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The Pandemic We Keep Ignoring: Addressing the Elephant in the Room 09/16/2021

The Pandemic We Keep Ignoring: Addressing the Elephant in the Room

The Pandemic We Keep Ignoring: Addressing the Elephant in the Room Scientists say Obesity and the C Virus are impossible to disentangle. Get this shirt! http://bit.ly/3yHzXloSupport your Vitamin D levels this Fall and Winter...

Watch the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir Show Off His Intense Pre-Show Workout 09/14/2021

Watch the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir Show Off His Intense Pre-Show Workout

Bob is right!

Watch the Grateful Dead's Bob Weir Show Off His Intense Pre-Show Workout The 73-year-old musician just shared a look at his training routine on TikTok.

[09/10/21]   Making a video later and this is some back up information.



Flow Health on the Ocoee!

Flow Health on the Ocoee!

Physical Inactivity and Risk of COVID-19 04/30/2021

Physical Inactivity and Risk of COVID-19


I know what your saying.
It’s a YouTube video.
I don’t even know this woman.
That’s not Fouchie.

But if you like Heath science and risk associated with behavior then you would know exercise is the most important thing.
Even walking can replace a sedentary lifestyle of a person who don’t eat well.
Let’s take care of ourselves.

I hope you enjoy watching.

Physical Inactivity and Risk of COVID-19 Subscribe to Dr. Pam’s weekly newsletter and video clips here! https://wellnessforumhealth.com/news/Give us a call at 614-841-7700.You can find Pam on BitChu...


Flow Health initiation video.


This is a video on the initiation into the methodologies of Flow Health.

Fungi: Why Are We Ignoring Nature’s Hidden Solution? 03/23/2021

Fungi: Why Are We Ignoring Nature’s Hidden Solution?

Only the people that want to ignore this.

Fungi: Why Are We Ignoring Nature’s Hidden Solution? This week I spoke with Merlin Sheldrake on my Under The Skin podcast! Merlin is a biologist and author of Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change O...

Is Denver Ready for Further Mushroom Decriminalization? 03/23/2021

Is Denver Ready for Further Mushroom Decriminalization?

Would this qualify for a sitter? I’ve been initiated in psychedelics at age 13. I had a private field of mushrooms I would pick all throughout high school. A brain injury got me out of the military. It was a frontal lobe brain injury that had me unable to focus, have good memory, couldn’t formulate appropriate responses and I even had to start college with remedial math and remedial English for half a year. Although at first I failed a lot I attribute formal education to figure out what a brain is, how it works and how to adapt and psychedelics for showing me how neuroplasticity works.
I know the history of psychedelics and even created a methodology of wellness and fitness that address psychedelic use and flow states which enhance performance.
If I were to go on and get my master’s, my thesis would be do psychedelics create empathy in people with non-empathetic personality disorders such as narcissistic personality disorder.
It takes knowledge of these two things to understand this type of curiosity.
I would like to see psychedelics legalized not only for healing but for the absolute mind expanding and neuroplasticity properties that has given me one of the best lives I could have imagined.
I would like to be of service as I do have a Bachelor’s of Health Science that allows me to mediate between medical professionals and psychonaughts.

Our history comes from the Wild West “looseness” and creative expression of the pranksters and the Dead on the west coast and the Ivy League scientist on the east coast. Let’s continue to see how we can move forward in being allowed to experiment with our own consciousness.

I would love to help usher in this period while I am alive.

Raising consciousness and helping humanity get stronger to combat the darkness is my legacy I would like to leave.

I do believe in the moral responsibility to heal oneself in the best way that works for that individual. Psychedelic options need to be legal because they have been used to heal the spirit for centuries.

Is Denver Ready for Further Mushroom Decriminalization? A city panel wants to see sharing among friends and family allowed.


Come Flow Health with me!


Which are you?

How to Change Your Genetic Destiny - Joe Dispenza 03/03/2021

How to Change Your Genetic Destiny - Joe Dispenza

The science of neuroplasticity that can signal genes to cause the body to change.

How to Change Your Genetic Destiny - Joe Dispenza http://bit.ly/Watch_REWIRED_Now with Dr. Joe Dispenza as he brings together his many years of research into the brain and human biology to present the lates...

Informative Medicine for Healing, Wellness and Performance Optimization. 02/27/2021

Informative Medicine for Healing, Wellness and Performance Optimization.

Additional information on the non judgment assessment and the triple positive reinforcement mechanisms can be found here as well as credentials. Current LLC and insurance.
Check it out.

Informative Medicine for Healing, Wellness and Performance Optimization. Let's get Started!

The Narcissist & Flying Monkeys Underestimated YOU! 02/27/2021

The Narcissist & Flying Monkeys Underestimated YOU!

Here is one of the most positive messages I have heard about the family black sheep or scapegoat who put up a healthy boundary and express their strength.

