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Kara Riemer, LMT, CPT found her way to personal training through her career as a massage therapist. An avid athlete, she has found an excellent way to share her passions of bodywork and exercise.

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Breaking habits can be challenging and support can be so helpful. Find out how online personal trainer and nutrition coach Kara Riemer can assist you in making the changes you’re interested in.

Breaking habits can be challenging and support can be so helpful. Find out how online personal trainer and nutrition coach Kara Riemer can assist you in making the changes you’re interested in.

Functional Bodies Introduction 09/01/2021

Functional Bodies Introduction

We at Functional Bodies have experienced the powerful affect that the synergy of regular exercise and wholesome nutrition has on supporting our bodies. We offer personal training and nutritional coaching virtual services as well as; free information about health, nutrition, organic food, corrective exercise, workouts, food prep, injury prevention and more. Checkout our website and video!

Functional Bodies Introduction Introduction to Functional Bodies with Kara Riemer. A personal Trainer and nutrition coach talks about her services. Customized virtual training workouts and...

Functional Bodies Massage and Fitness - Kara Riemer updated their address. 08/06/2021

Functional Bodies Massage and Fitness - Kara Riemer updated their address.

Functional Bodies Massage and Fitness - Kara Riemer updated their address.

Functional Bodies Massage and Fitness - Kara Riemer updated their website address. 08/06/2021

Functional Bodies Massage and Fitness - Kara Riemer updated their website address.

Functional Bodies Massage and Fitness - Kara Riemer updated their website address.


Laura Lyndsey enjoying a great hip flexor stretch after a great workout!


Pre-beach workout with TRX! 07/30/2020

Low Back Discussion With The [P]Rehab Guys | 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙋𝙧𝙚𝙝𝙖𝙗 𝙂𝙪𝙮𝙨 | Online Physical Therapy

Great low back podcast! In this episode, the guys answer questions polled from Instagram regarding the low back! Topics from this discussion include what is the best daily strengthening exercise you can do for your back, are deadlifts actually good or bad for your back and who should be...


Ryan and Nik do sprints during a workout.
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Workout day for Nik and Ryan.
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Stay healthy and fit even when staying away from the gym! #fitness#healthy#strengthtraining#virtualworkout


Walk-Hero Inc

👣 Looking for a better Arch to Ankle support?
Walk-Hero designed to support plantar fasciitis, pronation, and other foot discomforts. Provides strength and balance while walking and playing sports 🏋️⛹️‍♂️⚽

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TRX x Iskra Lawrence's Story

We 💛 @iskra's story about her journey with fitness. We all have unique bodies and are at different places in our individual journeys, but there's no need for...


Kara & Charlene make a great team & share a laugh while using the TRX straps during a workout. What does TRX stand for? Total Body Resistance, it’s a body suspension exercise. TRX was invented by a Navy Seal.


Charlene is getting a great workout on the water rower which is easy on the joints. The water rower is a favorite cardio ‘machine’ at Functional Bodies. It feels easy & makes a wonderful whooshing sound as the paddle pushes the water around in the tank.


Charlene preforms the ‘bridge’ exercise on a physioball with a dumb-bell to put extra emphasis on the gluteal muscles. We call this the “weighted bridge”.

FACT: The gluteal muscles are a group of three muscles which make up the buttocks: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The three muscles originate from the ilium and sacrum and insert on the femur.


Warm ups are so important! Kara assists Charlene with a leg stretch before the workout begins.


Here is a training session with me & workout friends, Laura & Helene as they perform the row exercise on the TRX. The TRX is a suspension base, bodyweight exercise tool, named for its acronym, Total Body Resistance, good for any level of experience with me guiding you on proper form for maximum benefit. It’s great to have a workout buddy to keep each other motivated!


Another dedicated client. Check out the picture comments of what George is up too...I created his specialized workout and exercises specifically tailored to his needs and wants.


People ask me how I got into my career. Since my youth, I have always been athletic & participated in many activities & sport. I have always believed all bodies are meant to move! I spend as much time as I can outdoors with many activities like biking, hiking, running, & cycling. I guess you can say it’s rare for me to sit still!

