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Fav new quote in prepping for my new hormone health coaching clients….

“Contrary to what you’ve heard, your estrogen is not on a slow gradual decline in your 40s. It would be a lot nicer if it were. Instead your estrogen is doing the worst possible thing: it is fluctuating widely…Soaring to twice what it was before then crashing down again to almost nothing… again and again.”
(Perimenopause) Laura Briden N.D.

Detox infrared session can be helpful for a hormone imbalance, a gut cleanse, and an immune booster. Want to know how? DM me and I’ll give ya the skinny 😜

Photos from Anya’s Adventures in Pilates's post 11/20/2022

Had a lovely authentic Italian dinner with this handsome man at this local restaurant in Merida called We chatted with the owner in a mix of English, Spanish and Italian. She’s passionate about fresh and local ingredients (everything was local organic grass fed etc) and she makes a beautiful gluten free pasta! Served in typical Italian style, primo, secondi, and carne courses. We loved it 😍 Next time I’m trying her gluten free postre 🧁
Piacere Restaurante Carboni!


Self-Care Sunday ❤️‍🩹Relieve Stress & Anxiety, Pain & Inflammation, or heal muscle & Renew our skin.

A 30-45 minute session in an infrared sauna can have so many benefits.

When I was dealing with extreme anxiety due to huge hormone imbalances, the infrared helped to calm my brain and the warmth of the sauna helped relieve my symptoms.

As a virtual Pilates instructor (which requires that I workout in every class I teach, I often need a little muscle repair!

Naturopathic doctors and physical therapist for professional athletes all recognize that the Infrared sauna therapy promotes relaxation by helping to balance your body’s level of CORTISOL, your body’s primary stress hormone. Plus, the heat generated by the sauna will help to RELAX muscles & relieve tension throughout the body, allowing you to relax and de-stress & HEAL!

Do you have more questions about the infrared sauna? Put them in the comments below or DM me. I’m here to help!

Want a free infrared sauna session?
New clients DM me your email for a link to the first session free 🎁


Virtual PilatesMat Class Schedule for October 🍁Come strengthen your core & relieve stress at the same time!

Comment below for a free class link!


Found this book very informative. Gives a program for a reasonable detox for the body and it’s vital systems.

Here goes!
Day 2 breakfast with ground Flax for fiber & lots of fresh pineapple 🍍


I’ve always loved to dress up for a party, hair, makeup, jewelry, heels 👠 In my early teens I was a thrift store & vintage fanatic! In my late teens I started working in the beauty industry as a fragrance model and later as a makeup artist. And later I learned to make and sell my own jewelry as a little side biz.

Here’s me and my sis about 15 years ago. I still love a good dress up moment.

I still make my own jewelry & I’m a sucker for a good pair of heels (although the pandemic taught me they are actually unnecessary). And I still love [email protected] of fabulous vintage in any outfit.

Buy now my beauty is clean and safe and doesn’t harm my gut or my endocrine system, & I love that! I use BeautyCounter, what do you use?


Hey guys 👋
Thanks for being here! Let me introduce myself.

I’m a California girl at heart ❤️
My kids are my dobermans 🖤
I love the beach & paddle boarding 🏝
I love exploring new places & immersing myself in creation 🌴🌳🌲
Im a tea fantatic 🫖☕️ & a baking fiend 🍪
I love puzzles & math
I love classic cars, & working on them
I love learning languages & exploring new cultures & traveling 🧳 W my best friend & hubby ❤️
I am all about foods & ingredients & products that make me healthier & stronger & I try and make my family be all about it too 😂


Took some pears picked from our tree and juiced them with some Citrus, blueberries, cucumbers, carrots and a whole lot of spinach!

Gives my system a vitamin and mineral boost, full of antioxidants!

What are Antioxidants? They are substances that can prevent or slow damage to our cells caused by free radicals(unstable molecules that the body produces) & that can cause oxidative stress which harms our cells, leading to inflammation & eventually disease.

It’s ok to have dessert, just don’t forget the greens & berries!


Sometimes you just need a little sand in your toes 🌅

A pause and reset moment with my favorite guy! 💓💓💓

What’s your favorite way to reset?

Photos from Anya’s Adventures in Pilates's post 07/19/2022

Got the travel 🧳 plans made! How about your clean products to take with you?

Even when I travel I try to make sure my food is healthy and my products are safe.

