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Timeline photos 06/24/2020

We are getting to open, we can’t wait to see you again. We will have more information very soon!

Timeline photos 06/21/2020

Real dads do Pilates. We are coming back soon! Our team is getting ready for you!

Timeline photos 03/16/2020

We are in this together!

Based on recent orders and advisories from federal, state and local governmental authorities regarding COVID-19, all of our Life Time clubs will be closing no later than 8 p.m. tonight, March 16, 2020, in each time zone. The length of this temporary closure is dependent upon governmental guidance. We will be alerting all members shortly.
Please take care of yourself and your beloveds.
We will inform you when something change.
Thank you for your support and understanding! Sending everybody love ❤️ and positive energy!

Timeline photos 03/07/2020

Great class with our awesome Pilates instructor for the 60 day challenge participants!
They learned how Pilates can improve their results for this competence organize by .life periodically and coordinated by our super active and dynamic CPT .

Pilates is a popular low-impact exercise. It’s effective for toning up, building lean muscle, and improving posture.

Practicing Pilates can be beneficial for your health and help you maintain a healthy weight.

If your goal is weight loss, try combining Pilates with a healthy diet and other forms of exercise. Alternate Pilates with strength training and other forms of cardio exercise such as walking, swimming, running, or cycling.
When you improve your posture with Pilates also your stamina increases making more effective any other workout also your digestion and the way you absorb nutrients extremely important for construct muscle.
Improving your posture your motion become more efficient helping to avoid injuries by having stronger core muscle and more stability.

One more reason? Breathing is important to reduce your stress and cortisol. Pilates focus in the deep exhalation that active the deeper core muscles and parasympathetic system.

Is Pilates part of your workout routine?

Timeline photos 02/26/2020

Regional Midwest Pilates coordinator meeting with our awesome national director .
All these amazing fitness professional together following the same passion and Love ❤️ for Pilates. Until the next time!

Photos from LIfe Time Pilates Schaumburg's post 02/26/2020

Pilates supporting event “Ride for a reason”.
We are giving 4 Pilates group classes silent auction benefiting ST. Jude starting March 2nd -7th in the main lobby. Biddings end March 7th@11 am.
Our Pilates coordinator wearing one of the t-shirt and we found out our photographer from OPS was wearing the t-shirt too!
Any Donations are welcome for the ST. Jude Children Research hospital in the next link:

Thank you for your support!
@ LIfe Time Pilates Schaumburg

Timeline photos 02/25/2020

Client testimonial: “I was in a workout rut, looking for something to take me to the next level when a friend recommended Pilates classes on the reformer. I had two c-sections and I was having difficulty building my core strength. That’s when I was introduced to ! She has forever changed my life! Every week, I can’t wait to go to her class. She is an exceptional teacher, her attention to detail has transformed my body. After a few classes I could not believe how strong I was feeling, my core strength returned, my backaches were gone, and my flexibility is amazing. I could never touch my toes but now I can! “
She has been doing Pilates with 1 year and have 16 weeks pregnant.

Did you already try our Discover Pilates free try classes? Our schedule:

Wednesday 6:00 pm
Thursday 11:30 am , 12:00 pm

Jan :
Monday 10:00 am
Tuesday 11:00 am
Wednesday 11:00 am
Please feel free to sign in using our .life app:

Or email [email protected]
Everybody needs Pilates

Timeline photos 02/24/2020

Our students , Abe and Elaine practicing before their final practical test term 2 Pilates comprehensive certification program that is this weekend.
What a dedicate group we have here in Schaumburg!
Good luck 🍀 to everybody.

Timeline photos 02/22/2020

Part of our Pilates team tonight in the .life PT Schaumburg get together. , Kasia and posing for the picture.

Timeline photos 02/21/2020

Four of our students for Pilates comprehensive certification program T2 getting together for studying before next week final test.
Such a dedicate group! We wish you the best for next week!

Timeline photos 02/19/2020

working in her Pilates rocking on the small barrel. She is one of our Pilates clients who is a runner does marathons and triathlons and has been doing Pilates with around 10 years religiously. Her testimonial:
I normally run before Pilates as it helps me stretch tight muscles and prevent injuries. Strengthening the core through Pilates has also helped tremendously in my running - You'd be surprised how much core we use when running, cycling or swimming. I choose Pilates over chiropractors!

Timeline photos 02/13/2020

PT New hires learning about Pilates benefits today!

Timeline photos 02/03/2020

Great job our student for comprehensive certification program in their 2nd live labs, term 2 taught by our Midwest MI .
Until 2 more weeks!

Timeline photos 01/28/2020


I want to share a little information regarding how doing Pilates and working with Bill has affected my wellbeing.

I have been working with Bill for quite some time but when I started, I was struggling with pain in several joints as well as my back.

I no longer suffer from knee pain and the range of motion in my shoulder has increased dramatically. I had been using a chiropractor to adjust my back on a regular basis but that need has all but disappeared.

In addition, I am more aware of correcting my posture while sitting at work. I have also lost nearly 20 pounds.

Overall, I feel better and consider Pilates as a necessary avenue to my continued good health.


Did you already sign with one of our amazing Pilates specialists?
Everybody needs Pilates!

Timeline photos 01/20/2020

Client testimonial:
“"I had a stroke which affected my balance, left leg and arm. I feel with the strength training and Pilates I do with Magda and Kasia, I can see subtle improvement in the everyday things that I do.

