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If you could ONLY order 1 of these, which would it be? You can get all three on amazon for about $50 before shipping ... we recommend starting with The Integrity Game® but you cannot go wrong with the original Get A Klu in 52 or the Entrepreneur Edition!

A link to each will be in the comments ...


It's officially "tomorrow" on the east coast and time to wish a Merry to everyone! I hope your weekend was a great as mine ...perhaps NOBODY had a better weekend than the San Diego Padres and their fans ... myself among them!

Meanwhile, WE have safely landed in Week #7 of The Integrity Game 90-Day Challenge where we will focus on the expectations we set with ourself and others ...

... so far in the Challenge, we have determined our Purpose, Owned our Gifts, declared our Potential, drafted SMAART Goals, and have also begun to consider the strategies that will get us there ...

... so it follows that NOW is the time to re-set our commitments ... to bring our word current as to what we expect from ourselves and what others can expect from us ... but mostly, what we expect from/for ourselves! 😉

Week 7 goes LIVE this Wednesday, October 19th at 4:00 pm Pacific and its NEVER too late to join the 90-Day Challenge (a link to learn more and register is in the comments!)!


It keeps getting better and better …

HUGE thanks to Natalie Susi, Voltaire Lepe and Brian C. Traichel for dropping SO MUCH Strategy last night in Week #6 of the 90-Day Challenge!

And, huge thanks IN ADVANCE to MY first Coach, Meg Fritton who will partner with me this coming Wednesday at 4pm Pacific as Subject Matter Expert for Week 7: Word & Commitment!

Buckle up for a very direct and perhaps uncomfortable ride into what it REALLY means to "be your word!"

Meg Fritton shaped so much of what I know, believe and practice when it comes to ... I look forward to sharing how she helped me create The Integrity Game® I am playing (inviting YOU to play) now!

This session is ONLY available in The Integrity Game® 90-Day Challenge and it's NEVER too late to join ... click the link in the comments to learn more and/or start playing The Integrity Game!


Motivational Monday MOVES US towards Week 6 of The Integrity Game 90-Day Challenge ...

... Tony Robbins taught me that "Success leaves clues!" ... never mind that he spelled it wrong, the man is right! 😉

There is a proven strategy waiting for ALL of us ... most of the time, there are SEVERAL proven strategies that can get us to our goals ... ANYTHING we want to achieve, there's a strategy for it!

The hard part is NOT finding and selecting a proven strategy ... the hard part is what we have covered already in the Challenge: Declaring your Purpose, Gifts, Potential and Goals! That is the hard work that makes "strategy selection" a piece of cake by comparison!

In Week 6, we eat Cake! Especially those of us that have been keeping up with our homework ... and there are LOTS of ways to bake a cake! 🙂

It's "Strategy" Week in the 90-Day Challenge and we go LIVE this Wednesday at 4pm Pacific!

It’s never too late to join … here’s the Link to learn more and register:


My brain is STILL "reeling with the feeling" that I just learned from a GENIUS! Thanks again to our Week 5 SME, , who showed us one of the most advanced Goal-Setting and Performance Management tools I have ever seen!

And, the 90-Day Challenge keeps rolling towards Week 6 where we will have THREE Subject Matter Experts on the Panel sharing specific "Strategies" for success!

It’s NEVER too late to join the 90-Day Challenge and if you join this week, you can Q&A LIVE with , and this Wednesday the 12th at 4pm Pacific!

Link to learn more and join is in the comments!


It's NEVER too late to join the 90-Day Challenge and "don't miss Hawk Mikado Tomorrow!" is THE reason to join TODAY!

My first coach & mentor Jeff Klubeck taught me so many of the foundations of what I know today, including SMAART Goal setting, Accountability & How to Coach.

Over the last decade I've taken what I learned and built a process that I've used...

+ In sales calls to convert 6-Figure deals
+ To help clients achieve more
+ To help myself and my team stay on track with what they want
+ To achieve more, faster.

He's asked me to come in and teach how I've adapted what I've learned during his first 'Integrity Game' 90-Day Challenge.

This challenge is teaching all of the fundamental elements. Join the challenge now at

P.S. When you join today You'll also get 90 Days FREE of The Funneltopia Hub - Marketing & Sales Automation Software + I'll Build You A Lead Funnel For FREE!

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Happy Everyone!

