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I am a yoga teacher that believes everyone can do yoga. Yoga is healing for both mind and body. If you have never tried it before, it's ok contact me, we can chat. I offer private lessons, corporate lessons and classes.

I found yoga by signing up for the gym, they recommended I start with yoga. I was so hesitant about going to a class. I had been wanting to try yoga for years (at least 10 years) but I never got up the courage to place my body in yoga pants and do poses where other people could see me. Well I sucked it up one day and went. It changed my life. It was the first time that I didn't hate my body, I was thankful that it was able to hold me in the poses the best it could. I felt my body, I felt prana, life force, breath moving in and out of me. From that day I was hooked and have surrounded myself with yoga ever since. I hope that I can bring this same feeling to the students that I teach.

Hey you! Yeah you! Stop doubting yourself, whatever negative talk you’ve got going on in the brain of yours, repeat after me.... YOU ARE ENOUGH... Now own that sh*t!!!

Finishing off the weekend strong and striding into the next week. Me running... 🤣I did for this pic but actually I feel incredibly supported in my @activetruth leggings and sports bra. They are amazing!!!!! Who’s pumped for this next week? 🙋‍♀️

I’m so excited to announce that I am a leggings model 🤣 I was asked to take a few pics in these awesome leggings for their plus size range coming out soon. @succulent_crystals
Going into this shoot I was incredibly nervous as I didn’t want to let them down. I had a friend that said don’t worry you are going to rock it and think of it this way, YOU ARE A LEGGINGS MODEL! That gave me the boost of confidence needed to rock this photo shoot. Also having an amazing photographer that brings out the best in me helped too. Thanks @succulent_crystals and @emilyelisephotography and my cheerleader @carly.hh
📸 @emilyelisephotography

Share your magic sparkle cause all of us have it. 💫

Hello there! It’s been awhile. I wore these leggings today and felt inspired to be me. It’s funny how clothing can remind you about events or moments just like a song can. I was reminded of how I felt empowered in this picture, and the confidence has stayed with me. It can be hard for me sometimes to say out loud to people I have just met that I’m a yoga teacher. I worry sometimes about how they will respond but you know what today I owned it because I have nothing to worry, defend or feel shame about. I am a yoga teacher and yoga practitioners come in all shapes, sizes, races and ages. Anyone ever wanna yoga with me, hit me up.
📸 @byehuyle

This has been hard for me to say lately. I am feeling that my body is not working at it’s best right now. I have been trying to check in with it to figure out what it needs and how I can make it feel energized with less aches and pains. Lately I have had some major muscle pain in my back. Any locals recommend a massage therapist in the area it’s greatly appreciated.
I am constantly reminding myself to be grateful for what my body can do. Just a little visual reminder for you to show your body some love.

@yogajournal you have let me down yet again. I was excited to read this article titled How I Became a Front-Row Yogi. Thinking wow they are representing all sizes in yoga. 😏 Well turns out that this is a stock photo and the woman who actually wrote the article about overcoming her own inner dialogue is an average sized women. If they would have used the writers own pic I still would have read and enjoyed the article. Instead I read it and wondered who is this plus size woman that can pull off side crow I want to follow her. I was completely disappointed 😔 in this false advertising.

Hello 👋 I’m still here! We are on holidays in Mexico. If you wanna see check out my stories. There was a lot to put together this vacation this year. I felt the stress in my body and I ended up getting a cold. Now that I’m here feeling the ocean breeze, I’m opening my heart and enjoying every minute. Thus this heart opening pose for you. You can modify this pose by using a bolster or pillow on top of your heals then placing your hands on the bolster/pillow behind you.
📸 @emilyelisephotography

Anyone excited about the weekend? I know I am. I feel like this was a long week for me and today a wake up with an achy back. No not from yoga but from sleeping. WTF! I can feel my body getting old. As I move through today I am trying to find compassion for my back and not frustration. It’s ok these things happen, move, work it out and it will feel better. Compassion, it’s all about compassion for me today. anyone else feeling their bodies speaking to them today?

Let’s talk props. I used to have it in my mind that if I can do the pose without the prop then why do I need it. Wow have I evolved from that thinking. Take this photo of triangle pose with the prop. Now swipe to see me without the prop. Yes I can do the pose without it but my breathing was not flowing as easily without the block. The block helped to create more space between my stomach and thigh, making this pose more comfortable. Using props isn’t cheating it can benefit your practice to help you explore a little more and let’s face it do we really need to struggle in yoga? Nope!!

So grab those props and use them baby!!!

Who else loves their props? Which is your fav?

📸 Emily Elise Photography
pants Active Truth
top Athleta @ San Luis Obispo, California

Happy Friday to those in the US. Happy Saturday to my Aussie peeps!! So happy that Friday is here. Nothing big planned this weekend. Maybe a date night with the hubs.
What do you guys have planned for this weekend? I hope something awesome!!!

