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Coach China Jones


Before and after with Coach China Jones, co-owner of Innate Fitness ⭐️This girl is a serious powerhouse and her workouts are tough but so effective and fun! // In the "before" pic, the right side of the body has received approximately 25 mins of deep bodywoek, while the left has not. In the "after" pic, both sides of the body have been worked.
So proud of our "mountain girl". So happy that you are happy too.

I help women be more vibrant, intentional and aligned so they can stop playing small and build up the

Fitness expert, health nerd and cofounder of @WomenWhoWarrior

Every woman deserves to live a confident and fulfilled life. Each of us has unique desires and talents, but we often hold ourselves back. With the right clarity, tools and support, every woman has the power to release the warrior within. If you're looking to step into your power, come join the conversation on our Women Who Warrior Tribe Private Facebook Group.


The days have been flying by and we already leave NEXT WEEK to up to become part-time residents in Tahoe!⁠

My husband and I decided if ever there was a time to live somewhere else, this is it. We've had this vision for a few years now and have built our businesses in a way that supports our time and location freedom.⁠

Plus our son isn't in school yet so we figured it was time for us to do the dang thing!⁠

I'm excited about exploring more around Truckee and the Tahoe area, and I look forward to spending more time with my brother's family. Also thinking of picking up mountain biking...⁠

If you're a Tahoe fan I'd be curious to know your favorite spots, as well as any people or communities I should connect with!⁠

p.s. Don't worry SB we're coming back 😁


Hasta la proxima vez Mexico ✌🏽

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They say that when a baby is born a mother is born.

I believe it. ⁠

My whole life shifted, from my bigger life vision to how I spend my time each day. Through my son I found a deeper love than I ever knew existed. Sometimes I even find myself missing him when he's sleeping. ⁠

Before becoming a mom I never really celebrated Mother's Day because my mom passed away when I was 6. When it came around each year I made sure to keep myself busy because to be honest I always got a little sad thinking that there was a part of me that was missing.⁠

So this year as I feel the immense gratitude for my healthy boy and joy he's brought to my life, I also want to generate love back out to all the women who feel a little sad. Whether it's because you lost a mother, lost a child, want a child, can't have a child or don't want to have a child. Know that you are whole no matter your circumstance, and you always have been. I'm sending you love from the bottom of my heart.⁠

Happy Mother's Day 🤍⁠


Why I moved from fitness into life & business coaching⁠.⁠ 💪🏽➡️👩🏼‍💻⁠

It took me a while to really own this because health & fitness are core values of mine. But I followed my gut and what truly lights me up. So here’s my story…⁠

I’m a former fitness geek turned Mastery Method Coach. After 12 years as a successful personal trainer & gym owner I felt a desire to reach people on a deeper level. So began exploring what that could look like.⁠

It started with a passion project and the creation of a women’s wellness and empowerment retreat, which led to the launch of our company . 🏹 Our brand focuses on events, community and coaching to elevate women.⁠

Through this I discovered how much I enjoy helping women (esp entrepreneurs!) recognize their potential, and develop the confidence and know-how to bring their visions to life, while enjoying the process and not burning out (that’s the vibrancy piece!). ⁠

I’m a 3 on the enneagram (the Achiever 🤓) so once I felt the calling to shift into more transformational work I sought out the best program I could find. Next, I spent 12 months studying under to become a Mastery Method Certified Coach. This included 80+ hours of coaching, ~250hrs of development, and the mastery of tools to coach on 5 levels (somatic, emotional, mindset, behavioral, and unconscious).⁠

Mastering these tools allows me to get straight to the root of the problem and create lasting change. Because, as you may have experienced, you can have a clear plan and all the best intentions, yet still struggle to move things forward!⁠ ⁠🙈

So if you feel like you're constantly pushing and forcing your way through, this if likely because you haven't addressed the root cause. Doing so will create a more easeful and enjoyable way to do life.⁠

My coaching style teaches just that. It blends creative strategy with inner work to facilitate transformational change and next level fulfillment. ✨ With your business, in your family, through your health, or whatever you're wanting most in this moment.⁠

If you're curious to explore if coaching is right for you, DM me your questions and I'm happy to help.⁠ ⁠💌


How do you stay motivated working from home?⁠

Even the most productive people can struggle to stay motivated and on track when working from home. ⁠