BeautyCounter has these awesome minis in glass containers, they’re REFILLABLE and REUSABLE and travel well in the suitcase! I don’t leave the country without mine & my 🧴☀️sunscreen & sombrero 👒 🕶

What’s your travel plans for 2022? I’m going to Mexico!!


Such a great place to get to our core in shape! Salty sea air, the sand between your toes (and in your hair lol) the sound of the waves, your Pilates instructor’s girly voice barking out orders 😆and don’t forget the seagulls! Had a great class today! Always love welcoming new ones to join us. I get the same response every time it’s their first beach class, “this is the best place to do Pilates!”

I kinda like it too ❤️❤️❤️
Keep coming down to join me and bring a friend so they get to experience this beautiful place we live!

Pic cred flies to my student & best recruiter


Join me this summer

FREE Healthy lifestyle education 👇🏼👇🏼

Learn about Hormone health ⚕️

Clean Products that actually work 💪🏼

Easy substitutions for everyday toxic products 🥀🌹

How to make and keep healthier choices

The power of detox 💦

Pop-up Dates include June 16, 17, 24, 26, July 1 & 17 and more!

Join us for free education

Host your own and share the free education plus get rewards for supporting my small business! DM Me!! 🌿❤️


Summertime Friday Beach Pilates was a blast 💥 We had several on location and even a few on zoom, they still get to see and hear the ocean from home!

Yes that’s right… We are doing hybrid classes now. Streaming live for those who prefer to zoom from home plus the real life outdoor group, all in one class! It’s definitely challenging as a teacher to do both but my students seem to love it so I am going to continue to adapt, becoming a better multi-tasker 😆

Have it tried it yet? Make it a summertime goal to move more and try something new outdoors! Maybe you’ll find that it makes you feel great and look great too!

Photos from Anya’s Adventures in Pilates's post 05/24/2022

Pause & Reset with my favorite person on the planet ❤️❤️❤️


Beach Pilates oh how we love thee! Those who’ve attended this week, THANK YOU! I hope you had as much fun as I did! We are just getting started!
For those who haven’t been able to make it….
Want to be put on my message thread for beach Pilates alerts and updates? Locations, Days and times?

Message me now!

Photos from Anya’s Adventures in Pilates's post 05/01/2022

Hey who’s driving this page?
Hi its me Anya!
Your local central coast California girl, Auntie, Big sister, wife, daughter, educator & Baker (now gluten free). I love Pilates, the beach, Paddle Boarding, old Cars, educating people on ways to be well like infrared saunas & clean skincare, and camping with my best friend!

Follow me for Pilates moves and easy to apply wellness ideas! Reach out to me with your wellness & cooking healthy questions. I’m certified in Pilates mat training & hormone health!

Be the healthiest version of you for yourself and your loved ones. I’m here to help!
DM me.


Spring into clean skincare!
Just using coconut oil? (That was me.) Don’t use a moisturizer or an exfoliant regularly? Your skin could probably use a boost, yes you can get that from a clean product.
These are highly effective clean products you can use everyday to make a big difference in your skin! No hormone disrupters, no carcinogens, no parabens, phthalates, petroleum ingredients!

Let me help you order something good for your skin today & I’ll give you one of these for free! (I only have 3 products for the first 3 orders.)
DM me for details 🌿


There’s no place too small for a garden 🌱
We grew some little radishes in a pot on the patio. One pot of radishes, two of blueberries, one of strawberries & a dwarf lemon tree is what we have so far this year! Plus our year round herb garden! Who wouldn’t want a little herb garden for cooking?!

I’m happy that we have our little piece of soil here, me and the nephews have so much fun planting, growing and picking!

Photos from Anya’s Adventures in Pilates's post 04/01/2022

Beach Day!

Progresó Yucatán with friends!

The sea was warm 🌊
The sunshine was 👌🏼☀️
The friends even better!


Something about Warm, Fresh air that just makes you want to play….
Ball 😂🐶🐾

We’re happy to be back at Hacienda Gossage or Casa Naranja as it’s called.
Warm air, sunshine and more time to play?? Hope to get into the pool after it’s clean. May head to the beach nearby. We shall see!


One of the things I had to let go of for a long time has been wine. If you know the old me & D, we were wine tasting regulars, even vineyard campers. But because they vineyards use so many pesticides & so many additives, it really affects my immune system, my hormones specifically.