Have you ever been asked to do something in a yoga class and thought, Nope... that’s not going to happen. Or there is no way my body is going to do that. 🙋‍♀️ I know that as a larger body I have been there more than a few times. As a yoga teacher I have explored and trained for variations of poses and I no longer feel intimidated to modify a pose.
Here is one simple way I can show you to vary a pose. In the past I have had instructors ask the students to sit on a block. The first time I was like ok I’ll do what I’m told. Well like the picture shows that poor little block disappeared, I felt really unstable and like the block was getting wedged in between my sit bones. An easy simple solution (see the next photo) is to grab another block and put them side by side length wise and bam 💥 more support and you aren’t worried if you will be able to find the block later 🤣🤣🤣
📸 Emily Elise Photography @ San Luis Obispo, California

Small steps take you to where you go everyday. Small steps can sometimes feel like leaps. Sometimes these small steps can feel scary. But that’s all it takes is small steps to lead you on your path. Anyone take any small but courageous steps today?

Meet my hubby and my partner in raising some crazy kids. He is a pretty funny guy which is why I fell for him in the first place over 20 years ago, well it could have also been his cool car. He also had a full head of hair back then. 🤣. He probably won’t even see this post and that’s ok. Happy Valentines Day!!! ♥️

Yoga truly is for every body. I know it can be super intimidating to go to a yoga class. I have been there, I had wanted to try yoga for at least a decade before I finally sucked it up and went and it has changed my life. It helps to find the right teacher who is welcoming and holds an all inclusive space. If your in Melbourne Australia or SLO and need recommendations let me know, I’m glad to help you find the right class and teacher for you. If you want to try it out the first time in a private one on one class hit me up.
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Classes are cancelled

Regular scheduled yoga classes are cancelled starting in February. Continuing My Journey

Don’t forget class tomorrow! to book a spot.

What Jessamyn Stanley thinks of her cover.

I think I’m the first fat person on the cover of @yogajournal. A black fatty who doesn’t hate themselves on the cover of one of the whitest magazines in history. Well I’ll be damned. What does that really mean, though? What should I take from that?

I’m excited. Don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy about all of this. But what does it mean for me to strive for the approval of white supremacist institutions? What does that say about who I am? About who this would has trained me to be? In my happiness I see my desire to be seen in the light of whiteness. To be accepted by those who oppress me. To receive a mark of approval from those who will never respect me.

When will I learn that the mark of approval is unnecessary? When will I learn that I need not tap dance for the enjoyment of white audiences? When will I learn that my blackness is not for sale? When will I learn that my self-approval is not on the auction block?

I’m happy. But I’m critical. Because I’m practicing. And practicing is more than just poses.

When we do the actual work of #yoga, nasty sh*t comes up. Don’t run from it- this is the actual work. We all have a role to play and we must all accept our responsibility. Everything else is just make believe.

I’m on the February 2019 cover of @yogajournal and it’s in stores now. If you buy it, send me a picture- I wanna scrapbook it for my great-great nieces and sh*t. #representationmatters

Don’t forget, class is tomorrow!
Link in bio to book a spot.

1. fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative
2. breathe in (air); inhale

My word for the year is inspire as I look back on 2018 I have realized that I have inspired those around me more than I know. This year I am stepping into 2019 with the goal of being my best self which I believe will in turn inspire those around me. Through yoga, through the way I live my life, through the openness of my heart.

I would love to welcome you and share with you this year in my class. Join me Tuesday at 5:30pm. See website to book at spot.

You see this awesome cover, a cover that breaks a barrier of society. I cover that gives me hope that I am not alone in the yoga industry, a cover that shows yoga is not just white, skinny, and privileged. That yoga is truly for all.
I was so excited to see this. I hadn’t subscribed to yoga journal because well I just didn’t think it was for me. Then I saw this cover. I went in search of this magazine but could only find the previous month. So I asked for it for my birthday and my hubby got me a subscription.
😡 turns out it was a split cover, see second photo. How could you do that? It’s like saying yes we will put you on the cover but we are also going to put “the ideal yoga body” on half because we don’t want to disgust any of our readers. We don’t want to ruffle too many feathers. Really Yoga Journal by splitting this cover you are saying Jessamyn Stanley doesn’t deserve to have the whole month. Why not!!!! Why isn’t she worthy of the whole month. You have put her on the cover to represent the minorities in the yoga community but have completely discredited it by splitting the cover.
Now to figure out if I can get a refund. 😡

Yoga Journal

A wonderful article written by my curvy yoga teacher. Yes even as a yoga teacher I feel uncomfortable going into a new studio or a class with a new teacher. Not sure what to expect how welcoming they will be. It can be nerve wracking. If you want a wonderful comfortable place to start and a teacher that understands doing yoga in a larger body come to class. I know you will love it.

"I’ve had mini panic attacks in my car in the parking lots of more than one yoga studio and turned around and gone home."