The Narcissist & Flying Monkeys Underestimated YOU! When someone underestimates you, such as the narcissist and flying monkeys, they fail to understand how strong, skillful, intelligent, and determined that yo...

Timeline Photos 02/27/2021

I remember in 2010 when my dream was starting as I was finishing my Health Science Degree and I had to come up with a name.
I do come from a hospital administrator and a neuro-nurse that help introduce me to medicine in the beginning of my life which solidified something in medicine as my destiny.
I had learned from the military what a PJ was and knowing that this was my calling till a brain injury that left me unable to speak or formulate appropriate responses moved me from what I thought my destiny would be.
Many school years and challenges later I am so grateful for the name that stuck.

Flow Health is amazing to me and I wish to bring it to the fruition as a medical entrepreneur in the Gunnison Valley.

This is my life’s goal and the third face I wish to share with the world. The one where I am a respected medical intellectual who has something unique and beneficial to share with this world.

I hope 2021 is the year we all start to get into Flow Health.

Flow state is the optimal state of human consciousness.

It describes moments of total absorption, when you become so focused on the task at hand that everything else falls away.

Action and awareness merge. Time flies. Self vanishes. Mental and physical performance go through the roof.

The state was first named “flow” by psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi in 1975. Research on flow states began to increase in the 1980s and 90s.

You’ve probably heard the term “flow state” used in extreme sports, military and business examples. In recent years, the study of flow has moved out of just positive psychology circles and into the mainstream.

It can also be called: being in the zone, peak experiences, being unconscious, hyperfocus and runner’s high.

This article will explain what flow states feel like, where the term came from, how you can trigger flow, what the characteristics of flow are, how flow is part of a cycle, and the types of flow that you can achieve.


It is also a neuroprotectant for closed head injuries resulting in brain trauma. But believe me, medicine is sick care and disease management as the function of the system.
I like my system of wellness and if it’s my responsibility to heal I will move to a state that allows me to heal in ways that don’t just treat symptoms but the actual cause.

Stay well everyone and I have to give a shout out to Flow Health for making wellness accessible outside of normal Rockefeller medicine.

Well, well, well. This takes #ThrowbackThursday to an entirely different level. You can't make this up, the actual patent is linked.

So if cannabis has no medicinal value riddle me this, why did Aidan Hampson and Dr. Julius Axelrod file a patent for "Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectant's" in 2003?

They were both employed by different federal government agencies at the time the patent was filed.

Like I said, you can't make this up.

This is just a taste of the medicine. Want more? Catch GreenNurses Sherri & Mark every morning at 8am eastern for your Daily Dose of AFA!

Truth seekers, myth busters, and exposers @ www.TheGreenNurse.com

I hope this stimulates your thinking, empowers you, and makes you smile knowing that we all know the truth!
Nurse Carey Lee 🚎🌱💜💚❤️



#GreenNurses #StraightFacts #Boom #legalizeitalready #deschedule #decriminalize #cannabisismedicine #cannabus

Timeline Photos 02/20/2021

Timeline Photos

There is something you can do to avoid procrastination and reclaim lost time in your life.

It’s a mindset shift.

Want to start crushing it? Take decisive actions that will put you in control of your time and accomplishments.

Start managing the friction in your life.

Friction is caused by too many low value activities in your day—having to return something you didn’t order, or scrolling through emails to find someone’s phone number.

Friction will:

👉Waste time.
👉Sabotage motivation.
👉Reduce output.

Once friction has too much control, it multiplies, building up and holding you back.

Friction keeps you from the good stuff—the high value actions with the sweet rewards.

Think of it as a friction to value ratio.

Most people spend a majority of their daily cognitive load on low value things.

This leaves little brain power for the high value stuff that would help them get where they want to be in life.

Researchers at Cornell estimate that we make 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day!

Most of those are not high value. They’re along the lines of “what should I wear today?” No wonder that 4 pm burnout hits so hard!

Unimportant decisions are burning us out. It’s time to take that brain power back.

Surgically cutting out the unnecessary requires making strong choices.

#sportpsychology #cognitivebehavioraltherapy #highperformancehabits #brainiac #productivitycoach #neurosciences #brainhacking #athletemindset


I am trying to channel Nikola Tesla and get Flow Health to work in Crested Butte.

I got it, just not the capital.

So, for starters if any veterans in the valley would like me to initiate you into Flow Healths no judgement assessment on where you are on a scale of health and then teach you about the triple positive reinforcement mechanisms and how they work to upgrade skill and knowledge which lead to a lesser need on escapism (addiction) and adds to a healthy ID, please get in touch. I will love to talk about neuro-plasticity and how chemicals in the brain create a cocktail of neurotransmitters that lead to better performance.
Plus this is a chance to get some of us back in the gym where true growth for us happens.

I love to talk about goal oriented thinking compared to fixed mindsets. This is my life's work so please take advantage of it especially if your a veteran or a victim of narcissistic abuse.

