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WORKSHOP! We women are meant to gather…it is our ancient way!

In this Seasonal Workshop, we will craft together, share our hearts with one another, practice deep listening, and allow ourselves to be fully seen and present in our femininity, as we tap into our womb spaces / our sacral chakras, and let our creativity and our vulnerability emerge.

We will start with a meditation drop in, then sharing circle ~ where you will be encouraged to speak to what’s on your heart and listen from your heart ~ whether you are processings through your shadow, expansion, or both; followed by an intentional crafting session where we will weave our spells of magic and manifestations into our mini succulent pumpkins that will become our centerpieces in our homes (both physically and metaphorically) for this Autumn season.
🌿2 Mini Living Seasonal Succulent Pumpkin Centerpieces (that you will design) and all materials necessary to create them.
(Lasts up to 2 months. Succulents can later be planted)
🌿Safe Space for Sharing, Sisterhood, Support, & Love.

(*open to women-identifying and non-binary persons who are wanting to connect to their sacral chakra energy. 18 years and up please)

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Today I received this loving message of affirmation.
I A M :

“[You are someone who lives and breathes in the depths of creative waters. You need to lose yourself in the flow of music, nature, dreams, imagination & fantasy, through art & literature, meditation, dance, and in sensual surrender to the sacred waters of the ocean, the river, the lake, or the tub…Y O U M U S T G O
A G A I N S T T H E G R A I N. It is just your way. You are not one of the followers but one of the agitators. However, yours is not a force of disrespectful chaos. You are a loving catalyst and by simply being yourself, you consistently remind people that there is always another way.
… You are meant to be exactly as you are… and you will find other dreamers, other wild butterflies, and a-typical colored sheep to join you in conjuring better visions for our world.”]
- - Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck

“You want birds to be able to fly underwater…You are a radical dreamer, a sacred rebel, and you bring the light of a more positive future to the world.”

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Feeling incredibly blessed and so grateful for my community!!!

Surrounded on my 41st b-day by so many amazing Goddesses and two the best of men in the world! Thank you for this epic night of dancing into the sunset with all of you! And thank you DJ for spinning your musical magic 🎶 (& for the power)!

This past year has been filled with absolute magic of all kinds ~ the fun epic kind, as well as the deep deep healing kind (not quite as ‘fun’ but so good).

Without a doubt, I can claim that I am a whole new version of myself… a more aligned, more alive, and braver version of me!! May the spiraling upward continue this year with beautiful growth, prosperity, love, and joy…and may this blessing radiate out from me onto all of you reading this!

So much gratitude!

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Seriously, you can’t make this s**t up!!!

A few months ago I pulled this ‘Community’ card (2nd photo) during a reading for myself and used it to make a post about our upcoming Elemental Healing Retreat lead by my bestie Ashe before we had any idea how many women were coming.

Well it turns out that these exact 9 goddesses showed up! Allow me to introduce my sisters from this lifetime and beyond (from 1st photo) starting from left to right:
Aimee/KuanYin .eat
Maya/IxChel Ashe/Shakti
Willa(me)/MaryMagdalene & MorganLeFay &
Alisha/WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman and

And in the drawing (community card) of our circle of sisterhood⭕️🔥 starting out with water goddess Ashe (blue body top right and going clockwise):

Also notice that Ashe, Maya, and I form a triangle - as the space holders for this retreat.

Signs & synchronicity‘s are everywhere! Start to pay attention, and you will see!

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Learning to be seen.

Learning to trust abundance without fear.

July 2022, Cusco, Peru

I spent 9 days of July journeying alone in Peru, revisiting memories from when I lived in Cusco (back when I was an ‘Artesana’ ~ a jewelry-making street vendor / hippie traveler with dreds, hitchhiking through). That was 22 years ago ~ in June and July of 2000.

During that time of my life, I was an expert at trusting my intuition and following the ‘signs’.

This recent trip was a return to SELF; a return to my inner knowing, a return to that trust and ability to see all the synchronicities!

I allow myself to be guided (by my inner knowing) ~ in absolute trust of life, joy, abundance, and trust that all that is meant for me (even the harder things), is for my highest good and expansion.

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On my first morning in Cusco, I felt called to go to Sacsaywaman, to this sacred place, to this land, to do a ceremony as an offering to Pachamama and to the spirits and energy that live in the great mystery there. How did they lift solid stones bigger than cars (and tons and tons heavier), and then fit them perfectly together, when our technology today could not even do that? There exists a different form of intelligence and technology, one that we have forgotten. I am practicing connecting into the energy and information that is all around us.

