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Switch flipped, Challenge accepted. You've conquered the chaos. Now, flaunt those All Out Mayhem shirts like a badge of honor!


What do you get when you fuse together the 1-Mile Benchmark and Orange Everest? MILE HIGH!


For Mental Health Awareness Month, Coach Kate from is getting real about her mental health journey. She's been battling anxiety and depression for as long as she can remember.​

But then she found Orangetheory. It's been more than just a job or workout—it's been her lifeline. She shares, "Orangetheory gave me purpose and passion from the minute I walked through the doors. It gave me hope during COVID. And it gave me the support system I needed when my dad died, constantly reminding me that I’m not alone and I would see the sun again."​

Being able to show up at a job every day that brings joy because it's all about spreading sunshine in others' lives—well, that's what fuels Kate. And as she watches members progress, her own flame burns a little brighter each day.


Inferno remix, anyone? For day 3 of All Out Mayhem, we’re COMIN' IN HOT! Say goodbye to the rower and hello to a treadmill inferno ;)

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Each and every one of you are a vital piece of our vibrant community, and every achievement is a reason to cheer. Here's to YOU! 🎉👏


Grab the fire extinguisher! We're burning up these Inferno distances 🔥

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Being a mom means being a superhero around the clock. Whether you're going All Out for your family, in your careers, or in the studio, you never fail to amaze us and show us what it really means to go All Out. Happy Mother's Day!

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From classrooms to hospitals, their impact knows no bounds. Thank you, teachers and nurses, for all you do. Here’s to those who shape our future & care for our well-being 🧡


Some advice going into the 1-Mile Benchmark: You’ve written emails longer than this


This dynamic mother-daughter duo runs on Orangetheory. Their journey began when Nicki introduced her mom Cheryl to , not knowing it would ignite a bond that extends far beyond the studio walls.​

Nicki sees working out alongside her mom as more than just staying fit — it's a testament to the resilience instilled in her by the woman who raised her. She shares, “As for my mom … don’t let her kind words or age fool you; she kicks my butt every time we work out together! I love it, though, because I want her to kick my butt for many, many more years to come! OTF is helping make that possible.”​

Likewise, Cheryl finds herself continually inspired by Nicki. She takes pride in being a positive role model for her daughter, exemplifying the essence of maternal strength. Cheryl shares, “I have never felt as strong and healthy as I do now, and I have watched my daughter transform both mentally and physically. Best decision of my life!”​

Through OTF, they're building memories and strengthening their bond, one workout at a time 🧡


You’re strong. Start lifting like you believe it.

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Here's to crushing milestones and sweating it out for love! You're the star of every moment. ⭐️




Meet Tara, from . With 25 classes under her belt, she's not just feeling the impact — she's living a more vibrant life. For Tara, consistency has always been a challenge, but OTF holds her accountable in the best way possible. What sets it apart? It's the planned-out, enjoyable workouts that keep her engaged. She shares, "It’s my one hour away from the world where I can focus solely on myself and have the support of amazing coaches cheering me on and helping me along the way."


What was your goal when you first started OTF? What is your goal now?

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Orangetheory: Where the energy is contagious, the accomplishments are monumental and every workout ends with a well-deserved round of applause! Let's celebrate our victories, big and small! 💥👏

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SPRING DRITRI 2024 ✅ Discomfort is temporary but the strength & pride you've gained from conquering the DriTri are permanent. Tag someone ⬇️ who pumped you up when doubt crept in.


Success doesn't come from hard work. It comes from consistently doing the hard work.

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From conquering milestones to birthdays burns to PR victories, you all shine bright! 🌟 let's clap it out for another week of wins!


As the countdown to DriTri begins, let's not forget the countless victories we've achieved within the studio walls. We’ve seen you accomplish hard things. This weekend will be no exception. Let's channel that same strength, resilience, and drive to push past our limits once again. Push yourself, push each other, and let's conquer this challenge together!

