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🌈Remember Love is Love…Be who you want and surround yourself with people you want.

Love who you want. Never Change!

You are wonderful, beautiful and unstoppable!

No one can stop you for being the person you want to be.
Safety at LSF is our #1 Priority. Congrats, to the Green Squad Team for successfully completing their CPR & AED certification.

Thank you Cintas for your expertise and keeping our credentials up to date!
Welcome Coach Sarah, she brings 4.5 years of coaching experience to LSF! 💚

Sarah’s extensive background in nutrition, strength training and functional movement is effective for the women at LSF.

Sarah has deep experience with being a health coach full-time working with people on behavioral aspects and habit change.

All of this gives Sarah a well rounded approach to the fitness and wellness industry.

We are extremely excited to have her as a member of the Green Squad Team.
Grab Your Tissue, this video is a Tearjerker 😢

This past weekend members completed the annual “Murph” workout in honor of a fallen solider.

The workout by no means is easy and can be challenging for most.

However, with encouragement from coaches and other women inside the community everyone supported each another.

After the workout was completed LSF member Rita Ciupka was extremely proud of herself for successfully completing the workout by not giving up.

Her daughter Jessica is also LSF’s Studio Manager and was there by her mom’s side every step of the way.

This is a testament to willpower, women empowerment and being LadyStrong.

We’re so proud of you ladies for completing your workout this past weekend. Happy Memorial Day!
🇺🇸Happy Memorial Day Weekend! 🥂 Cheers to all the women who successfully completed the Murph workout today.

And a HUGE thank you to all the military men and women who sacrificed their lives for our country and protected our freedom. Have a safe and Happy Weekend.
She makes lifting 135lbs look EASY! Having 1:1 accountability is motivation overload!

Find your workout mojo either through group training, personal training or both!

Take advantage of your complimentary group or pt session today!
Something New Is Brewing 🧑‍🍳 And It’s not food…

But the revamp of the LadyStrong Virtual Workouts!

March of 2020, was an adaptive phase for LSF.

We introduced the community to the virtual world.

Until, now we haven’t changed our virtual experience!

We invite you to experience the new LSF virtual workouts! We look forward to receiving your feedback.
After suffering a near death experience ☠️

This member now views life through different lenses.

Many people around the world have become proficient in the art of “being oppressed.”

There is conflict between choosing the victim or victor mindset in how one chooses to live.

Your attitude determines your altitude!

This mentality leaves little room for growing beyond the challenges we all face.

In todays episode LSF member Jennifer is not a victim and didn’t complain when her life took a turn for the worst!

Instead, she had a victors mindset and turned her tragedy into a strategy. Catch the full episode now!
Kids Summer Boot Camp Begins in Two Weeks!

Would You Like Your Child To Have

Sign Them Up for YoungLadyStrong Boot Camp!

This two month camp strives to increase the overall health and fitness level of children.

In a fun, positive, and motivating environment by utilizing obstacles, fitness games, social distancing partner activities, body weight exercises, resistance bands, circuits and so much more!
Do You Have a Buddy? The kickoff starts Monday! The 30 Day Buddy-Up Challenge!

With weekly fitness and nutrition challenges! This is something you don’t want to miss!

Winning team receives a $100 Coopers Hawk gift card.
Happy Mothers Day to all the LadyStrong Mom’s!

Today is a day dedicated to your compassion, your love & your dedication to being the best Mom you can be!

We are honored to have you part of the LSF community. You are LadyStrong!

LadyStrong Fitness is an intimate boutique style fitness studio, where women like you can come and b That is designed to prevent plateaus and drive results.

LadyStrong Fitness is a fitness studio exclusively for women. This is a premier weight loss and body transformation results based program. Providing people with the tools needed to live a HEALTHIER life! We pride ourselves with delivering innovative training and effective nutrition advice to our clients. Proven training methods and fun atmosphere. Results guaranteed. Call now to schedule your transformation today!

Operating as usual


🤔 Ever wondered what your first workout might feel like at LadyStrong?

Listen to first time participant Catherine share with Coach Emily how she felt after her FIRST LadyStrong workout!

