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You can increase your bone density and double your muscle strength! Come as you are for a 10 minute o The user creates a maximum isometric load.

INCREASE your bone density by 4-7% and
DOUBLE your muscle strength in less than year! The Science of OsteoStrong

OsteoStrong is a musculoskeletal strengthening and rehabilitation system appropriate for all ages and conditioning levels. A proprietary protocol combining two different non-invasive technologies – The OsteoStrong system and Vibration Plate– the patented system is designed to improve y

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Discover a happy place where innovation meets well-being!

🌈 Join us at OsteoStrong Schaumburg and Wilmette, the only two OsteoStrong locations in Illinois, founded by entrepreneurs Marc Malizia, Lyndon Sumlin, and Jason Stewart. 🏋️‍♂️

🦴 Revolutionary Approach to Bone Health:
Explore the groundbreaking OsteoStrong concept based on Wolff's Law, triggering osteogenesis through robotic musculoskeletal treatment devices. 💪 Our osteogenic loading technology stimulates bone growth, enhances muscle density, and improves balance, providing a unique fitness experience.

Beyond Osteogenic Loading: Complementary Modalities for Holistic Wellness:

🔮 BioCharger NG: Restore electrical cell frequency noninvasively.
🩰 Compression Boots: Stimulate blood flow and aid in metabolic waste removal.
🌈 Echolight Bone Density Scan: Cutting-edge ultrasound technology for precise bone health assessments, exclusive to our Chicago area locations.
💡 Coming Soon: Red Light Therapy!
This year, OsteoStrong adds red light therapy to enhance your wellness journey.

🤝 Join the OsteoStrong Community:
Whether you're proactive about bone health or seeking innovative fitness, OsteoStrong welcomes you. Athletes can achieve superior workouts, and those with osteoporosis or osteopenia find proactive solutions. 📞 Contact us for a free in-center introduction appointment.

📍 Locations:

🏠 OsteoStrong Wilmette: 126 Skokie Blvd., Wilmette. ☎️ Call 224-487-8833 or visit Centers.OsteoStrong.me/illinois-wilmette
🏠 OsteoStrong Schaumburg: 195 W. Golf Rd., Schaumburg. ☎️ Call 224-487-8881 or visit Centers.OsteoStrong.me/illinois-schaumburg
💪 Experience the OsteoStrong Difference - Transforming Lives, One Session at a Time! OsteoStrong Osteostrong of Greater Chicago

OsteoStrong FREE SESSION 01/11/2024

🌟 Introducing the Echolight REMS Device: Revolutionizing Bone Health Assessment! 🌟

Are you tired of the inconvenience and radiation exposure associated with traditional DEXA scans? Look no further! 🦴

🌟 Say hello to the future of bone health assessment with the Echolight REMS Device! 🌟

🔦 Why Choose Echolight REMS over Traditional DEXA Scans? 🔦

🔍 Cutting-Edge Technology: Our REMS device uses cutting-edge ultrasound technology, providing a safer and radiation-free alternative to DEXA scans. It's time to prioritize your health without compromising on safety!

⏱️ Quick and Painless: No more long waiting times or discomfort during bone density assessments. With Echolight REMS, you can have your bone health evaluated quickly and painlessly, making it accessible to everyone!

🚀 Unmatched Accuracy: Echolight REMS offers unparalleled precision, detecting even the slightest changes in bone density. You can trust our advanced technology to give you accurate results for better decision-making.

📱 User-Friendly Interface: Our user-friendly interface ensures that both patients and healthcare providers can navigate the system effortlessly. No more confusing reports or jargon – understanding your bone health has never been easier!

💼 Healthcare Professional's Choice: Echolight REMS is quickly becoming the go-to choice for healthcare professionals. Its accuracy, speed, and patient-friendly design make it a must-have in modern healthcare facilities.

💪 Take Control of Your Bone Health: With Echolight REMS, you're in charge of your bone health. Regular assessments are crucial for preventing fractures and osteoporosis, and now it's easier than ever to prioritize your well-being.

🎉 Join the Bone Health Revolution Today! 🎉

Say goodbye to outdated and uncomfortable DEXA scans and say hello to the future with Echolight REMS. Your bones deserve the best, and that's exactly what we offer!

