Karma Chow - Transformational Eating Coach

Karma Chow - Transformational Eating Coach


A high protein diet with exercise is effective. However, it is important to include some carbs in your diet for a healthy brain. Check out this site. bit.ily/35HIvw7
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I cant figure out how to get to the meditation
My schedule for December
Hello, for my 10+10 I find that doing nothing, reading and meditating are wonderful personal growth time. Forgot to post this yesterday.
Hello everyone! 🌱♥️ Melissa Costello you transformed my life to Vegan! Please read my story?

I am so extremely honored to be featured on https://www.greatveganathletes.com/news_articles/shelli-beecher-seitzler/
What a privilege! 🌱💪♥️☺️😭😁♥️
Love the email video about the scale!! I am definitely that person. The numbers can make me happy or sad. Not going to pick it up. How can I let this silly object control me?
Just want to say thank you! Using the ‘Big Rock’ theory and getting so much done! Also, not feeling like a ‘hostage’ to my appetite. When I’m feeling ‘starved’ I choose an apple first or a small portion of what I would normally think I ‘need’. (That’s equivalent to my hunger pangs!). Just a few days so far of being much more mindful but my tummy feels better. Oh and lots more hot tea. Getting used to these new habits hadn’t been easy but i am working hard at it!
What are your thoughts on Keto?
Hi 🙂 Buy the plant based cookbook Bosh! 🥕
How is your Pumpkin doing?
For some readon I cant see the class

Author | Speaker | Transformational Life Coach https://karmachow.com/ Transformational Eating Coach | Author | Holistic Nutritionist | Cleanse Expert | Speaker


The only time I truly feel at home is when I am out in nature with horses.

My soul gets nourished and I drop into my ❤️ immediately.
Horses have an incredible intuition and are always in alignment which is often where we, as humans, fall short.

Come get your soul nourished, reset your nervous system and connect with these incredible beings in my upcoming Nourish Your Soul Equine Empowerment Experience on February 28th in beautiful sunny 🌞 Santa Barbara at ❤️🐎

It’s only $50 until February 15th. Link in bio or DM me for more details.


Horses. Nature. Connection. Soul Nourishment.

Come spend the morning with me and MFT, Diana Ferrari in beautiful Santa Barbara CA for this amazing Equine Empowered Experience at for women

Reset your soul, reconnect to your heart and gain insights using horses as your partner!

Only 8 spots available. Early Bird $50 until February 18. LInk in Bio use code: EARLYBIRD21



That first time you restricted your food in an attempt to change your body….

A woman inside my Reclaim Your Wild: A Radical Self-Care + Self-Discovery Group for Women Group had her food restricted at the age of 2 by her mother….how insane is that? Others were 7 or 8 years old….

It breaks my heart, 💔 and it's a hard road to come back from once you start down it.

If you're ready to come back to your body, but you're not sure how to take that first step, join me February 16th for my FREE live masterclass on how to stop overeating and heal your relationship with food and your body.

Find it here! https://karmachow.com/end-overeating-masterclass/


If you live in or around Santa Barbara, and you're in serious need of some soul nourishment, then come join me and Diana Ferrari, MFT for an incredible Equine Empowerment Workshop called, Nourish Your Soul on February 28th from 11am-2pm hosted at Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center.

Karma Chow - Buffalo Cauli "wings" 02/04/2021

Karma Chow - Buffalo Cauli "wings"

Spice up your game day table with these delicious Buffalo style Cauli-wings!

Karma Chow - Buffalo Cauli "wings" Craving buffalo wings, but want a healthier alternative? Try these Buffalo Cauliflower Wings. They are delicious and nutritious. You don't have to worry about feeling guilty when you eat them.


What you are doing with food is part of the problem. Come learn more inside my Reclaim Your Wild Group for Food Freedom February


Food Freedom February is in full swing inside my 👉Reclaim Your Wild: A Radical Self-Care + Self-Discovery Group for Women! 👈

If you're tired of struggling with your weight and all the things that go along with it, like emotional eating, being confused about what to eat, and obsessing about food 24/7, then come join us.

I will be teaching all my top strategies, mindset hacks and processes to truly come to a place of peace and ease with food. 😍


I had to learn this the hard way.

Being able to say no and set boundaries so you can take care of yourself is the smartest thing you will ever do. Don't let things like guilt and fear of judgement stop you from taking care of YOU and your own needs. Otherwise, you will end up sick, burnt out, resentful and completely depleted.


Such an amazing creature. Saw him posted in group. He’s a Sorrell peacock Leopard Appaloosa. Ancestors come from the Nez Perce Indians. Nature is so amazing! And so are horses!! GWS Appaloosas Your baby is beautiful!


It’s the only time I feel 100% at home in the world.... ❤️🐴❤️. When do you?


