Little League World Series

Little League World Series


Are the rules for the regional tournaments different from the district, section and State tournaments? I'm watching the games on TV and there is chanting going on trying to distract the pitcher, after he is set.
Not fair when the kids have to be to umpire to somebody needs to get him out of there now
The umpire in tonight’s game is awful. Please someone tell me how these pitches 6 inches outside are strikes. Same old stuff every year. Where do they get these people. It ruins the game.
Epic Little League World Series Movie! Out Now!!!
Had one of my coolest thrift shop finds ever tonight in Orchard Park (a suburb of Buffalo) tonight before my hockey game - found a Great Lakes Region baseball jersey from the 2014 Little League World Series!! The Great Lakes Region team that year was from the Jackie Robinson West Little League in Chicago (they were the first all-Black team to play in the Little League World Series in many decades and actually played & lost the World Championship Final vs South Korea but ended up losing a lot more after being embroiled in a scandal that took away their American Championship - it turned out that some players were from outside the designated area of the Jackie Robinson league. They were even stripped of the Great Lakes title which makes this a seriously controversial jersey!). 2014 was also the 75th Anniversary of the Little League World Series, so that is commemorated on front as well. I think that the ballpark in Williamsport, PA sells replica jerseys for all the participating regions with that year's patch every tournament, so this might be one of those. Either that, or it's one that a manager/on-field staff member wore. No matter what, such a cool find and I love that it's Sabres colours too! As a guy who played 6 years of Little League baseball, won medals in 4 of them (3 Bronze & 1 Gold - including a Calgary City Championship when I was 12, which is the same age group as the televised Little League World Series), watches the tournament every year, & plans to attend it in the next few years, I'll definitely be rocking this every summer from now on!! :)
Better update your page! 2018 is in the books!
What's the score?
Why do you cut away from the games to watch big leaguers getting off of the plane or bus? I want to watch the game! Come on guys! This is really irritating!
2011 LLWS Champions reunion. From left to right, Hagen Danner, Eric Anderson, Braydon Salzman, Dylan Palmer, Trevor Windisch, Steven Kotkosky, Jack Furry, Christian Catano and Nick Pratto.
Congrats to Japan for their win today
can anyone tell me what happen to the NC kid who was hit in the knee by the Mex pitcher?

Founded in 1939, Little League is the largest youth sports organization in the world, with 2.4 million children playing in more than 80 countries

Since its inception in 1939 in Williamsport, Pa., Little League has always been a community-based organization, focused on developing future leaders and citizens, through the sports of baseball and softball. With divisions of play for boys and girls from 4 to 16, there is an opportunity for all children to have a Little League experience. A leader in safety, there are 7,000 local Little League pro 02/29/2020

Little League Softball® The Little League Softball® program includes divisions for all girls ages, 4–16. With the proven structure, it allows organizations to offer a youth softball program to serve every child in the community. 03/19/2019

League Age Determination - Little League

League Age Determination Before players can put on their Little League uniform, they need to determine their league age. Your player’s league age is determined by the Little League Baseball® and Little League Softball® Age Charts.


Touch 'em all. #LLWS #GirlsWithGame


MLB and Little League® Expand Relationship with Joint Sponsorship Agreement 05/13/2018

Huskies In Hartford: UConn Drops Doubleheader To Houston, 6-5, 10-1 UConn and Houston play a doubleheader at Dunkin' Donuts Park in Hartford 10/18/2017

Growing Up In New Britain Springer Played For The Yankees; Now He's Looking To Oust Them

Houston Astros' George Springer has the power of New Britain, Connecticut behind him. New Britain's George Springer has lot of local support in ALCS against the Yankees 10/18/2017

Little League® Offers Continued Support of Youngest Divisions of Baseball and Softball

In an effort to continue supporting the youngest levels of the program, Little League International will begin collecting additional team information through the Little League Data Center for the Minor Division beginning with the 2018 season. In an effort to continue supporting the youngest levels of the Little League® program, Little League International will begin collecting additional team information through the Little League Data Center for the Minor Division, with local leagues chartering Minor Division-Coach Pitch/Machine Pitch an... 10/18/2017

Formal Training Makes Little League® Umpires Better

Formal training resources can help make any league’s umpires better. Little League® umpires are essential in shaping the experience of every Little Leaguer®. Striving to support the efforts of this core group of volunteers, Little League International offers a variety of training and education resources, including local, district, state, and regional clinics. Formal… 10/18/2017

Communication Tools to Promote and Share Your League

These tools for external communication make spreading the word about your local league a little easier. There are many communication tools and avenues that are free to use to promote your league. These require little or no experience and using them properly will not only promote your league but allow you to share the happenings within the league. Members of the print, online, television, and radio med... 10/18/2017

