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Photos from Heart Space Yoga's post 05/09/2021

I love moms 💕

Cheers to all the women in my life who have shown me what it means to truly love and care for another. I hope to one day be a mom like you 💕

Timeline Photos 04/25/2021

“Better yourself to better the world”. -Alyssa Figueroa

Relentless Seekers Book Club with #relentlessyogi @notjustalyssarose every Sunday 1pm at #dustyrhodes park.

Looking for mind expansion and community? Join Alyssa for book club in the park.

Up next 5/2: Yamas & Niyamas by Deborah Adele

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“Better yourself to better the world”. -Alyssa Figueroa

Relentless Seekers Book Club with #relentlessyogi @notjustalyssarose every Sunday 1pm at #dustyrhodes park.

Looking for mind expansion and community? Join Alyssa for book club in the park.

Up next 5/2: Yamas & Niyamas by Deborah Adele

#heartspace #yogaoffthemat #relentlessseekers #relentlesspursuit #relentlessyogi #bookclub #yogibookclub #fromtheheart #communityisunity #readandinspire #booknerds #bookbabes #yamasandniyamas


My first word of 2021- Routine

I get real in depth in my IG #story so head there if you wanna chat more about the importance of our daily choices.

#routineismedicine #actionsareimportant #newyear #solarreturn #committoyourself #leadwithheart #heartspace #onlinecommunity #holdspace #virtualyoga #virtualworld #leader #alwaysastudent


Under the power of the full moon and in a place that means so much to us...
I SAID YES! 💗 🌕💍

Thank you for loving me @tnydogdad666 and for being the kindest, gentlest and most genuine human I have ever known 💗

Salud a nuestro futuro🥂 cheers to our future

December 29th, 2020

#engaged #feyoncé #permanenttravelbuddy #heartspace #love #mexicoengagement @ Centro de Coyoacán


We know it's getting chilly, but take your #heartspace yoga outside! Whether you meet up with a friend for some #socialdistance yoga or you're working out solo, our classes are virtual so throw your headphones on, grab your pup and stretch in the sun. Fresh air 🌬️ is literal medicine for the soul
Where is your favorite place to do yoga? 👇


Do the holidays make you feel like you're standing on your head? Take a deep breath and stay in control. Things don't have to be stressful. Remember to tend to your needs first and life will fall into place.
We find that scheduling our #heartspace #yogapractice into our busy holiday schedule helps keep the chaos out of Christmas. How do you keep your head on straight during the holiday ☃️season? Tell us in the comments below👇


Today is the last day to book our Sayulita, Mexico retreat at 20% off normal pricing! Grab your #yogapal and book a shared room for warm ocean breezes, daily yoga, fresh coconuts and exploring Mexican culture >> https://www.helloheartspace.com/retreat-mexico2021

#yogaretreat2021 #cybermonday2020


Sayulita Beach Retreat is NOW booking.

@helloheartspace is teaming up with @sunchasersup for 5 days in warm and sunny Sayulita next March.

Join the Facebook event for more deets >> https://fb.me/e/3exym36nr. We only have 12 spots for this retreat!

#yogatravel #supyoga


"It is not joy that makes us grateful, it is gratitude that makes us joyful."

Were you able to attend our Season of Gratitude event this past Sunday?
If yes, how did you feel? What came up? We are living in a time where we now know that there is a direct link between gratitude and joy. Science and studies have shown that time and time again people who are most joyful actively express gratitude. So start a journal, set an alarm or commit to speaking your thanks out loud.

As we approach Thanksgiving Day, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season tends to overshadow the gathering & connection.
I challenge you to take moment, stand in place, wherever you are, and acknowledge your surroundings and who you are...and give thanks out loud.
I am #thankful for this free time.
I am thankful for this breath of fresh air and the sun 🌄touching my skin.
I am thankful for the opportunities I have had and the freedom to make those decisions.

How will you express your gratitude today?👇


Heart Space's cover photo


✈️ It's time to TRAVEL! (Well, almost 😆)

Mexcio is calling for Spring 2021 and we are ready for it!

Beaches and yoga and coconuts and paddle boarding, oh my.



Find your #happyplace . You could say mine is in Bali. Have you ever been to a place that just #takesyourbreathaway ? The atmosphere🌴, the people, the peace, and serenity.
It's memories like these that make me want to go back and share it with my #heartspace family. You can do yoga anywhere, but finding a deeper connection and appreciation for the practice is breathtaking.

Where have you been that has taken your breath away?
Tell me in the comments below👇


"Start by doing what is necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you're doing the impossible." - St. Francis of Assisi

Find your path, set course on your journey. Maybe yoga is a part of your #healingprocess. Maybe it is #meditation, travel, or cooking. You are unique and your destination is as well. If you need #helloheartspace , we are here for you.
#begentle. Take your time.


You. Yes, you there. You deserve an adventure!
You work hard. Your days are full of the hustle and the bustle. I totally get it.
If you're anything like me you get lost in your work, pour your heart and soul into it and take pride in what you create.
Most of the time it's rewarding but even those of us with the best jobs (ahem...I teach yoga and travel for a living) get burnt out, lose inspiration and just plain need a break. How am I supposed to support my students if my metaphorical giving well has run dry?
For me, travel isn't just a want it's necessary to my self-care. Travel has a myriad of physical, mental and emotional health benefits including reduced cortisol levels (stress-induced hormones), a shift in perspective that you're sure to bring back with you; suddenly a hard day at the office doesn't seem so bad when you see people in developing countries toiling in sun-scorched fields from morning to dark while still managing to maintain a genuine smile when they pass you on the street.
Gratitude abounds when you are able to put the world in perspective outside the lens of just your experience. No one comes back from a journey the way they started it.
Hopefully you can join me on one of my upcoming, nourishing adventures in 2021 and beyond. Next year you’ll find me in Mexico and Bali, refreshing my soul. I hope you can join me! Hit the link in my bio for more info.
From the heart,

#helloheartspace #yogatravel #yogapals


Who doesn't love Child's Pose?!
It relieves stress and anxiety, stretches the lower back, hips, thighs, and ankles.

