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Heat Acclimatization is a fun topic I personally follow quite a bit. This piece of literature is a good add-on to Ryan's great coach's week presentation on the topic.
This is the Iron Cowboy, James Lawrence. I found myself redefining my impossible 5 years ago when I accomplished the 50 50 50 (50 full distance triathlons in 50 states in 50 days). I want to offer you the same opportunity to redefine your impossible. No I am not sending you to all 50 states but I have put together, with my team, an amazing race. We call this the UTAH’S TOUGHEST - AN EXTREME TRIATHLON. It takes place in my home state of UTAH. It will be held August 1, 2020. We are offering a crazy hard full distance race, a just as difficult half distance race, and an equally difficult olympic distance race. These races will push yourself to some limits you may not have faced before. To find out more about the UTAH’S TOUGHEST RACE head over to the race site and get your self signed up.THERE IS NOT TIME LIKE NOW TO SEE WHAT YOU ARE TRULY CAPABLE OF!
Hi All! I would like to invite everyone to join a newer wellness group that is focused on celebrating the connection between physical and mental health. Team Thrive was established for fellow athletes of all sports and abilities to educated themselves on how their physical health helps their mental health. It’s a community to share personal struggles, encourage and motivate others to be a better version of themselves through physical health. Come join us at

Bolton Endurance Sports Training (BEST) is worldwide endurance sports training company focusing on t

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Photos from Bolton Endurance Sports Training's post 10/03/2022

We’re kicking off this epic race week w/a celebration! Congrats goes out to all of our BEST athletes!

Memphis 70.3:
Bryan Heaton: finished in 5:15 placing 16th in his Age Group.
Steve Meyers: had a great day finishing 13th in the M50-54 age group in a time of 5:38:17.

Muncie 70.3:
Thomas Conlin: excellently executed Muncie 70.3 to PR by more than 30 mins!

Waterman's Triathlon Festival Half Iron Race:
Sean Saxton: posted a very good 3rd place overall finish. His time of 4:31:54 also was good for a 1st place finish in his age group.

Pennsylvania 50k:
Scott Radke: tackled this 50k & placed a respectable 52nd overall in a time of 5:37.

Twin Cities Marathon:
Kari-Anne Samuelson: ran in a super-fast time of 2:49:29 & was the 14th woman OA. This was her first marathon back after having her second child and she absolutely rocked it!

London Marathon:
Julie Keith: 5th World Major in the books in a time of 3:27.

Joe McCarty: ran the half marathon this year & placed 7th in his Age Group.

Juarez 10k:
Araceli Solis: ran a 10k for the 2nd week in a row. This week she won her age group & placed 6th overall in a fast time of 45:08.

Ragnar Bourbon Chase:
Michelle Stratton: joined her team & won the corporate division. She ran three legs in the race, majorly contributing to her team's success.

Tomlinson Revenge WPCX & Riverview Month of Mud:
Stephanie Swan: Stephanie took 2nd (W 1,2,3)at the Tomlinson Revenge WPCX race & came back on Sunday to WIN the Women's Masters 40+ category on her Mt Bike at the Riverview Month of Mud.

Team Lake Effect CX:
Coach Tove Shere: had a solid race in the W123 race!


Interested in some of Coach Ryan Bolton’s go-to key run sessions? Check out the Polarized Training for Runners article on the Fast Talk Labs site (link in bio) -

@fasttalklabs with @use.repost
Olympian-turned-elite coach Ryan Bolton uses a 5-zone training zone system to polarize workouts for runners. While runners are some of the biggest advocates of this approach, polarized training can be applied to all sports and disciplines. Check out some of Bolton’s go-to run workouts at the link in bio.

@coachryanbolton @boltonendurance

Photos from Bolton Endurance Sports Training's post 09/26/2022

Cheers to ! Congrats to all of our BEST athletes on putting together some really solid racing and impressive results!

Ironman Chattanooga:
Carson Songy: executed his goal of a sub 11 for his very first Ironman. His time of 10:54:46 earned him 26/141 AG athletes. Incredible effort for horrible rain, wind & hilly bike course.
Bettina Shepherd: finished 4th in the F55-59 AG.

70.3 Cozumel:
Ryan Salmon: rallied after a mid-week crash (he got hit by a car) to place 93rd in a time of 5:50:56.

Augusta 70.3:
Yang Pan: had a great race winning the M30-34 AG & 3rd overall amateur in a time of 4:09:51. Yang has decided that he will race professionally in 2023!
Eric Patnode: had a great result placing 4th in his AG in a time of a 4h43!
Jared Howell: went sub 5 and placed 26th in his AG!

