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Alex Nguyen has been coaching for 8 years in Norcal and Socal. Now he is expanding to create a tennis empire under his name, looking forward to training the champions of the future. Visit the website for more information and follow


To keep up with his teaching and students!

Operating as usual


Though we aren't sure if the tennis will be happening this summer, we are still planning on the best case scenario. Here is some info for tennis camps and tennis classes possibly resuming in June/July.


Smiled big when i read this review.

5.0 star rating
Alex has been an excellent tennis coach over the last two years. I entered his program with a disastrous combination of bad techniques and habits that were preventing me from improving any further. He instantly noticed these problems and worked quickly and effectively to undo them. Over the course of my lessons with Alex, I have made progress many times faster than I have with any other coach. He is an extremely knowledgeable instructor who strives to make all of his students better tennis players, while remaining positive and friendly.

Alex works well with students of all ages and skill levels. His lessons are inexpensive even when compared to far less effective coaches. His dedication to teaching his pupils is clearly demonstrated through his consistent efforts to go above and beyond, frequently offering to stay for extra time so that his students can continue to play. I would recommend Alex to anyone who wishes to play tennis, casually or competitively.


First day of summer camps started today! So excited to work with all the little superstars this season!

Alex Nguyen Tennis - San Diego, CA 05/28/2016

Alex Nguyen Tennis - San Diego, CA


Alex Nguyen Tennis - San Diego, CA Specialties: FREE Summer Camp Registration Open! Please visit our website for information and instructions on how to register! Alex Nguyen Tennis is a San Diego based tennis lessons service. Our mission is to bring quality instruction at…

Some Winter 2016 Photos 05/13/2016

Just some pictures of the kids during some winter camps!


Hope everyone is enjoying the Australian Open!


Who's ready for winter camps?!

Some Summer Camp Photos 08/25/2015

Some Summer Camp Photos


Tennis Tip of the Week!

Do not swing when you volley!

The volley is meant to be a quick, reactive shot. Swinging through your volley is slow and clunky and hurts your recovery time for the next ball too! Keep it simple!


Survey! Do you like to hit open stance or closed stance? Why?


Tennis Tip of the Week: Split Step!

What is it? It is a light footed hop right as the opponent is striking the ball.

Why do you do it?

1) Thinking about that split step keeps you aware and in the game. This increases your focus and reaction time.

2) It gives a slight boost in your ability to move to the ball by keeping you in motion prior to bursting to the ball.


Tennis Tip of the Week: Understand all Facets of Practicing Tennis!

Tennis is an incredibly beautiful sport. It can be simple, yet it can be overwhelmingly complex. For those that are truly looking to improve their game, I insist that you practice beyond a racket, ball, and tennis court.

Some things you can do to improve your game without a court!

Go to the gym
Jump Rope
Go on a lawn/park somewhere and do some exercises
Play some Chess/Checkers (Strategic games)
Throw a Ball
Read up on it!

There's so much more you can do! So next time you say you can't practice because you can't get onto a court, just remember that that is a pretty lame excuse.

Timeline photos 05/04/2015

Understanding the contact point for the flat serve as well as an effective toss height!


Tennis Tip of the Week: Juniors should practice slicing!

It stuns me how neglected slices are in youth American tennis. I've dealt with kids who have supposedly learned tennis for many years not know what a slice is. A lot of coaches/academies also avoid teaching the slice early on, and I've seen this first hand from the facilities that I've taught at. For what reason, I do not know.

What I know is, slices are an important part to become a strong, well rounded player, and I start them learning slices in the early stages. It opens up a plethora of strategic plays whether on the offense or defense.

So parents, if your child doesn't know what a slice is after a year of playing, it's probably time to change coaches.


Tennis Tip of the Week: Master the Process!

A lot of people struggle with technique when it's time to actually play a match. This often happens because their brains switch to a mode that tells them that putting the ball on their strings is of utmost importance. More often than not, this leads to what I call 'Patty Cake Tennis' and further on to a loss.

Master the process of your technique. Master it by doing it, instead of avoiding it during matches. Accept the fact that, sometimes, you may lose at first when trying out new techniques. In the long run, by overriding your instinct and conditioning yourself to hit a more proper way over and over, your game will progress tremendously.

Tournament Pictures! 04/24/2015

Tournament Pictures!

Untitled album 04/24/2015

Untitled album

Timeline photos 04/24/2015

Congratulations, Ryan, on reaching his second 10's satellite final in a row!


Tennis Tip of the Week: Simplify your volleys!

Volleys are intended to be a quick and aggressive shot. However, that doesn't mean you should try to be swinging at your volleys! Simplify the motion and focus mainly on the contact point and transferring your weight properly into the shot.


Tennis Tip of the Week: Flow of motion!

When working on any stroke, pay attention to your flow of motion! Are there kinks where you tense/stiffen up? Is one part of your body more explosive than the other?

Try to equalize everything to get the most fluidity. This will bring you the most efficiency for your stroke.

Sidenote: Flexing DOES NOT equal power.


Tennis Tip of the Week: Serve!

The serve is arguably one of the toughest shots to master. There are a lot of moving parts, and smaller margin for error since you are restricted to hitting it into only a portion of the court.

If you intend to practice your serve, the first thing you need to do is master the toss. Now, the toss changes depending on what serve you need to hit.

The better and more consistent your toss, the greater chance that you will be practicing that particular serve correctly. If your toss is all over the place, you will never get consistent practice!


Tennis Tip of the Week: One of my students turned what I said into a rhyme and it goes like this:

"When your feet are moving, your racket is ready. When your racket is swinging your feet are steady!"

Basically. if you are moving to the ball, your racket should be striving towards a ready to swing position, wherever that may be depending on whether you're hitting a slice, ground stroke, or volley.

The moment you intend to swing, your feet should be steady, grounded, and in balance to facilitate the best possible swing.

Of course, there will be exceptions where you will be hitting on the run, but for all other times possible, keep this rule in mind!


March 30th-May 8th Session Sign ups are open!


Tennis Tip of The Week #4: Practice at home! A lot of people tell me they don't have time to go to the tennis courts during the week and therefore can't practice. I tell them, 'You don't need a tennis court to improve your game!"

If you're at home:
1. Grab a tennis ball and practice some service tosses.
2. Grab your racket, go to an open area and do some shadow swings.
3. Toss the ball up and try to catch the ball on your racket without making it bounce off the strings.
4. Practice dribbling or bumping the ball up and down.
5. Condition your body with some exercise!

Every little bit will contribute to the improvement of your game.


Tennis Tip of The Week #3: Keep your racket in an up and out ready position when you intend to volley! I see too many players drop their rackets and keep it there as they run up to the net, causing them to rush into their volley strokes. Better volleys start with a solid ready-position!

Untitled album 03/09/2015

Untitled album


Tennis Tip of the Week #2: Relax! A lot of players tend to tense up way too much when they swing their serves/ground strokes. This is obstructive on multiple levels.

1. By tensing up and being rigid during a swing, you increase your chances of being injured. Think of it as applying the breaks on your car too rapidly. Also, the force of shock becomes concentrated at the point of tension rather than dissipated throughout.
2. You lose fluidity in your motion, which decreases your swing's effectiveness. A good, fluid swing allows one's momentum to carry throughout the whole motion.
3. You end up using more energy per swing and will not be getting as much out of it.


Best of luck to all the high school boys trying out for their respective teams!




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