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You can still stay in shape while doing home workouts, here are some great tips!


Simple tips to have a more balanced diet!


Let's all work together to be safer!


Some tips to stay healthy at work!


8 days until Spring begins. Use these tips to spring into a healthier you!


Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

If you are like me, who hates counting calories every meal and logging food every day, This information will greatly help you to lose weight consistently. However, the process may be slower than actually counting calories.

First, you have to find eating habit that works for you so that you can be consistent and diligent with your routine.

Second, You have to eat out less... There will be no way to learn how to eat intuitively and how much you are eating at a restaurant especially when the restaurant portions are atrociously large.

Third, Eat nutrition dense meal. Fill your plates with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, and lean protein. They are going to help you feel full and you will be able to manage your hunger better.

Fourth, Take a photo for your every meal. This is will help you to figure out how much you need to eat to maintain or lose weight VISUALLY. You need to learn and have a feel for how much you can eat to achieve the body you desire.

Fifth, see if there are any changes to your weight and body after following the same diet/portion for 2 weeks. If there weren't any changes in weights, we messed up somewhere and we need to make adjustments to food portions and activity levels. Once you have made changes, repeat the same process for 2 weeks and keep making adjustments as you see results.

This is not the most accurate and the most consistent method however, the real consistency is established by you. How bad do you want it? If you want it bad enough, you will do it. There is no other way other than following the basic principles and allow the body to adjust to the changes you are making in your life.

It is not the accurate method because it is a trial and error method but if you are struggling with counting your calories, it may help you see progress by trying this intuitive method. Keep working hard. The results come slowly in the beginning but if you can stay consistent and increase the output the results you see will grow exponentially. This is one of the many reasons we give up. We put in high amount of effort to see only small amount of changes nonetheless, the ones who are persistent will see success.


Complete Beginner 3 day Split Full Body Training

Common problems we see when people start resistance training is that the training is not structured.

People go to the gym and they get on every exercise machine, do few sets, and they are done.

Exercise machines are less intimidating and more beginner friendly however, it is crucial that you master the basic movement patterns such as Squat, Hip hinging, Vertical/Horizontal Push, Vertical/Horizontal Pull, and etc.

Another crucial mistake that we see in the gym is overcomplicating our training sessions by choosing too many different variations.

When you are starting out, you need to focus on basic movement patterns I have mentioned above and focus on building the mind muscle connection.

Muscle fibers are grouped into motor units. Each motor unit is a cluster of muscle fibers innervated by a motor nerve cell. During the first weeks of strength training, your brain responds to training by recruiting more motor units with each muscles contraction. This means you have more muscle fibers working in your favor to move a weight. This increases the force you can generate.

Stop focusing on body parts performing single joint/isolation movement. Your focus should be on building framework so that you can progress to more challenging and difficult exercises.

Only 3 days a week. 20 - 40 minutes is all you need to start changing your body.

Get to work and build a strong foundation with these exercises

2-4 sets 10 - 15 body weight lunges (progress to weight lunges)
2-4 sets 10 - 15 reps push ups
2-4 sets 10 - 15 reps body weight squat (progress to goblet squat)
2-4 sets 10 - 15 reps TRX row
2-4 sets 10 - 15 reps Shoulder press
2-4 sets 10 - 15 reps Lat pulldowns

Giant set (30 - 60 second rest between sets)
Move on to the next exercise once you have finished 2 - 4 sets

*Stick to the routine for at least 4 to 6 weeks. Consistency is key to success
*Challenge yourself and increase the intensity by
- Increasing the number of repetitions and sets
- Decreasing the rest time between sets
- Increasing the tempo (how long it takes to complete 1 repetition) for every repetition you do
- Every rep counts. Treat every repetition as if it is going to be the last one you are going to do.
*Clean up your nutrition. No workout will out train bad nutrition. If you want to see physical changes, you have to get your diet in check.


Best Fat Loss tips all you will ever need!

*If you are not happy with your weight or your body, and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, that is your problem. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you will make progress.
*We can read all the "Top 10 Fat Loss Hacks" health articles we want until we realize that changes depend on getting our ass off the couch, start planning, and executing. Our fat loss is entirely down to us actually wanting to make changes.

