even got an email from Tracy when they were on their way to Pairs"


Ladies, we built this top to fit like a second skin while providing protection from harmful UV rays, and a cooling sensation when wet. 2 vertical pockets along the spine hold lightweight essentials (gu, id, cc, key) or sponges/ice from aid stations to provide additional cooling.

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The information below applies to just about all brands of triathlon apparel.

Read all about it here ~

Photos from De Soto Sport & Mask Company's post 03/02/2022

25% off Solid Black 400-Mile™ Cycling Shorts & Bibs
These are the cycling bibs and shorts you want with the original 400-Mile™ pad which has made these our single best-seller. 25% off solid black only.

Emilio gave these bicycling shorts and bibs the "400-Mile" name from product testing consisting of 400 miles over 4 days. His logic was many shorts feel fine for 100+ mile rides. The real question is how does that saddle feel when you get on the bike the next morning for another 100 miles...and the next morning...and the next? This was the inspiration for the design, the pad, and the name.

ENTER CODE - 400mile25
Free shipping on orders over $49 within the US
Offer excludes printed designs
*Not Retroactive and one coupon per order please*
Coupon code valid while supplies last only on
- Not valid on phone orders -

Photos from De Soto Sport & Mask Company's post 03/01/2022

In 1990 we invented this great mesh running cap. We updated it with a few unique features to make it a first in the triathlon market for a second time.

Learn more about this innovative cap here ~


Our Women's Skin Cooler Short Sleeve Tri Top was designed with features to support a full day of training or racing in stylish, feminine comfort.

Features and Benefits:
*Composed of Skin Cooler™ buttery, soft fabric which provides UVB sun protection and creates a cooling sensation when wet or with sweat; keeping you cool and comfortable mile after mile
*Lightweight, moisture wicking Skin Cooler Octovent™ fabric on front panel for breathable cooling comfort
*3 back pockets to store your training or racing essentials

Shop here ~


This is Alex Soto. He is sporting the De Soto Skin Cooler Headtube during his Ski Patrol shift at Snow Valley Mountain Resort of Southern California. Alex wrote us: "It breathes by far better than any cloth face covering I have ever used and evaporates moisture very quickly. Unlike others, my goggles do not fog up when I use your Headtube."

You can find this Headtube here:

Photos from De Soto Sport & Mask Company's post 02/24/2022


Your bike shoes are probably vented for rides on hot days, but those same vents will keep your feet cold on chilly days. Made of 2mm GreenGoma™ limestone wetsuit rubber, these Toe Cover can be put on or taken off during a ride and will slip over almost any brand of road or mountain bike cleat and shoe on the market.

Shop here ~


40% off Makani Wind Jacket & Pant
Windproof and water-resistant jacket & pant designed to keep you warm before, during, and after workouts. Lightweight with a nice stretch for movement and comfort, makes it perfect for long flights and road trips.

Shop Makani here ~

ENTER CODE - Makani40
Free shipping on orders over $49 within the US
*Not Retroactive and one coupon per order please*
Coupon code valid while supplies last only on
- Not valid on phone orders -


A TIP FROM EMILIO: Swimming in really cold water? Try Emilio's GreenGoma™ Swim Cap Sandwich

Ingredients: 1 GreenGoma™ Swim Cap, 2 latex rubber or silicone swim caps.

1. Put on the first latex rubber swim cap. Make sure it covers your temples and forehead.
2. Put on the GreenGoma™ Swim Cap over the first latex swim cap. Again and more importantly, make sure it covers your temples and forehead and that it sits just above your eyebrows as shown in the photo. This will eliminate "Brain Freeze", or "Ice Cream Headache."
3. Finally put on the last latex cap. Make sure it covers the front and back of the GreenGoma™ Swim Cap.
If done properly, your hair will most likely be dry when you exit the water, but more importantly, your head and your body will stay warm...and your fingers will actually work!

