Norma Larson

Norma Larson

I kill fat for a living

Operating as usual


Burpees/low in and out squats never get easy, but it was on my workout program I promised MYSELF. #200%


Monday motivation * Great simple workout for the upper glutes, abs, chest, front shoulders, and Triceps.


Fit glutes keep the body feeling and looking great! Weak glutes cause misalignment, increase the chance of injuries and pain in the hips, knees, feet, etc


Alot clients/people ask if I weigh myself and my answer is no. I always go by the way I FEEL and look. ☺️


This body is made to move all the time, everyday, all day long.


I have fun at the gym but I don’t play either. It’s time for hard good work on me and that’s serious business.


I’m an experienced certified master personal trainer, licensed health educator, licensed advanced massage therapist. I know very well how the body works. I help clients reach their goals at any level they are. Here is a list of ways I can help improve the body and health.

aches and pains
body sculpting
health and well being

I’m currently accepting new clients on zoom for 30 or 60 min sessions. If you are interested in virtual personal training I can provide a great personalized exercise and give you the best! it’s been a great success working with my clients and I want to continue helping others


Back workouts help a great deal to have good form/posture at the gym and outside the gym😉 130lbs pull downs, 10 sets, 10 reps


Oh how I've missed you heavy weights. Nice to be reunited again. ❤️❤️💪 single leg squats 10 sets, 10 reps, 160 lbs
# Ilovetolift


While you're doing a tough workout like heavy barbell squats, throw in another exercise. I just grabbed some plates and did some wide rows in between sets. I got a good pump sweat all together. 💪 **bent over wide rows strengthens the rear shoulders, upper back, low back and cores. If your at home use dumbells, water bottles, etc.


Never stop moving the way you did when you were a kid. Our bodies are alot stronger than what we think they are.💪❤️


Personal Trainer orders 😉🥰💪❤️


This quarantine softy is ready to hit the gym on the first day its open!💪Yes!


This is the time to do a lot of self care for those of you staying in. Home workouts, drinking lots of water and tea while reading books, cuddling with your loved ones and furry babies, facials, meditation, movie nights, sleeping in etc. be good, gentle and kind to yourself. Sending you positive energy and a lot of ❤️


To all the women who are beautiful, hard working, talented, independent, opinionated, and strong Never be afraid to be who you are.
Always love and believe in yourself. Don't ever let anyone let you feel inferior. 🌸🌸


Great combination workout to get triceps abs legs chest and that heart rate up! Make sure you get some kind of workout in your day. Love that amazing self of yours 🥰 're#1


Forgot my top and it's leg day 😣
Just made this little shirt work by tying it up in a knot. Oh well leg day ps. Yes ladys normal bra underneath 😫
# fitness


Cooking doggy food and cleaning late at night while my little baby girl wants to be held the whole time. Organic chicken drumsticks organic brown rice 🐶💕


Messy hair, smudgy makeup, and sticky body. Pretty much me everyday and I love every bit about it 😉🥰 have an amazing healthy day


Happy new year. I wish you all an amazing year with a lot of health love and success. Write down your new years resolutions and put them on your fridge to be reminded of them. Make sure to take good care of your health. Do some sort of exercise, get at least one really healthy meal in, and drink water. As each new year arrives let's be more amazing and vibrant. 🌸 #1


Before hitting the boxing gloves with my client had to stop for a quick lunch. Salmon and an organic veggie juice


Being a member at about 5 to 6 different gyms, 24 hours never let's me down. Love that I can go anytime time I want 💪🤗💗


Have an amazing weekend and don't forget to love yourself and keep that body healthy. My veggie drink for today Kale carrot celery beet avocado seed and water. 😚🌸💪


When I was a kid after having leg surgery and the possibility of having my right leg amputated due to a severe leg infection, the doctor told me "you'll never be able to run again or use that leg as much. Here I am doing stationed leg lunges at 185 lbs 7 sets of 12. Nothing nor no one can tell me what my limits are. 'sthelimit


Thank you City Sports Club for photographing my workouts and including them in your website and social media. I'm honored of your request to be a part of you and in allowing me the opportunity to help motivate others in there fitness goals.


Happy International Women's day
When I see a great beautiful woman I tell myself, I am a part of her and she is a part of me. 🌸💖🌹💋👙👗👛👠💄


It's so worth it to prepare your food. Have control of what you put in that beautiful amazing precious body of yours. Don’t take the great things for granted. Your body is definitely one of the greatest things you have.💖💪🌸


During my heavy leg lifting I like to add upper body isolation exercises. This move is more about activating the back muscles rather than shoulders. Keep the weight low so you have more control on the negative motion in order to engage the back muscles(latissimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboids) 🌸personaltrainer


During my heavy leg lifting I like to add upper body isolation exercises. This move is more about activating the back muscles rather than shoulders. Keep the weight low so you have more control on the negative motion in order to engage the back muscles(latissimus dorsi, trapezius, rhomboids) 🌸personaltrainer


Flex Friday💪 Even on days I'm not feeling 100% I still get in there and do what I can. Whether it was a short workout or didn't lift as heavy etc. I Always appreciate and make sure I'm proud of the work I put in.


Motivation Monday - so many women shy away from weight lifting thinking they will get big and end up just doing cardio. I've always lifted since I started my fitness life and I feel my best. I have more energy, strength, confidence, muscle, less body fat, and the list goes on. For all my beautiful ladies keep moving and LIFT. Don't let yourself go and love ❤️yourself. 💪💄💅💋👠👛👗👙😚😚70lbs T bar 😚 # resistance training

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Let's make it a super, amazing, positive, strong, healthy, happy 2017!!! It's all ours!!

Timeline photos 12/18/2016

Feeling the pump, the high, the strength with in AND out

Timeline photos 11/24/2016

Don't forget to get your move on before you get your turkey on.

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