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The High Five Habit | Mel Robbins | Shaun T 10/19/2022

The High Five Habit | Mel Robbins | Shaun T

The High Five Habit | Mel Robbins | Shaun T The High 5 Habit begins with a low and miserable moment in Mel’s bathroom. Standing in her underwear, feeling overwhelmed by life, Mel did something incredib...


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Job 1 Dropping December 2021 10/11/2022

Job 1 Dropping December 2021

Job 1 Dropping December 2021 Congratulations! YOU’RE GETTING A NEW JOB THIS WINTER! Actually, it’s a job you’ve had all along – taking care of your health and fitness. But maybe for the...


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LET’S GET UP! Coming Spring 2021 12/29/2021

LET’S GET UP! Coming Spring 2021

LET’S GET UP! Coming Spring 2021 Let’s get moving.Let’s get motivated.LET’S GET UP!Shaun T’s newest dance workout program, LET’S GET UP!, is comprised of easy-to-follow cardio dance sequence...


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Beachbody Résultats: Judi Finneran 12/28/2021

Beachbody Résultats: Judi Finneran

Beachbody Résultats: Judi Finneran Regardez l'histoire de transformation inspirante de Judi Finneran et découvrez comment elle a perdu 142 livres à l'âge de 69 ans! Judi a gagné plus de 15 000...


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It's December 26th and my mind and heart are racing.

So, Christmas is over. The pie has been consumed. The ribeye, the mash potatoes, the bagels.......many many things I enjoy.

I am SO looking forward to the days ahead. Every year when my birthday starts to come around in late November I think how awesome it would be to be in the "best shape of my life on my birthday" It falls right around Thanksgiving every year. And every year right around late September my routine as far as exercise changes. I start eating more sugar, more meat, more pasta....all the things that used to be celebratory in a way. And now that I have MANY years of data on this area of my life, I can see that the compounding effect of this type of consumption is really debilitating to my health, not congruent with the wellness goals I continually set and re-jigger.

So rather than getting down on myself for continuing to be human, I just want to be aware of the behavior, acknowledge it, and make a commitment(s) to my choices going forward.

If I didn't want to do everything I can to live a truly healthy, whole life it wouldn't matter. But I do want to truly live a healthy, whole life.

If I didn't want to do everything I can to be vibrant, energetic, give every bit of the best of me I can to my family into my 90s, then todays choices wouldn't matter.

But I do. So here is my word. My commitment to myself.

Every day I promise to make and take the time I deserve to make the choices necessary to ensure I am living to my fullest potential. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

In the past, I have not been the best at sharing my journey. That's fear. Fear of judgment from my family and from others. It's also ego.

I'll be transparent and let you know, that I have been in recovery and sober from drugs and alcohol for almost 34 years. More than half my life. One universal truth I have learned is that being vulnerable, and having the courage to share one's story ALWAYS helps someone else. All I have ever done is want to be helpful.
In my days past the motivation was to be liked, so I would feel secure. Not I know being transparent, being vulnerable, my duty and obligation to my family, and my community so that I can live a truly full and meaningful life.

I am going to work on keeping my promise. To myself and to you.

It's the day after Christmas. All thirteen of us have been together for the past 8 days. It's been a joy to be a part of our celebration as a family. It's also opened my heart up to challenges that I must face. One day at a time.

Happy New Year to you all!


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