While working from home does offer us time flexibility, we have to be disciplined to make sure we're prioritizing work, rather than getting caught up cleaning or doing house chores.⁠ (guilty)🙋🏼‍♀️⁠

If you struggle to stay motivated and productive working from home, try this...⁠

Think back to a time in your past when you were really motivated on a project. What worked for you? What did you do or not do?⁠

⁠For example, if you find brainstorming with a team at work really helpful but you work from home, think of creative ways you could replicate this and test them out. ⁠

Perhaps you reach out to a few friends or colleagues to brainstorm over zoom, use a whiteboard to write out all your ideas, or speak your ideas while recording them in a voice memo.⁠

You may also remember that what worked for you before was to prioritize your goal and set boundaries to protect your work time. This looked like announcing your intentions publicly to your friends, family, or others and letting them know your deadlines and when you won't be available. I'm a big fan of using Airplane Mode or Do No Disturb on my phone so I don't get distracted. You can also try out timing yourself using software like Toggl or using time management techniques like the Pomodoro Technique (25min work, 5 min break). ⁠

The key is to test out what works for you and keep doing it!⁠

p.s. I recently shared 5 additional strategies to combat motivation while working from home in our newsletter. If you want to know what they are just just DM me and I'll send it your way! 📲


What's the biggest challenge you experience as a business owner?⁠

We were asked this on a women's panel at last month.⁠

The panel was made up of some impressive ladies doing big things in the SB community and online space - ladies from brands like .SB .samantha.bearman & (I felt honored to be one of them!).⁠

What was interesting is that many of these successful business women confided that their biggest challenge was not actually their business at all. ⁠

In fact, their business energized them and it felt easy for them to prioritize it and solve hard problems to keep everything running (somewhat) smoothly.⁠

The hardest part was learning to find balance (or as I like to say, "harmony") in their personal life. Carving out quality time to spend with their partners, their kids, their friends, and especially themselves.⁠

As an entrepreneur it can be easy to get tunnel vision and go all-in on your business, because there's always something that needs attention, and there's always room for improvement.⁠

But if you aren't careful you can miss out on the small joys of life and find yourself feeling tired, overwhelmed and guilty about not making time for yourself or the people you care about⁠.⁠

Becoming a mother has challenged my independence more than anything, but it's also forced me to optimize my time in a whole new way. It's made me much more strategic about taking care of myself and moving big things forward in my business so I can be present with my son and soak in all the little moments like this one.⁠

Any other working parents out there wonder what you actually used to do with your time before kids? 🤣

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More time ⏳ more energy 🌟 more fulfillment 🤗⁠

If you’ve been feeling… ⁠
❌Overwhelmed with everything on your plate⁠
❌Guilty about not making time for yourself or the people you care about⁠
❌Frustrated about your lack of progress on personal or business goals⁠

I hear you and I am you. I’ve been there and I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to feel like you don’t have the time or energy to go after your dreams or if you do you'll have to let the ball drop in other areas of your life.⁠

But guess what, you don't!⁠

I can show you. ⁠

Which is why I created The Elevate Your Vibrance 6-week Accelerator Program to help ambitious ladies like you take back control of your life so you can feel energized with your daily practice, connected to those you care about, and fulfilled with your life’s path.⁠

In this 6-week Accelerator Program you’ll…⁠
🙏🏽Learn tools to break through overwhelm and create clarity⁠ & inner peace⁠
🕰Optimize your productivity & free up time ⁠
🌟Create a sustainable plan for work-life harmony, and set boundaries to protect it⁠
📈Map out a strategic plan for continued growth in your life or business⁠

Best of all it's customized for YOU - which means we can spend more time in whichever area you need the most support in - whether that's the optimization of your productivity, the implementation of your vibrancy plan, or the growth of your life or business.⁠

👉🏽 So, if you're ready to take life to the next level and create something you're proud of, schedule 30min with my in my bio or DM me “tell me more!”⁠ 😃


Are you in a transition in your life or career? [if so keep reading]⁠

Let me share a little story about someone we’ll call Cindy Lu. 😉⁠

Cindy Lu is currently exploring what she wants the next phase of her life and career to look like. She knew that she enjoyed connecting with other women and sharing her story in a way that could help others, but she wasn't sure how this might translate into a career.⁠

