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What kind of mattress do you suggest someone should use if they are suffering from lower back & hip pain? Soft or hard? Coil or memory foam?

A Pilates-based wellness company specializing in pain relief and optimized physical performance. He’s been featured in OK!

More then just a fitness company, Z-Line Fitness is a life changer. Founder and President, Craig Zuckerman has been dedicated to helping people gain the knowledge, confidence, and physicality, to take control of their bodies, and get out of pain. Craig understands that it’s more then just exercise, it’s the emotional and physical need to get your life back, and he’ll show you how to do it. Craig i

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Improve Your Balance with this Simple Exercise. 11/09/2022

There are a couple of studies making the news, such as this one in Popular Mechanics (https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/health/a41886676/longevity-one-leg-balance-test/), about your ability to stand on one leg and how it relates to your longevity. So, if you want to live longer, we have your magic balance elixir in our Youtube video: https://youtu.be/NqlalgH8wvI

Improve Your Balance with this Simple Exercise. is the key to injury prevention, especially in the ankle, knee, hip and lower back. As we get older, falling b...


Every once-in-a-while one of my clients brings in a family member in need. My client brought her husband who had a heel spur. In the pic I'm using a percussion massager on the arch of the clients foot to release the pressure on the tendon attachment where the spur was happening. This was after some toe curls, heel lifts, and ankle circle exercises, as well as some what-not-to-do tips to prevent the heel spur from getting worse. We ended with some Kinesiology tape on his arch and calf. For more info on the exercises I used, as well as how I used the tape, check out my video, "Relieve pain in the arch and heel of your foot (Plantar Fasciitis)" on my Youtube channel (https://youtu.be/QyGG-wbvc4Y).


Now that is one extensive Kinesio taping! This wonderful soul was in a car accident that not only caused injuries but threw his nervous system into a tizzy. The docs had pretty much given up on him and told him to just rest, as they couldn't figure out why he was in so much pain. When he and I first started working together his body would shiver, his limbs would go numb and he would almost pass out from the work. His body was in a constant state of fear, causing muscle spasms and pain. We did as much mental/emotional work as we did physical work. The K-tape helped relax his muscles, like giving them a hug. I am happy to say that after a few sessions his body no longer goes numb, nor does it convulse. He is doing more and more exercises every day. It is a lesson that injuries and accidents don't just cause physical pain, they have an emotional toll too, and it must be addressed to heal the body.

Take Your Workout to the Next Level! 08/24/2022

Want to know how to get the most out of your workout? In my latest video, I share my secrets for creating amazing exercise programs. You'll learn how to teach your body to handle whatever life throws at it and optimize your performance in whatever sport you like to do. Learn how to enhance your workout to gain more stability, strength, and full body coordination. https://youtu.be/hGcqF-xXLSk

Take Your Workout to the Next Level! Ready to take your workout to the next level? This video is packed with all kinds of tips for taking your current exerc...

Shoulder Pain Fixes for Swimmers and Surfers. To do's, what NOT to do, and exercises to help. 08/19/2022

If you're a surfer or swimmer and you are experiencing shoulder pain, then you need to check out my video. There is a simple mechanical change to the way you use your arm/shoulder when you swim or paddle on your board that can make all the difference in whether you have shoulder pain or not. Living in California, I get surfers all the time with shoulder pain and what I show you in my Youtube video can fix it. Check it out: https://youtu.be/RK9ijRHQEYA

Shoulder Pain Fixes for Swimmers and Surfers. To do's, what NOT to do, and exercises to help. Zuckerman shows you the #1 cause of shoulder pain for swimmers and surfers in this video, and he shows you exactly ...


Many times we jump right into exercises without properly warming up our body, that's why I came up with this quick little warmup routine to get your whole body moving and ready to go. You can use it to start your day, or before you hit the weights. I use this routine with every client in my studio. It's easy on the body and gets all the muscles and joints moving. It's also great if you have scolioses! https://youtu.be/GQNH61wsES0


Everyones talking about getting a standing desk or using a fitness ball as an office chair, but it may not give you the posture perfection or back relief you're looking for. In fact, it may make things worse! Check out my latest video on YouTube to see if using either of these two devices is the right thing for you. https://youtu.be/_VajrFVIFvA


If you already have a desk chair and you need some extra support, I love the BackShield

If you're in the market for buying an office chair we have a video just for you! Learn all the different features you need in an office chair to help you prevent back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and sciatica. https://youtu.be/9xTuhR21nCk

Here's our favorite office chair:
- SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair -
Find it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3zzjQZF

If you're on a budget:
- SIHOO Ergonomic Office Chair -
Find it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3oYyogQ

If you already have a desk chair and you need some extra support, I love the BackShield:
Find it on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3oXsKLL

Home Ergonomic Setup for Adults, High Schoolers, and College Kids 10/05/2020

It’s here! It’s finally here.... quarantine edition. Sorry we are working at a snails pace these days BUT hopefully this can help EVERYONE! If you too are having aches and pains from working at home. You might also want to checkout some of our other videos about reading/ working from the couch and in bed! Correcting ergonomics can help big time but remember to also eliminate repetitive stresses and strengthen your body with exercise. ✌🏻💚 We hope everyone is staying safe and sane.


