Run Your Personal Best

Run Your Personal Best


Missed PR by 0.8 seconds!
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Thanks to Cory at Run Your Personal Best I was able to cut my PR from 4:25 to 3:57! You the man! Thanks for everything!

(Time isn’t official yet, gun time registers much higher on website still)
Did anyone watch this over the weekend?
Amazing athletes!

Did anyone watch this over the weekend?
Amazing athletes!

Did anyone watch this over the weekend?
Amazing athletes!

Did anyone watch this over the weekend?
Amazing athletes!

Added some bling today, certainly makes it look better.
Jonna, Sofia, Jan-Erik, and Benny sincerely wanted to "thank" you for today's session Cory ;) Seems I wasn't the only one that hasn't done many 800m intervals before :)
It's true. Those that hire a coach will be at an advantage over the runners who don't have a running coach.

Thanks for the article Run Your Personal Best!
I had been a competitive runner in high school and college, but had given up the sport in my early 20s.
Fast forward 30 years and I ran a mile with my daughter in the summer of 2015. To my shock and horror, I couldn’t finish a mile without stopping. I was determined to get into shape, but at ripe old age of 51, I had an uphill climb.
In the summer of 2015, I ran my first 5k since 1984 and finished in 39:41. Over the next 22 months, I tried to regain my youth and train myself and saw my time drop to 34:08 in a 5k, but I realized I’d plateaued. I went on-line looking for help and stumbled across “Run Your Personal Best” and Coach Cory.
That was in mid-March 2017.
In less than three months, I went from running a 34-minute 5K to a “Personal Best” 30:27 on the same course and race conditions were not ideal.
In a short period of time, Cory custom-made a training regimen that fit into my busy work schedule. He took a personal interest in my training and improvement with a sense of humor that made it fun to go out and run.
I cannot recommend Coach Cory enough and I cannot wait to see what I can accomplish in the months to come under his guidance.


Run Your Personal Best is the internet's premier online running coach offering affordable custom run

Personal & Online Running Coach that aims to make running fun while delivering results you never thought possible. We offer affordable customized plans for all levels of aspiring runners. We believe anyone with a body can become an athlete and through smart training and coaching we help individuals reach their full athletic potential.

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Spice Up the Your Run Workout: Tempo With a Twist | GearJunkie 11/05/2020

Spice Up the Your Run Workout: Tempo With a Twist | GearJunkie

Tempo runs are boring. Here's a twist to the classic tempo to keep things interesting and help u run faster. Read my latest for GearJunkie

Spice Up the Your Run Workout: Tempo With a Twist | GearJunkie Of all running workouts, perhaps the most popular is the tempo run. It also happens to be one of the most boring workouts. Spice it up!


Congrats to Rebecca R. for ABSOLUTELY crushing her 1/2 marathon and setting a huge PR. Rebecca is one of the hardest working clients I have. She started with a 1:39 1/2 and 3:37 marathon and has since lowered her 1/2 PR to 1:33 and a smoking fast BQ of 3:24!

Photos from Run Your Personal Best's post 10/10/2020

Road or trail? Which would you rather run on this fall? 🍂🍁🌲🍂


"Oops! PR!!!!I didn't mean to but damn it felt sooo good to race again."

Congrats to for harnessing some pinned up engery to walk away with a huge half marathon PR!! Amanda never let the lack of racing derail her training.


Congrats to for ABSOLUTELY crushing her marathon running a 4 minute PR for a smoking fast 3:15:22. This secures a spot at the next Boston Marathon for Jenna.


A very special congratulations to one of my longest standing clients who absolutely crushed her marathon this past weekend. Sarah crossed the finish line in a smoking time of 3:16:51 earning her a first sub 3:20, a 4-minute PR and most surely a qualifier. A well deserved result.



Ok, so this may not technically be a marathon PR for Boston Marathon Qualifier , but we sure feel it's PR worthy. Rebecca ran virtual Boston in 4:11 pushing a stroller for the 26.2 run!!

How to Boost V02 Max: Billat 30-30 Interval Workout | GearJunkie 09/09/2020

How to Boost V02 Max: Billat 30-30 Interval Workout | GearJunkie

Check out my latest article for GearJunkie. This is by far one of my favorite workouts. You certainly get the most bang for your buck.

How to Boost V02 Max: Billat 30-30 Interval Workout | GearJunkie Increase your V02 max — the maximum amount of oxygen your body is capable of utilizing — with this short, fun fartlek workout.


"Always base training paces off your current fitness level, never your desired fitness level."

Which would make more sense, planning your monthly budget off your desired income or current income? Trying to train at your desired fitness level is like spending money based on your desired income. Sure it may work for a little, but eventually it's going to catch up with you. 

My college coach Marcus O'Sullivan would always tell us, your race times should dictate your training paces, not the other way around. What he meant by this is you should never calculate your training paces off a goal race time, but instead always calculate your training paces off a recent race.

All too often I see runners saying if "I can only get my daily running pace down to XX I'll be able to hit my goal race time." Don't force the pace. Let it come naturally. A well designed training plan will increase your running pace by properly manipulating volume, density and frequency of the workouts, not just simply telling you to run faster. Train smarter, not harder. 

Try these tips: 

✔There is a difference between "5k pace" and "goal 5k pace." 5k pace is the pace you can run a 5k today and goal 5k pace is your desired 5k pace. Make sure your training plan distinguishes between the two. When in doubt, start off at your current 5k pace and pick up the pace as you feel comfortable. 