I found one lone square stone all on its own in the middle of the field, on the far side away from the main area where all the tourists gather. The energy felt right, for me to do my ceremony there.

In ceremony, I follow my intuition. I have sacred items that I bring to most all of my ceremonies, but of course all of my ceremonies are different because each one taps into the energy of that moment, and what is meant.

As I sat there, following my inner guide, I chose a song from a recommended playlist, without knowing the song or looking at the title. The sun was out and it was warm, and all of a sudden a strong, yet gentle breeze came through. I laughed as I greeted the wind spirit, saying hello. And then I glanced down at my phone, and saw that the song‘s title translated from Quechua to English, was “Call of the Wild” the wild wind.

I do believe in magic. I do believe in energy. I do believe in Pachamama. And I do believe that everything and everyone is Pachamama.


I capture energy, not just photos. The depth, the emotion, the magnetism, the inner beauty, the magic. But at the end of my session with this powerful goddess, something happened that absolutely blew my mind and left me in complete awe and reverence!

This woman is pure MAGIC. She is a Seer, an Energy Worker, a Reike Master, and what happened here was beyond what I could have ever dreamed possible!

We had just finished Alisha’s Goddess Session (under the Ayahuasca vine temple in the herb garden where we have been receiving so much magic at the Elemental Healing Retreat with ) and she told me that she was receiving messages of a bunch of names flooding in…names she had never heard before, but names she somehow knew/recognized. So we started recording her thanking these spirits for their devine presence during our session. And in total amazement and gratitude, I was given the profound gift of capturing their presence from the spiritual realm here in our physical plane.

Listen, feel, and SEE the MAGIC!


I’m in the trust fall

Allowing Spirit to guide me
Paying attention to the signs
And really tuning into what resonates for me at this time in my life.

I’m about to embark on a 21 day healing journey of expansion and self discovery outside of the confines of the US.

Until a few days ago, I thought the next 30 days would be taking me in one direction (a direction I was absolutely ecstatic about), but I know that MAGIC manifests in mysterious and unexpected ways, and what I thought I knew, was just opening the door to what is actually meant for me.

Signs aren’t always obvious at first. I’ve been getting little nudges and hints about this journey for a few months now. But then something big shifted (outside of my control), and I had to make a decision whether it was still for me, or if there was something else…

4 flight changes, multiple ticket cancelations, and a bunch of logistics later…it is all so clear and so incredibly aligned!

I will be sharing more about my journey (and where I am headed) and hope that by me trusting the Signs in my life, helps you to trust the Signs in yours. If this is still hard for you, practice tuning into your intuition and allowing yourself to trust it just a little more each time. I promise that it gets easier and easier, and your answers will get clearer and clearer over time!


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8th Grade Graduation
Yep, I’m super proud
of these incredible humans
who chose me to be their mama!!!
High School,
best be ready for these
brilliant, passionate,
hard-working, determined,
kind, & brave young women!

who just made their
high school swim team at
San Marcos
graduating from 8th Grade with 4.0 GPAs
2 years straight (all of their own volition)!
I am so proud of you Kyla & Naleah!
You are more magical than I could’ve ever dreamt and so very wise! Incredible daughters, incredible sisters, incredible friends to your friends! Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and this world!!
I love you infinitely!!


let’s talk about superpowers and magic.

we all come here with incredible gifts and the ability to tap into our inner knowing to find the threads that spark passion and/or joy within us. Reminding us that we are on the right path and aligned with who we’re meant to be.

the questions: “what is aligned for me, as I journey into this next phase of life and business?”


i will be co-creating with & in Costa Rica July 1-8 at for a very powerful Elemental Healing Retreat and want to personally invite you to join us if you feel the calling.

we are going to weave some very potent magic together and I sense that a few of you out there in the ethers (reading this), are meant to join us and say YES to what may very well feel extremely wild, radical, outside the box…AND so very freeing!!! Are you ready?


Coming out of this with so much EXPANSION in my heart, body, mind, and soul✨ Worlds and doors blown wide open, beautiful new friendships, feeling supported, loved, and uplifted. Being in true community. Centered around love, healing, and regeneration. With sacred fires, endless dancing, wild and wacky visions, endless laughing, stunning and magical light shows with the most talented musicians and performers, and so so so much FUN!