I have raced Escape from Alcatraz over a dozen times (twice without a wetsuit). I have raced in the Puget Sound, the English Bay in Vancouver, and in the Milford Sound on New Zealand's South Island. All are races where the water temperature was between 48 - 54 degrees F (9 - 12 degrees C). This Sandwich works...I guarantee it!


The Black Pearl model offers a very affordable option without sacrificing warmth, comfort, and durability.

The two-piece design of the T1 Wetsuits offers more comfort and less restriction. The top and bottom are not attached. This means you have much more freedom of movement and there is no “torso-rubber stretch” or shoulder fatigue that occurs with one-piece wetsuits. All T1 models are sold as separates for a customized and personal fit. With up to seven sizes of tops and bottoms, you have 49 possible size combinations from which to choose. Other features we innovated many years ago include lower necklines and thicker rubber in the legs and hips to help float the largest bones and muscles in the body. More floatation here means more speed. T1 Wetsuits are not filled with gimmicks, just physics.

Check out more features here ~

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How to insert strap loops using a paper clip.
How to Make the Headtube Fit a Smaller Face.
Add Cordlocks to any Mask to Fit Smaller Faces.
How to make the Runner's Mask
NEW!  Reversible SkinCooler™ Face Mask
Removing the T1 Wetsuit quickly can be done with a little practice.  De Soto athletes Ben and Summer Deal show you who h...
How to make a metal nose bridge
Make a face mask from a De Soto Headtube™ and two rubber bands
How to wear your Mask using 1 ply or 2 plies.



Clothing, Tri Gear, T1 Wetsuits by De Soto, cycling, swimming, running, endurance sports products, face masks



7584 Trade St
San Diego, CA

General information

We still manufacture all our clothing in Sunny San Diego California in the good ole USA. All our custom apparel is sublimated in our sister factory in Wisconsin, and then assembled here as well. Check with all our competitors, the brands you see in the magazines, and you will see there are very few apparel companies other than De Soto that still manufacture in the USA.

I will be transparent and voluntarily stated that 1% of the product we sell is made in China. That 1% is our wetsuits and related rubber products. In fact there is no longer any triathlon wetsuit company making wetsuits in the USA. We happen to still be the only company that offers stateside warranty and repair service to our wetsuits.

Our rubber comes from Japan and is shipped to China. The reason we get them made in China is not a matter of being competitive. The harsh reality is that I as a business owner cannot too easily put an ad on for a wetsuit gluer and blind-stitcher. It is not a profession that many or anyone knows here in the USA. The factory we use does quite a bit for their employees over what is normal in China, though I am sure you can argue it is never enough.

Believe me, I struggle with human rights issues as I am a Cuban refugee (first generation). I came here as a child with my parents to escape the Castro regime of Cuba. We came here with nothing, not one cent in our pockets, with no home to go to, and nobody to help us. Though we left everything behind in Cuba for the freedom found in this country, we have never thought that as exiles we were victims in any way. We never felt we were owed anything, and have never felt sorry for ourselves.

Quite the contrary, we have grown up in this country knowing we have opportunities not found other countries. My family and I have been proud US Citizens since 1969, and I exercised my right to an education, and to start a business here in the USA 21 years ago. No help from anyone but myself believing that I can. I have created a small business that is powered by a great staff of employees who take pride in their work, and enjoy coming to work (unless they are very good actors and just pretend to enjoy it), in a nice environment where in spite of today's economic climate, we all have job security. Nobody has been laid off during this national economic crisis. While the opportunity to manufacture all my product overseas exists, there has never been any temptation on my part do so. My loyalty lies in preserving the manpower, keeping the staff that I have and maintaining here what we are so proud of.

Emilio De Soto II
De Soto Triathlon Company

Opening Hours

Monday 7am - 3pm
Tuesday 7am - 3pm
Wednesday 7am - 3pm
Thursday 7am - 3pm
Friday 7am - 3pm

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