But we found this Biodynamic, Organic, Dry farmed winery in Templeton! Unlike many of the organic, dry farmed wines I’d tried before… this wine was delicious! A true Paso wine, full body flavor and so smooth!
We highly recommend Ambyth Estates winery.

This little store it’s connected to has all types of local produce, honey, vegan, GF and wine friendly delights!

Photos from Anya’s Adventures in Pilates's post 03/07/2022

Working on the wagon with dad. Trying to figure out why it’s choking up and acting like it’s going to stall out (no it’s not my driving) May need a new carb or clean out the fuel lines or tank.


Can’t wait for our next SUP camping Roadtrip! So many beautiful places across the States to catch some

Last year was California, Utah, Arizona & East & South Texas!

The year before was California, Oregon and Washington

This year is Utah & Wyoming & Santa Cruz, California

What’s your vacation plans for the summer?


Take care of your skin, it’ll be worthwhile!
We’ve all Heard of collagen. So what does the collagen peptides in this picture and the other three products from BeautyCounter have in common? They all have peptides which are the building blocks of collagen & help you to develop elastin in your skin specifically. So if you’re taking care of your skin from the inside, take care of it from the outside too!! Use these supreme hydrating products that are clean (we don’t use carcinogenic or hormone disruptoring ingredients) to give you that elasticity that fades with age!
I’m not worried about my wrinkles but I’m not going to ignore them either! I love using these products that make my skin feel great!

Message me to order or for help finding the products that match you!


March Matness

For the month of March many Pilates instructors and studios will share our favorite Pilates May movements! I’m going to share too, I’m an attempt to show what Pilates is like and how it can benefit your body!

“The Hundred”
Love it, Hate it, can’t wait for it, can’t wait to finish it… it’s the Pilates Mat move that you never grow too strong for! It works your core- upper & lower abdominals, hip flexors and spine muscles.
It does it all!

Keep the low back on the mat, don’t let it arch up. Modify the height of the legs based on your level of challenge. Abdominals keep you rounding upwards and shoulder blades off the mat. Your neck isn’t lifting you, your abdominals are! Breath in through the nose pumping the arms for 5 counts, exhale out through the mouth pumping the arms for 5 counts repeat 10 times!


Infrared Sauna Session
My favorite setting is either Pain Relief or Relaxation. Being a Pilates instructor I’m always pushing my muscles a bit and sometimes they just need a rest! Enter infrared sauna! I also love using it just to DE-STRESS! 30 min in here with the chromatherapy lighting and something to read and setting my phone on do not disturb, and I am ready to have world again!

Try it out! Book your sauna session today! Give your mind and body a rest!

Photos from Anya’s Adventures in Pilates's post 02/19/2022

Tired of your skin looking tired?
Tired of your local beauty supply having empty shelves or lacking experience to help so that you can find what you need for your skin?

I was! Learn how effective our products are without using carcinogens or hormone disruptors! Help your skin feel fresh and glowing!

Zoom spa party with friends! Message me for your non-salesy, educational, clean beauty spa party & freebies!


Finally a ☀️warm day☀️at the beach after months of cold weather!

Even though I’m soaking up the sunshine🏖Moms voice rings in my ears “Always wear your sunblock!” “Bring a hat!” We don’t want extra wrinkles and dark spots.

I’ve gotten smarter about listening & smarter about my sunblock! I use one that won’t mess with my hormones, and isn’t full of harmful chemicals! BeautyCounter CounterSun Face, Body & Mist!

Stock up on your sun protection and get ready for warm days ahead!


30 days of wellness week 3 is happening! How are you feeling? More energy? Easier to reach for the healthy snacks rather than the sugary ones? Looking forward to your daily walk or Pilates class? Cleaning with less chemicals? Taking your vitamins? And drinking your water? I hope so 👏🏼If your struggling, reach out to me, I’ve been there and I’m here to help!

This weeks wellness IG Live is about taking care of your skin without harsh or dangerous chemicals, chemicals that can disrupt hormones and contribute to a huge imbalance, chemicals that are unnecessary as I hope to share with you!

Join my favorite Esthetician Sherie and I Thursday Jan 20 3PM PST
She’s going to share her 20+ years experience in the field with us while talking about our fav BeautyCounter products and why they WORK!

Message me for your free samples and follow along love with a chance to win a free full size product that’s good for you 😉 Mark your calendar 📅

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Took some pears picked from our tree and juiced them with some Citrus, blueberries, cucumbers, carrots and a whole lot o...
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