Don't wait any longer – prioritize your bone health with the Echolight REMS Device today. Experience the safer, faster, and more accurate way to assess your bone density.

💡 Discover Echolight REMS – Because Your Bones Deserve the Best! 💡

Learn more and schedule your appointment today. Your future self will thank you for it!





We are so excited to welcome Ayush Syal to our Wilmette OsteoStrong team!

Welcome Ayush! 🎉🎉


Community happens around the BioCharger!

"'This natural energy regulates optimum cell function🦠. Consequently, a lack of this energy correlates to an energy and healing crisis for the body. If a lack or imbalance of overall energy is experienced, cell dysfunction occurs, resulting in sub-optimal health, physical performance or recovery from injury. Magnetic pulses 💥 provide a “jump-start” to dysfunctional electrical systems suffering blockages or impedance to proper signal flow and system function.⁣ Hence, the power of the BioCharger.⁣'"
⁣BioCharger NG


📣 Friday Fun Fact!

Did you know? 🧐

There is a strong positive relationship between physical activity and bone health throughout life? This is because the musculoskeletal system is sensitive to weight-bearing physical activity as a stimulus to maintaining and building bone, as well as for the prevention of muscle wasting.

🦴Here at OsteoStrong we help our members to improve bone mineral density and build strength! 🦴💪

Come in for a free consultation TODAY, dont wait!

Develop OsteoStrong Skeletal Strength for Better Health | Natural Sustainable Living Chicago 05/04/2023

May the 4th be with you and while your at it….

Check out our article in this months Natural Awakenings.

Pick up your copy today in our center!

Develop OsteoStrong Skeletal Strength for Better Health | Natural Sustainable Living Chicago The foundation of the body provides more than just strength and protection—it’s one of our most critical systems—and by implementing a strategy to care for and strengthen it, we can experience life-changing results.


Try this bone healthy recipe

🥑Avocado Shake:

1 medium Hass avocado
1 cup 240 ml coconut milk or raw milk
2Tbsp raw sugar (or to taste)
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1-2 tsp cacao nibs
2 ice cubes

Halve the avocado, remove the seed and scoop out the flesh in to a blender. Add all of the remaining ingredients and pulse for 40 seconds. If the result is too thick for your taste, add a bit more coconut water and mix for a few seconds more.
To serve the shake, pour it in to a chilled glass. Best to drink it right away.

Do you have a favorite bone healthy snack?


Balance is not something we think about everyday yet it is so vital to our health!

Here at OsteoStrong we help our members practice and improve their balance every single week.

📣 Did you know that approx 30% of falls result in an injury that requires medical attention and fractures occurring in approx 10% of falls!

In this picture one of our amazing members is practicing her balance.

Come in for a free balance assessment today!


It is osteoporosis awareness month!🦴🦴

📣 Did you know, Vitamin K2 is a important for bone health?

Vit K2 can be found in foods such as:
Grass fed meats
Fermented foods

📣 If you are vegan or vegetarian, you can find K2 in foods like

Vitamin K2 is an important nutrient to help with making sure our calcium gets to our bones and not stuck in our arteries.

What's your favorite way to get vitamin K2?


At OsteoStrong we help our members improve bone health!

You may mot even know you have osteoporosis until you break a bone!

Approximately 10 million Americans have osteoporosis and another 44 million have low bone density making them at risk!

Come in to our center for a free consult and wellness assessment today! Don’t wait until you break a bone!


A big thank you to everyone that participated in our raffle for April!

We are so thankful for our community and couldn’t be more proud of you all for coming in every week to build better, stronger bones!

Today is the drawing for our April winner!!

Watch below for the grand prize winner! 🏆


Looking to improve your bone health?

Come in to Osteostrong of Greater Chicago
We help people improve their Bone Mineral Density! 🦴🦴


Brenda no longer has osteoporosis thanks to OsteoStrong 💪🏻💪🏻


Here is our founder Kyle Zagrodzky sharing why OsteoStrong is such an important and amazing company!

Take a look!


Dealing with sciatica pain?

Listen to this success story and come in to our center today!


20 min a week to build stronger bones! 🦴


Balance is important for an active life!