Mesa Sprint Triathlon:
Laura Nichols: took the overall win in a speedy time of 1:05:08.

Jersey Girl Triathlon:
Erinne Wasalski: 'A PR of the worst sprint ever’ impending hurricane made for poor conditions.

NY Toughman Olympic Tri:
Cornell Tri Team: took home 2nd in the Ivy League championship & earned 2nd place overall collegiate team.

She Sprints Triathlon:
Kari Wilner: a top 10 overall finish & an Age Group win!

She Sprints Long Course Duathlon:
Melissa Velarde: took the overall win in a time of 1:46:56.
Dora CdeBaca: had a strong end of season race finishing 4th overall!

Juarez 10k:
Araceli Solis: is getting right back at it after the somewhat recent birth of her 2nd child w/a stellar 4th place finish in 45 minutes!

The Seaside Heights NJ Semper Five 5K:
Susan Mark: had one of her best ever 5k times this weekend. Way to go Smarks!!

NJ Gravel Grinder:
Leslie Hack: completed the 27 mile distance in 37 miles. Always a good time getting lost in the woods.

CX Burton, Ohio:
Coach Tove Shere: despite a major mechanical early in the race, Tove was able to keep her focus and finish the race.

Photos from Bolton Endurance Sports Training's post 09/20/2022

“I’ve had the privilege of watching this level of compassionate, committed and caring coaching for nearly 30 years. She has impacted countless lives.” -Jerry Shere

We really do have the BEST coaching staff ever!! We are super excited to share that Coach Tove Shere has been nominated for a “Women of Endurance Sports Award!”

The Outspoken Summit hosts the annual Women of Endurance Sports Awards to celebrate the amazing work women are doing to support gender equity and inclusion in endurance sports. We can’t think of anyone more deserving of this nomination!!

Join us in congratulating Coach on this awesome nomination and wishing her the BEST of luck as the awards committee selects the finalists. 🙌🙌🙌

Photos from Bolton Endurance Sports Training's post 09/19/2022

Big weekend of racing = big results = BIG congrats!!!
PTO US Champs Dallas:
BEST Pros:
Sam Long: placed a solid 3rd in this very competitive race with the fastest bike split of the day & a fast time of 3:18:09
Kyle Buckingham: placed 25th in a time of 3:30:38, a good result as he prepares for the Ironman World Champs.

Superleague Malibu:
Dan Dixon: rocked an amazing 4th place finish at this highly competitive race. That bumped him up in the overall standings & he continues to get stronger each race!

IM Maryland:
Bruno Atacho: raced & won his AG & finished 4th OA with an amazing time of 9h01 & he also punched his ticket to Kona in 2023.

70.3 Washington:
Ben Stern: had another top placing at his second 70.3 in a row! This time he rocked a 4th place finish in 4:28:10.

Tugaloo Triathlon:
Power couple Kaylee Slade & Brian Dragotto both had top finishes at the Tugaloo Olympic + Tri in Georgia. Kaylee got the overall win in a time of 2:24:44 & Brian won his AG in a time of 2:35:03.

Long Beach Island Triathlon:
Susan Mark: had a great time & place in a very strong AG. Susan has done this race numerous times & yesterday had personal bests in all 3 disciplines including her overall finishing time. Congrats Smarks!

Steelman Racing 2-mile Open Water Swim:
Dave Carvajal: placed 1st!

Corrales Ditch Run 10K:
Tana Kaskalla: 1st overall!

Is Your Toilet Running 5K:
Kristin Johansen: 1st place finish!

Fernhollow CX Race:
Stephanie Swan: took 2nd in the 1hour season CX opener in the W1,2,3 category.

Albuquerque Dirt Fest 12-hour Mountain Bike Race & 5k Trail Run:
Silvio Lopez: teamed up for the 12-hour race on Saturday & this team of 2 had a top 10 finish. He returned on Sunday to win the 5k trail run race!!

Photos from Bolton Endurance Sports Training's post 09/13/2022

Woot! Woot!! We are super pumped to announce that our very own BEST Coach Sarah Portella was one of the nominated businesses in this year’s 2022 Best of Music City in the Tennessean! She was nominated in the ‘Best Personal Trainer’ category.

We know she’s the BEST and you’ll get the chance to cast your vote beginning in October 1st. We’ll share details on how to get your vote in closer to that date.

In the meantime, do join us in congratulating her!! 🙌🙌🙌

Photos from Bolton Endurance Sports Training's post 09/12/2022

We’re here on this to give a great BIG shout out to all of our awesome athletes who crushed it at all the races this weekend!

