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LineLife Foundation

Every year an unthinkable amount of line families are impacted by on the job injury or fatality. 2020 has proven to be no different on this front.

It is by the popular demand of our generous volunteers, fellow line families, and so many others who have reached out requesting to help the children of the injured and fallen brothers; that we are bringing you a Secret Santa.

How it will work:

The families of the injured/fallen will create a wish list for their child(ren).

The lists will be shared with the volunteers to purchase and have shipped directly from the list.

If you would like to participate, please send an email to [email protected]


Today I had a bit of a revelation...

Maybe it was just a realization but I am aware that there is an impact packed into it.

I talk often and openly ALL THE TIME in my Goal Getter Group and we have a lot of fun, share a sh*t ton of value and lots of great connection.

For some reason though, I don't often share those thoughts, lessons, ideas or connection on this page. I suppose in a way that the group setting was a bit of a security blanket.

I felt like and still do if Im being totally honest, that the group is a bit safer.

From who you ask???

From most of you!

Yes, as I type this out I realize how silly and absurd that may sound. Coming from being an employee most of my life, and being taught by society to be prim and proper and the perfect lady - Speaking up and Standing out is something that could have a backlash.

Today this revelation has me at a crossroads.

Do I keep hiding and playing safe and small or do I own the fact that I am a BADASS BOSS MOM, who is the CEO of not one but TWO thriving businesses?

Do I keep using my security blanket and stay selfish or do I share my movement message and lessons with EVERYONE who NEEDS to hear it?

As you can see, I took the route that is a bit more uncomfortable but that is more impactful in sharing that movement message and showing up as the CEO who is about to crush an $80K launch.

How about you? Are you playing it safe in your business? Post below one way you feel like you are playing it safe?


So who’s dreaming now? At least we’ll act on our dreams.


17K Mo Case Study

Talking about the things that helped me reach a 17k Sales Month. Yep in ONE MONTH!

Talking about the things that helped me reach a 17k Sales Month. Yep in ONE MONTH! want to learn more about growing your business, confidence and income? www... 04/28/2020

Ideas to Income.

FREE Workbook! Ideas to Income. Sign up below! Free Workbook to turn your ideas into income with confidence


When we hear words like "Mindset" often when we don't fully BELIEVE we instantly think its some sort of weird voodoo hippy sh*t. (Am I right?)🤨

I mean let me just tell you I have been actively trying to manifest a winning lottory ticket like WHOA!

Sounds amazing right?😯

Here's the thing... for me Mindset is more about confidence and KNOWING (aka education). ✨

Yes I FULLY believe in the law of attraction, karma and even the moon cycle (stay with me). 💫🌜

But I also believe in THE REAL MONEY STUFF...💯

Like being realistic💞

Like having an investment plan for your biz and even budgeting and forecasting 📊📈📁

Like having an investment plan (how many of you ladies are investing into your future/retirement)🗒

And- Like knowing the difference between FEAR and a wise investment/business decision.👌🏻

I also believe that winning the lotto requires PLAYING, investing into the tickets (yes you have to pay to play)

Same in business, if you are not investing at least as much as the product you sell into your business into educating yourself, expanding your belief, growing yourself and your network... 🤛

No matter how big your dreams are they may not come true, just like hoping for a big Lotto Payout when you never buy the tickets.🤔

When I did a mini mastermind with some truly amazing women I watched them transform their mindset, their confidence and their belief in what they are capable of...👯‍♀️

From that I saw them GROW!

I saw them spread their wings and fly.

I saw them taking action in a way that FELT great to them...💁‍♀️

All because they took action, invested into themself (just like you tell your clients to do) and I am sitting back like a proud Momma watching them all making an impact🧚‍♀️

What has been really holding you back on taking the steps to learn more and grow your business in a smarter way?🤷‍♀️


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☄️Home disinfector
☄️ Mold stopper
☄️Rat repeller
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☄️Energy booster

Seriously, this set is fantastic!!✨. Just ask me how


Lets talk about "know, like & trust"

They're like the 3 amigos of basically everything.

