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San Diego's premier Judo club is dedicated to teaching the entire syllabus of Judo for self-defense, Judo America, San Diego's premier Judo club, is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching Judo as it was meant to be taught.

For this reason, we don't adhere to IJF rules, which have recently dumbed down Judo. Our instruction and training methods are science-based. The club was founded in 1972 by Gerald Lafon, 7th Dan, USJA Master Coach, and an international level coach, consultant, and blogger.

Operating as usual

[09/10/21]   Do we recognize this issue in American Judo? Do we get excited about the precocious, one-trick pony child, only to see the late bloomers wind up more technically proficient and better all around fighters?

This is a coaching problem, not a player problem. American Judo is damaged when coaches allow their players to be one-trick (drop seoi) ponies as long as those players are becoming junior national champions.

One-trick ponies are not allowed at Judo America.


How sad that our society is good to go with mediocrity.

How sad that our society is good to go with mediocrity.


And more and more, this message applies to the parents of the kids we are coaching.


A warrior's attitude. We teach that at Judo America.

A warrior's attitude. We teach that at Judo America.

Gold-medal project: Judo seeks solutions in police training 04/23/2021

Gold-medal project: Judo seeks solutions in police training

Look at this! Judo being looked at more and more as part of police training. What took so long?

Gold-medal project: Judo seeks solutions in police training DOUGLAS, Wyo. (AP) — The stakes were clear to the two dozen police officers who gathered for a workshop with an ambitious and increasingly urgent mission — recalibrating the way police interact with the public in America. The class took place the same week as jury selection for the trial of Dere...


What does 2021 have in store for American Judo clubs? Sadly, many will close down as we are no longer the land of the free, and the home of the brave.


Glad to see that some people in the world have the courage to do Judo. Shout out to Nepal, boo to CA Governor Newsom. Please sign the petition to remove Newsom from office.

Mission successful,

Judo mat and Judo gee supported by NPO JUDOs, Tokai Univesity of Japan finally reached our destination in Khumjung by helicopter, we succeed in our first mission. We are going to develop a High altitude Judo Training center in Khumjung for the development of Judo games and for access to all Nepalese kids on Judo games. Thank you so much all of you for your support and help:-
Sabrina Filzmoser
Japanese Team
Nepal Judo Association
National Sports Council
Ministry of Youth and Sports
Ministry of Finance
Department of Commerce
Department of Custom
Birgunj Custom Office
Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality
& Everest Judo Judo Club Team
Nepal Judo Team
Cargo Team
Airlince Team.

youtube.com 11/12/2020


Want to achieve something? Don't talk about it. Just do it!

youtube.com http://artwilliamsbest.com/ How could a high school football coach build one of the largest insurance companies starting with only 85 people? It is an incred...

gbdeclaration.org 10/09/2020

Great Barrington Declaration and Petition

It's time to get back on the mat!

Read the declaration from hundreds of health and medical officials about getting back to doing the things we used to do just 6 months ago.

gbdeclaration.org As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection


Tucker Carlson 6/29/20 Dr. Atlas addresses going back to school during coronavirus

MSM is freaking out parents about the dangers of Covid. Data suggest we shouldn't be freaking out.

Dr. Atlas discusses going back to school and why it is important even amidst more coronavirus cases appearing on Tucker Carlson - June 29, 2020


Happy Father's Day to all our fathers. I'm deeply indebted to my father for he's the one who gave me my Judo wings. Post WWII, he went to London, and studied under the famous Gunji Koizumi at the Budokwai. He wanted to have his own club one day, but my mom put a stop to that. Thankfully, he passed on to me that desire without my even knowing that he had wanted to run a club.

Happy Father's Day dad. Miss you.


Judo America normally talks about June 6th with our students, most of whom are oblivious of the event. Sadly, can't do it this year.


Millionaire Mindset

Failure is the mother of success, but only if you persevere.

This is what we teach at Judo America.

[03/06/20]   For every negative outcome, there's something positive to be learned. Call it a life lesson, an unintended consequence, or an optimistic outlook on life.

Do you look at the bright side of any situation? Here's a cute story about 2 children, one that could find the positive in anything. Strive to think this way - you'll be much happier :)

In order to better understand people's views of the world, a researcher once placed two children, one a pessimist and the other an optimist, alone in separate rooms. The pessimist was placed in a colorful room full of all kinds of imaginative toys...the optimist was put in a room filled with horse manure.

The first child played in the room for a little while, but soon came to the door asking to leave because the toys were boring and because they broke too easily. Likewise, the young optimist soon came to the door...but rather than asking to leave, she asked for a shovel. Of course, the researcher asked the child why she wanted a shovel.

She replied, "With all this manure around, I know that there must be a pony in here somewhere."