We got on a call to dig deeper into what her true desires are and what's stopping her from taking action. We also explored what some possible options might look like that would give her the financial and location freedom she desired. Through this she realized that she was interested in becoming a coach and eventually creating an online community. 😍⁠

Once she came to this realization however, she immediately began hearing thoughts that she wasn’t experienced enough, she wasn’t smart enough, and there was no way she’d be able to make money doing what she loves. Do any of these fears sound familiar to you? 😣⁠

Using mindset tools I helped her work through these limitations and come to the deeper realization that she could work *with* her fears as she continued forward towards her bigger vision of creating her dream career. For her this looked like, 1️⃣ researching a credible coaching certification board, 2️⃣ reminding herself that her story is an experience in itself and she doesn’t have to have all the answers (spoiler - no one does!), and 3️⃣ finding examples of other coaches in the field she’s interested in making money while doing what they love.⁠

Cindy Lu then came to my Strategic Goal Setting Workshop last Friday and refined her goal along with creating a clear, actionable plan that she’s LIT UP to make a reality. 🔥⁠

👉🏿👉🏽👉🏻 If you’ve got an idea or a vision that you want to make tangible, I invite you to join me in my next Strategic Goal Setting Workshop this Wednesday at 12pm PST. ⁠

Showing up live will give you access to laser coaching with me so you can walk away feeling clear, excited and inspired to take action.⁠

If you can’t make it live you can still get access to the recording to watch on your own time. RSVP through my bio.⁠ 📲

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Need a little support achieving your Q2 goals?⁠ 🏆

I got chu boo.⁠ 😉

Why? ⁠

⁠I love helping others cut through the overwhelm and be intentional with their time. ⁠⏰

I love helping them take big visions and break them down into a tangible plan that feels doable and expansive.⁠ 🤩

I love helping them get laser focused on creating their dreams, while still maintaining work/life harmony.⁠ 🧘🏽‍♀️

Because I believe that creating a fulfilling life starts with recognizing your dreams, claiming them, and making them a reality.⁠ 👊🏽

Doing this increases your self-confidence, makes you feel proud and is a catalyst for continued success in all areas of your life.⁠ 😎

And I want to share my 90-Day Goal Setting framework with you.⁠

This is the framework I use with my clients and it's the best way I've found to really move the needle on what's important.⁠

You'll start by getting crystal clear on an aligned and exciting goal. Then we'll reverse engineer it to break down the big milestones, and smaller actions needed for completion. ⁠✔️

You'll create a preventative plan for self-sabotage, as well as a plan for maintaining work/life harmony as you move towards your big vision. ⁠

This framework WORKS, whether you're wanting to: ⁠
✅ create more clients⁠
✅ grow your business⁠
✅ create a new course or program⁠
✅ master high performance habits⁠
✅ increase your confidence⁠
✅ become a boundary-setting ninja ⁠

..the list goes on.⁠

If this sounds like something you're interested in, join me on Friday 3/25 from 11-12:30pm PST for a powerful Strategic Goal Setting Session.⁠

Register through the link in my bio with code GRATITUDE for $10 off.⁠ 😘


🤔 What is mindset work and how can it help you?⁠

Essentially, it's becoming aware of the beliefs we hold and the operating system we are living out of, and upgrading to something that is more true and present now. ⁠

I’ll share an example…⁠

A client of mine is working through her fear of disappointing others. As a girl she picked up the belief that if she used her voice and spoke up for what she wanted, she’d put others out. ⁠

She’s carried this belief into her adult life, and recently became aware how her silence and conflict avoidance tendencies have caused her to play small and feel frustrated with both herself and others.⁠

Together, we took this belief through inquiry and what she discovered was that, “when I speak up for what I need, it won’t put others out. It will actually help to set clear expectations and deepen our connection.”⁠

Powerful, right?⁠ 🤩⁠

From this new empowered place she made the decision to tell her employer that because she wasn’t contracted full-time, she would be supplementing with another job. Therefore she could only commit a set number of hours to his company. ⁠

Initiating this conversation allowed her to set an expectation with her employer and break her previous pattern of taking on more work than she was getting paid for and burning out.⁠

📲 If you're curious to explore how mindset work could help you hit your goals with more efficiency and ease, apply in my bio and we can hop on a call.