Superleague Munich:
BEST Pro Dan Dixon: placed 8th in this highly competitive race. It moved him up a couple notches in the overall standings & also sets him up for a good race this next weekend in Malibu.

FISU World University Games:
BEST Pro Lydia Russell: gained more valuable race experience with her 21st place.

70.3 Atlantic City:
Tim Bradley: decimated the field again. He won by almost an hour in a time of 4:28:05. Super impressive for a 60 year old!
Jorge Alvarez: finished 39th in the M30-34 and 264th overall in a time of 5:28:34.
Coach Tommy G.: had a solid and fun day out on the course!

Harvest Moon Half Iron Race, Boulder, CO:
Jason George: took first place in his age group in a time of 4:59:15

70.3 Michigan:
Sean Saxton: placed 2nd in his competitive age group in a time of 4:22:58.
Anna Kuuttila: Finished her first 70.3 race!

70.3 Santa Cruz:
Lee Mount: finished 4th place in the M25-29 age group & 16 overall amateur in a time of 4:15:25.
Ben Stern: ran to a 6th place finish in time of 4:19:15
Dylan Delacruz: placed a strong 7th in his age group in a time of 4:16:44.

Pine Barrons Olympic Distance Tri:
Lara Henrichs: 2nd female overall! Great race prep for 70.3 St. George & absolutely crushed her transitions.

Lake Nighthorse Sprint Tri, Durango, CO:
Raevin Richardson: finished 4th in the F25-29 Age Group.

Carter CX, Cincinnati, OH:
Coach Tove Shere: Placed an impressive 3rd in the very competitive 35+ women which included had Cat 1,2,3 & Elite Juniors combined.

GNCC eMTB series:
Stephanie Swan: in the final race of the series and in very tough and muddy conditions Stephanie place 2nd and 2nd overall for the series.

Curtis Anderson: congratulations Curtis for completing this incredible accomplishment - cycling over 200 miles and through 3 states!!!

Brielle Day 10k:
Tricia Callahan: 4th place AG finish. A nice race out to ‘have fun’ after a long season. Congratulations!

Photos from Bolton Endurance Sports Training's post 09/06/2022

A in celebration of the medals won over the Labor Day weekend! A BIG congrats to these awesome women!!

Labor Day Half Marathon, Colorado:
Julie Keith: finished 9th overall & 3rd in her Age Group in a time of 1:36:28!

Denver 7k:
Susan Lines: raced this fun event finishing in the Broncos Mile High Stadium!


BEST Coach Ryan Bolton spent the last week in France finalizing plans for USAT to use Vichy for the pre Olympics training camp in 2024. The official ceremony took place on Tuesday. Way to represent! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


Yo, yo, yo….recently BEST Pro @samgolong rode the fastest bike split in Collins Cup history. If you’re interested in the breakdown of his race power data, check out this article (link in bio)
where Sam and Coach Ryan Bolton discuss the details. Good stuff here!

Photos from Bolton Endurance Sports Training's post 08/29/2022

It’s another and we’re here to congratulate all of our BEST athletes on all around great racing!

70.3 Duisburg:
Anna L.: had a very impressive race in the buildup for Kona and won her AG and finished 2nd overall.
Phillip Kuhr: had his best 70.3 to date finishing just under 4h30 min with a strong performance.

Riverbluff Triathlon:
Herchel Portella: placed 7th in his Age Group putting together a solid race
Coach Sarah Portella: placed 2nd female Overall.
Valerie Diden Moore: placed 5th in her Age Group!

Lake Tahoe Olympic Distance Triathlon:
Kelly Dow: made his post COVID comeback placing 4th in his Age Group on this challenging course.

Hero Hustle Sprint Triathlon:
Ryan Long: congrats on finishing 2nd in his age group and 13th overall!

Medford Lakes Sprint Tri:
Dave Carvajal: placed a solid 6th in his age group at this competitive sprint tri in a time of 1:23:08.

Guatemala Half Marathon:
Rodrigo Gabriel: ran a fast 1:18:35 at this high altitude, hot & steamy half in Guatemala City.

Sunflower Run 10K:
Tana Kaskalla: was the 1st place finisher in the women’s race and placed 3rd overall amongst all runners!
Laura Niel: a solid training run winning her Age Group and 7th place overall.

Sunflower Run 5K:
Dora CdeBaca: using this as a training run, Dora ran a steady effort and placed 4th in her Age Group.
Stephanie Oellien: a nice return to run racing placing 3rd in her Age Group.
Melissa Velarde: placed 1st in her Age Group and top 25 overall.
Special shout out on finishing the 5k goes out to Christella, Mindy, Brian, Kim, Isaac, Steph G., Vanessa, Jennifer & Kara!

