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It’s been so hot a dry 🥵 Please send rain to Cali 🌧 I want to get my green thumb on 👍

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Should I/We? A question I sometimes ask and rarely regret saying “yes” to. Some of my greatest experiences and outcomes have come from doing something I initially hesitated to do. “Should we sell everything and move into an RV?” Led to a two-year journey that brought us to places I’ve only dreamed of going and taught us a lot about what matters “Should we take the long way?” Brought us to places on the map we never heard of “Should we sign up for an obstacle race?” Challenged us and tested our grit “Should we go vegan?” Opened the door to a healthier more compassionate lifestyle and we think more about how our actions affect the world around us “Should we drive 10 hours and go live in Sedona for a month?” Gave us a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If I could tell a younger me to say yes to “Should I?” I would. I’ve have actually never regretted it, if it ever went wrong it was a learning experience in the least. What is your favorite “Should I?” gone yes, experience?

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I don’t post too much about my personal life or family because the trolls like to feed on it, but to them, I say if you’re hungry go try some vegan sausage 😝 I’ve been vegan for five years and raised both my children the same way, they have never eaten meat, animals. I’ve had people tell me I’m “forcing my views on them” and had people call me a child abuser for doing so 🙄 For some reason they don’t think it’s a parent’s responsibility to guide their children to not repeat their mistakes, and eating innocent animals for personal pleasure was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. Going vegan was the best decision I made and like many other vegans our only regret was not doing it sooner.

Our children know what their food is made of and express they don’t want to eat animals. I know when I was that age I just ate what was given to me, and no one ever said what it was that I was eating. The sad thing is if you told kids they were eating slaughtered animals I bet a lot of them wouldn’t want it. That’s why it’s hidden from many of us by our parents and in advertising. I choose to be truthful with my children about food and am not sure how people could see that as abuse.

I wouldn't base a decision to raise my children vegan on just ethics alone. I did the research on raising children vegan and reached out to other parents that have done the same. I found out the American dietetic association had already done the research and stated “A vegan diet is suitable for all stages of life” including pregnancy. During my research I found that what many children eat like processed meats, hotdogs, deli meat, pepperoni, bacon, etc causes cancer, per the American cancer society. We do our regular checkups with their pediatrician and they are thriving in every way, sorry trolls 😏

This was a long wag to say “Hey look at my family thriving and living their best life 😁 We also happen to be doing it without harming animals.” 💚🐄🐖🐓💚

We are also vegan because is the most sustainable diet for the planet and my children’s future, due a study by but that's a story for another time 📖


Happy Friday the 13th 🔪 Remember there is no humane way to kill a sentient being, humans or animals ☠️ What is your favorite Friday the 13th movie? 🍿


Does anyone else sometimes just want to pack their stuff and walk right into the ocean? 😝 Everyone just appears to know it all yet we can't find any solutions 😔 The world is burning and covid is leaving us healthcare workers exhausted, it feels like an environmental war on two fronts, and we have ourselves to blame 😩 Sadly, science offers some solutions that can help like switching to a plant-based diet to lower our environmental footprint, eliminating fossil fuels to lower our carbon emissions, getting vaccinated to reduce the effects of covid, eliminating factory farms to reduce the chances of future pandemics, etc... The problem is science is telling us we need to change but change is often difficult. I've learned in my life that change has always made me stronger and better. It is in our discomfort that we rise above, so I've learned to welcome it. Humanity has gotten to it's highs by adapting, overcoming our challenges, and welcoming change. Humanity is heading to its lows by retreating to our comfort. When I do get that feeling of wanting to retreat to the ocean I remind myself this is our moment to be strong and not quit. I believe there is enough of us that feel the the same, and in my heart feel we will rise above the challenges that lie ahead 💪🌱 Will we change or learn to swim?

