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When you are in love, it’s imperative to keep it low key. Let no one knows a thing about it. It’s a craft of thriving and growing in love. You don’t need to let the public know you’re in love. Keep them clueless!!!


I remember when my mzungu caught me cheating, and I told her, you know bae, I discovered her. I am slick uh?!😂😂


“Countries that pray and rely on magic will always depend on countries that think.”



According to the conventional wisdom, woman was created to be a man companion, help man fulfill dreams of stewarding the God’s creation. Guys, how do you expect your woman to stand by you when your dream is “na ye hmmm ke kadie?”

Get off your bed and hit the ground running.


I am experiencing existential crisis right now: I don’t know if I want love or money or both. It’s hard to have both because you can hate and love the other. Our fellows in Mangar, what should I do?


Manchester City wants to play Manchester United in FA Cup semi final. We don’t want Chelsea ‘cause they’re struggling already, and we feel bad to add additional layer of difficulty to their season 😂


The more I learn about females, the more I understand why they're quite selective when it comes to selecting their mating partners. My biology tells me that a girl is born with one million eggs, which progressively decreases to 300,000 at puberty. As they age, the number of eggs decreases. This phenomenon makes them carve out strategies for utilizing their eggs. That's why they choose males whom they think are not going to waste their eggs. So, when they reject you, know that you don't fit their strategic investment. This is a perspective you don't often hear


If I say Adam, a bible character, was a South Sudanese, you won’t believe it. In fact, he’s a South Sudanese. Remember when God asked him, according to the book of genesis, where he was; he answered I’m naked. What’s the relationship? Similarly, when you asked south Sudan where he’s going, he would answer I am coming. What’s the relationship?


When someone tells you I don’t mean to offend, brace up they are about to offend you for real😞


In the light of heatwaves in Juba, I advise y’all to stay hydrated and cool. Moreover, avoid apong at all cost.


I hate it when I walk into a cafeteria and waiter assume that I want chicken. In fact, how does he know that I like chicken? I don’t this idea of reading people’s minds😎


I don’t who wants to hear this but the US house representatives passed the bill to ban TikTok, with an overwhelming 365 to 65 votes. Now, it’s up to congress to finalize it. You won’t see Sexy boy, mama Amiiradit, and other entertainers if congress decides to ban it.


Professor Jok Madut Jok enlightened me this evening with his research on climate change and gender in South Sudan. His research points out that climate change have and will continue to exacerbate the existing gender inequality. So, what does your boyfriend or girlfriend do to bridge this gap? Or wëk Akut pizza and Chicken wings?😂


Junubin have grown cold over the last seven years of economic austerity. Appealing to them for help sounds like a punch in the face. but let's face it. We all can be better off if we help each other reciprocally or altruistically. We've all been hit hard by this crisis to a varying degree: where some still meet their daily needs while others struggle to. If you can afford two breads, give your brother one. It means a lot to him than eating all of them and still needs more later. I must admit that It's a safe move to hoard your resources to be used later, but it's equally futile to let your brother die when you could have saved him.

The bottom line is that any donation, no matter the amount, is greatly appreciated by our brother Mariak Aleu.

Join the Fight: Extend a Lifeline to Mariak's Bat, organized by Simon Mangok 03/13/2024

I want to take this time and update the public about Mariak Aleu fundraising initiative I started few days ago. The least progress has been made. So far, we have raised 110 dollars, not even close to the goal but I have faith that we’ll eventually get there. We can do this together. Let’s continue to donate and share. And those who donate, we graciously thank you for your support.

Join the Fight: Extend a Lifeline to Mariak's Bat, organized by Simon Mangok In the heart of Cairo, Egypt, a young medical student named Mariak Aleu… Simon Mangok needs your support for Join the Fight: Extend a Lifeline to Mariak's Bat


In this crisis, imma gonna change my pronoun to broke😂


Today is a special day set aside to recognize a few women who braved to venture into a man dominated world and speak up for themselves. Y’all are renegade and ought to be celebrated. Also, to the rest of the cultures who willfully ignore women contribution and barred them from taking on civil problems, it’s high time to let go of that shackle. Our diverse experiences have affirmed that women are as good as men. Don’t be ignorant and allow the culture of prejudice influence your judgement.

Happy women’s day!!!


When you hear people talking nonstop about “Mangar” in Juba, they aren’t actually affected by Mangar. Real victims stealthily move around, scouting every opportunity to find something to eat. They don’t have time to talk about it. Don’t be fooled by those who say “mangar” did this and that to me. It’s a lie orchestrated to keep Mangar victims away from asking for help. Extend your helping hand to these silence gurus, who are really struggling, but not these hypocrites.


When I am sick, I don’t need medication. Just let Arsenal lose the game and I’ll be fine.


So Arsenal went to Portugal to collect one goal and come back with it?


Government must know that citizens are making life choice decisions at Chapati stall. My friend is contemplating if he should buy a chapati or an airtime. His budget, which used to accommodate his needs, has been stretched by current economic hardships


Your interest reflect your lacking. So, when I hit you up you’re the one that I need.


I want to post Maan miithkie but I am afraid shareholders are online


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Was Twic Olympic rigged?

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