Photos from LadyStrong Fitness's post 03/17/2023

🏆80% of Success is showing up!

These women are a testament to consistency and great work ethic.

Showing up is more than half the battle, and there’s a lot of sacrifices to be made.

We are so proud of you ladies! You are 💚💪

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Celebrating International Women’s Day! 💜

Today LSF Members wore purple in honor of International Women’s Day and made donations to WINGS Women’s Shelter in Schaumburg!

Classes were packed and our members donated a total of $450.00!

Here’s to strong women! May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them!


Happy Employee Appreciation Day to the LSF Green Squad! 💚💚

These ladies are the glue that holds our community together and we are forever grateful for their hard work & dedication!

Photos from LadyStrong Fitness's post 02/25/2023

🤝Bring a friend to LSF Day! Classes were FUN and PACKED! Thank you to everyone who attended and brought their friend!

One day remaining of Customer Appreciation and a live DJ and food awaits. We’re going out with a BANG and memories of a lifetime! We can’t wait to see you all here!

Photos from LadyStrong Fitness's post 02/13/2023

👋 Meet LSF Member Lexi K!

One fun fact about Lexi is that she’s sweating for the wedding coming this spring May 28th!

In just one year Lexi has lost a total of 50+ pounds and is looking strong & BEAUTIFUL!

Talk about old you vs new you! Lexi you are truly inspiring and LadyStrong! 💚

Photos from LadyStrong Fitness's post 02/11/2023

🤜🤛 Valentine’s Battle of the Sexes was a success!

Thank you to all participants both men and women who attended in todays event.

It’s not everyday you see men inside of LSF. It was a pleasure having you workout!


👋 Meet LSF Member Anita D!

Fun fact about Anita is that she’s lost a total of 65+ pounds since joining almost 2 years ago!

Anita is a hard worker and shows up consistently in her workouts.

Hard work pays off off. We’re so proud of you Anita! You are


🎉🥳Congratulations to coach Paula!

She coached her 1,000th class at LSF!

Thanks Coach Paula for everything you do for the women at LSF and the Green Squad Team.

We’re so appreciative and excited for your future.

Remember, you are LadyStrong! 💚💪


👋 Meet LSF Member Sara K!

One fun fact about Sara is that she’s considered an OG at LSF, three years STRONG.

When Sara first started LSF she couldn’t perform not one push-up.

⏩ Fast Forwarding to now and Sara’s more than capable of performing pushups.

We can’t forget to mention when Sara first started she didn’t know anyone.

Now she has an entire 7:30pm family of sisters she works out with. We’re proud of you Sara you are LadyStrong.

If you haven’t watched or listened to Sara’s podcast episode from last week.

👇Click to find learn more about HerStory.


👋 Meet LSF Member Jennifer G!

One fun fact about Jen is that she was nominated an award (Class Clown) at LSF for having such a great sense of humor during workouts.

But it doesn’t end there she not only knows how to have fun, but knows how to put in work.

Jen lost a total of 7.2lbs in an internal 30 Day LSF challenge. This is a testament that you can have fun, workout and still receive astonishing results!

Keep up the good work Jen! You are


📣💚Attention!! LSF Recognition Wednesday Shoutout! LSF member Maggie Noga✨👏🏼

This week we need to give a big big shout out to Maggie! Maggie is always the best to have in the studio, not only is she super hard working... but she always comes in with a big smile on her face and is so positive!

Whenever I challenge her she never ever back down, she takes on every single challenge. She is so kind and friendly to everyone she meets!
Maggie is truly a bad a$$ chick in the studio!!😎

This recognition is well deserved, keep up the hard work! You are LadyStrong! 💚

Photos from LadyStrong Fitness's post 01/24/2023

🌟 Transformation Tuesday! These womens dreams turned into a reality!

Your dreams don’t work, unless you do! Let’s give them a round of applause! 👏 It’s no wonder why you’re all LadyStrong


Sunday Sweat & Shop at Fabletics in Woodfield Mall this morning! 💦

Nothing like a Sunday morning workout and some retail therapy! 🥂🛍️

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👑 A mother’s crown is HEAVY, but the queen is STRONG 💪.