I find myself in Child's Pose at random times throughout the day cause adulting is hard😜 and sometimes you need to just need to disconnect to reconnect.

This is why I L O V E ❤️ our #yogapoolparty.
It is my favorite event of the year and even though we couldn't host in 2020 we are looking forward to 2021 and beyond. Did you know this year would have been our 5th pool party anniversary?! Crazy how time flies.

Who took a child's pose at a past Yoga Pool Party? Raise your🖐️ hand below👇

#yogaeverydamnday #yogapoolparty #childspose #sunsoutbunsout


Our tattoos are like a friendship bracelet.
Beyond OM, it is a gentle reminder to love ourselves, each other and to most importantly.

Do you use the symbol for OM as a reminder for your connection to the universe? Tell us how below⬇️

#yogatravel #yogapals #helloheartspace #om


Parsvottanasana or Pyramid Pose 🔺️ is a healthy way to calm your mind. Take a pause today to soften your hamstrings, release your #heartspace to your knee and breathe.

Use this pause to focus and connect with yourself and your schedule. Decide what weekly tasks take the most energy, then pencil-in a break to stretch and hydrate when that task is complete. Consider it a reward for your mind, body and soul!

If you need Heart Space, we’ll be in Pyramid Pose. Who’s joining us?🙋🏻‍♀️

#pyramidpose #parsvottanasana #calmyourmind


Wanderlust ✈️
It is possible to have the strong desire to travel and stay grounded.⁣⁣
Just take your yoga practice with you (and of course your best friend 👩🏽‍🤝‍👩🏻).⁣⁣
@helloheartspace yogis have more than an instructor and student relationship. We're an uplifting and supportive family.⁣

Where do you want to wander🧭?⁣⁣ Tag your bestie and bucket list destination below!

#heartspace #letsgetlost #groundedspirituality


⁣Yoga moves with you.⁣⁣
Take your #yogapractice with you, wherever you go.⁣⁣

@helloheartspace yoga vibes off the moment in time and our surroundings 🤸‍♂️

When you are out and about, let art inspire you to strike a pose.⁣⁣ Inhale, exhale, hold, then gently release.⁣⁣
The art 🎨 made me do it!⁣⁣
Do you love posing with #murals 🖼 as much as we do?⁣⁣ Share your favorite mural pic in the comments!


L O V E 💛 Y O U ⁣

Love Yourself.⁣
It is the most important thing YOU can do.⁣

The world is better with YOU in it.⁣
The energy YOU bring, brightens up my day.⁣

Do you tell yourself #DailyAffirmations ?⁣

Here are a few to get you started:⁣
🗣 I am in love with myself.⁣
🗣 I believe in myself.⁣
🗣 I can do anything.⁣
🗣 I grow stronger everyday.⁣
🗣 I choose happiness.⁣

#heartspace #choosehappiness💕


Do you follow the leader or take the road less traveled?⁣ 👣

Either way, it is an unknown path that we must navigate.⁣

There is no right or wrong.⁣

As long as you step and move with love in your heart, joy will always find you.

#heartspace #joyfullife #roadlesstraveled


Heart Space




Heart Space


Heart Space's cover photo


Heart Space's cover photo


Timeline Photos


Ninja workout because #friyay

Just entertaining myself in #quarantine don’t mind me.

#workout #stayhome #ninja


Heart Space


Heart Space


Heart Space


Hi 👋🏼 Lauren here, founder of Heart Space; head yoga nerd, retreat & travel babe, puppy lover, Leo, and #quarantinequeen 👸🏼

I’ve been loving this work from home life and it’s really shifted my perspective around our daily choices and what truly is essential. My daily habits have been moving in a more sustainable and mentally beneficial rhythm and the burnout I was feeling before this was real!

I’m finding more time for projects, chats with loved ones (even if it’s via FaceTime at the moment) and am loving how we are feeling the pull to stay connected.

Lessons from #quaratinelife
Cooking from home > eating out
Morning meditation > instant phone grab
Home practice > studio practice (I know, I know, unpopular opinion)
Reading > Netflix
Puzzles are life
Baking is essential
Gardening is a meditation
Puppies make everything better

This is just my take on things but for me I’ve found so much healing and solace in having some time to myself. I’m feeling an overwhelm of gratitude for the s p a c e that I’ve been gifted. It was necessary to growth and healing and I am not going to waste it or take it for granted.

And no, you don’t have to come out of this with a new skill or project, that’s just how I operate (Leo 🦁, duh). You can take this time for stillness and healing in your own way but DO find ways you to hold yourself up, raise your vibration and see the benefits of slowing down.

Times are tough but we are tougher. And we are so much stronger together. So stay connected and reach out if you need a 🦁, we’re great at being strong for others and always have a stockpile of a great ideas in the event you’re bored. Live to love, friends. *air hugs 🤗
#stayconnected #leosbelike #quaranqueen #slowdown #perspective #stayhome #wfh #yogaoffthemat #onlineyoga #virtualstudio #heartspace #yogaeverywhere #dailycalm #riseup #airhugs #yogastudio #sandiegoyoga #layoga#nycyoga #hearttoheart #heartsunited


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Keep your face towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you. ☀️✨🪐#throwbackthursday to photo shoots and oceans strolls. Thanks for the snap 📸 @angelabrushgeoyogi


Heart Space's cover photo

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