Week 4 of The Integrity Game®️ 90-Day Challenge has taken off and asked us to DECLARE our POTENTIAL … our Vision … our Mission and our Objectives!

Today’s answers a SUPER “potential-relevant” question we ALL must answer at one or more stages of our life, career or business: Are We Earning our Worth?!?

Everything changes for the better if we KNOW our worth and “integrate that knowing” when Declaring and Pursing our Potential!

is ONLY being re-posted in The 90-Day Challenge which lands safely in Week 5 this coming Wednesday at 4:00 pm PST!

It’s NEVER too late to join … click here to learn more and get IN:


Today at NOON pacific …

The Week 3 Session of the 90-Day Challenge has not even finished cooling down … yet we are already heating up for Week 4 when we struggle with questions of Potential!

Joining me as Guest Subject Matter Experts will be Sita Severson and Adam Strong

NOTE SPECIAL START TIME of NOON pacific for next week’s session … link to learn more and register is in the comments!


Putting THIS post on the burner early so as to deeply simmer overnight …

What DO you see … What IS your Vision?

Week 4 “Potential” goes LIVE this Wednesday at special start time of NOON pacific!

And, it’s is NEVER too late to join the 90-Day Challenge … a link to learn more and register is in the comments!

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Happy Everyone!

Week 3 of The 90-Day Challenge has taken off and asked us to acknowledge our Gifts … the ones we were born with, the ones we’ve received from others and (my favorite) the ones we commit to developing ourselves!

Are we investing in our gifts or wasting them … sharing or suffocating … optimizing or devaluing … integrating or disintegrating them into/out of our life, career and business?

Today’s summarizes an entire workshop I deliver on Branding Communication … it shares what I learned from one of my mentors, Brian Tracy, that our “Brand” is our “Promise to the Marketplace” …

… please listen carefully for when I go further to argue that it is our COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES (our gifts/differentiation) that allows us to shout our brand promises from the rooftops!

Everything changes for the better when we develop and integrate our Gifts!

To enjoy this installment of and everything else the Integrity Game 90-Day Challenge has to offer, click here to learn more and register:


Merry Motivational Monday everyone ... this week's is slightly adapted from a passage on page 45 in Chapter 3 of The Integrity Game® Book ... and THIS Wednesday at 4pm Pacific we GO LIVE with Week 3 of the 90-Day Challenge!

While I want this to be the best group coaching program in the WORLD, I am trusting that my gifts are "enough" to make it good, great and successful!

And, we are building an evergreen experience so it’s NEVER too late to join … we will put links to join in the comments.


TODAY at 4pm Pacific … Week 2 of The 90-Day Challenge goes LIVE! It is SO easy to catch up that it is NEVER too late to join!


Motivational Monday’s are the perfect day to post a …

… AND, for the next 10 weeks they will all come directly from the corresponding Chapters of The Integrity Game®️ Book that we are covering “this week” in the 90-Day Challenge …

Week 2 goes LIVE this Wednesday and it’s never too late to join!


RETURNED yesterday with the first of at LEAST 12 carefully selected editions of I will be posting over the next 3 months ... ALL in support of The Integrity Game® 90 Day Challenge that kicked off last week ...

... and, for blatant exclusivity, The 90-Day Challenge is the ONLY place I'll be posting 's this year ... click the link in the comments to get more info or grab your seat in the 90-Day Challenge!

The Integrity Game 90 Day Challenge! 08/25/2022

The Integrity Game 90 Day Challenge!

save EVEN MORE ... one week left to get The Integrity Game 90-Day Challenge for the most affordable price it will ever be offered at ... next year, this will be a $2-3K program ... get it NOW for only $297 ... check out the little video I shot discussing pricing and GET INTO the game now!

The Integrity Game 90 Day Challenge! You won't get this low price again. Sign up before Sept 1st, 2022!

Photos from The Integrity Game's post 08/22/2022

Excited to INTEGRATE some awesome SME's into the Integrity Game 90-Day Challenge ... are you a player?


Many people don’t even know what “SMART” Goal Setting is … let alone “SMAART”er Goal-Setting …

… we’ll eliminate stupidity in the 90-Day Challenge!

The link to play the video and/or register is in the comments …

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Is ”balance” at odds with OR a form of “greatness”?