I come away renewed
I come away inspired
I come away joyous
I come away with gratitude
I come away with peace
I come away with hope
I come away in trust

we are LOVE



If you've been following me here for some time, then you've probably noticed my OBSESSION with Rainbows and how they remind me to tap into my MAGIC.⁠

I've become so attuned to noticing 🌈 I see them everywhere - all day long. They remind me to pause for a second and smile.⁠

The Universe provides infinite's just up to us to pay attention.⁠

How do you experience and tap into your magic? ⁠

Pictured: Goddess Dom in her magic.


Let us remember our birthright, allowing more⁠


I want to talk about SHAME...and in particular, self shame. Most of us self shame without even realizing we're doing it. ⁠

I started to take note each time I heard that ugly diminishing voice inside my head, and was amazed by how slyly and skillfully it infiltrated my everyday existence in some way or another. ⁠

Our thoughts become our reality...⁠
So if we are shaming ourselves, we holding ourselves back from truly experiencing the abundance that is meant for us. ⁠

Start to pay attention to your internal dialog. If you catch yourself in the act of self shaming, first, show yourself so much love and gratitude for noticing. Then shift the narrative - because whatever you're shaming yourself for, is almost never actually the truth. ⁠

Sending you LOVE and ABUNDANCE.⁠

Pictured: Goddess Maya - a beautiful and inspiring leader in wellness and self-care.


I am open. ⁠
I am blessed.⁠
I am receiving.⁠
I am wise.⁠
I am tender.⁠
I am wild.⁠
I am loving.⁠
I am strong.⁠
I am giving.⁠
I am allowing.⁠
I am learning.⁠
I am growing.⁠

And with every experience I have,⁠
and every choice I make, ⁠
I feel myself alchemizing, aligning,⁠
with my truest self, ⁠
with my purpose, ⁠
and my gifts.⁠

Pictured: Goddess Carla in full celebration and trust.


My personal work is the most important thing in my life. It’s why I’m here 🌀✨🌎

It’s the only way to fully show up for my children, community, my friends, family, and loves. It’s the only way to fully show up in authenticity.

Holding space for myself as I hold space for others, continually unearthing new work.