Home Ergonomic Setup for Adults, High Schoolers, and College Kids This video shows you the best way to set up your computer area at home, for homeschooling, zooming, or working from home....

Best Ergonomic Setup for Your Grade-Schooler at Home 09/25/2020

Here ya go parents! If the littlest are having some aches and pains from distance learning,watch with them or give them some adjustments to make that can really help! And as always get up and move around as much as possible! (Sorry teachers lol)


Best Ergonomic Setup for Your Grade-Schooler at Home Are your kids stuck at home trying to learn and you can't figure out how to set up their workstation and computer so they ...


Need a little help with the kiddos remote learning setup? Check out our quick ergo pic bellow. For more in-depth information, we will be posting a Youtube video tomorrow. Also, look for our upcoming video that shows you all the tips and tricks needed to set up your home remote learning station for your high schooler, college kid, or adults.


Happy weekend all! 📷taken by my 9yo son. Soaking up all the little things and hope you are too 💚

How To Do The Perfect Ab Workout 05/15/2020

Working towards that perfect stay-at-home six-pack? You may want to check our latest video first. Just a few tweaks to your core regiment can make the difference between a ripped six-pack and a pooched out belly with a backache.

How To Do The Perfect Ab Workout The coveted six-pack is a thing many of us work hard for. We've been doing crunches since we were in grade school gym class, but have you been doing them cor...

How to Prevent Back Pain and Sciatica from Sitting in a Chair 05/05/2020

Being stuck at home is a pain in the butt, but it doesn’t have to cause pain in your butt. Check out our latest video to get tips for preventing lower back pain and sciatic while sitting.


How to Prevent Back Pain and Sciatica from Sitting in a Chair Craig Zuckerman brings you a bunch of helpful tips for preventing lower back pain and sciatica when sitting in a chair. You'll learn why you may be having ac...

Pain Relieving Tricks for Sitting in Bed 04/27/2020

Due to our new, stay-at-home life, we are spending more time reading and watching tv in bed. This, unfortunately, can lead to lower back pain and sciatica. Good thing we have the tips you need to keep yourself out of pain in our video, "Pain Relieving Tricks for Sitting in Bed".

Pain Relieving Tricks for Sitting in Bed Help Support Z-Line Fitness: http://bit.ly/2XWt5PD 👉Also, check out our PAIN & POSTURE RELIEF GUIDE: https://zlinefitness.com/product/the-office-effect-handb...


If you know someone that is needing a great workout or maybe has an injury they need some help with, then look no further cause we have been up and running for a month now with personalized video chat workouts! You can try it risk free! Just message us and Craig will get back to you to go through all the details and test things out to make sure it works for you.

Basic to Advanced Stability Exercise - Pointer Dog 04/21/2020

Yo! Our latest video just went live on Youtube. If you're looking for a great exercise to help with balance and core stability, we have just what the doctor ordered. Check out our Pointer Dog (also known as Bird Dog) Exercises Series, with all sorts of advanced versions so beginners to advanced exercises enthusiasts can enjoy.

Basic to Advanced Stability Exercise - Pointer Dog Craig and Lori show a great exercise for balance and stability - the Pointer Dog (or Bird Dog). They show the basic version all the way up to the most advanc...

What NOT-to-do when exercising 04/08/2020

With the stay-at-home orders, most of us are trying to exercise while at home, so we made a video with some helpful tips to prevent injuries while doing home workouts.

What NOT-to-do when exercising Craig Zuckerman and Lori Clark show what-not-to-do when you workout, in order to prevent injuries and pain in your muscles and joints. With many of us doing ...

Wall Wash Exercise 04/05/2020

We are back in action with our latest video to help with shoulder pain. We'll show you the Wall Wash exercise, which reeducates your shoulder to stay in place while lifting your arm, therefore preventing stress to the neck and shoulder muscles. Check it out!