Photos from Osteostrong of Greater Chicago's post 01/19/2023

Our community is the best!

🦴 They are each committed to strengthening their bones and staying strong 💪🏻💪🏻

🦴 They are resource for each other and share stories that help other community members on their way to become more healthy!

🦴🦴Join us and find out how you can become a part of a strong and growing community!

Stay strong with OsteoStrong! 🦴🦴


Being able to do the things you love for as long as possible?!

THAT is an amazing goal to have 🙌🙌


Feeling strong in your everyday life is a good thing!

Come to OsteoStrong and build a stronger life!


Many of our members come in with a partner, friend, relative etc.

The more the merrier!

Come in with whomever you choose! Get stronger together! 💪🏻💪🏻


Our machines are one of a kind!

From the instant biofeedback to the amount of force that our members are able to create, you will NOT find this in a gym.

💪🏻💪🏻 Call NOW to learn more!


Age is just a number!

Stay strong and active with OsteoStrong! 💪🏻💪🏻


🦴If you’ve been told that you need to take medication for your osteoporosis and you are looking for an alternative way to improve your bone health, OsteoStrong is the place for you!

📣2 locations in Chicagoland.

💪🏻126 Skokie Blvd Wilmette, Il
💪🏻💪🏻195 W Golf Rd Schaumburg, Il


We don't own a rocking chair.
What would you both do 100% STRONGER?
Come visit the #1 center in the USA.


If you are a gym goer and love lifting weights, OsteoStrong can be added to your routine to help build strength! 💪🏻💪🏻


You have worked hard to build strength, but there is a limit.
It is inside you.
It is your bones.
Visit the #1 skeletal strength conditioning center on Earth.
And see how much STRENGTH is really inside you.


It’s that time!!

When New Years resolutions are made and we all are looking forward to the next year of good health!!

Your musculoskeletal system is an important part of being a healthy and strong human!

Start the new year off right and get stronger!

Get strong with OsteoStrong! 💪🏻💪🏻


Wishing all our members a healthy and happy 2023.


Give the gift of strength this holiday season!

Stay strong with OsteoStrong 🦴🦴


Another knowledge nugget from our CEO....what do free radicals have to do with your health??


Why don't people talk to men about bone density? Let's get the word out!
Share and tag your guy friends, we're here for you guys!


That's a lot of broken bones...don't let yours be one of them! Come strengthen your bones at OsteoStrong!
Schaumburg: 224-208-8616
Wilmette: 224-408-2383


Silent disease? Oof!
Let's give a voice to your skeletal system and get the word out...share and tag your loved ones!


The more you know the more you do. Spread the word to your loved ones, a broken hip is no laughing matter!


Osteoporosis is not just an issue for women. Have you ever checked your bone density?
Talk to us when you're ready to take care of your bones, guys!

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Our Story

INCREASE your bone density by 4-7% and
DOUBLE your muscle strength in less than a year!

The Science of OsteoStrong

OsteoStrong is a musculo-skeletal strengthening and rehabilitation system appropriate for all ages and conditioning levels.
A proprietary protocol combining two different non-invasive technologies – The OsteoStrong system and Vibration Plate– the patented system is designed to improve your bone density, muscle strength, balance, coordination, and stability regardless of your age or conditioning level.
OsteoStrong has developed protocols that enable this system to be used for injury, sports and surgery rehabilitation as well. The one visit a week for 10 minutes, no sweat, no soreness system has stopped or reversed osteoporosis / osteopenia and has had an incredible life changing impact on individuals living with degenerative discs, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia and various other conditions or injuries.

How OsteoStrong Works

OsteoStrong uses a biomechanically efficient system that improves strength and bone mineral density (BMD) through maximum intensity, short duration neuro-musculoskeletal stimulation (NMS). The system consists of four simple yet comprehensive isometric exercises. The user creates a maximum isometric load.
This differs from traditional exercise that affects primarily the sarcoplasm. This system targets primarily myofibril (muscle “cables” within the sarcoplasm) development and safe maximum-skeletal loading. The equipment precisely measures, tabulates and records user force output 5 to 15 seconds via patented load cell/software interface throughout each session. All physical efforts are recorded, compared and contrasted over time. Each user receives a Performance Report at the conclusion of each training session.