Hey Busy Mamas!!!! I know firsthand ✋ how hard it can be to take care of yourself and how it feels like life is always getting in the way, especially when you have family depending on you.

Even balancing your relationship with food and practicing good habits can seem like an impossible feat, leading to unhealthy coping mechanisms like stress eating, emotional eating and comfort eating...

It's so easy to put off making any changes by using excuses like "I'm too busy" or “I have no time,” “everyone needs me."

But what if I told you that making positive changes in your life isn't out of reach for someone with little extra daily time to spare? 🤔 It’s TRUE and that’s exactly what you can learn by tuning into The Mom’s Self Care Solution Summit.

This summit is for the moms who want a life full of energy, passion, joy – and anything else desired – but are stuck in their survival mode and depletion ALONG with taking care of their family, and being EVERYTHING to everyone around them.

You will learn how to prioritize yourself and Create Balance in your life so you can feel energetic, joyful and connected to your passion. Come join the fun here! 😘 https://bit.ly/35v5Z8I


I spent over half of my life as an emotional eater....night after night on the couch, drowning my anger or loneliness in food only to feel so much guilt and shame afterwards.

It took me years to break the cycle, learning to feel my emotions instead of avoiding them so that my relationship with food could begin to heal.

And I wasn't able to do it alone....I had support from friends and a coach, who were able to tell me what I needed to hear.

And now I want to do the same for you. 😄

Join me at the Secrets to Mid Life Weight Loss for Women Summit starting January 18, for a series of powerful conversations on health and weight loss.

You’ll discover expert advice on the conditions that prevent weight loss and cause lots of other symptoms (and how to fix them), how to balance hormones, how to navigate food cravings and emotional eating, how to enhance your metabolism, and how to reduce stress for lasting weight loss.

You’ll walk away with tools you can use immediately to begin making concrete changes to your health—so you can feel better and repair your relationship with food! 🥳

Check it out here 👉👉👉 https://bit.ly/3bsCGHF


I’ve been feeling very isolated and deeply missing group gatherings and connection.

Being in groups with a common purpose is where I feel most nourished, empowered and connected.

I am able to create and be motivated knowing I have in person support. The energy is palpable

It feels like a piece of my soul is dying without them. The online world just doesn’t quite hit the mark.... not even close.

Anyone else experiencing this? How are you making sure you stay deeply connected and nourished?


As the New Year is here, many people will be thinking about losing weight.

In fact, I just got off a call with someone who confessed to me that she started yet ANOTHER restrictive cycle on January 1...

Even though she KNOWS that's not the answer, for some reason she still did it. And guess what? 5 days into the New Year and it hasn't stuck....
Being overweight can often be linked to disease, one being Diabetes.

Eating emotionally, being addicted to sugar, and struggling with obesity are all challenges that can lead to adult onset Diabetes.
If you are concerned about Diabetes, or HAVE Diabetes then come join me and Linda Wadud for the Diabetes Solution Summit which starts January 13!

Check out my interview where Linda and I share tools and secrets to break out of the cycle of emotional eating to repair your relationship with food and reclaim your health, energy, and vibrancy.

Find it here! 👉👉 https://bit.ly/3sfxcpD



Yes sister, If you’ve been knee deep in setting goals, put a pause on it…

Here's the deal...

Most people who set goals do so without thinking them through, or knowing what it takes to actually reach them. This often leads to disappointment, frustration and failure. 😤

The self-help people out there telling you to set BIG goals for yourself every year are a dime a dozen...

...but, do they give you the ACTUAL plan to follow through, especially when you get off course or disconnected from those goals? Or when self-sabotaging behaviors rear their ugly head?

That's why I want you to stop 🛑 right now because I am here to offer you a different approach.

I'm not saying to THROW your goals away...on the contrary, having something to focus on each year is important, but it's HOW you go about it that's the key.

That's why I've put together a brand new workshop just for you called Align Your Vision for 2021.

During this 90-minute interactive workshop, I will teach you a completely different approach to bringing your deepest desires to fruition in a realistic and do-able way, so that 2021 feels exciting and empowering.

SO go ahead and save your spot. Click here to join! 👉 https://bit.ly/38vHs3N. Let’s ease into 2021 in a realistic and approachable way so we feel inspired and empowered. You with me??


All this 💜


It's EASY to set goals, but not so easy to reach them.

STOP 🛑 setting goals and read this ASAP!

Most of us set unrealistic lofty goals that feel exciting, but are not reachable without a plan. Or we don't have the tools to know what to do when we stray from our goals.

Come join my Align Your Vision workshop on January 16th, and learn how to truly bring your dreams to fruition without losing steam by February, or giving up when you get off track.

Save your spot here>>>>>>>


Setting Boundaries Earns Respect

A lot of people have trouble setting boundaries because they think it makes them selfish. Not true!