To every LSF mom remember one day your child will follow your example, not your advice.

Photos from LadyStrong Fitness's post 01/18/2023

These women get 1% better each day. In one year that’s 365% better than what they were the previous year.

These statistics and LSF brag boards don’t lie!


Community is Our Heart, Give Back Anyway You Can. This is a LadyStrong Fitness Core Value!

Today the Green Squad Team took their annual trip to Feed My Starving Children to pack meals for kids in need! A great day giving back to the community and the world!

Photos from LadyStrong Fitness's post 01/11/2023

Transformation Tuesday Motivation! 🌟

It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, the only thing that matters is starting.

These women showcase different ages, ethnicity, physics and starting points.

If they can do it, so can you.

Remember, you are


🔥Burn fat fast in 2023 with an endurance style training. Not mention, go at your own pace and intended for any fitness level.


The fastest way to sculpt muscles! We’re kicking things off with the first StrongHer of the year this Saturday!

If your looking to lift heavier, gain strength and sculpt muscles. The StrongHer class this weekend allows you to receive your certification to accomplish that!

With your certification you can gain access to additional equipment while in group sessions. We look forward to seeing you this weekend!


Welcome our newest Green Squad Team Member. Ella is a six year veteran of LSF who started out as a member.

Now she’s transitioning to LSF Sales & Operations Specialist!

She’s not only been through her own personal weight loss journey at LSF, but she also brings an AMAZING personality and great customer service experience.

Make sure to congratulate and say hello the next time you see her inside the studio!


🧸Toys For Tots was a SUCCESS! Thank you to everyone inside the LSF community who donated.

Ecole 360 Child Development Center was surprised by the amount of toys we manage to gather. There will be a lot of happy kiddos waking up on Christmas Day.

‘This the season ❄️ ⛄️


🎈🥳 Happy Birthday Coach Ashley! We wish you great health, happiness and prosperity on your very special day!

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📈Stats shows 50% of women quit the gym in 6 months or less. Congratulations, to these women for not being a part of that statistic.

It’s hard to beat any of these women who never gave up! These women are LadyStrong!


🎅Santa Came Early! LSF 2022 Christmas Party was a success! Thank you for everyone who was in attendance. Have a safe and happy holiday.


On this weeks episode of the LadyStrong podcast we sat down with LSF client Maryjo who started her journey with LSF in 2018.

She’s such an inspiration and shared a lot of insight about fitness, family and sisterhood. To watch the full episode 👉


🥁 Drumroll Please… Our Check In for Charity officially closed last night after tallying all the check-ins.

We’re happy to write a check for $804.50 to Special Olympics of Illinois!

We had 704 check ins and we also had a couple other donations given as well to add to our total!

Thank you ladies so much for all your check ins for the month of November!

We are so excited to be able to make this donation on behalf of all of you! 💚🥰👏🏼


If you can crush the 2 hardest months of the year (Nov & Dec). The other 10 months will feel like a breeze. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions.

Photos from LadyStrong Fitness's post 11/24/2022

🔥 Burning calories this morning with a pre-Thanksgiving workout.

Before, starting the workouts this morning each LSF woman shared what their thankful for and it was a empowering to learn more about each woman.

Have a safe & Happy Thanksgiving! Remember, you are LadyStrong

Photos from LadyStrong Fitness's post 11/22/2022

We’re excited to announce LSF sponsorship! For the Saxons Girl Basketball Team this 2022-2023 season.

Best of Luck ladies we can’t wait to see you ladies flourish this season! Remember, you are LadyStrong


Happy Birthday to LSF Co-Founder and CEO Marciea Allen! We hope you have a blessed and prosperous next year!


🌟 Most Admired Workout…LSF’s Semi-Private sessions are individualized, flexible, and cost effective.

We help women with weight loss, burning fat and toning muscles. With our diverse group of women from all walks of life we provide a blueprint that works for you!

This is a lifestyle change, it’s not a quick fix and the LSF community is a great representation of just that!