Photos from Bolton Endurance Sports Training's post 08/22/2022

Congrats goes out to these BEST athletes on this !!

Fall Creek Falls Half Iron Distance TrI:
Kaylee Slade: @kayleeslade took the overall win (men and women!!)! Congrats!

Fall Creek Falls Olympic Distance Tri:
Brian Dragotto: @brian_dragotto won his Age Group & also had a top 5 overall finish!

Tri Cleveland Rock n Roll:
Kids That Tri Cleveland: 16 @kids.that.tri_cleveland athletes raced on Saturday….look out race world ‘cause here they come!!

Eastern Ohio State TT:
Coach Tove Shere: rocked a first place Age Group finish and 3rd women overall!!

Lake George Open Water Races:
Marty Munson: placed 3rd in both the 2.5k & 5k (b2b races!). A big day of racing and training!!

Jacksonville 2k Open Water Swim:
Marion Philippe: in prep for IMFL, Marion did the OWS race & placed 3rd in her Age Group!


Join us in wishing this new grandpa a Happy Birthday!!!

Happy birthday Coach!! And welcome to the team baby James!!! 💙💙💙

Photos from Bolton Endurance Sports Training's post 08/15/2022

Happy ! Congrats to our BEST athletes on another great weekend of racing!!

New York Triathlon/Duathlon:
Leslie Hack: raced the Duathlon & placed 3rd in the women’s race and 17th overall. Congratulations on your first Duathlon!

USCAA Corporate Cup Relays:
Kristin Johansen: finished first place in each of her events including the 800 women’s relay, 4x400 and the 200.

Boulder Rez Half Marathon:
Julie Keith: first place in the F30-39 Age Group.

Lavalette Mid-summer Ocean Swim:
Lara Henrichs: place 3rd in her age group in a really great time.

Long Branch Ocean Mile Swim:
Erinne Wasalski: completed the swim and had a great experience.


to IM Des Moines where this tore it up!!! Join us in wishing @andrelopes.v a happy birthday!!

Photos from Bolton Endurance Sports Training's post 08/08/2022

Wow - what a !

70.3 Gdynia:
BEST Pro Sam Long: was the overall winner in a time of 3:37:55 & also broke Jan Frodeno's course record by over 2 minutes!
Spiro Youakim: placed 38th in his AG in a PR time for this course of 6:51.

70.3 Boulder:
BEST Pros:
Ben Hoffman: rallied for a strong 3rd place in a fast 3:51:01.
Andre Lopes: a tough day out there, but still managed a 7th place in 3:54:32.

Age Group Athletes:
Jason George: dominated his AG by placing 1st in 4:50:05.
Ben Stern: a 3rd place podium finish in 4:23:47.
Dylan Delacruz: cruised to a 6th place finish in 4:22:08.
Ryan Salmon: set a PR on this course with 83rd place in 5:59:16.
Team Liza James: had an awesome race with Beth & Liza finishing in 7:46:42.
Mike Baba: finished 11th in the M35-39 AG in a time of 4:41:37.
Steve Meyers: finished 90th in the M50-54 AG in a time of 6:52:40.

Age Group Nationals Olympic & Sprint:
Michelle Stratton: placed 2nd in her AG in 2:16:32 on day & won the Sprint in a time of 34:24 on day 2!
Brian Dragotto: cruised to a 19th place finish in 2:25:34 on day 1 & then placed 29th in a time of 37:49 in the Sprint.
Kelly Dow: raced the Olympic distance & placed a solid 69th in his AG putting together a solid performance.
Jared Howell: placed a solid 83rd in his tough AG & returned the next day placing an impressive 33rd in the Sprint race.
Coach Tove Shere: put together an impressive sprint race and is the F70-74 National Champ!

Steelman Olympic Distance Triathlon:
Dave Carvajal: placed 11th in his AG in a fast time of 2:44:01.

Socorro Chili Harvest Triathlon:
Alex Roerick: 8th overall and 3rd Place M 25-29
Anna Kuuttilla: 10th Female overall and 3rd Place F 25-29
Nixo Lanning: 5th Female overall &1st Place F 35-39
Scott Bennefield: 1st place M 65-69

USAC Masters National Time Trial:
Laura Niel: a solid 4th place F55-59!

Taos 10km up & over:
Coach Dorota Gruca & Kristin Johansen: raced this tough race in Taos, NM.

Sea Girt 5K Family Race:
Trisha Callahan: ran with her son in preparation for his xcountry season.

Sea Girt 1-mile Ocean Swim:
Lara Henrichs: completed the mile race in preparation for her upcoming HIM in St. George.

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