In this clip, Certified Nutrition Coach Moniqua Plante of The Plante Life reminds us that the people who care about us want the best for us, AND THAT INCLUDES the boundaries we set to take care of ourselves.

What boundary do you NEED to set for yourself this holiday season? Tell me below



It’s the pathway to healing and connection...

And yet it’s the one thing most people avoid...

Do you let others see your vulnerable side or do you hide behind a smile?


This is how I am staying sane during COVID and the upcoming holidays. You???


The Benefit of Mindfulness

Listen, it’s not always the first on my list to dive headfirst into my emotions, but what I have learned over the years is that it is the ONE thing that helped me overcome many life long struggles, including my emotional eating.

It can be uncomfortable to feel your emotions and maybe you were never taught how…

Check out my conversation with Certified Nutrition Coach Moniqua Plante where she speaks on mindfulness and how being quiet is super necessary to call the things we want into our lives.

Give it a listen, then drop a comment and tell me what you want to call into your life for this coming year?


Honoring Yourself This Season

The holidays are a tricky time for many. It can be hard to navigate your needs, and pretty easy to get sucked into the busy-ness of it all. By the time the new year comes you’re burnt out, exhausted, and ready for a vacation.

Being able to ask for you what you need will SAVE you this holiday season. Check out my recent interview with Certified Nutrition Coach, Moniqua Plante of The Plante Life where she talks about how to ask for what you need, and why you mustn’t let fear stand in the way of it.


How much good do you allow in your life?

author of The Big Leap says we all have a limit to how much good we allow into our lives.

When we hit that limit, we will unconsciously sabotage the good to bring us back to our comfort zone.

To bring us back inside the small box that feels safe.

In order to be able to stop sabotaging and to allow more good in our lives, we must expand our capacity for it.

This mantra or power statement is a start.

Repeat it over and over and see how it feels to begin to allow more good into your life beyond your upper limit, aka comfort zone.

I say it over and over on my dog walks, and I immediately feel my energy shift and my heart get lighter.

You in??


I see you...

Being seen is one of the most important things we can do for one another...

Seeing another person’s soul, their pain, their truth...

As children we weren’t often seen. We were told to be quiet or to stop being “ too much”

This is how we lose our voice and it follows us into adulthood.

We fear setting boundaries, we fear asking for what we need, we fear being seen....

What if someone doesn’t like us for who we truly are??

What if we drop the persona, and the armor and the masks we wear and let ourselves be seen??

I hold so much space for my clients to be seen regularly. I feel honored to be able to do it...

When was the last time you truly allowed someone to see YOU... the real, messy, vulnerable, mask-less you?

Tell me below


The Identity that Keeps You Stuck

So many of us hold on to limiting beliefs that prevent us from moving forward in our lives.

They also keep us playing small. LIsten in as I talk about the identity that may be keeping you stuck, that is preventing you from real long-term change and reaching your goals


Magical Mindset through the Holidays with Health Coach, Moniqua Plante

The best way to manage stress is to get ahead of it. 👀 So how about more holiday magic and less overwhelm?⁣

The closer we get to the Holidays, the more stressful it can become—ESPECIALLY in #2020 when our holidays are going to look very different than in years past. ⁣

⁣⁣Wouldn't you rather come to this season with tools in place to help you feel relaxed, energized, and ready for ANYTHING life may throw at you? Have a magical mindset can change ALL OF THAT.

Come join us for a free, LIVE conversation with Health Coach + Actor Moniqua Plante on my page () on Tuesday, December 8th @ 2pmPT/5pmET. We'll be talking all about how to cultivate a magical mindset through the Holidays, so you can dial in your health and well-being all season long.⁣

We'll be sharing our top mindset tools and strategies, so don’t miss it! ⁣⁣


Such an incredible day meeting the wild mustangs of . A stallion and his harem. ❤️❤️❤️


If the holidays are a constant struggle between health and enjoyment for you, don't miss this LIVE interview on Tuesday Dec. 8th in my Facebook group! I will be chatting with Health Coach + Actor Moniqua Plante about how to present your best, healthiest self during this holiday season.

So often we get caught up in all the wrong aspects of the holidays, like obligations we don’t enjoy or the holiday food we eat, instead of being present and connected to the people we care about.

Reclaim the holidays for yourself, as a season of love and connection!


If the holidays are a constant struggle between health and enjoyment for you, don't miss this LIVE interview on Tuesday Dec. 8th in my Facebook group!

I will be chatting with Health Coach + Actor Moniqua Plante about how to present your best, healthiest self during this holiday season.

So often we get caught up in all the wrong aspects of the holidays, like obligations we don’t enjoy or the holiday food we eat, instead of being present and connected to the people we care about.

Reclaim the holidays for yourself, as a season of love and connection!

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Setting Boundaries Earns Respect
The Benefit of Mindfulness
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