Chartering and Insurance Enrollment Now Open for 2018 Season

Starting today, League Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, or Treasurers can log on to the Little League Data Center and begin the chartering and insurance enrollment process for their leagues for the 2018 season. Chartering and insurance enrollment is now available for the 2018 Little League Season through the Little League Data Center. 10/12/2017

Little League® Q&A: Ken Eriksen: USA Softball Women’s National Team and University of South Florida Head Coach

Ken Erikson recently sat down to talk about Little League, life and the players he coaches with USA Softball Women's National Team and USF Softball. Ken Eriksen is the head softball coach for USA Softball’s Women’s National Team and at the University of South Florida (USF). An All-Region baseball player at USF, he began playing fastpitch softball after graduation. During his fifteen-year career, Mr. Eriksen participated in eight International So... 10/12/2017


Your questions, answered, from what to expect from Fall Ball to volunteer opportunities. Your Voice is a way for readers to share questions with us, and an opportunity for Little League® to provide some important information and guidance. We are excited about our continued conversations, and, as always, we invite you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and questions to [email protected]...


Player Participation on Multiple Teams

Yes, Little Leaguers can play in multiple programs. As long as they remember this one thing. Many players choose to play on travel or select teams in addition to their participation in the Little League Program. This form of “multiple participation” is permissible under Little League rules and regulations for both the regular season and International Tournament play. While permissible, some...


Good luck to the more than 50 Little League alumni playing in the 2017 MLB #Postseason!
Meet them all: 10/03/2017

Offseason “Workout” for Coaches Focuses on Self-Evaluating, Refining Philosophy

Coaches, the off-season is the time for reflecting and evaluating your coaching philosophy. With another exciting Little League® season behind us, the off-season can provide time for coaches to reflect, evaluate, and plan for the upcoming season. While players look to hone their skills during the off-season, coaches should also look for ways they can improve their craft. When evaluating yo... 10/03/2017

Understanding the Little League® Insurance Program

The basics and what you need to know about the Little League insurance program. The AIG Group Insurance Program is specially designed for chartered Little League programs® to create affordable protection for all eligible participants and lower program costs to local leagues. Leagues may purchase their insurance from any outside source, but the Accident Insurance and General Lia... 10/03/2017

Carol Hutchins: What sets great athletes apart in recruiting?

Our friends at ONE Softball share tips on what sets great athletes apart in recruiting. Carol Hutchins, University of Michigan Head Softball Coach, stresses that a successful player’s mindset must be focused on being a part of something that is bigger than themselves. During the recruiting process, discussions about the player’s values, and seeing how those values fit with the team con... 09/28/2017

Developing a Junior Umpire Program

Junior umpire programs can help teens learn the basics of umpiring while creating a strong bond between local leagues and their communities. Introducing teenagers to the craft of umpiring in Little League® expands the volunteer ranks in your league or district, while creating a fun way for young adults to learn leadership, responsibility, and accountability. Whether a high school athlete, or not, becoming a junior umpire in a local Littl... 09/28/2017

The First 4 Things To Do After Your Board Election

Establishing meeting dates and some other must-dos for new Board of Directors members. Once your local league members elect the Board of Directors for the new season, the Board can begin to take the first steps in preparing for your new season. Here are the first four things that your newly seated Board should do after the election.Meet to elect officers among its members — there need... 09/27/2017

Frequently Asked Background Check Questions

When do you start conducting background checks? Who is a background check required for? We’ve got the answers to your questions. Below are frequently asked background check questions and answers that a District Staff and local Board of Directors should be aware of. What do we, as a league, have to do to comply so that we can… 09/27/2017

Coaching Little League® Is a Learned Skill

As a Little League coach you can always improve. All Little League® managers and coaches are volunteers, who by definition, are considered amateurs. Yet, whether coaching for the first time, or a veteran of many seasons there is always room to… 09/27/2017

How To Resize a Field for the Little League® Intermediate 50-70 Baseball Division

Resizing one of your fields to play 50/70 this off-season? Here’s how to do it. The rules and field size of the Little League® Intermediate (50/70) Baseball Division are designed with flexibility in mind, but how does a local league go about building a field for these tweeners? The Intermediate Baseball field dimensions are, as the name implies, between those of the traditional... 09/23/2017

Retention Strategies

Retaining leagues and increasing participation can be tough, we’re here to help. League development and retention are critical to the future success of the Little League® program. From first-term District Administrators to the most experienced D.A.s, league retention and new league development are primary areas of focus year-round. Often, simply being an active D.A. and communic... 09/23/2017