Making adjustments to your diet

* Understand that you want to view eating as a way of life. Do not jump from one diet to another because it is likely that many of us won't be able to sustain such diet for long-term.
* Start small by cutting 5-10% of your daily caloric needs for the first 4 weeks. Allow the body to catch up to the caloric deficit you are creating.
* Simply reduce caloric intake by another 5-10% when the fat/weight loss have come to a halt.

I want to lose weight fast

* We cannot force fat loss. The only thing we can do is make long term commitment in your lifestyle by eating in caloric deficit and complementing it with resistance training.
* Please calm down and be patient. You did not get out of shape in a week so you ain't getting in shape in a week.
* People with "fast weight loss" mentality are the ones who tend to regain the weight back after the diet ends or just quit after few days.
* Aggressive diet does work but the question is, can you maintain it? The "I want to lose weight fast" mentality encourages the use of fad diets that won't be sustainable and does not help you to build habits that allow you to maintain the loss in the long run.

How fast should I expect to lose fat?

* It is all going to depend on what level of body fat percentage you are in. The higher your body fat percentage, the faster you can expect to lose. The leaner you are, slower the rate of fat loss.
* Just keep this in mind: set your weekly weight/fat loss goal between 0.5-1% of your total body weight per week. Make sure to weigh in at the same time everyday and compute the average every week because it will fluctuate due to hydration, glycogen storage which are the main culprits behind sudden weight loss and gains.

Training for fat loss

* Realistically speaking, there is no workout for fat loss because you can never ever out train your diet.
* You want to train for muscle/strength gain and retention while calorie deficit handle fat loss
* Here are the things you want to prioritize if you want to successfully change the way you look
1. Calorie deficit
2. resistance training
3. protein intake
4. Neat (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) e.g. walking, sitting work vs standing work, sedentary vs active lifestyle
5. Cardio
* The lean and toned look that most of us want are predicated on how much muscle we have underneath the fat tissue. If you complement your fat loss journey, resistance training will help you get that athletic look as you taper down the fat.
* Cardiovascular fitness is an important aspect of fitness but to improve 'body composition' muscle building is very important.

So there you have it everyone.
Please understand(I beg you) that fat loss is dictated by your total calorie intake.
Do not believe your your friend Jessica who is telling you that you have low metabolism because you don't
Be patient....

May the success be with you.

Back In Line Chiropractic & Evolution Fitness
736 E Schaumburg Rd, Schaumburg
(847) 781-9595

You can do it, you are not alone.


Cold Hard Truths About Dieting and Fat loss.

There are universal truths for fat loss that are undisputed

Which are

* Negative calorie balance, calorie deficit, the basic scientific principle of fat loss
* Fat loss cannot be "HACKED"
* NO, fat is not converted into muscle. Muscle is an active tissue fat is not.
* Spot reduction of fat is impossible, unless you go through the cosmetic route of lipoplasty(Liposuction). When you lose fat, you are losing fat from the entire body.

You knew all that (hopefully...)

Here are few other factors you need to be aware of to be successful with your fitness journey.

1. Yes. It is very difficult to lose fat.

Understanding fat loss is simple but actual implementation of a fat loss plan is incredibly difficult. If losing weight and developing six packs were easy, we would all be walking around shirtless like fitness models.

I truly believe fat loss is made in the mind. The dedication to what you want to achieve and the tremendous amount of self-discipline is required.

Some days we do not feel like training hard. We are not willing to give up some of the choices in our food table. Some of us are just not willing to overcome the adversities. We need to bring it all together: diet, training, and lifestyle.

2. Cheat day

This is a good news for people who have been consistent and diligent with their fitness and nutrition. We have been told that cheat day is never necessary and it will only hurt your progress. It is true that it might slow down the progress if we go out of control with our given cheat day.

For many individuals, dieting and fat loss is extremely stressful and discouraging at times. It is actually beneficial to give yourself a psychological break from dieting by having the food you have been craving for once in a while.

Don't go binge eating everything you see on the table though!

3. You put junk in your body, what you are getting out of it is a junk body

When it comes to fat loss and dieting, both quality and quantity of your nutrition matters.

If you are consuming 2000 calories of junk food versus 2000 calories of food that is well balanced and prepared, I can guaran-damn-tee that you will not get the results you are looking for.

nutrient dense food will allow steady release of energy from the food which helps us to better manage feelings of hunger and control insulin and blood sugar levels from sky rocketing.

Do what is right for you, for your body, and for your long term goals.