Taking a trip down memory lane. One month ago today, LSF hosted their 6 annual Orenda Gala.

The biggest celebration of the year where LSF women dress up, meet and greet, are nominated for awards and drink and dance the night away. We're excited to see you all next year!


A Congratulations is in order for this LSF woman! This is likely the hardest program for women to complete.

But it’s why it’s so effective, and why it’s the last one you’ll ever need. And once you’re in, you’re set for life. You don’t need to keep yo-yo dieting or gain all the weight back like anything you’ve tried in the past.

To succeed you must:

Complete the 6 Week Curriculum

Complete 18 sessions of workouts

Complete the food logs to your accountability coach

Complete the body composition test and weigh-ins

Complete two Private Coaching Calls with your coach to follow up on action plan and create next step actions

Attend baseline meeting Sunday evening with the Green Squad Team members and Subject Matter Experts

It’s simple, but not easy.

You have to put in the work, but you have an entire community of women that have your back. You have an entire Green Squad Team at LSF helping you along each step of the way.

This is a premiere program.

This is for women who want more out of life for themselves.

It’s not for women looking for a quick fix.

We stand for a premiere based fitness studio that focuses on these pillars: fitness, nutrition, mindset, and accountability.

If that’s you, join us.

And strap in.

Learn more about Cindy’s 6 Week Transformation Journey by scheduling your consult today.

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💗🤍💕Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month today at LSF!

We raised $500 from today’s sessions that will be given to the Susan G Komen Foundation!

Your Fight is Our Fight! We Are LadyStrong! 💪


Seeing is believing… 👀 🙌 Don’t take our word for it, instead hear what a partner of one of our members had to say about her results and LSF.


Happy One Year Anniversary to LSF Assistant Studio Manager Becca!

Becca is the glue that helps keep LSF together and we are proud to have her as a part of the leadership team!

Congrats Becca! Here’s to many more years to come!


Congratulations, to LSF member Jana Baker for completing 600 workouts in three years!

That’s an average of 200 workouts per year! Talk about inspiration and perseverance. 💚

Jana mentions “My quality of sleep has improved. My energy level is much better. The hot flashes have stopped and my husband says I’m less crabby.”

We’re so proud of you Jana! It’s a joy having you within the community, you are LadyStrong 💚


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and today we honor long time member and cancer survivor Donna Lavin.

Donna had a regularly scheduled annual mammogram set up but found a lump herself, so she went in early.

Doctors did a mammogram and a biopsy within 3 days.

Her Diagnosis was Stage 2”B” Triple negative breast cancer.

The end of her treatment was October 2021 and she is officially living cancer free!

Donna made her return to LSF 4 months ago through the Personal Training program so she could work on getting her strength back & she is crushing it!

Donna we are so proud of you! We admire your strength, courage & determination to not only survive but thrive!

You are truly “LadyStrong”! 💚

In honor of the fight we will be hosting a FREE community workout on Saturday October 29th! $5 donations accepted but not required to attend.

Want to join us? Comment below for a free class pass!

All donations collected that day will be sent to the Susan G Komen for the Cure Foundation!


Happy Birthday to LSF Co-Founder Brittany. We hope your day is filled with health, happiness and prosperity.

It’s time to get LadyStrong

LadyStrong Fitness is an intimate boutique style fitness studio, where women like you can come and be yourself without feeling judged.

Are you tired of being unhappy with your body? Feel Like you are lacking structure and motivation? Do you hate going to the gym? Good! We’re not a gym....LSF is a lifestyle. We’ll change how you think about the “gym routine.”

LadyStrong Fitness offers semi-private classes in just 60-minutes with a total body workout, led by a certified instructor, mixed with three class formats (Body Weight, Strength and Cardio Training) with new workouts everyday.

While using a heart-rate monitor system that gauges each womans overall fitness and health that summarizes each workout through a reporting systems.

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“I wanted to be taught by experts and not feel intimidated working out in front of men”, says LSF member Abby!Learn more...
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LSF Virtual Workouts
Don’t Be A Victim, Be a Victor in Your Circumstance
Kids Summer Boot Camp




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