Happy 2019... Enjoy the Journey ahead of you! I hope that your journey includes some yoga with me. 🧘‍♀️ Join me starting next Tuesday evening at 5:30pm for a class open to all.

It seems you guys really like seeing me upside down. 🤣

Woohoo! The weekend is here! Anyone else feel like it was just Monday yesterday. I’m all mixed up. But let’s feel those weekend vibes.

After the holidays I don’t know about you but I feel like I deserve some self care time of my own. Goals for tomorrow 1. Meditate 2. Yoga 3. Farmers market. What do you think? Sound good? What kind of self care things do you have planned for tomorrow?
Want to get back to practicing yoga? Yoga classes start again January 8th at 5:30pm. SLO flow class is open to any and everyone, all levels and experience levels. I offer lots of different variations to poses so that my class are accessible to all.

Due to the holiday season and a couple of sick kiddos I am canceling class tonight. Start off the new year with me on January 8th @ 5:30pm

Don’t forget! Yoga tomorrow!!!

Don’t forget! Yoga tomorrow!!!

Doing yoga at home can be challenging but I needed this quick break from working at a desk all morning. So yoga with the puppy it was. Tricky, annoying but most importantly I felt my energy increase and my mood lighten. 🐶

Hey locals! Don’t forget yoga tomorrow night! See website to book your spot. Link in bio

One of my favorite poses, wide legged forward fold, Prasarita Padottanasana. This forward fold with the legs wide allows for more space, space for the tummy to come between the thighs. Allows for those in larger bodies to feel more comfortable in a forward fold. If hands don’t quite reach the floor use blocks under your hands or even two stacks of books if you don’t have blocks. Want to explore this pose? Join me Tuesday this week at 5:30pm. See website to sign up

Rolls are definitely my favorite of the Thanksgiving meal. What’s your fav?
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Embrace Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Taryn Brumfitt Documentary HD

I watched the most encouraging documentary last night about embracing your body just the way it is. I highly recommend it, Taryn Brumfitt is just amazing! Check it out on Netflix.

Embrace Official Trailer 1 (2016) - Taryn Brumfitt Documentary HD Subscribe to INDIE & FILM FESTIVALS: Subscribe to TRAILERS: http://bi...

Who here is a worrier? 🙋‍♀️ I worry about everything. Goal for the day, less worrying. Who’s with me?
Remember SLO Flow yoga class is tomorrow at 5:30pm. Click the link in my bio to sign up. Only $10 for your first class.

This is me! Hi 👋 Crystal Holt here! Wanna know a few things about me?
1. I live in San Luis Obispo, California 2. I hate to touch cardboard 🤷‍♀️
3. I have a serious Starbucks/ @scoutcoffee addiction. ☕️
4. I was an extra on BayWatch when I was a kid. 🤣
Now it’s your turn... where are you guys from and what’s something interesting about you? Tell me, tell me. I’d love to know more about you guys! ♥️

This month yoga is on Thursday evening, except no class on Thanksgiving!!! Meditation room is back open. See you Thursday! Book your spot on the website.

The Daily Goalcast

It’s ok to be your weirdo self. Really! It’s what makes us unique and interesting.

Think you’re strange? Find out and get weird with the real Doctor of Strange, JP Sears!

Speaker: JP Sears for Wired for Wonder

I debated for a long time as to if I would share this pic or not. All these negative thoughts about my body image coming into my mind. But one thing that cut through all those negative thoughts was what one of my students said, she said she started yoga because she saw people like her doing it.
I don’t need to hide, I shouldn’t feel ashamed of posting the typical “yoga Instagram pic” just because I’m on the typical yoga size. I’m representing all people who look like me that hide or try to make themselves smaller to not be seen so that they are not judged solely on their size. Every body can do yoga and I am here to prove it.
📸 @emilyelisephotography

Unfortunately there will be no classes this week. Due to the meditation room needing new flooring and the backup room being booked and prior commitments I can’t move the class this week, so I have had to cancel.
However next week you can join me Thursday Nov. 15th at 5:30.
No classes the week of Thanksgiving I’ll be out of town. Then will be back for class Tuesday Nov. 27th. Remember to book in through my website as class size is very limited.

Click here to support Hot Yoga Tallahassee organized by Susan Valesky Wasserman

Last night there was a shooting in Tallahassee, FL at a yoga studio. Below is their go fund me page to show your support. As Director of Florida Yoga Teachers Association, I am setting up an emergency fund for Hot Yoga Tallahassee. A shooting occurred on November 2, 2018, and this fund would be in support of the owners and victims. I'm looking to fellow yoga studios, teachers and anyone interested to help in t...

For this week only I have had to move my class around. Class tonight is cancelled and moved to Thursday. Sorry for the inconvenience. Make sure you book in because it’s a smaller room for only 4 spots.

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in San Luis Obispo?

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