Don't Let This Happen: Using Little League® Funds to Support Travel Ball

A local Little League lost tournament privileges after using their funds to support travel ball. What happened and how you can learn from their situation. At Little League® International Headquarters and in our Regional Offices, calls and emails come in all year long about situations that are happening at one of our 7,000 local leagues. Many of these calls and emails inform us of some very positive initiatives spearheaded by our millions of volunteers... 09/21/2017

Dos and Don’ts of Social Media for District Administrators

Should you use that photo on social media or not? And other questions answered. As you plan your social media efforts this Little League® season, here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind: Do: Find a volunteer or team of volunteers to head up your efforts:Creating a position in your district for a dedicated social media manager will not only ensure that your online presence… 09/21/2017

LLU Umpire Quiz 101

Umpires, see how well you know the Little League standard of umpiring with this quiz. Welcome to Little League® University’s Quick Study Series. For this set of questions, volunteer Little League umpires are invited to test their knowledge and grow what they know about the Little League® standard of umpiring. Thank you for taking the time, and the responsibility in support of all Lit... 09/21/2017

Having An AED on Site Can Save Lives

Adding an AED to your league’s resources this off-season could save lives. More and more leagues around the country are opting to make the investment, and own one or more Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). While your league never wants to make use of the device, having an AED on hand for trained volunteers to use should definitely be a priority. It’s a sentiment wit... 09/21/2017

Finance Downloads

All the downloadable financial resources you need for your league as you end the fiscal year. Below are financial resources that will help your local league treasurer with account balances, expenses, revenues, taxes, and more. 09/20/2017

How to Improve as a Little League® Coach in the Offseason

How to use the off season to help you prepare for the next Little League season. In the off-season, your mind may frequently wander back to last season. You may think of tactics -- the time you left your top pitcher in too long, or the way a batting order experiment worked out so that a player’s confidence rose, and he became a middle-of-the line-up fixture. You might remember l... 09/20/2017

Finance Downloads

All the downloadable financial resources you need for your league as you end the fiscal year. Below are financial resources that will help your local league treasurer with account balances, expenses, revenues, taxes, and more. 09/20/2017

Tips and Tactics for Recruiting New Volunteer Little League® Umpires

When recruiting new player and volunteers for your league, it’s also important to target umpires. We’ve all heard that without umpires there are no official games, but too often the recruitment and training of new umpires are an afterthought in the operation of local leagues. In the same manner that a local league annually promotes its player registration and tryouts, it too can recruit umpires.... 09/20/2017

World of Little League® Museum Joins Smithsonian Magazine’s 13th Annual Museum Day Live! Celebration

For one day, with an easy-to-print Smithsonian ticket, you can visit the World of Little League for free. The World of Little League® Museum and Official Store will open its doors free of charge on Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017, as part of Smithsonian Magazine’s 13th annual Museum Day Live! 09/20/2017

6 Scenarios to Consider Before Signing a Local Sponsorship Agreement

Important situations to consider before entering into any sponsorship agreement This time of year, leagues are in full fundraising mode, raising money from local businesses and community members to support annual league operations. Little League® strongly recommends that local leagues outline each of these relationships with a simple sponsorship agreement that details what the… 09/18/2017

Background Checks for Little League® Volunteers

What you need to know about background checks for Little League Volunteers. From developing strict pitch count regulations in order to keep young arms healthy to the A Safety Awareness Program, providing a safe baseball and softball experience is paramount for Little League®. As part of Little League’s Child Protection Program, local leagues must conduct background checks o... 09/18/2017

Local League Election Procedures

Electing local league officers? Planning should begin at least a month in advance. These recommended procedures conform to Little League’s Sample Constitution. If followed, the credibility of your league's election process, and the expected operation and management of your league are likely to be above reproach. These procedures also are printed in the Operating Policies section o...

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Touch 'em all. #LLWS #GirlsWithGame
Share your best plays using #MLBThePlay and you might be featu...
16 teams.  9 countries.  5 languages.  1 Little League pledge.
In Part III of The Call, volunteer Michael McCullough lives ou...
Hilo Little League had no shortage of inspiration on their run...
For many who played in the Little League World Series, those s...
Japan has won the 2017 #LLWS!
As the final outs are recorded, the night has just begun in th...
“This is what all the hard work is about!” #SportsMatter DICK'...
Southwest trailed 5-0 and came back to win 6-5 over Southeast ...
Japan🇯🇵 wins the International Championship ➡️
The Little League softball players from the Southwest and Sout...



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