RIDE Cyclery - San Diego

The new RIDE Cyclery Downtown store located at the Park in the Park

Operating as usual


It's the last chance to register for the Padres Pedal The Cause RIDE! - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/its-the-last-chance-to-register-for-the-padres-pedal-the-cause-ride


Just in case you haven't heard, RIDE has a new demo fleet! - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/just-in-case-you-havent-heard-ride-has-a-new-demo-fleet


Happy Halloween from RIDE with new Demo and Rental Bikes + Triathlon Team Applications CLOSING THIS WEEK - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/happy-halloween-from-ride-with-new-demo-and-rental-bikes-triathlon-team-applications


Test RIDE your next bike today with the all new RIDE Experience - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/test-ride-your-next-bike-today-with-the-all-new-ride-experience


Guess who's got a new demo fleet, with e-bikes, gravel bikes, and more! - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/guess-whos-got-a-new-demo-fleet-with-e-bikes-gravel-bikes-and-more


RIDE Tri Team applications open this week + Come join our Weekly Saturday RIDE - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/ride-tri-team-applications-now-open-come-join-our-weekly-saturday-ride


Have you checked out the all-new Turbo Levo? - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/have-you-checked-out-the-all-new-turbo-levo


Hey guys! Due to the Semper Tri this weekend, our normal Saturday RIDE route will be TBD.

We're still going on a RIDE, we're just thinking of the best routes to go on. If you have any suggestions, shoot us a message

See you Saturday morning at 8!


Check out the all new TURBO LEVO + join us for our last (for a while) San Onofre RIDE - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/check-out-the-all-new-turbo-levo-join-us-for-our-last-for-a-while-san-onofre-ride


The new Turbo Levo is here!

Did you say a new Turbo Levo?

Lighter, 40% more power, and some KILLER looks. What's there not to like?


Saturday RIDE = Padres Pedal the Cause Training RIDE - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/saturday-ride-padres-pedal-the-cause-training-ride


Join the RIDE Team for the Padres Pedal the Cause and our Saturday RIDE! - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/join-the-ride-team-for-the-padres-pedal-the-cause-and-our-saturday-ride


Join the RIDE Team for the Padres Pedal the Cause + Updated Labor Day Hours - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/join-the-ride-team-for-the-padres-pedal-the-cause-updated-labor-day-hours


It's an E-Bike E-Mergency, plus Pedal the Cause training RIDE coming up! - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/its-an-e-bike-e-mergency-plus-pedal-the-cause-training-ride-coming-up


S-Works 7: Ion Charcoal vs Red Hook Crit - Grab yours while you can! - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/s-works-7-ion-charcoal-vs-red-hook-crit-grab-yours-while-you-can


Specialized Bicycles

Flying solo for a championship win 🙌🙌

The titles of USA Cycling Amateur Road Champion and USA Cycling Amateur Crit Champion belong to the same person in 2018: Justin Williams.

"But Justin Williams is winning more than races. He is arguably becoming one of the most influential cyclists in the U.S., an increasingly louder voice for inclusion and innovation in the sport."

ridecyclery.com 08/09/2018


ridecyclery.com RIDE has three sets of the new LTD Edition Red Hook Crit S-Works 7 Shoe / S-Works Evade II helmet combo's in stock! All three shoe sizes include a medium size Evade II helmet. These might even be more rare than a 🦄Purple Unicorn! To place your order or to check them out just click here!


Mt Soledad RIDE this Saturday + Join the RIDE Team + Suspension Service - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/mt-soledad-ride-this-saturday-join-the-ride-team-suspension-service


Did you know RIDE is servicing suspension? Well now ya know!

-Lowers servicing / fluid refresh
-Damper rebuilds
-Air can refresh
-Pretty much anything else suspension related

We're here to help you stay on top of your 6 month and yearly suspension services, and we want your RIDE to be at 100% all the time!

Shoot us an email, give us a call, slide into our DM's, send us a carrier pigeon, or stop by the shop so we can get your RIDE where it needs to be



Suspension servicing back at RIDE, plus a Summer Service Special on brakes - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/suspension-servicing-back-at-ride-plus-a-summer-service-special-on-brakes


Specialized Bicycles

Are you faster than the World Champion, Peter Sagan? With a Turbo e-bike, you could be.