I wish for everyone to chase purpose in life. I can help you learn how to cultivate and stack ingredients to be more successful and independent and less dependent on escapism.

Sending love to humanity.

Learn More on http://4BK.TV

Timeline Photos 02/09/2021

Impossible is a good way to goal through life!

Impossible is a kind of extreme in- novation. Those who tackle the impossible are not just innovating in matter but also in mind.

As a category, impossible is all the stuff that has never been done before and, most believe, will never be done.

These are the feats that exceed both our capabilities and our imagination. They lie beyond our wildest dreams in the most literal sense. Paradigm-shifting breakthroughs. Four-minute miles. Moonshots.

Call this category capital I Impossible. 💫

#mindsetcoaching #entrepreneurcoach #careercoaching #executivecoaching #coachingtips #flowstate #trainyourmind #productivitytips


Let’s move beyond trauma patterns.

Reaching Your Human Potential 01/28/2021

Reaching Your Human Potential

This is a good road to approach your human experience and it can be good cheeky fun!

This video is about The Flow Genome Project and how flow hacking increases performance. This is the umbrella of scientist Flow Health uses to facilitate understanding of neuroplasticity and neuronal growth with its methods.

Flow Health is a Kinesiology/Health Scientist way of approaching life to max out on potential. The fundamental is connected mind, body, spirit. Using the tools of diet, exercise and the alchemy of stress-recycling to have art, music and healthy competitive athletics as your basic approach to life with positive reinforcement mechanisms.

Reaching Your Human Potential 👁Train with us - https://training.flowgenomeproject.com/flow-fundamentals/==Connect==Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Flowgenome/Instagram: https://instag...

The most powerful flow trigger 01/26/2021

The most powerful flow trigger

Skills get better, challenges have to get harder to get that sweet spot of flow. Who wants to hit the slopes early tomorrow, workout and do a hot tub soak?

Let’s talk about one of flow’s most potent triggers.

It’s called the “challenge/skill ratio”.

You’ve probably heard of it.

The idea behind this trigger is that attention is most engaged (i.e., in the now) when there’s a very specific relationship between the difficulty of a task and our ability to perform that task.

If the challenge is too great, fear swamps the system

If the challenge is too easy, we stop paying attention.

Flow appears near the emotional midpoint between boredom and anxiety, in what scientists call the flow channel — the spot where the task is hard enough to make us stretch but not hard enough to make us snap.

How hard is that?

Answers vary, but the general thinking is about 4 percent.

That’s it. That’s the sweet spot.

If you want to trigger flow, the challenge should be 4 percent greater than the skills.

In technical terms, the sweet spot is the end result of what’s known as the Yerkes-Dobson law — the fact that increased stress leads to increased performance up to a certain intensity, beyond which performance levels off or declines.

In real-world terms, it’s not much at all.

In most situations, we blow by 4 percent without even noticing.

But this is not the case in extreme sports. In the big waves, big rivers, and big-mountains, a half degree of difficulty can mean the difference between home for dinner and never home again.

Under these conditions, the desire for improvement keeps athletes from understepping, and the need for survival from overstepping.

This sweet spot keeps attention locked in the present.

When the challenge is firmly within the boundaries of known skills — meaning I’ve done it before and am fairly certain I can do so again — the outcome is predetermined.

We’re interested, not riveted.

But when we don’t know what’s going to happen next, we pay more attention to the next.

Uncertainty is our rocket ride into the now. It’s also for this reason that uncertainty causes the brain to release dopamine. A lot of dopamine.

When anything can happen, survival could be at stake. Dopamine heightens attention and pattern recognition — two things that are absolutely essential to dealing with the unknown.

Of course, being dopamine, this is all exceptionally pleasurable.

Or, as Stanford neurologist Robert Sapolsky likes to say: “maybe (meaning uncertainty) is addictive like nothing else out there.”

And maybe is also the only road to impossible.

This is why the challenge/skill ratio is so important.

If we want to achieve the kinds of accelerated performance we’re seeing in action and adventure sports, then it’s 4 percent plus 4 percent plus 4 percent, day after day, week after week, months into years into careers.

This is the road to real magic.

Follow this path long enough, and not only does impossible becomes possible, it becomes what’s next — like eating breakfast, like another day at the office.

P.S. If you’d like to harness the full power of flow, consider applying for Zero to Dangerous, our peak performance training. Learn more here: www.bit.ly/z2d-trigger-apply

The most powerful flow trigger Zero To Dangerous is our flagship peak performance training to help you unlock flow and blaze ahead in today's wildly uncertain world.





You are here so apparently someone knows where I am

You are here so apparently someone knows where I am

The most powerful flow trigger 01/18/2021

The most powerful flow trigger

The most powerful flow trigger Zero To Dangerous is our flagship peak performance training to help you unlock flow and blaze ahead in today's wildly uncertain world.


Psychedelic Nooz

Psychedelics are good for you and should be legal, change my mind. #psychedelic #psychedelicart
Follow Psychedelic News !!

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