If you are wondering how you can manage your time and energy in a way that leaves you feeling fulfilled and engaged as a whole human being or how you can separate your work life from your personal life, then check out these four tips that will help you improve your work-life balance and prevent burnout in the process. 😇

HR Works Podcast: Get Your Leaders Into the Integrity Game - HR Daily Advisor 08/02/2022

HR Works Podcast: Get Your Leaders Into the Integrity Game - HR Daily Advisor

I always have so much fun doing podcast interviews … so much that I think I made up a word: … enjoy and take notes! 🤣

HR Works Podcast: Get Your Leaders Into the Integrity Game - HR Daily Advisor In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, Jeff Klubeck shares his keys to developing the soft skills that make strong leaders.


Are you a Speaker, Coach, or Subject Matter Expert? Can you add Value to THESE Topics I am covering in an upcoming Group Coaching immersion? If so, let’s talk about having you as a guest expert in The Integrity Game® 90-Day Challenge asap!

SEP 07: Intro/Overview of The Integrity Game
SEP 14: Purpose & Meaning
SEP 21: Gifts & Differentiation
SEP 28: Potential (Vision/Mission)
OCT 05: SMAART Goal Setting!
OCT 12: Strategies/Tactics/Resources
OCT 19: Managing Our Word and Commitments
OCT 26: Taking Action (LFG)!
NOV 02: Proactive Learning
NOV 09: Accomplishments and Achievements (GSD)!
NOV 16: Service, Contribution and Legacy
NOV 30: Wrapping Up: Celebration and Pledges!

The clock is ticking... ⏱ And the 90-Day Challenge is coming up!

If you are interested in becoming a part of it as a speaker, just let us know! 🤩

Timeline photos 07/21/2022

Timeline photos


What is it? Why is it important?

While it can be hard to define, some people simplify it as follows: doing the right thing even when nobody is watching. But how can we know what the "right thing" really is?

Integrity is essential to long-term growth and success, whether in business or life. It is hard to measure, but you know it when you see it, and it’s clear when it’s not there.

Acting with integrity can lead to some interesting results for you, your employees, and your business:

- More Trust
- Employee Satisfaction & Retention
- Change & Improvement
- Long-term Relationships

But, how can integrity be built into day-to-day business situations?
Book two complimentary coaching sessions with Jeff and find out!

The Integrity Game 90 Day Challenge! 07/13/2022

The Integrity Game 90 Day Challenge!

My SECOND Integrity Game "launch" of 2022 is for the 90-Day Challenge ... I am inviting YOU to PLAY with US ...

... the BIG "brand promise" for the Challenge is that your Integrity WILL increase over 90 days ...

... there are at least 10 sub-promises the Challenge offers and one is that we will "create or strengthen" your sense of PURPOSE ... check it out ...

The Integrity Game 90 Day Challenge! What's your purpose in life?

Timeline photos 07/07/2022

The 90-Day Challenge is OPEN for registrqation ...

Do you feel like you are struggling in your goal achievement journey? 😑
Do you want to achieve something more significant than what you are, but you're unsure what and how to do that? 😑

Don't worry. We all have been there...

Finding the clarity of our purpose and vision can help us get out of it.

Yes, it might be challenging, but if we take the time to work on it we will understand how to do all the hard work to achieve a goal.

Having clarity helps us:
✔️ Identify our purpose in life
✔️ Know where we are going
✔️ Determine our core values

❗️ Remember: Visions won't take off if we don't clearly understand "why" and "how."

👉️ Take a step forward and allow yourself to paint a picture of the future by joining our 90-day challenge in September.

The link to register IS LIVE and in the comments!

Timeline photos 06/21/2022

Timeline photos

Whether you are in business, retired, looking for a new career, single, or divorced... finding a coach could benefit you. 🤟
Yes, it can be hard to admit you need help. But it's also empowering. Working with a coach helps you achieve more than you ever would on your own.

Here are five signs that indicate why you need a coach:
➡️ You are missing a sense of purpose
➡️ It has been too long since you accomplished something big
➡️ You know what you want to do but also know you are not doing it
➡️ You need a safe and objective sounding board to vet your ideas, concerns, fears, and strategies
➡️ You just need to get out of your own way and be held accountable

If any of these seem familiar to you now, you may need to think about hiring a coach. 🧐
Do something different for yourself and get started with two complimentary coaching sessions.
👉 Book now!

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