The wonderful outdoor climate of Savannah gives me and my family the opportunity for all these great outdoor activities year round! I am really blessed that my family, my wife Kath, & our 17 year old son enjoy these activities as well as camping & visiting the many beaches of the Georgia Coast.


I have practiced massage therapy for over 20 years & graduated from the Finger Lakes School of Massage in 1995.

I specialize in orthopedic, sports, & deep tissue massage. There are so many benefits from massage!

It’s more than just the “luxury” we think it is...It reduces pain, promotes better flexibility, improves circulation & promotes healing to name a few amazing benefits. When you train correctly, you still need muscle recovery & conditioning.

Call or text me today to schedule your next massage with me 912-667-0487


Liz is the perfect client, dedicated to her health & well being. Here is her story...


Session Description & Rates. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Call or text 912-667-0487


Functional Bodies Massage and Fitness - Kara Riemer

Dedication Gets the Job Done! Personal training in a one on one session with a star client. Very proud of her and the work we do together.

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[06/29/19]   Hello & Welcome to my page! I am Kara, a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer & Massage Therapist. I have also studied courses in Dalton Myoskeletal Technique, Sports Massage, Cranio Sacral Massage & Orthopedic Massage.

My passion & core focus is my training & certification through the NASM, The National Academy Of Sports Medicine, as a Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Dysfunction in the body is a result of muscular imbalances. —Think repetitive motions, sitting or standing for long periods of time & poor posture just to name a few.

With me guiding you through proven corrective exercises, your muscular dysfunction & it’s imbalances are reduced or eliminated.

Prior to our work together, we will talk & assess your issues & goals. With this personal inquiry, I can tailor a specialized program of exercises to incorporate into each session.

My goal is your goals. I am passionate & dedicated to helping you feel your best & enjoy a better quality of life!

Call or text me today for a new path to a better YOU! 912-667-0487


Discover a healthier you today! Certified personal training services & therapeutic massage.

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Functional Bodies Massage and Fitness - Kara Riemer


Functional Bodies Massage and Fitness - Kara Riemer's cover photo


TRX Training

My heroine!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is #Made2Move! The 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice & 2-time cancer survivor stays strong with the help of her trainer, Bryant Johnson.

Check out the full video + learn more 👉

📹: CNN

#TRX 08/10/2018

Tracy Reifkind: The Transformative Power of the Kettlebell Swing - On Target Publications Tracy (and Mark) Reifkind detail how kettlebells transformed her body and how those changes inspired her to use the kettlebell swing to its full potential.


The Speed Project 4.0

340 miles, day and night, starting in LA, crossing Death Valley and ending poolside on the Las Vegas Strip. See how 10 women came to together to tackle the g...


TRX Training

#TRXFreestyleFriday: Every day is another chance to get stronger and to be the best version of yourself.

1️⃣ TRX Clock Chest Press
2️⃣ TRX Modified Clock Plank
3️⃣ TRX Clock Chest Press

📹: TRX Black Rank Coach, Ara Keshishian (IG theabsology)

#TRX #SuspensionTrainer #Made2Move


TRX Training

#TRXFreestyleFriday: It’s almost the weekend! Get moving (+ grooving) with this 🔥 combo.

1️⃣ TRX Jump Squats
2️⃣ TRX Plank Pushup
3️⃣ TRX Side Cross Lunge + Jump Kick
5️⃣ TRX Oblique Cross Crunch (Modified w/ Reach)
6️⃣ Dance it out 💃🕺

📹: Manko Fit (IG massy.arias)

More #TRX:

DISCLAIMER: Strap length shown in video is incorrect. If you want to try this out at home or the gym position the straps and mid-calf for floor/ground based exercises, and mid-length for all standing exercises in this video.

#SuspensionTrainer #Made2Move 02/28/2018

Lost Art Of Bending Over: How Other Cultures Spare Their Spines No, we're not talking about squatting. We're talking about a way to bend over that has nearly disappeared in our culture. And it could be one reason why back pain is so common in the U.S. 01/31/2018

The Obamas' Trainer Talks About Their Post-White House Workout Routines: 'They Smile More' Barack and Michelle Obama's trainer Cornell McClellan says they're still dedicated to their workouts post-White House

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Pre-beach workout with TRX!




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