I basically feel there are 3 levels to this-

1. Someone has no idea who you are and does not feel any of these towards you (this could be half the people on your "friend" list)

2. Someone who really knows you, resonates what you stand for/against, recognizes you in your zone of genius (even if it has nothing to do with biz), and trusts what you say to be delivered authentically.

3. Someone you are mutually connected to, maybe talked with minimally but not someone you consider a bestie by any means. Someone who does recognize you for your zone of genius even if it's from afar based on who you are both mutually networked with.

Last night this topic hit me when I commented on another amazing Boss Moms post about something I REALLY knew about and personally used. It was not something I planned to sell her just my opinion as a mom on what worked for me and my kiddo.

Later she sent me a message on my DM and we chatted and she said she had tried it out and it totally worked!

We had a couple laughs and given the time, I'm assuming we both went to bed.

Why am I sharing this if there was NO SALES transaction involved? If she had on hand what it was we discussed?

Because if you can't connect - I mean truly connect with people in a way that shows them you care about them as a HUMAN outside of business, then how will you ever connect with people you do want to have work with you?

One thing I take massive pride in is not only a real personal connection with my clients - that keeps many of them coming back. But each one of them knows I CARE about them and want to see them hit their goals.

Each one of them knows if I get an idea out of nowhere (this happens often) about them or something they should consider trying I tell them. They know I'm their accountability partner, their friend and their teacher.

Having my clients know they are truly cared about on a personal level is something that means everything to me.

This is something I pour into every girl who is part of my mastermind (and any other coaching programs that aren't self study).

If you have a high vibe, and love a good tribe hop on over to our Goal Getter Group


You can do it. Even if takes a whole day to get one thing done, Do that thing.


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Kirk Jowers and Dr. Osguthorpe address concerns of whether pregnant women are more at risk, and urges women who are pregnant to take precautions. They discuss the increase in outbreaks around the world and the drastic jump in cases in the USA.


Moms Making Money Show - Queen Chioma Nworgu

What amazes me is her passion to help moms to believe that they can be in the Media and shine on Stages and know that they have what it takes to build brands that are powerful and impactful. Watch the Moms Making Money Show episode with Queen Chioma Nworgu

In the next episode of Moms Making Money Show, we have Queen Chioma Nworgu , she's an International Motivational Speaker, Success Coach, TV Presenter and aut... 04/21/2020

Free Tax Tracker Form

An Easy to use tracker that was adored by my CPA and keeps everything in one useful place. Download the spreadsheet that I used for tracking my income and expenses and gave to my CPA every year at tax time.


Something that makes me different than most mentors and coaches...

they talk about Champaign under the Eiffel Tower .

I talk about how I got covered in hay and stepped in sh*t.

The thing is some people would hear (or read) this and think it's not "SUCCESS".

What they don't know is I had horses and all the critters on my vision board a couple years ago.

That THIS is the life I WANT.

Sure I love a nice hand bag - but it's not a Louis Vuitton.

Yes I love fine and expensive shoes, but almost al of my most "expensive" shoes are boots.... cowboy, muck and rain. And I see them as an investment into my lifestyle here on the farm.

The point here is don't let someone else's version of success define you.

Sometimes success partners perfectly with REAL life. And honestly that's what most people actually want... not fra-lalala-ing around in a ball gown all day.

What does success actually look like to you?


Have you ever gotten a great idea and decided to hit the ground running…

Only for someone to then come along and totally burst your bubble?

Yeah, me too… That happened with my business actually.

I had all these grand ideas and I thought OMG this is going to be so easy! Everyone is going to think its amazing and really cheer me on.


This is where the Mom Shaming started for me.

I really didn’t get much Mom Shaming when I went back to work after my first child, that was all on me as guilt.

But Holy Crap- when I had "retired" from my Corp Career and decided after taking the entire first year off that I wanted to start my own business I felt like EVERYONE had something to say about why I SHOULDN’T!