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DriTri was a magical day for Tina from . As she conquered the challenges of the DriTri Strength, the presence of her family in the studio cheering her on gave her the courage she needed to make every moment feel more meaningful. ​

As she reflects on the collective journey, Tina extends her heartfelt congratulations to everyone who lent their sweat and spirit to this event. From the supportive sales associates and motivating coaches, to the all the members and their families and friends, each played an integral role in creating the DriTri experience. Regardless of their role, everyone came together, showing the power of camaraderie and shared determination. She says, “Whether it was as an athlete or spectacular spectator, we are all family and we did it together."

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To the ones who continue to show up, to the ones who push harder every day — this applause is for you! 👏 Keep inspiring us all!


For Tess, completing the DriTri represented more than just crossing the finish line — it symbolized a triumphant return to herself, as it was one of her first goals after having her daughter, Mia. ​

Tess shares, "Since her, my life has changed entirely, and I thought at one point I had lost a part of who I was before having a child. But getting back into something I had so much passion for has been amazing. Thanks to my daughter, my new passion of being her mama sets the drive I have for getting back into a healthy lifestyle and building back strength."​

Through perseverance and determination, she reclaimed her sense of self, rediscovering the power of her own strength and resilience. With Mia as her driving force, Tess embraced the challenge of DriTri, emerging stronger, more empowered, and more deeply connected to the transformative journey of motherhood.


Please, for the love of all things Orangetheory, do not reset your rower today

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here's to the sweat, the smiles, the milestones and every victory celebrated under the orange lights. let's clap it out for another week of wins!


How I feel about my coach during a 2K meter row: 😡🤬🥵

How I feel about my coach after a 2K meter row: 🥰😍😊🤪

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Right before DriTri, Coach Sally from asked Ashley a loaded question: What is her why? It's a question many of us tend to overlook when confronting challenges or embracing new experiences.​

For Ashley, her why resonates deeply within the exhilarating aftermath of pushing herself beyond her comfort zone. She shares, "It’s that moment when you look back and say, 'heck yeah, I just did that!' When you push past all your limits and you grow in ways you didn’t know were possible. The nerves that always come before something big often turn into excitement after. I hold onto those feelings. That’s my why — to better myself by doing things I thought were impossible."​

To anyone who has yet to experience the DriTri, Ashley's message resounds: "Take the leap of faith and DO IT!!! It’s something I’ll always remember 🧡"

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Lights, camera, celebration! Red carpet ready for milestone moments and birthday burns! 🎉🔥


Today's Strength in Numbers signature is packed with challenges, but the highlight? The 14-minute rowing challenge! How far will you go? Remember, every meter contributes to your studio's average and global standing. Row together to show what it means to have Strength in Numbers! 💪🚣‍♂️

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On Jess’s final day of maternity leave, she is feeling both reflective and excited for the future. Since joining Orangetheory 2 years ago, Jess has learned more about inner strength than she’s known in her 32-year lifespan. She shares, “My husband and girls are my ‘why’ and I’ve learned that if I don’t show up for myself first, I can’t show up for them fully.” She has realized that to be the best mother, wife, and woman she can be, she first has to prioritize her own well-being.​

Jess extends her heartfelt gratitude to her family. Their encouragement and camaraderie have been instrumental in her journey, pushing her to new heights, cheering her on every step of the way, and creating an environment that makes working out fun. And of course, she can't forget her little Splat baby, Liv, who kept up with her until the day before she came into the world. As she looks toward the future, Jess dreams of the day when they'll tackle DriTri together, a full circle moment. ​

As Jess looks back on the challenges she's overcome and the milestones she's achieved, she's filled with an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude. She's worked tirelessly to reach this point and isn’t afraid to voice how proud she is of herself. As she prepares to re-enter the workforce, she does so with a newfound confidence and determination, knowing that she's stronger and more resilient than ever before.


THIS Saturday, April 29th at 10:00am we will be co-hosting a FREE 45-minute HIIT workout at Validation Ale. We suggest bringing a water bottle, sweat towel, and wearing something comfortable to workout in. You are welcome to bring friends and family! Please RSVP here -


Orangetheory Fitness Santa Barbara, coming soon!

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