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Calling all SB Baddies 😎⁠

Come kick it with us tomorrow, Sunday 2/27 from 9-11am for a 1hr full-body outdoor kickboxing workout 🥊 led by followed by coffee & eats with ☕⁠

☑️Have fun⁠
☑️Feel good⁠

You in?

Photos from Coach China Jones's post 02/25/2022

Is your default to say yes to others without checking in with yourself first?⁠

This is a theme that's come up with a few clients this week. It often stems from a desire to make others happy and not let them down (aka people pleasing). While keeping others happy can seem like a good thing, it's not.⁠ At least not if you do so at the detriment of yourself.⁠

Because, as one of my clients so powerfully realized yesterday, by saying yes to everyone else and operating in reactive mode, "I'm letting myself down first."⁠

So while missing a yoga class or not hitting your prospect outreach target that week might not seem like a big deal, it's the compound effect of not staying true to yourself that starts to take a toll. ⁠

It can result in you not hitting your goals as quickly (if at all), and beginning to trust yourself less because you aren't following through on your word.⁠

If you're a "yes girl", swipe to see 4 steps you can take to start showing up more mindful and less reactive.⁠

If you found this helpful save for later & share with me which one you're currently doing and where you could do better. ⁠1️⃣ 2️⃣ 3️⃣ or 4️⃣ ?⁠ (#4 is where most have the biggest struggle!)


6 Challenges Entrepreneurs Face:⁠

😑 Sitting with uncertainty⁠
💰 Your relationship with money⁠
💪🏽 Managing your energy⁠
🖥️ Learning to be proficient with your time (this includes delegating and saying no when necessary!)⁠
🧘🏼‍♀️ Disconnecting from work and being present ⁠
🙅🏼‍♀️ Managing expectations - how to separate your results from your worth (hint: your success & failure has nothing to do with your worth)⁠

This list is compiled based on my own experiences and those of my clients. I'm wanting to put together some value around the areas that would best serve and I'd love to hear from you!

Tell me with emojis below, which of these do you excel at and which do you need more support around?


I don't know who needs to hear this but... ⁠


You just need to I have a clear goal, consistently take the next most intelligent step, and get feedback on the way.⁠

I learned this lesson the hard way wasting a lot of time trying to create the perfect plan, only for things to change (as life does) and force me to start over again. ⁠

And if I could teach my younger self a lesson it would be to trust the intuitive hits and to trust that if I have a strong enough WHY, I can be resourceful enough to figure out the HOW.⁠

Do you find yourself hiding behind the lie that you need to have a thorough plan to take action? DM me if so because I have some strategies that can help!


Drop a ☕ if you feel me⁠ 😋

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Which one resonates with you most? 1, 2, or 3?⁠ 👇🏽



Here's why you need to set boundaries, and how to create them!⁠

Boundaries are in place to deepen our relationships and to protect our self-esteem, and really give us the ability to relate to ourselves in a high level. Yassss queen! 👸🏼⁠

However so many of us struggle to set clear boundaries. This can be something as simple as saying yes when you really want to say NO. 🥴⁠

Or it might sound like: “no worries,” “that’s fine,” “whatever you want,” “sure…”⁠

While this can seem minor, the more you DON'T set and respect your own boundaries, the more you will feel overexerted, resentful towards others, and frustrated with yourself. 😞⁠

Creating and holding boundaries is a form of self respect and self love. ❤️⁠ [Read that again]⁠

So what do you do if you have no idea where to start?⁠

1️⃣ The first step is to get clear on your preferences, priorities, desires and non-negotiables. 🔍⁠

Do you know what you like? Have you clarified your most important goals? Do you ever give yourself permission to dream? Are you clear with what you won't put up with? ⁠

2️⃣ Next, you want to make sure to block out time for what's important to you on your calendar.⁠

3️⃣ The last step is having the ability to communicate them when necessary and hold firm. This is often the trickiest part! 🗣️⁠

The more clear you are with who you are and what you want, the easier it is to block out time for your non-negotiables and articulate this to others. ⁠

This could be something as simple as, "this week isn't going to work for me," "let me check and get back to you," or, "I'm booked up at the moment but circle back with me next month and let's discuss."⁠

If you found this helpful please share with a friend to inspire them with ways they can start creating their own boundaries! 💪🏼

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