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This is Daisy 😍 She’s a pit bull and she is the best dog in the world 🏆 She is smart, kind and great with our kids 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 I have to admit big dogs always made me nervous with my little ones but that changed when I met this 90 pound ball of love 💕 Moral of the story don’t be intimidated by a dogs breed or their size because they all can love just the same ☺️


The world would be cooler if you went 😎 Changing to a plant-based diet is one of the single biggest things you can do to lower your environmental footprint 👣 You get to help the planet and not harm sentient animals, it really is a win-win 🌱

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Teach a man to fish and he will deplete the oceans 🌊 teach a man to grow food 🌱 and he will take a bunch of selfies with his trees JK 🤣 They can feed themselves for life, and the people around them 💚 While also benefitting the environment around them 🌎


Be proud of who you are! Unless you are trying to oppress others, then 🖕


Good morning ☀️

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I F’ING love animals, from the critter crawlers 🕷 to the ocean giants 🐋 I’ve spent a lot of my life interacting with them and learning about them in their environments. They are simply living, yet every one of them plays a role in moving life forward. I've never feared an animal because I respect them and tread lightly. What I fear is what humans do to animals and the loss of biodiversity at our hands. Animals don't need us to survive but humans sure do need them, alive, and all the little roles they play.

I found this little guy on a sidewalk and relocated him to a safe place. I showed him to my kids in hopes they will grow up to have the same love and respect for animals that I do. @ San Diego, California


It ain’t no joke, you can anything! Although this is an April fools joke brought to you by 💚


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 🍀




Cows on truck en route to slaugtherhouse

Using animals like products will never be humane


Love the vegan 8 💚

Lunch today was soooo good. I’m pretty sure I could live off of eating my Vegan Garlic Alfredo and Roasted Brussels Sprouts every day of my life.
Creamy, satisfying, healthy and complete comfort food.
The alfredo is below in comments.
>>Brussels sprouts>>https://thevegan8.com/best-roasted-brussels-sprouts-oil-free


If you think drinking horse milk is weird or inhumane you already understand veganism. Humans are mammals, the only milk we need is our mothers and we can wean after infancy. Using animals reproductive organs to continue drinking something we don’t need is definitely weird and inhumane.

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People often ask “are you vegan because you love animals or because you hate plants?” truth is I'm vegan because I love both. A vegan diet requires far less farmland and crop consumption than a diet consuming meat. You lose calorie density when you feed the plants to an animal so it's better to go straight to the source and just eat the plants. Skipping the middle man helps everyone and the planet. Don't make your gains someone's loss 🐄🐖🐓, go vegan.

PS nobody actually asks me that question 😂 @ San Diego, California


Have the strength to care 💪🌱


and chill! Not gonna lie I've had trouble making the time to stretch and my muscles have been extremely tight lately, so I decided to finally pull the trigger and get myself a theragun. After just a couple days I already feel a huge difference. I feel like I’m really going to be able to up my fitness game. I still really need to add stretching back into my routine but this is great when you only have a few minutes to spare or to hit those deep muscles that are hard to get. 10 out of 10 recommend


Sometimes a break from social media can do wonders for your wellbeing 💚


Watch it 👇

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Guilty 😂

Me, everrrrrry time I go to the grocery store and I just "need one or two things." D'oh!

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The optimist and the pessimist. Not gonna lie the optimist in me hast to fight the pessimist in me daily. Sometimes it's hard to see the good in the world especially when the negative seems to be the trending topic on every platform. The good is there though and it outweighs the bad exponentially you just have to seek it. Change your mindset and open your heart to the positive and stop feeding the negative. @ San Diego, California


Let's help all victims by choosing to communicate with compassion 💚✌️💚

Language matters.

We thought it necessary to write a post touching on the issue of particular language used by animal advocates and how it can be harmful to marginalised folk and, in turn, to the animal liberation movement.

Recently it has been a widely discussed topic as to whether or not it is appropriate to use words such as r*pe, slavery and holocaust to describe the plight of non-human animals. Given our film is often used to justify the use of these words, we feel the need to weigh in on this.

We understand that by dictionary definition, these terms may be technically accurate, but this is a superficial and harmful justification that does nothing but generate controversy and division without any benefit for the animals themselves.

Racism, sexism and antisemitism are still prominent issues in today’s society, and folks are still suffering under the current systems in which we exist. People from marginalised groups have voiced time and time again that words like r*pe, holocaust and slavery are hurtful and harmful to them, and it cannot be denied that regardless of the dictionary definition, the word "holocaust" will always be associated with the mass slaughter of Jewish people in WW2.

