De Soto Sport & Mask Company, San Diego, CA Video May 9, 2018, 9:29pm

Videos by De Soto Sport & Mask Company in San Diego. Since 1990 we have been creating highly technical apparel, wetsuits and accessories for swimming, cycling, running and for many other sports and activities. We make and 98% of the products we sell are made in our own building by our hard-working staff.

A TIP FROM EMILIO: How to quickly put on a Skin Cooler™ Long Sleeve Top

This method was created to simplify the process given you will most likely be wet from the swim portion. It actually works better when wet than when dry!

In the sport of triathlon, especially Ironman and 70.3 distances, where you are exposed to the sun and heat for many hours, donning long sleeve tops quickly when you are wet from the swim is always an issue. While you can wear it under a wetsuit when the water is cool enough many races in warmers waters do not permit wetsuits. Watch this, practice it, and you too will get faster at it!

Emilio invented the very first cooling fabric in 2004. Skin Cooler lowers the skin surface temperature by 9º F (5º C). Prior to that, everyone was concerned about wicking moisture. Cooling garments quickly became one of the most popular products worn by triathletes, cyclists, and runners. Now they are common in golf, tennis, hiking, ultra-running, and even gardening. Skin Cooler™ also blocks 90% of UVB rays.

This product has been imitated and duplicated by many other brands. If this tip does not work with those brands, we hope you will consider buying the originals made by De Soto Sport.


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