✔Only worry about your pace for two or three runs per week. The rest run by effort and don't get hung up with that pace, it really doesn't matter as much as you think. 

✔Reassess your training paces after each race. If you run a huge PR, it's time to adjust your training paces (tempo, threshold, recovery, etc) accordingly 

✔Use a training zone calculator like the one on my website ( to calculate training paces


Congrats to Margaret L. for running a Boston Qualifier this past weekend at the Leading Ladies Marathon in South Dakota.


Just because races aren't happening doesn't mean you can't set PR'S. Congrats to for staying motivated and crushing pr after pr solo!! Can't wait to see what happens once she gets some competition.

Timeline photos 07/24/2020

Don't know what to do about the Garmin outage?

How many runners remember the orginal gps device for runners?


Congrats to for ABSOLUTELY CRUSHING her 1/2 marathon personal best and dipping well under the 2 hour mark this past weekend. She has been hard at work throughout lockdown and it paid off.


A very special congratulations to .2 for successfully completing his very 1st 100 mile race, a rare occurrence for the first attempt. It has been a pleasure working with Jordan the past 4 years and has improved greatly in every distance, including a smoking fast 2:42 marathon.

Photos from Run Your Personal Best's post 07/13/2020

A big congrats to long-time client Deena Flanigan Kreutzer. for being named as one of the most influential women making a difference in Wichita sports. She runs a organization called She Run This Town, a supportive group of female runners.


Congrats to for his shinny new 5k PR of a smoking 18:29!!

Photos from Run Your Personal Best's post 05/25/2020

😮 First Look: Brooks Ghost 13

Just got back from a test run in the classic everyday trainer the Brooks Running Ghost 13 for Outside Magazine shoe test. Impressive updates. A top pick for a everyday trainer. A much smoother and peppier ride. Brooks extended the lively DNA LOFT midsole from heel to toe laterally. A noticeable difference over it's predecessor.

Stats: Available 8/01/20; $130; 10.9oz (men's), 9.6oz (women's); 12mm drop


Congrats to Elyssa B. for absolutely crushing her 5k PR solo!! She lowered her best by nearly a minute.

Timeline photos 05/19/2020


Not all your speed sessions need to be hard and energy draining. Try adding moderate volume and intensity workouts every so often. Not only will you recover faster from these lighter sessions, but you'll have the opportunity to practice goal 5k pace while some quality work in.

This is great way to dail in your pacing and increase comfort level running at your goal 5k pace. Start by doing a longer warmup and hop on the track for 200 meters at goal 5k pace followed by 200 meters at marathon pace. Repeat this every two weeks leading up to goal 5k, except add two more 200's.


Congrats to Ryan H. who set a new 5k PR of 23:37 solo in one of our virtual races last month!! Staying motivated and fit despite no races. Coached by

Photos from Run Your Personal Best's post 05/09/2020

💥 Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 💥

A worthy carbon fiber racing shoe among the noise. Holy stack height...29mm/37mm including insole. Uses Brooks DNA Flash midsole. 8mm drop; $250; Drops 9/1/20


All smiles and thumbs up when you set a new 5k in a virtual race. Congrats to long time client on his extremely successful running career. When he joined our team his marathon pr was 3:26:47, since he's lowered it to 3:04:30 and this 5k shows a sub 3 is well within reach.

Timeline photos 05/07/2020

💥Coaches Throwback Thursday💥

Coach winning the USATF Colorado 10k champs. "Cool story... it was party of my marathon training and I came back 45 min later and won the 5k (not associated with usatf championships, just associated with the race)!"

Timeline photos 05/04/2020

Congrats to David B. for completing the David Goggins 4x4x48 challenge. 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours.

For another cool challenge, check out the Yeti challenge. 5 miles every 4 hours for 24 hours.

Timeline photos 05/01/2020

👇 Fun workout to try 👇

This ia a twist on the standard tempo run. Add a fast 400m after each mile tempo to simulate both running fast on tired legs during the 400m and at a moderate pace for the tempo.


"I gotta be honest - this virtual race got me amped!" Love this!!

Congrats to for her shiny new 5k PR in our virtual race series last month. She freaking rocked it!! Keep the hype high, you've got many more PR'S in you.

Timeline photos 04/26/2020

Joinis and make May your most....miles in a month, miles in a week, runs in a month, runs in a week. Whatever you do, just make it your most.


Congrats to for lowering her 5k PR by over 30 seconds SOLO in one of our virtual races a few weeks back. Keep up the hardwork Amy. Love seeing your progress. Coached by Coach

Photos from Run Your Personal Best's post 04/24/2020

💥First Look: Nike Pegasus 37💥

Just got back from my first test run and was impressed. Feels more like the turbo, faster, more cushioned than the Peg 36.

Here's what's new:
1) Now with React foam versus Cushlon midsole in the 36...lighter, more durable and responsive
2) Went from a full length airbag too only a forefoot bag
3) Gender tuned. Women's model has a softer forefoot airbag than men's
4) Loud as hell. Forefoot strike sounds like the Vaporfly 4%

Timeline photos 04/23/2020

💥Coaches Throwback Thursday💥

In honor of Penn Relays, which would have been held this weekend here's Coach Cory leading the mens 4 x 1 mile. It was an all-out battle with a stacked Stanford field of Jonathon Reilly, Gabe Jennings, Michael Stembler and a forth I can't remember.

Timeline photos 04/22/2020

Here's a great mixed pace workout from Coach . This is a great 5k workout that helps you run fast on tired legs. A perfect workout to develop a mean kick at the of a race.

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