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Fitness is for everybody and it's not just about looking good but about eating the right way, exercising the right way and feeling good about yourself.

[08/26/18]   New Fall Fitness Class schedule for all fitness levels:

Tuesday 6-630am
Thursday 530-630pm
Saturday 8-900am

Come try out a class for free and bring a friend.

[01/10/18]   Thinking you want a trainer but finances are tight? Then try out one of my group fitness classes for free and see if that is more to you liking and nicer to your piggy bank. PM for details.

[08/22/17]   Join our monthly fitness classes and meet new people. We have fun 3 times a week and you can too.

[05/10/17]   Register today for a free fitness consultation and get a 1 week of classes on us! Contact me for details

[04/20/17]   Work It Out Wednesday: Do 3 sets of 20 air squats, then stretch your legs out, do 3 sets of 10-15 push ups, then stretch your chest out, do 3 sets of 25 crunches and stretch your core out.

[04/19/17]   Training Tip Tuesday: You should stretch for about 5 minutes before working out and then follow your workout with at least 15 minutes of stretching the muscles you just used. Stretching should be slightly uncomfortable but never painful.

[04/17/17]   Every Sunday look forward to our announcement of the weekly challenge update! This week you are challenged to stretch everyday for 15 minutes. Please let us know how you are doing and if questions pop up. This week's daily posts will relate to stretching in some way.

[04/06/17]   Training Tip Thursday: Stretching every day for 15-20 minutes is vital in keeping a healthy body, preventing injuries and aiding in muscle recovery. Do you know how to stretch the right way?

[04/06/17]   Client success story: Theo trains with me 3/week 30 mins each and has been working with me for one month. Before working with me he had been taking pain medication daily for a little over a year due to back pain and various joint pain. Last week he told me he no longer needed to take his pain meds and today will make one week he is pain med free. This is a huge success and we hope to see much more.

[03/09/17]   Now offering group fitness classes 3 times a week. Tues/Thurs 6pm and Saturday at 9am for evening needs and Tues/Thurs 630am and Saturday at 9am (joint class) for morning needs. Come join the fun and meet new people....and bring a friend.

[08/03/16]   GROUP FITNESS CLASSES STARTING! Who's interested?

sandiego.craigslist.org 07/19/2016

Private Fitness Training for 1 on 1 or Small Groups all fitness levels


sandiego.craigslist.org Are you looking to make some healthy changes in your daily routines and don't know where to start? We are 2 highly skilled and super fun private fitness coaches that want to help you make the right...

strongfirst.com 07/19/2016

The Top Five Ab Training Mistakes - StrongFirst

http://www.strongfirst.com/the-top-five-ab-training-mistakes/ - Learn from the pros so you can train like one but not have to be one.

strongfirst.com By now, proper abdominal training should not be a mystery. Pavel sets us straight with his own list article of ab training mistakes.

rd.com 06/30/2016

10 Secrets Personal Trainers Won’t Tell You | Reader's Digest


rd.com Ever wonder what your personal trainer really thinks? Here are 10 things your fitness pro wishes you knew.

[06/06/16]   LOOKING TO HIRE PART TIME TRAINER IN JULY! Now scheduling interviews for a part time associate fitness coach - for details or to schedule an interview, please contact me directly.

[03/22/16]   Building a Monthly Boot Camp Class - need 5 people minimum to start - who's down for some group fitness?

[03/01/16]   Have you done your cardio/workout yet today? I have - tell me what you have done!

[02/09/16]   Sign up for training during the month of February and get a 5th week free. So if you train 2/week..you get 2 sessions free.

[05/17/15]   Now Fully Open for business and looking for anybody interested in working with a female trainer. Let me know.

[02/14/15]   Hope everybody has a great Valentine's Day! But summer is almost upon us and are you ready for swim suit season or look a little better in that tank top or how about feeling better and not getting sick. Come check out QN Fitness and see where we can take you.

[02/02/15]   Referral Bonus: Send me a referral and if they sign up....get $100 one month of training or $25 cash money - you decide.

[01/26/15]   Happy Monday Everybody! Looks like I'm taking on 2 new clients this week and still looking to take on more. My January special of $50/session for 1 hour and $30/session for 1/2 hours sessions will end next week. Regular pricing is $65/session for 1 hour and $40/session for 1/2. Get the word on and let's get some those minds and bodies in shape.

[01/23/15]   Working out does more for your body than any other activity. It lowers depression, increases sex drive, increases self motivation, increases self esteem, aides in better sleep, boosts the metabolism and many other things. How much do you work out and how regularly do you do it?

[01/19/15]   Nutritional fact of the day: Limit your carbs in the morning and eat good fats, like avocado, uncured bacon or use grassfed butter in your coffee or to cook your eggs with. Good fats reignite your metabolism and get your liver ready for the day. More info on this, just ask.

[01/19/15]   Happy MLK Day Everybody! Please use your free time today to share this page and find me a referral or 2. Need help with your nutritional or current workouts -- I donate my time for your referrals that sign. Thanks Everybody!




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San Diego, CA
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