Getting in and out of the bath tub, I used to drag my left leg over the tub edge, now I can step in and out. Getting in my SUV is a lot easier - when I recently got a new car I didn't have to order the step rail. Getting out of bed I used to roll over to the side and off the bed, now I can sit up and step off to start my day. And my balance is slowly but surely getting better.

I like that Magda and Kasia communicate with each other to make the training and Pilates go well together, helping me get more out of each session. So I want to thank Magda and Kasia, as well as Dan who was my first trainer!"


He does a mix of strength training and Pilates with 2 of our instructors and Kasia.
Did you already try our Pilates classes?


This is Paul. After a knee surgery, by protecting that knee and didn’t extended completely afraid to injure again, he started to compensate with his opposite leg, due that, he injured his opposite hip to the point that because the pain, he started to limp.
After couple months doing Pilates with , his injury is healing and his limp is getting better. He says: Pilates teaches me to move differently. To use my core as the foundation for all movements. This was uncomfortable at first, but with repetition it’s gets easier. Pilates strengthens my core muscles to give me stamina to move from my core in all I do. Pilates puts my body in balance and alignment. Exercising when you’re out of alignment puts unnecessary stress on your body which opens you up to the possibility of injury. My injury caused other muscles to compensate and threw everything out of balance. Proper alignment and being in balance before attempting any exercise is crucial to recovery. It’s hard work that requires a positive approach and the willingness to learn to see and use your body differently. With Pilates if you do the work you will get the results.
Did you try Pilates? email: [email protected] or msg for a free session with our amazing instructors!

Timeline photos 01/09/2020

Pilates have your back!
and Stephen from OPS getting a Pilates session. They work so hard keeping our club functioning right that Somebody have to have their back.

Everybody needs Pilates!


Are you ready to construct your 2020 summer body?
Our classes are running with normal schedule starting this week.
Either if you are looking for steel abs, recover from an injury, improve any athletic skill, or have a strong and flexible healthy body full of energy.
We have the right program for you.
Contact [email protected] for a free session. We have all the Pilates apparatus: reformers , Cadillac, low and high chairs, ladder barrel, small barrels and another small equipment for give you the best of the Pilates method so you get your results faster additional to our awesome and knowledgeable instructors ready for you in 2 beautiful studios.
Start with us now!
One of our beautiful clients showing her beautiful extension with the down stretching on the reformer.

Timeline photos 01/02/2020

Timeline photos 01/01/2020

Happy new year 2020 from our Pilates team!
Love, happiness, success, health and a lot of Pilates!

Photos from LIfe Time Pilates Schaumburg's post 12/24/2019

Merry Christmas 🎁 from our Pilates studio.
One more year of health, positive vibes and Pilates.

Timeline photos 12/20/2019

Even Santa started to do Pilates!
Are you already included Pilates in your fitness program?
Contact [email protected] for more information about our amazing program. Also any CPT or Pilates instructors at the club.
Everybody needs Pilates!

Timeline photos 12/20/2019

If you want to have abs of steel and a superhero body, who better to explain than Thor?

From Chris Hemsworth:
“Do you do yoga or a have a specific stretching style?
A little bit, yeah. I think yoga’s one thing that becomes a part of flexible in my lower back, which has been good for me. So I do a lot more Pilates, core. It’s tough. You can have a completely cosmetic muscle, or just complete sort of cosmetic bodybuilding stuff which is fine on screen, but I think a lot of times it’s about next level is when you can tell its function when people move differently, and it suits out lifestyle better. I feel with all the sort of back problems and knee problems and whatever, the more I kind of moved and had a larger range of motion, a lot of those issues with kneeling, certain joint pains were tended to dissipate the more I kind of… larger, more versatile sort of training.”

Read the full article:

Are you ready to change your body for 2020?

Real men do Pilates,... everybody needs Pilates!

Timeline photos 12/14/2019

Our new graduated from term 1 Pilates comprehensive in charge of the Pilates class 60 day challenge. Great job Abe, so proud of you!

Timeline photos 12/14/2019

Everybody needs Pilates!
Start the new year 2020 with a new healthier body!


A foam roller is a lightweight, cylindrical tube of compressed foam. It may be used for many reasons, including increasing flexibility, reducing soreness, and eliminating muscle knots.Foam rolling is a method of self-myofascial release.

Rollers come in different sizes and degrees of firmness. The firmness (often identified by the color) can range from soft to firm, soft being best for beginners.

Learn How to use more effective the foam roller with Kasia next Sunday 22t @ 1 pm.
For registrations email [email protected].
We have limited space.


Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind, and elevates the spirit.

Joseph Pilates

Happy birthday 🎂🎁🎈 Joseph Pilates!


Congratulations to our Pilates for their Q3 Artistry award!
Thank you to our PT Manager for this cool bands and our awesome and knowledgeable Pilates team for their hard work and dedication and change everyday so many lives!

Timeline photos 11/29/2019

Let the Pilates magic works in your Body, Mind & Spirit!
BF sales in any of our programs 15%
Let our amazing Pilates team direct you in one of the most amazing experience to bring you closer to your best shape in your life in our beautiful and well equipped studios.
Either if you need a classical or a contemporary approach, you are looking for a better:
- Strong, flexible, energize and balance body.
- Recovering of a injury or dealing with one.
- Enhancing an athletic skill.
- Weight management .

We have the right program for you!
Sale in club with any of our fitness professionals or email [email protected] .
We’ll take care of you.
Everybody needs Pilates!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Schaumburg?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Are you ready to construct your 2020 summer body?Our classes are running with normal schedule starting this week. Either...
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