Wall Wash Exercise This video shows the Wall Wash Exercise and how it helps stabilize your shoulder, preventing injuries while relieving neck and shoulder pain. If you're a swi...


Have you worked out today!? It’s not the weekend yet! 👉🏻

A professor with 30 years of experience says there's no point in holding the plank for longer than 10 seconds — and says you shouldn't do sit-ups first thing in the morning 02/24/2020

Some interesting info here, from a guy who’s been studying the effects of exercise and the spine for quite some time.


A professor with 30 years of experience says there's no point in holding the plank for longer than 10 seconds — and says you shouldn't do sit-ups first thing in the morning He advocates practicing three back exercises daily: curl-ups, the bird-dog, and the side plank.

Click Debate: Can neck-strengthening exercises help mitigate concussions in MMA? — MMA Fighting 02/22/2020

If you play any contact sport, such as soccer, wrestling, football, boxing, or MMA then strengthening your neck is of utmost importance. New research is showing that the stronger your neck is, the less chance you have of a concussion. Check out the article for more info: https://apple.news/ARhnmt3G6RhWHt9FhJO-URw

Click Debate: Can neck-strengthening exercises help mitigate concussions in MMA? — MMA Fighting Rosi Sexton, a former longtime MMA fighter, is working with combat sports athletes in the United Kingdom and one of her main focuses is neck strengthening.

Can You Control Pain with Your Mind? — Thrive Global 02/19/2020

This article address something that I talk to every client about. You can’t separate your mind and emotions from your injury. In fact, your mindfulness about your pain should be a tool you use to facilitate healing.

“According to Harvard Medical School, mind-body therapies might be able to alleviate pain because pain involves both our minds and bodies: ‘How you feel pain is influenced by your genetic makeup, emotions, personality, and lifestyle. It’s also influenced by past experience. If you’ve been in pain for a while, your brain may have rewired itself to perceive pain signals even after the signals aren’t being sent anymore.’”


Can You Control Pain with Your Mind? — Thrive Global The way we think won't get rid of pain — but it will change the way we experience it.

Seated and Standing Exercises for Lower Back Pain 02/14/2020

New Video Valentines Day! If you get a zinger of back pain when you stand up then we have a video for you! Full of tips and exercises to help with lower back pain, especially when you sit down or stand up. https://youtu.be/ZdF-pMozo4Y

Seated and Standing Exercises for Lower Back Pain This video has tips and exercises to help with lower back pain that occurs when moving from a seated position to a standing position and vise versa. If you h...


Our mama hummingbird must have laid her eggs! She’s no longer flying off when clients come in or out of the door! 🌿


We hope you all had a nice holiday season! Now get back at it!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Happy Hanukkah ❤️

20 Professional Male Athletes Who Do Pilates 12/21/2019

People always ask me if guys do Pilates. Pilates is for all types, men and women, and can be for all ages - that’s what makes it so amazing. People also tend to think Pilates is a bunch of stretching. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Pilates can be a beast of a workout.

20 Professional Male Athletes Who Do Pilates Many players from MLB, the NBA, NFL & NHL embrace Pilates. We've curated a list of 5 players from each league. What role does Pilates play in their lives?


How to Use the Oven Without Abusing Your Back

Turkey Day Tip!

Throw a great party without throwing out your back! How to best grab from your oven without straining muscles…and leave all the tension to your in-laws, and ...


Don’t forget your back! Working the back is so important to counter balance everything we do in our daily lives with the front of our body.


This apparatus is the ‘Chair’ - it May look unassuming but you will feel it’s work the next day for sure! My favorite thing about the Chair is it forces you to stabilize and work musculature in an eccentric fashion.


Stay safe from the fires (and air quality) everyone..... and eat your almonds!


First pic: Single leg bridges are a great way to train your body to cross stabilize the hips and lower back, which can reduce injuries in the lower back. It’s also a great hamstring (back of leg) and gluteus (butt) strengthener.

Second pic: PRO TIP: After doing single leg bridges it’s best to do a set of regular bridges, where both feet are on the floor. This will help to reset and stabilize you hip joint, preventing pain and injuries after the bilateral work of the single leg bridges.

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Have back pain? This daily stress may be making it worse! *Sound On!  #brushyoteeth #bendthoseknees #painprevention #zli...
Believe it or not, the simple daily task of cleaning counters and tables could be exacerbating your lower back and shoul...
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Side Splits on the Cadillac #nodaysoff #pilatesforeverybody #maintenanceFor more videos like this, check out our YouTube...
Dynamic exercise programs that blend classic Pilates, with stability, and bilateral coordination. Giving you the strengt...




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