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Motivating friends to take control of their life by conquering their daily habits. We all need encouragement & advice everyday to achieve excellence

I am a military wife, mother of 3, and Team Beachbody Coach. I am still working on my own personal fitness goals but am feeling better about myself everyday. God has given me so much and after becoming a part of the Beachbody community I have come to see that we are all in the same boat and can help each other find the strength to attain anything we set our minds & bodies to. Encouragement, hard w 12/13/2019

27 Healthy Vegan Winter Breakfast Recipes | Breakfast recipes, Vegan recipes, Vegan breakfast recipes These healthy Vegan Winter Breakfast recipes will supercharge your mornings even on the coldest and darkest days! Tasty and nutritious! 12/03/2019

Do you have a Magnesium Deficiency? Find out!

Do you have a Magnesium Deficiency? Three quarters of the population have a magnesium deficiency! Find out whether you are one of them, and what symptoms to watch out for. 11/09/2019

Bovine vs. Marine Collagen: Which Should YOU be Taking? When it comes to marine collagen vs bovine collagen, which one is right for you? Bovine (beef) collagen is a type 1 and 3 collagen product sourced from cow hides. It is relatively inexpensive and is typically used to improve gut and joint health. Marine (fish) collagen is made from fish skin and sca... 09/18/2019

Design The Perfect Jump Rope > >

Going on the wishlist... ❤️💙💛 Change up your workout routine today! We offer custom jump ropes are super-fast and they don't get lost in the crowd when you're in a group workout. 08/13/2019

Newly Discovered Proteins Could Explain The Power Of Gut Bacteria

"Using a new computational approach to sniff out genes, the team managed to detect over 4,000 protein families, the majority of which have never previously been identified before."

The gut microbiome is becoming an exciting new direction for biology research. The human gut contains trillions of microorganisms. In fact, it’s home to 10 times more bacteria than human cells. These residents play a remarkably import 08/12/2019

Study: Colloidal Silver Makes Antibiotics a Thousand Times More Effective Study suggests silver could save us from antibiotic-resistant super bugs Silver has been used to fight infection for thousands of years, now scientists are studying it as a potential solution to the epidemic of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. A 2013 study found that taking colloidal silver along with... 07/16/2019

Discover what Viome can do for you!

For my Amazon ordering peeps! Get your gut checked and feel better because you ARE better, not just masking symptoms. Viome is a personalized health and wellness app that delivers science-backed food recommendations based on a deep analysis... 07/04/2019

Discover what Viome can do for you! Viome is a personalized health and wellness app that delivers science-backed food recommendations based on a deep analysis... 05/12/2019

SHJ Beginner Guide: What is Pyramid Training? What Are The Different Types? October 17, 2017 By Mike Leave a Comment SHJ Beginner Guide: What is Pyramid Training? What Are The Different Types? BONUS: Download over 50 FREE Celeb Workout PDFs in the SHJ Starter Pack! So, you want to look like Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, or one of the other celebs we’ve researched at SHJ, huh... 05/06/2019

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From a military wife who I love to listen to...

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A good friend is like a good pair of jeans, they fit with ease & make you feel confident+ready to conquer the world!
But a forced friendship can cause you to question yourself & your worth... you’ll struggle & struggle to make it “fit” however, despite your hardest efforts, it just won’t.
This week, on the #camoandcuddlespodcast, we are talking about how friendship is NOT one size fits all & how you can overcome trying to force friendships & embrace “perfect fit” friendships instead 💕
I hope you’ll tune in & be blessed!! 🎧:
#camoandcuddles #camoandcuddlescommunity #friendship #onesizefitsall #jeans #fashion #perfectfit #vintage #christianity #podcast #podcasting Linktree. Make your link do more. 05/05/2019

31 Plant-Based Recipes That Aren't Salads There's no need to go fully vegan or vegetarian to take advantage of the benefits




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