I just embarked on a BIG one!

~~~Feeling all the feels~~~

Photos from Nalaya Healing's post 03/03/2022

Incredibly grateful for the deepening of my connection to all energy beings, both here in this plain, and to infinity beyond.

Allowing the transmissions to come in and allowing myself to intuit the messages more clearly now. Chakras wide to open to receive. Breathing into all spaces. Calling in cosmic Pieces energy to bring forth flow and release. I feel the opening, the surrender, the playful dance and chaotic currents, the ripples, the power and the bliss. “In the world, not of the world” for I am free and one with it all.

Grateful beyond words for a powerful, grounding, healing raike, channeled sound session today with the most cosmic angel .sage You are pure stardust ✨🌀💫 Thank You 🙏🏼

If this post sparks something in you, pay attention to the messages…there are no coincidences 🌈

Photos from Nalaya Healing's post 03/01/2022

Noticing the changes in my energy field as Spring begins to emerge both around me, and within. A burst of lifeforce energy, wild winds of change, growth, lifting me to new heights of trust and abundance.

Mother Earth is our greatest teacher. She knows how to thrive. She knows when and how to rest, to create chaos for change, to burst with energy, when to harvest, and when to pause.

We are no different than her. We are her. There are messages all around us, waiting for us to pay attention.

Are you listening?


Do you experience MAGIC on a regular basis?

As I continue to OPEN and find the MAGIC that is constant and all around us, I am having more and more moments of pure connection…connection to it all, that absolutely take my breath away!

Traveling through portals and dimensions, and connecting with my guides in such powerful ways!

Growth can be beautiful, and it can also be painful, and I’m here for it all!

LIFE! What a fu***ng ride!!! I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

Want to come on this adventure with me?

Photos from Nalaya Healing's post 02/01/2022

On Sunday, we celebrated their 14th birthday and I am in full gratitude and awe of the time we’ve had thus far together and all that we get to continue to look forward to in this lifetime. My beautiful, thoughtful, brilliant, unique, and brave daughters, I am so so grateful that you chose me to be your mama!!

This past year was not easy for the three of us, and at times we’ve had to struggle through some massive changes and periods of painful growth. I could not be more proud of how incredibly wise and resilient these two are, or more grateful for the deep, open, and communicative relationship that the three of us have.

A medium once shared with me that the three of us were sisters and plant medicine makers in a past life, and that feels so true for us. Our bond is held up through many lifetimes together, and together we make a triangle, the strongest of geometric shapes.

Blessings to you my daughters, as you enter this new phase and next cycle around the sun! All beginning and coinciding with this New Moon in Aquarius, the Lunar New Year, Imbolc, and the end of retrograde (thank Goddess!) The clarity and positive shifts are already showing up and I cannot wait to see all the MAGIC that transpires this year for the two of you!! Love you with my whole heart.

Photos from Nalaya Healing's post 01/27/2022

stripping away the layers... ⁠
let go. release. ⁠
sometimes i need a daily reminder that it's all a process.⁠

whatever you're shedding right now...⁠
love yourself through it.⁠

we were born to do this hard work!⁠

⁠Goddess Carla as she releases layers of past...⁠during her Nalaya Healing Session.


When one woman steps into her power, we all rise. Healing is a lifelong journey. And you are a magnificent magical being born to do this work! Blessings on your path!


Vibrating hard with TRUTH and TRUST.

Allowing my inner knowing to lead and guide me through the darkness, while finding all the moments of magic along the way. Growth is painful. Growth is powerful! Growth is worth it!!

*Beautiful Goddess Ashe of pictured here.


Grieving can be exhausting and doesn’t always feel like it makes sense, but processing through our emotions is the most important way to honor our past, release the old, and make room for new growth.

And just as each of us are uniquely individual, we each process through sorrow in our own ways. Let whatever comes up, come. Give yourself tremendous love and understanding for where you are currently at. Give yourself space to feel all your feelings. Allow yourself to be heartbroken. To be angry. To be brought to your knees and weep. Let your tears flow and soak back into the soils of Mother Earth. Let Mother Earth hold you in her sacred embrace. We are so supported. We are so held. We are so loved.

Let’s Grrrrrooooowwwww!!! 🌱


Last night’s reminder…

To open myself up to the great mystery of life.

To pay attention to the cycles.

To feel all of the emotions.

To trust the process.

To find immense beauty in the shadows too.

And to see the gifts in all of it.

I’m going through the process of a certain kind of death and re-birth and it is no joke! Just like actual birth, it’s knocking me on my ass and teaching me lessons I didn’t even know I needed. If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ve probably noticed me talking lately about shadow work. Until recently, I haven’t been called to do this kind of work, however I am fully present for it now. Confronting shame, worthiness, ego, discomfort, grief, and even going to the edge of what the f**k is all of this even for?! Birth is full of all of the extremes - so why would we expect life to be any other way? Growth can be painful at times. But it’s definitely worth it! Feeling so held by the Universe and in complete TRUST.


Damn it feels good to remember my roots! Spent the last week soaking up sunshine, wildflowers, magical plants, and friendships decades long…in the place that first taught me about magic!


“There’s no wifi in the forest, but you will find a better connection there”.

Take a moment today to ground yourself. A deep connected breath, a favorite practice, a pause to find awareness.

Subtle changes each day create massive change over time.

Let yourself flow, and know that you are so held by the infinite abundance of the Universe.

Sending out ripples of love and kindness to you, may you receive these gifts and add to the collective wave.


Summer Solstice blessings to you loves. Today we celebrate LIGHT, SUN, SOURCE.
I am in awe of the blessings that come when we sit with ourselves in gratitude. Whether in our shadow or in our light. When we allow ourselves to open to our greatest desires and step into our greatest potential. When we remember that our gifts are sacred, and that we are the LIGHT that we’ve been waiting for!
May you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin today and know that you are infinitely held.
This is Goddess Golda in her soft, radiant power. .moore


These past few weeks have been excruciatingly potent as I’ve been facing my Shadow Self more than ever before. Releasing old stories that are based in shame, guilt, fear, self doubt and self discrimination.

Crashing, burning, crying, releasing, and awakening to new beginnings. Through this process, I have come home to me, my center, my truth, and my inner knowing.

This work isn’t always fun, and doesn’t always feel good, but it is absolutely necessary for expansion and growth.

And sometimes we have to travel right through the fire - just like the Phoenix, to find our wings again!

Feeling all the feels today. Thank you Costa Rica for deeply supporting me in my healing process. 🌿🌎✨🌀

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I capture energy, not just photos. The depth, the emotion, the magnetism, the inner beauty, the magic. But at the end of...
I’m in the trust fallAllowing Spirit to guide mePaying attention to the signsAnd really tuning into what resonates for m...
Do you experience MAGIC on a regular basis?As I continue to OPEN and find the MAGIC that is constant and all around us, ...





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