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This page is for the future San Diego Stadium. When it is built, it will be a multi-modal facility which will work with the SD Convention Center.

The stadium is still in the planning stages and is waiting for Charger support to advance further in development.

Operating as usual


Special Election 2017 Coverage Update

An update on the 2017 Special Election.

An update from today's City Council Meeting (6/12/17). Still a chance to get a vote for Soccer City this year, but it looks like the San Diego Convention Cen...


Special Election 2017 Coverage Update

San Diego Special Election 2017 Update! Supermajority still needed to overturn the Mayor's budget veto.

An update from today's City Council Meeting (6/12/17). Still a chance to get a vote for Soccer City this year, but it looks like the San Diego Convention Cen...


We support the November 2017 Special Election for Soccer City and an Expanded Convention Center! Let your City Council member know you want to vote this year on both of these critical projects!


The San Diego Union-Tribune

NFL committee meetings in New York likely will impact future of Chargers in San Diego.


Comic-Con International doesn't want a campus expansion. They've been clear on wanting a contiguous expansion to the San Diego Convention Center. Been saying this all along. Let's get the SDCC expanded first and let Dean fund his project privately.


San Diego Stadium

PRESS RELEASE: Phase 3 SDCC Expansion vs the "Citizens Plan for SD" This website is for the new multi-modal Convention Center Stadium idea / design created by Spencer Mosher.


Attending the SD Forward meeting tonight. Some interesting topics being talked about regional growth and proposed transit projects.


The full stadium plan released by CSAG the other day.


Announcement of CSAG's Financing Plan

The Citizens' Stadium Advisory Group announces their financing plan for a new stadium for the San Diego Chargers. 04/04/2015

Chargers stadium daily update The Chargers should extend their stadium lease, says one of Mayor Faulconer's panelists.


Considering the downtown proposal is dead for a new stadium, we need to focus on the Phase 3 expansion for the San Diego Convention Center. Next we need to focus on a Mission Valley stadium to replace the Q. A way to retain the investment could be to make the facility Olympic worthy. Make it an Olympic Village on part of the land thus making it a huge tourist destination. Next build hotels and your set to go. Also part of the land should be used for an SDSU expansion. They could move their athletic department to the new site, therefor increasing usage. 03/10/2015

AEG abandoning plans for NFL stadium downtown

Interesting news... After investing five years and at least $50 million in an attempt to return the NFL to Los Angeles, AEG is abandoning plans for a downtown stadium.


San Diego Stadium Coalition

What has changed at the Q since the plan in 2004? (1) The cost of the stadium and infrastructure improvements has more than doubled; (2) The real estate market is not as robust now as it was then; (3) A great deal of development has occurred since then in Mission Valley, making a dense, multi-use project on the Qualcomm site likely unacceptable to the people who live in Mission Valley. In addition — and this is the most important point of all — it will take many years for a developer to get a mixed use project in Mission Valley entitled — until the developer can actually start building. So, a development project in Mission Valley won’t start throwing off any revenue for many years, until after it is entitled.


The public forum is today at the Q! Hope to see everyone there! 02/23/2015

Bolts Fans Get Their Say On Stadium Debate

Made it on the news and they showed my plan!

Link to news story:

Full Interview: Has trust been lost in the home town team?


Kevin Faulconer

90 days until a plan is released for the new stadium. #saveourbolts

Like thousands of San Diegans, I want the Chargers to stay in our city for generations to come. Today I met with Chargers Chairman Dean Spanos to discuss how we can both work together in good faith to keep the team in San Diego.

If San Diego is going to be successful in finding a stadium solution for the Chargers, Aztecs, the Holiday and Poinsettia Bowl games, and the many other events that we host in San Diego, the team should work with us toward that solution.

The best chance San Diego has for developing a viable stadium plan is for the Citizens’ Stadium Advisory Group to complete its work in an expedited timetable so that a final recommendation can be presented to the Chargers and San Diegans within the next three months. Mr. Spanos agreed and pledged to work collaboratively with the Citizens’ Stadium Advisory Group as they complete their analysis and recommend a stadium location and financing plan.

I explained to Mr. Spanos that we are going to work to keep the team here but I will never support a deal that San Diego can’t afford. We will continue to work to produce a viable stadium plan that is fair for San Diegans, protects taxpayers and can be approved by the voters.

The stadium advisory group has agreed to speed up its efforts and will release a work product in the next 90 days. I look forward to sharing the plan with the public and the Chargers at that time.


Talked to Coach John Kantera tonight on AM 1090 and pitched the contiguous plan. Great success and did some PR for the fan meetup tomorrow as well. Hope to see you all tomorrow at the event! 02/20/2015

Joint Statement from the Raiders and the Chargers

Well this is upsetting... Basically the team is saying if nothing gets done in SD during 2015, we move to LA in 2016. But I am hopeful that we can keep the Chargers in San Diego with the contiguous option. We have both been working in our home markets to find a stadium solution for many years, so far unsuccessfully. We remain committed to continuing to work in our home markets throughout 2015 to try to find publicly acceptable solutions to the long-term stadium issue. We also both understand and respe… 02/17/2015

Chargers to city: No 'half-baked' schemes Team lays out principles and 'stress tests' to task force looking for stadium solutions. 02/16/2015

Chargers' Remarks to Stadium Task Force (Extended Version)

Chargers remarks to the Stadium Task Force. REMARKS TO THE MAYOR’S STADIUM TASK FORCEMark FabianiSpecial Counsel to the President of the Chargers February 16, 2015 02/11/2015

The NFL pumps the brakes on a Rams move to LA

Interesting article on the LA NFL debate. While the proposed stadium in Inglewood pushes forward, and the San Diego Stadium Group plans another meeting, the NFL decides to remind everyone who the boss really is. 02/07/2015

Chargers stadium task force names chairman SAN DIEGO -- The Citizens’ Stadium Advisory Group named Adam Day as its chairman Friday evening. Day is a longtime public administration and a California State University trustee. The purpose of th...


Just met with the Mayor's Chief of Policy regarding the stadium project. I'll be posting the updated plan that I presented later today. 01/22/2015

Comic-Con is entertaining offers from other cities

Another curve ball has been thrown into the equation. SAN DIEGO - Comic-Con International, San Diego's lucrative four-day convergence of costumes and commerce, may be ready for a change of scenery. With an expansion of San Diego's convention center st... 01/18/2015

San Diego Stadium

My thoughts on the State of the City Address and the funding options for a new San Diego Chargers Stadium. This website is for the new multi-modal Convention Center Stadium idea / design created by Spencer Mosher. 12/17/2014

Blubrry PowerPress Player

The Mayor went on AM 1090 today to talk stadium proposals and the Chargers. Some very good information was brought up during the interview. Click the link to hear the audio recording.


Made it on the pregame show on rock1053 this morning! Audio clip from it to be up later this week.


Let's go Chargers! Beat the Seahawks!



Just received approval from the Copyright Office making my Phase 4 Convention Center & Stadium project one step closer to a reality. More info regarding the project will be posted as soon as possible.

Just received approval from the Copyright Office making my Phase 4 Convention Center & Stadium project 1 step closer to a reality.


Submitted my revised proposal for the Phase 4 Expansion & Stadium to the Mayors office today and set up an appointment to meet with the mayor. 1 step closer to getting the project started.


When was this opened?

When was this opened?


This will be the FB page I will be posting updates on my Stadium concept design and progress. Feel free to check out for more info.

- Spencer




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