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Well now it's time I say Good Morning Martial Artists in this life we following the Martial path HAVE to know there IS NO such thing as a fair fight it's a survival thing so hope u ALL have a Blessed an Great day be back sometime later!!!!


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Show your support! 11/14/2013

Gawad Kalinga HomeSuper typhoon Haiyan flattens many parts of central PhilippinesPhoto Credit: Romeo Renoco / ReutersThe immediate goal is to send 200,000 food packs for the flood relief victims. These food packs which will only cost $5 each will allow typhoon victims the ability to feed their families for 3-4 da...


Tribute to GM Filemon " Momoy" Canete

The founder of San Miguel Eskrima, "Momoy" Canete.

GM Momoy Canete was well into his 80's when this was filmed in Cebu. He is the founder of his system named San Miguel Eskrima. In memory of his legacy - Mabu...


I met a gentleman today who has made his ministry feeding the homeless in downtown San Diego. Every other Thursday he packs sandwiches, water, cookies or chips loads the bags into his car and heads downtown to feed the homeless on the street. He takes a collapsible wagon given to him by his daughter, walks the streets pulling the wagon behind him. As he is handing out meals he asks if he can say a prayer for those men, women and yes, sometimes children whose bed more often than not is the hard concrete of an alley or sidewalk. At times he may have companions to help him however many evenings he does not complete his evening's mission until 10:30 at night since he is alone. He lends his ear and gives nourishment not only to the body, also to the spirit. Thank you Mr. Paul Lee for being such an inspiration. may God Bless you and keep you. I pray we can gather some of our congregation and/or youth to assist you on this oh so worthy ministry and to remain as committed as you are to any ministry we are called to perform with or without assistance.


Filipino Martial Arts Celebration at We Love Kempo with G**o Mario Gajo

Here are clips from the Filipino Martial Arts & Culture Celebration held at We Love Kempo in Sabre Springs on July 21st, 2012. Special thanks to all who part...


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Freddie Roach on MMA 09/22/2011

Martial Arts Seminars - We Love Kempo Seminars We Love Kempo is proud to host seminars with world renowned Martial Arts Masters and Grandmasters at our Sabre Springs facility. We work hard to bring you authentic instruction in systems such as Chen Tai Chi, Choy Lai Fut Kun


Suntukan: Filipino Boxing

Filipino Kali isn't just weapons-work. Suntukan, the art of Filipino Boxing, derives it's methods straight from the knife. This video demonstrates the transl...


Tuhon Felix Cortes

tuhon felix= _real stick fight _tuhon teach in france "cannes" _tuhon teach in italy "torino"



Is this dagger from the Philippines? 09/13/2011

Muay thai vs boxing Boxeo vs muay thai, who will win?. Pure fight. 09/11/2011

Batista Crump Workout WWE Superstar Batista going through a basic martial arts workout with his trainer, Marrese Crump. Edited By: Anesti Vega Elamintal Multimedia 09/11/2011

Batista Crump Kali Workout Marrese Crump, Dave Bautista & Oscar Lugo showcase various Filipino Martial Arts techniques and skills. Edited by Anesti Vega. Another Elamintal production. ...


MMA film Spirit of Fight : Special Bruce Lee's 70th Tribute Trailer

Shot in 2 days, the above is a test shoot shot ahead of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) feature film "Spirit of Fight" in tribute to the 70th Birth Anniversary of o...


Escrimador Arnis Kids @ Talentadong Pinoy

Aired June 5, 2010 Escrimador Arnis Kids' performance at TV5's Talentadong Pinoy 09/05/2011

Throwback Fight Of The Week: 600lbs Sumo Vs. 169lbs MMA Fighter! |fight has a weight difference of 431lbs. The most ever in an MMA fight.| 09/04/2011

Buakaw training at sityodthong USA. Getting ready for his mpl fight


Part 1 of 2 How to use Maori weaponry

Part 1 of 2 How to use Maori weaponry Waka Huia TVNZ 28 Aug 2011 - In this episode of Waka Huia - Māori weaponry are seen through Māori performing arts, war,...


Part 2 of 2 How to use Maori weaponry

Part 2 of 2 How to use Maori weaponry Waka Huia TVNZ 28 Aug 2011 - In this episode of Waka Huia - Māori weaponry are seen through Māori performing arts, war,... 09/03/2011

Amaya Ep.1 I own nothing. Credits to GMA Network for the video.


2011 Kali Method Beach Gathering Snippets


Emin Boztepe - Knife Defence & Weapons

Sifu Emin Boztepe talks about knife/weapon defence and performs some empty hands, knife and stick maneuvers.


Flowpulse VS Psionics - FnF Battle Zone

i'm the psionics btw lol check it out at 08/31/2011

ONG BAK 1 ( Best Fight Scene ) - HD ONG BAK 1 ( Best Fight Scene ) 08/28/2011

Apa skjuter med AK-47 Gevär Monkey shooting with AK-47 Rifle Обезьяна съемки с АК-47 08/28/2011

Inosanto - Silat

Smooth... Dan Inosanto The Serak Silat series (Blitzing sticks) Dan Inosanto doing (Pentjak) Silat with Ron Balicki


Jeb Corliss " Grinding The Crack"

Guy was flyin...

Edited by Gian Autenrieth Multiple camera angle flying the crack. I already know the exit was horrible but the flight made up for it :) cameras by http://www... 08/27/2011

Kick Ass Miracles - Warrior Rituals -

Yes the blade is sharp and it will cut you... Eungh, God, [...] We're gonna definitely see some juice today. Demonstration Gone Wrong.


G.M. Cacoy in New Jersey 2008 -

This man is a legend...

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