Trust me I heard it all…

And I often heard it from the people who I thought would be rooting me on and cheering for me instead of shaming me and telling me that they didnt think starting a business as a mother was the right thing to do, and how they didn’t want to see my posts on business at all, and how I should JUST BE CONTENT with staying at home.

I allowed these things to turn into my own fears and self-doubt.

I did not dismiss them as other people’s unwelcomed and irrelevant OPINIONS.

I let it get to me, and become an excuse.

I allowed these excuses to hold me back, to water down my message (you know so I didn’t upset anyone by running this very SMALL and understated business) and to even lower my goals for myself.

So, I set goals that I knew wouldnt rock the boat with my "Ney-Sayers" --- things like "$5k in May" and I only talked about it with my Biz Besties (and my coach).

Question came up…
How excited are YOU about your current income goals?

I realized, things needed to change.

So after a TON of inner work, some new coaching where she told me I was SAFE in wanting this and accepting that its OK to want to fulfil a purpose and share my MOVEMENT with other women…

BOOM…. $17k in Sales in ONE MONTH!

A lot of people think creating such a big shift is impossible for them. Well guess what, I did too. But you can create your next big shift too…

.. And who knows, maybe even create the same monetary result (or better) just 30 days from now. Learn more about this here


Which will one will you be? You know the answer. Rise and grind. Be the fire.


Moms Making Money show - Vanessa Dougan

Mommas- you really need to watch this episode, Vanessa Dougan shared her amazing story and tips

You're only cool if you pee your pants! - Adam Sandler Bringing you a special LIVE Video version of the Moms Making Money Show with Vanessa Dougan. Mommas- y...


I am now taking applications for guest bloggers. I'd love to feature some of you skaters!

Post below a topic you'd love to share!


Hey Mother Hustler…

I see you there with a dream that you cant seem to shake… something that pulls you to do more, BE MORE than “Just a Mom”.

I have been there.

For a long time I felt guilty about wanting to do more with my day than Wiping Boogers and Folding Laundry.

I craved adult interaction and giving and teaching and sharing.

Yes I love my kids and I have made damn sure I have LOTS of quality, purposeful, present time with them EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Society has taught us for DECADES (or longer) that a womans place is in the home.

And if you must work then you HAVE TO CHOOSE Career or being present at home with your kids.

Im here to tell you thats BULL SH*T and I proved society WRONG!

I committed to approximately 4 hours of childcare per week for most of 2018.

During this time I would record the Moms Making Money Show LIVE and take a horse lesson. That was all there was time for.

I STILL grew my businesses… yes I run TWO seperate companies including a 6 figure construction company that I co-own and manage.

Wait What? You actually had success while your kids were at home?


And I was able to maximize my super power of being a super organized, sometimes crazy Nap Time Warrior!

So supermama, you got this!!💪❤


Find some balance in your routine this month! Stress less and enjoy the uplifting aroma of the dōTERRA Balance® blend.


What if boys and girls were raised the same

It is said- Boys are raised to be brave, Girls are raised to be perfect…
Looking back through my life I can honestly say I believe this to be entirely true.

As I was hearing about keeping up with “ladylike behavior” my male peers were being encouraged to do brave things and act tough… to “toughen up”.
Sound familiar?

I carried this perfectionist mindset with me throughout my entire life, and even though I've done a sh*t ton of work in this area it's still prevelant at times.

I found myself like many other women and moms feeling the pressure to have everything just right. A clean and tidy house at all times, cause you never know who might stop by or when.

The pressure to be the “hostess with the mostest” and have every single detail thought out, decorations in place, the perfect theme, food, drinks and matching cups to top it all off. To make sure to speak and engage with every guest- regardless how many.

The pressure to be able to handle the load - alone and never ask for help.
The pressure to work like you don't have kids and contribute your share financially, but raise kids like you don't work.

The pressure to put everyone else first and yourself last at all times, indefinitely.