At Judo America we accept failure as part of the learning process. However, quitting because you are failing is not an option.

Coaches and parents, make sure your students keep hearing that failure is an important part of success. Here's a handy tool to help you spread the message.



This is a great clip that every parent should watch. See how depression can be related to the lack of Vitamin N.

Judo America will provide your child with heavy doses of Vitamin N.

As the clip concludes, provide your child with everything he/she needs, but embrace "benign deprivation" when it comes to everything your child wants.

Is your child getting enough Vitamin N? It may be the most important thing you give them. 😉💪


I'm always amazed that so many parents bring in their son to do Judo, but the daughter hides behind mom and dad because she dances or does gymnastics. Parents, it's your daughter who needs Judo more than your son!

Want a daughter who isn't afraid of her shadow? Drop the dance and gymnastics classes, and enroll her in Judo, a sport that will give her real physical and mental skills to thrive.


A Merry Christmas to all. While we celebrate Christmas in the comfort of our warm homes, let's remember what our Founding Patriots were doing on one Christmas evening many years ago.

“On Christmas night 1776, General George Washington and 2,400 courageous, freezing Patriot troops crossed the ice-clogged Delaware River to launch a surprise attack on Britain’s Hessian mercenaries in Trenton, New Jersey. Their victory stunned the British. Thank God for American Patriots then and now who go in harm’s way for our freedom.”


The goal of Judo and Judo America coaches is to challenge our kids to reach heights they never dreamed of.


Make a 2020 commitment to enroll your children in our great program.


In a nutshell, this is what the principle of individuality is about. Manage your expectations: early bloomers may not be the next Olympic champions; late bloomers may surprise you down the road, and rise to the top against all early signs.

At Judo America, our coaches don't give up on the kids with no athletic ability. And we don't allow the successful early bloomers to become complacent and lazy just because they are ahead of the curve.

Finally, we expect parents to think long-term development. Rome wasn't built in a day, and pop corn kernels don't pop at the same time. :-)


Not a problem at Judo America. Our head coach is a voracious reader. He can coach, and he can lead!


Judo America wants your scared, weak, intimidated, snowflakes. We'll transform them into confident, strong children who will stand their ground, and not be victims.


Judo America supports a greater emphasis on sport, especially Judo. :-)

20 reasons why schools should place a larger emphasis on sport



The keys to success: grit and growth mindset, not IQ, GPA, or SAT scores.

Through Judo training at Judo America, kids learn to persevere (grit) and develop a growth mindset.

"We have to be willing to fail, to be wrong, to start over again with lessons learned."

Watch the full TED Talk here: http://t.ted.com/SO9H1aA

betterjudo.com 10/28/2019

Su***de Prevention: Operation Pop Smoke - BetterJudo.com

My latest blog post on an issue that needs to be addressed in our community.

betterjudo.com While attending my Marine Corps reunion recently with fellow Vietnam veterans of ANGLICO (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company), we were privy to a presentation on su***de prevention by USMC Sgt. Aaron Quinonez. Known as Sgt. Q, he himself has attempted … Continue reading →



At Judo America, we're so glad that schools and the Judo establishment didn't ruin Coach Lafon's creativity.

"If you're not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original."

Watch Sir Ken Robinson's classic TED Talk about how schools can nurture creativity: http://t.ted.com/HTirSP0


Got a daughter? Don't want her to be a crime statistic? Judo America will teach her how to wield that sword!


I'll be traveling to Japan in August with members of our club. I'm running a clinic for my colleague who coaches the Yamagata University Medical School Judo Club.


Culture and sport.

Dom, Judo America player and budding musician, attends music camp at San Diego State University while the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing Band puts on a concert for the music camp kids. Of course, his Judo coach was there, too.

The Marine Corps Music Program is awesome!


Today, July 3rd, was history lesson for my students. They were shown a copy of the Declaration of Independence, were asked a few questions about the "who, what, where, and when" of the event. Lots of clueless faces with a smattering of a few bright lights. Our schools are failing our kids.

As we get ready to enjoy Independence Day, let's remember the sacrifices of those Founding Fathers who signed the Declaration of Independence.


Judo America alumnus, Parisu Komaradat, is one of the coaches for the Thai blind team competing in a qualifying event in Fort Wayne IN.


How do we as parents raise our kids to stay out of trouble, and be successful? Start by making sure they are not hanging out with kids with bad attitudes and behavior.

At Judo America, we provide your child with good role models among our students and coaches. We want our kids to be strong leaders who aren't influenced by our society's misguided and lost misfits.

Tough love is what drives our program.


There are no "safe spaces" at Judo America. Instead, there are many obstacles to overcome in order to become stronger physically and mentally. Our coaches will make sure your child perseveres in the face of adversity, even when you the parent may start to give into your child's whining, complaining, and desire to quit.

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