Evolve Movement Collective

Evolve Movement Collective is fully equipped studio with certified teachers who offer Classical Pila Purely Pilates is a Classical Pilates studio with certified instructors teaching private sessions & group classes on the equpment that Joseph Pilates invented.

We are the Power Pilates Affiliate Teacher Training Center for the Bay area.

Operating as usual

Timeline photos 05/10/2021

We are open in our lovely new studio plus our virtual schedule and information on a health program with Krisna Hanks- https://mailchi.mp/70582c83a75e/emc-may-10-2021-news-4886921

Timeline photos 04/19/2021

It's moving day for the studio! Tuesday, April 20th we are closed to move to our new space. We re-open on Wednesday, April 21st! - Please check for virtual class changes! https://mailchi.mp/2c53ecbfcf77/emc-april-21-2021-news-4884301

Photos from Evolve Movement Collective's post 04/05/2021

Change is upon us! The studio is moving in April! Donesa's baby was born! And this week's class schedule! - https://mailchi.mp/741ab45a8ee5/emc-april-4-2021-news-4880109

Timeline photos 03/15/2021

March Matness and other thoughts + lots of class changes this week!- https://mailchi.mp/8ab8916ec465/emc-feb-15-2021-news-4863241

Photos from Evolve Movement Collective's post 02/15/2021

Posture and your health + a hip replacement workshop and this week's virtual class schedule! - https://mailchi.mp/a7ac630e92ef/emc-feb-15-2021-news

Timeline photos 02/11/2021

A Hip Perspective - a workshop with Krisna Hanks - February 26th https://mailchi.mp/870d01a5e468/a-hip-perspective-workshop

Timeline photos 02/08/2021

Looking for a moment of awe! - https://mailchi.mp/13d1bea05f22/emc-feb-8-2021-newsletter-2989569

Timeline photos 01/25/2021

We had to join in with the memes!! - and this weeks classes. https://mailchi.mp/69fc269470aa/emc-january-25-2021-newsletter


I had a celebrity workout today.....

Timeline photos 01/18/2021

Studio news, random thoughts and this week's schedule of virtual classes! - https://mailchi.mp/9e9fa610894d/emc-january-17-2021-newsletter-2985590

Timeline photos 01/05/2021

Set your intentions to stay healthy and stay fit! Here's the January schedule of virtual classes! - https://mailchi.mp/bb4f87948ffa/emc-january-2021-newsletter-2982554


Monday Virtual Classes!
9:30 am PST 1/2 GYROKINESIS/ 1/2 Pilates Mat with Allison
4 PM Wunda Chair Class with Allison
5:30 PM Open level Mat class with Donesa
5:30 PM GYROKINESIS with Allison

Sign up online and get the link: https://www.evolvemovementcollective.com/virtual-classes.html
or contact [email protected] for the Zoom link and how to pay - $20/class!

Timeline photos 12/28/2020

New Year's Thoughts from Home! - Plus new workshops and classes for 2021 https://mailchi.mp/5fd43d60e2a7/emc-december-27-2020-newsletter

Timeline photos 12/21/2020

Sending wishes for your Happy Holidays at Home!! Thanks for all your support! Don't forget to check out a virtual class and stay connected to your health! - https://mailchi.mp/f1864897fd49/emc-december-21-2020-newsletter

Timeline photos 12/07/2020

Please support your small businesses like Evolve Movement Collective! We have virtual classes and privates available. Ask for a gift certificate for a holiday gift! We are selling exercise clothing so check out our website for items and buy local!- https://mailchi.mp/c59731db021b/emc-december-5-2020-newsletter-2973262

Timeline photos 11/30/2020

Studio is closed as we return to the purple tier in the days of Covid! - https://mailchi.mp/8a9178e6827f/emc-nov-30-2020-newsletter

Timeline photos 11/23/2020

Gratitude in the days of Covid! Wishing our students a wonderful Thanksgiving! - https://mailchi.mp/34410e5aed76/emc-nov-22-2020-newsletter

Timeline photos 11/09/2020

Time to get breathing again! The importance of breath in our movement... plus check out the Virtual Class schedule- https://mailchi.mp/6d293211560e/emc-oct-26-2020-newsletter-2961454

Timeline photos 10/26/2020

Inspiration: a little art to feed the soul and help to stay sane! Please remember to vote! And virtual class schedule....- https://mailchi.mp/906e134830aa/emc-oct-26-2020-newsletter

How Pilates Changed My Feelings About Fitness 10/20/2020

How Pilates Changed My Feelings About Fitness

Evolve is open at 10% capacity for private and semi private sessions with PIlates and Gyrotonic Exercise. We have a full schedule of Virtual classes as well!! https://www.vogue.com/article/how-pilates-changed-my-feelings-about-fitness

How Pilates Changed My Feelings About Fitness After years as a failing gym member, one Vogue editor finds a better way to workout.

Fitness Tech: What Is Gyrotonic? How It Works And Why You Should Do It 10/08/2020

Fitness Tech: What Is Gyrotonic? How It Works And Why You Should Do It

Come take a Gyrotonic session at Evolve! Or check out our virtual classes for GYROKINESIS!