The truth is…


I am TOUGH- let's be honest being a mom ain't for the faint of heart it's not easy or perfect. Moms are superhero's whether they love being SAHM or they juggle working and raising babies.

I am NOT perfect, I like my house to be clean- but my kids play outside, in the mud! I served thanksgiving this year on paper plates, with a fabulous turkey I got in the mail.

Not everyone approves of me being a work at home mom, and I don't care! I'm doing it FOR ME sand for every momma out there who knows in her soul that she's “meant for more than wiping booger's and folding laundry” and I'm proud of that!

To become a highly sought after influencer who is a leader in the Mompreneur field it takes courage and toughness and being brave.

So when you are raising your boys to be brave and tough and take no sh*t… do the world a favor and do the same for your daughters too.


Just imagine if all of the world’s greatest business owners took a break because of a cold. Where would we be?


How I grew my Biz and Babies without FT Childcare (and still do)

How I grew my Biz and Babies without FT Childcare (and still do)

want to learn more about growing your business, confidence and income? Find FREE business resources at Lets C...


How to grow your business with a Super hero behavior

If you've watched my videos or followed me for any period of time you likely know that I often refer to one particular super hero trait as something I use a lot in my biz…. for myself and to guide my clients.

It's something that has guided me in my specialty areas, and being able to really create connection, confidence and RESULTS….
it's my “spidey sense”

We all have that gut feeling about things..

We hear about mother's / women's intuition - or if you are in any of my beloved “Woo Woo” communities you just know it as intuition or being intuitive.

How on earth does this relate to anything in biz?

When I pick up on someone energy (this is where confidence comes in) I can sense their levels of excitement (or lack thereof) in the topic/conversation.

From there I have been able to identify 100% of the time if a client is feeling like the need to make a major shift or change in their life or business.

I also call these nudges from the universe.
These nudges and our desires are the universe pointing us in the right direction.

It's an ability that is said that every person has, but so many choose to avoid or ignore.

What's your super hero trait that you embrace?


Today, we’ve got an awesome “Made in a Minute” all about deep cleaning to keep you busy over the weekend!

Our four recipes are an all-purpose spray, a degreaser, a disinfectant spray, and a deep-clean paste! Which recipe are you going to try first?


The Healthy Home Enrollment Kit is a fantastic way to get started with doTERRA. Slide into my dms or check out


Let's talk about employee mindset….🧠

First- not all “jobs” are awful and not all bosses suck. I often talk about how I loved my job and my boss from my Corp Career.

But as a society we are trained to show up a certain way in the world - for our jobs, family gatherings, school, and just in general.

We are taught not to make a splash, not to go against the grain, blend in. As kids and especially as teens we strive harder than anything to fit it and be accepted.

( 🗣to all the high school bullies and workplace clique leaders out there who tried to make me feel like less, as well as other, f**k off)

One thing I am proud that my boss always encouraged was for me and my peers to stand up for ourselves and what is right. He is also an entrepreneur to his core.💪🏼

Back to my point…

Employees, like many children, are to be seen and not heard. Keep their heads down and their opinions and dissatisfaction to themselves- after all its NORMAL to loath your JOB, right? 🤷🏻‍♀️

In corporate settings the idea is to show up do the work, go home and never complain and at all costs keep others happy so you could lighten the load of fear about being replaced- after all its common knowledge in any job that “everyone's replaceable”.

One thing I've learned is that as an Influencer who is impacting the lives of others in a massive way - 🎯NO ONE can deliver my message and impact the way that I do it.

🎯No one connects with their clients the exact way that I do.

🎯No one else will form the lifelong relationships like I do.

🎯No one else can be ME as good as I Can!

Shifting from a lifetime of training and societal brainwash to conform and blend in made it difficult for me to SPEAK UP and STAND OUT!

I have realized that it is my duty as a mentor, influencer and speaker to advocate for change and to do so unapologetically! To help other UNLEARN striving for mediocrity and compliance to fitting it- quietly.

Because the truth is, I'M NOT SORRY for it.

Are you trying to break free from the “employee mindset”?

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