Test a Turbo e-Bike Today: https://bit.ly/2NICvJM

Months of trash talking, quad building, 80's montage training in the woods, passive-aggressive tea drinking—it's all come down to this. One hill climb in San Francisco to determine the fastest cyclist on the planet. In this corner, we have Peter Sagan: three-time World Champion, Paris-Roubaix winner, and all around badass. In the opposing corner, we have Grandma Joan: near-centenarian, two knee replacements, pacemaker…and a Specialized Turbo e-bike. Sorry, Peter…the odds aren't looking good for you.


Ride Cyclery

New Wahoo Fitness trainer gear! Check it out!

New Wahoo Fitness products launching soon!

-An all new Kickr
-A simpler Kickr Core
-A smart fan: Kickr Headwind
-the Kickr Climb

Read more about it here: https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/new-wahoo-fitness-products-and-more-info-on-our-weekly-rides


New Stumpjumper build + Bonus RIDE this Saturday!



Allez or Tarmac? Go!

Not all awesome bikes have to be carbon everything. But some of us are lucky enough to get some special colorways (and aero wheels)

Bike: Specialized Allez Sprint
Rider: @maximilliancoonley

#iamspecialized #shimanoduraace #specializedallez #bikestagram #zippspeed #goRIDEabike @ Ride Cyclery


News from RIDE: New Zipp NSW and Firecrest Wheels, and E-Bikes now allowed at Mammoth Bike Park! - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/news-from-ride-new-zipp-nsw-and-firecrest-wheels-and-e-bikes-now-allowed-at-mammoth-bike-park


Only a few more hours! Jump on it!

Only a few more hours to pre-order the official RIDE Summer 2018 Kit and the RIDE HiViz Jersey as well. Get in on the pre-order pricing while you can!


We also have a pre-order for a collaboration kit with @copa_vida and @classy_org up on the site too.

All our kits are partnered up with @elielcycling so you know it's going to be comfy AND stylish!

#RIDEkit #elielcrafted #stayCLASSYSanDiego #copavida #bikestagram @ Ride Cyclery


Only 2 days left to order the official RIDE 2018 Summer Kit and HiViz Jersey - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/only-2-days-left-to-order-the-official-ride-2018-summer-kit-and-hiviz-jersey


Pre-Order the RIDE 2018 Summer Kit and Hi-Viz Jersey now before 6/13 - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/update-more-pre-order-kit-designs-by-ride-check-out-the-summer-and-hiviz-options-dont-miss-out


Pre-Order our new RIDE | Copa-Vida | Classy Jerseys and Bibs by Eliel! - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/pre-order-our-new-ride-copa-vida-classy-jerseys-and-bibs-by-eliel


Save some money on Wahoo Computers + Bike Cleaning tips and tricks! - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/save-some-money-on-wahoo-computers-bike-cleaning-tips-and-tricks


Ride Cyclery

Who's been watching the Giro d'Italia?

A long weekend in the saddle could mean more pain points than you're used to. Stop by the shop to get more info on saddle fits and types!


Only a few more days until the end of May (and the end of our Specialized Tire BOGO 50% deal). These are some killer tires that we RIDE here at the shop, so we definitely stand behind how AWESOME they are!


Tired of messing with suspension and never sure if it's feeling quite right? Specialized has a handy Suspension Calculator Tool that lets you "set it and forget it" so you can concentrate more on your RIDE than your shocks


See you out on the Trails!


From now until June 15th, save $80 on a Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT or ELEMNT Bundle!

These are awesome cycling computers (we use them on our personal bikes too), so if you're in the market for a new computer or want to upgrade, this is that little extra motivation to grab one!


Eliel: Heritage Collection + Specialized Tire Sale all May! - https://mailchi.mp/ridecyclery/new-eliel-kit-specialized-tire-sale-all-may

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It's starting to look like a bike shop!





350 10th Ave #102
San Diego, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 5pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm
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