It is absolutely our duty to listen to people from these marginalised groups, whose perspectives those of us from more privileged positions can never, and will never, truly understand or experience, and to be the best allies we can possibly be, always learning and evolving by hearing them and acting accordingly. Some individuals within those groups may choose to make such direct comparisons themselves (and this post is not directed towards them), but their experiences are not for the rest of us to co-opt. Discussions about these parallels may be important for us to have as a species, but only when done so with respect and sensitivity, rather than callously being used for attention on social media.

Aside from the harm this language can cause, studies (e.g. Mika (2006); Bongiorno, Bain and Haslam (2013); Freeman (2009)) have shown that often such language is counterproductive and turns people away from the overall message of animal liberation, so ethics aside this is simply not effective activism for animals, especially when we're already painted as being overly hysterical or manipulatively emotive in our advocacy. Animals do not care whether we use one particular word or another; but the people we're seeking to engage with on their behalf frequently do, and unless we're seeking to build a movement solely comprised of people who have never themselves experienced systemic suffering, this is something we have a responsibility to be aware of.

We just don’t need these words to discuss the plight of non-human animals. Words like r*pe and holocaust are used for shock value, but they do little to actually educate people on what is being done to animals, which can and should speak for itself.

Learn the standard practices that are legally acceptable, and talk to people about them. Tell people the figures of animals being killed each year for human consumption. Show them footage, or films such as Dominion, that explore the suffering and oppression within the animal industrial complex without needing to exploit the suffering of other oppressed groups. The FACTS are shocking enough, and they act to educate.

The fact that Dominion is widely relied upon as a tool for outreach and education, and is frequently credited in decisions to go vegan or get involved in activism, yet is consciously devoid of such terminology and would not be made any more effective by its inclusion, surely highlights that there is simply no need for it.

While we often see attempts by the conservative voices within animal advocacy to frame as "speciesism", or as somehow detracting from the movement for animal liberation, any position that encourages compassion towards oppressed humans or acknowledgement of their suffering, this is nothing but a deflection aimed at maintaining an unjust and oppressive status quo. Typically these are the same voices who respond to outcry over the murder of Black people with "what about white people?". Anti-speciesism and anti-oppression are complementary, not conflicting, ideas.

We've also seen a number of comments and messages expressing surprise or anger that we, as the creators of a film about the atrocities committed upon animals, have this broader anti-oppression stance; but the message of Dominion has always been that all forms of systemic oppression are linked, and that none are morally justified. The film ends with a call for us to do better as a species, not simply to end animal agriculture and pretend it's the only wrong in our world.

We can advocate for animals, and accurately convey the level and scale of their suffering, without exploiting the suffering of oppressed humans. We do not need to tokenise and harm other social justice issues to further animal rights, it is at best simply unnecessary, and at worst, a harmful hindrance to our cause.


What's your favorite milk and why? 🥛


Let's end some stereotypes right here and now 🌱

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Timeline photos

🤷🏻‍♂️Unpopular opinion but someone had to say it. For many, food is tied up in our identities, and for men in particular, this has often meant meat is tied up to perceptions of masculinity. The US media has done a really good job of marketing meat as a symbol of masculinity. There are studies that even show men and teenagers in the US consume more meat than any other demographic.

If you’re curious about learning more about plant based nutrition then I invite you to watch the on Netflix!


A healthy body 💪 goes hand in hand with a healthy mind 🧠


Straight from the doctor's mouth! We need to stop eating animals, our health depends on it.


If you asked me on the left, “will you ever have a six pack?” I would have said, “of beer” 😝 after 30 years of failing to do so I had all but given up. I started slowly doing just our workouts from home. I continued just focusing on the fitness side for a couple of months and saw some good results. I decided it was time to add in the nutrition as well as the exercise and started to see the big changes. I got my results without a gym and I wasn't on a diet. I did it all from home and just learned how to portion my nutrients correctly, I never go hungry as you do with a diet. I've put my heart into this journey and have gone from couch to coach. If you would like to do this with me, and our amazing community, let me know 💪🌱

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