Fitness Tech: What Is Gyrotonic? How It Works And Why You Should Do It Although by no means a new system, the Gyrotonic is becoming the new pilates. Here's everything you need to know

Photos from Evolve Movement Collective's post 09/29/2020

The studio is open at 10% capacity! Please come for your private session! - And there are still many virtual classes to choose from as well! https://mailchi.mp/3acb0dc98b7e/emc-sept-28-2020-newsletter

Timeline photos 09/21/2020

Will we open again in a week? Fingers crossed......
Plus this week's virtual classes and links! - https://mailchi.mp/42e94344b46b/evolve-movement-collective-newsletter-9-21-2934966

Photos from Evolve Movement Collective's post 09/16/2020

Siri Galliano - System Workouts for Back Situations. Different starting and endings: Discs, Scoliosis, Neck Issues. - https://mailchi.mp/cc1924a6eb44/teacher-class-siri-galliano-9-18-2020

Photos from Evolve Movement Collective's post 09/14/2020

Check out the schedule: New MELT class added to schedule - Mondays at 1 PM - https://mailchi.mp/9f007dac94d7/evolve-movement-collective-newsletter-9-14-2020

Photos from Evolve Movement Collective's post 09/07/2020

Siri Galliano - All the smaller stuff; The Foot Corrector, The Wrist Roller, The Eye Chart & The Spine Corrector with a 7 minute workout, great for men and home use.
Bring 2 lb arm weights, pillow, small mat, big mat if you don't have a table. If you do have a table, put on your belly strap or have a 2 or more pound ankle weights. Friday, Sept 11 - 8 am PST - https://mailchi.mp/9cd49822bd35/teacher-class-siri-galliano-september-4-friday-8-am-2927846

Photos from Evolve Movement Collective's post 09/07/2020

Check out the schedule. We have virtual classes available including on Labor Day! Bring your pet! - https://mailchi.mp/49042893e09b/evolve-movement-collective-newsletter-september-4

Timeline photos 09/02/2020

Siri Galliano teaches: 30 minute workout: Pedipole, Wunda Chair and Arm Chair - Friday August 28 - 8 am Pacific Time - https://mailchi.mp/d19ca6bb42cc/teacher-class-siri-galliano-september-4-friday-8-am-2925150

Timeline photos 09/01/2020

Almost Labor Day! Are you feeling quarantine exhaustion? I am! Please be kind to yourself and to others! We're in the boat together! - https://mailchi.mp/45db880b2746/evolve-movement-collective-newsletter-august-31-be-kind

Timeline photos 08/25/2020

Siri Galliano teaches: The Table - Part #5: Push Through Bar with top and bottom spring. + Neck Stretcher Friday August 28 - 8 am Pacific Time - https://mailchi.mp/b54886e602ab/teacher-class-siri-galliano-august-28-friday-8-am

Photos from Evolve Movement Collective's post 08/24/2020

Hope you are all safe from the fires! We are in the thick of the smoke from the surrounding fires here. Stay safe and wear your mask to protect from the smoke and Covid! - https://mailchi.mp/71f75ba4d500/evolve-movement-collective-newsletter-august-24-2020

Timeline photos 08/17/2020

Siri Galliano teaches: The Table - Part #4: Inside the Table: Springs HIGH, medium, LOW, many, FAST, or SLOW. Friday August 21 - 8 am Pacific Standard Time - https://mailchi.mp/baae5683d339/teacher-class-siri-galliano-august-21-friday-8-am-2917366

Timeline photos 08/17/2020

Heat wave! Stay cool, stay safe! Click on the link for a little 8 minute mini Pilates mat for you. Please share with your friends! and here's the virtual schedule! - https://mailchi.mp/d65e31927ac4/evolve-movement-collective-newsletter-august-17-2020

Photos from Evolve Movement Collective's post 08/13/2020

Siri Galliano teaches: The Table - Part #3: Hanging More Pull-ups taught by Pavel Pronine Trapeze Catcher Friday August 14 at 8 am Pacific Time - https://mailchi.mp/72eee43626d2/teacher-class-siri-galliano-august-14-friday-8-am

Photos from Evolve Movement Collective's post 08/13/2020

Another week of closure at Evolve! But we have a MELT Hand & Foot Workshop coming up. Please consider taking a Virtual Class or private with us. Here's the class schedule for Week of August 10 - https://mailchi.mp/5a89b6496c2d/evolve-movement-collective-newsletter-july-2914582

Our Story

Evolve Movement Collective is a fully equipped boutique exercise Studio, teaching Classical Pilates, GYROTONIC® Method and the MELT® Method by a collective of independent, certified instructors teaching private sessions & group classes on the equipment. We have reopened and have all the safety measures in place to protect you. And we maintain a robust schedule of virtual classes and virtual private sessions (Using Zoom) available for you to stay healthy, workout and de-stress. Check out our website for the full schedule! http://www.evolvemovementcollective.com

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Sam on the Jump Stretch Board practicing turns!




1100 Industrial Road, 11B
San Diego, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 8:30am - 7:30pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 7:30pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 7:30pm
Thursday 8:30am - 7:30pm
Friday 8:30am - 7:30pm
Saturday 8:30am - 1pm
Sunday 8:30am - 1pm

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