Vibration Plate Whole Body Vibration

The human body has natural reflexes such as the eye-lid reflex, the touch reflex and the stretch reflex. The stretch reflex is what occurs when a doctor taps your knee with a hammer, this causes a reflex that extends the leg.
Vibration Plate induces a continuous special stretch reflex called the Tonic Vibration Reflex in all involved muscles. The special vibrating platform causes minute stretches within the muscles, which activate Tonic Vibration Reflexes. Because Vibration Plate platforms vibrate between 30 to 50 times per second, these involuntary muscle contractions happen at the same speed.
Not only do your muscles contract and relax at very high speed, but also the amount of muscle fibers in every single muscle involved exceeds the amount of muscle tissue utilized in regular training.
For most people who perform conventional strength training, a maximum of 40% of the muscle fibers per muscle are recruited at any one time. Vibration Plate recruits between 95-97% of the muscle fibers. This also means that the deeper postural and stabilizing muscles that are typically hard to contract and train can be stimulated.
Vibration Plate changes the frequency of contraction instead of the force applied to the muscle. This produces much less strain on the joints, ligaments and muscles without long exhausting sessions. Most patients feel immediate results. It is safe for almost all patient conditions when applied correctly.
Most dramatic, however, are the results. The system measures and tracks each workout and produces a complete printed report after each session. Indeed, the system that OsteoStrong implements measured four years of testing on clients performing more than 100,000 sets of exercises. The average client age was 52. After the first year, clients saw, on average, a 73% measurable gain in muscle strength. By the second year, the gain had jumped to 138%. By the fourth year, clients saw a 295% improvement in muscle strength – an astonishing achievement that is difficult for traditional workouts to match.

What is Osteogenic Loading?

Based on the science of Wolff’s law (the theory demonstrating bone adaptation to applied pressure), Osteogenic loading is the self-compression of bone mass at an optimal biomechanical position. In short, you are applying pressure on your bones so they compress. By doing this your bones respond by getting denser and stronger. Once a week therapy session utilizes technology to target and stimulate all the major long bones of the body and safely supply the intensity required to stimulate each individual’s body to naturally increase bone and muscle tissue density. Regular use essentially improves the structure of the body, the building blocks of movement and function for increased quality of life.

What can I expect during a session?

During a session each participant is positioned in the strongest biomechanical position to produce force in four different directions. This ensures that the body can safely withstand the load that is being provided in the activity. Also, the machine is self-loaded so each person dictates the force that is applied (i.e. you are withstanding the load that you, yourself, produce). The force that you produce would be equivalent to pushing or pulling an object of significant weight and size in four positions:
(1) Pushing your hands;
(2) Pushing using your feet;
(3) Pulling your knees up
(4) Pulling upward using your arms and legs together.

How long does it take to complete a Session?

When completing a session you will be required to produce maximal force for only 5 seconds per activity. This is not a workout, you are stimulating (compressing) your bones. Your first session will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. The session can be completed in street clothes (flat soled shoes are recommended). All other sessions are shorter in duration.

What Will I “Feel” Before and after doing a Session?

After completing a session you will feel like you’ve completed physical work. You will feel warm (from increased blood circulation and work completed by the muscles) and you will notice an improvement in your posture (from the decompression of the spine and joints from the impact loading). Within 24 hours you will feel muscular fatigue but not soreness or pain.
Unlike traditional weight training you will not experience the type of muscle soreness that usually accompanies those types of training. Because the movements only require five (5) seconds of maximal work your body will not produce the by-products that cause muscle soreness.

What does the Performance Report Tell Me?

At the conclusion of each session you will receive an e-mailed report of your progress. The report is a visual representation of the average maximal loads reached during each session. In each of the graphs (Chest Press, Leg Press, Core Pull and Vertical Lift) you will see your baseline reading and the last ten sessions recorded. It will also document your overall increase in strength from your first session to the last and provides feedback and tips on your improvement after each session.

A safe and natural solution! No long-term contracts - Fits your life!

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Happy Thanksgiving from your OsteoStrong Family
Welcome to the New OsteoStrong Schaumburg
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