4. Embrace an active lifestyle.

Why burn 500 calories just from diet alone when you can invest 30 to 60 minutes of your 24 hour day to workout at home or at the gym?

No excuse here everyone. Arnold Schwarzenegger(can't remember how to spell his 200 letter last name) once said that "You make the time". We know that we could have gone outside and done anything physically active instead of sitting in the couch or laying in bed, looking for magical ways to lose weight(may not even that).

Stop being a couch potato and move around. Stop saying "I can't, I don't, and I won't". Empower yourself with different mindset so you are more likely to stick to it.

Stay Faithful,

Back In Line Chiropractic & Evolution Fitness
736 E Schaumburg Rd, Schaumburg
(847) 781-9595


Exercise is a critical component of weight loss maintenance!

Physical activity helps to prevent weight regain when previously overweight or obese.

It is just so difficult to lose weight. We should all agree. However, so many people, who have lost significant amount of weight, struggle to keep weight off over a long period.

A successful weight loss maintainers rely on both physical activity to remain in energy balance rather than long time restriction of dietary intake to avoid weight rebound.

One of the major problems with calorie restriction is that it is very difficult to maintain under 2000 to 1500 calorie diet over long periods of time. You are going to have to cut calories even more as you start to lose more weight which is going to be incredibly challenging with so many temptations on your food table.

The fat loss is not linear. Just because the fat loss calculator says you are going to lose 1lb of body weight a week on 1500 calorie diet, that does not mean you are going to continue to lose 1lb every week due to the simple fact that the total energy expenditure decreases as you become lighter.

When you keep your physical activities high and engage in strength training, the total calories burned will be higher compared with that in both normal weight individuals and overweight/obese individuals. Despite the higher energy cost of moving a larger body of overweight/obese individuals, you are going to burn more calories if you have been active and training progressively simply because you are moving more with higher intensity.

Why not move around a bit more and engage in physical activities to achieve negative calorie balance instead of getting -500 calorie balance from diet only?

A well designed 20 to 30 minute circuit training (with conditioning with little rest) can burn from 200 to 380 calories depending on your condition and body weight.

You are going to build more muscle if you participate in strength training program which is going to help you maintain higher resting metabolic rate versus someone who weighs the same as you but carries less muscle mass. Muscles are active tissue. They require energy and you can use them to spend more stored energy in your fat tissue.

Subscribe to our page and so you can learn more about fitness and fat loss strategies.

Change your body forever - call us at (847) 781-9595 and let us help you reach your long desired goals.


Can you lose weight by eating less?

If you maintain a calorie deficit diet, you will definitely be able to lose good amount of weight. The problem with calorie deficit diet or trying to lose weight through dieting only will be very hard to sustain. Weight loss will never be linear because as your body makes adaptations to caloric deficit, it will want to hold on to those stubborn fats as you lose weight continuously.

The worst part of calorie deficit diet is the "yo-yo" effect where you throw some weight off and before you know it, it comes right back on. It is indeed a vicious cycle that we all have experienced and it needs to end if long term weight and fat loss are your goals.

One way to end this vicious cycle is to eat more often.

The trick is to limit your own portion sizes by filling your body with a steady flow of usable nutrients and you will never be susceptible to blood sugar spikes and you will be burning calories at a nice steady rate the whole day with constant energy. Quality nutrition matters as well.. You know you are not going to have much success eating french fries for snacks..

Now that you have established CONSISTENT and SUSTAINABLE nutritional plan, it is time to boost your fat loss process with these 4 incredible fat loss exercises.

1. Jump rope

Jump rope is no doubt, one of the best exercise invented for burning fat. There are numerous benefits to jump roping besides the caloric burn if done consecutively but coordination, agility, and muscle toning as well.

2. Hill Running

Now this is one of the better option for people who cannot perform jump roping. You can perform the exercise at a higher incline on a treadmill and you will also benefit developing power and strength in your lower body.

3. Shadow boxing

The perfect choice for people who aren't runners like me. This is nothing fancy and no equipment is needed. All you have to do is to get in front of a mirror, get into your fighting stance and make one-two combinations or throw some hooks and uppercuts for more fun to knock the fat out!

4. Badminton / Tennis

Join or invite a friend out on the court for some badminton and tennis match. The quick starts, stops, sprints, and side movements are perfect recipe for training your athleticism and solution to torching fat.

Try these exercises and see how it can change your body with a sound nutritional plan!

Want to enhance your fat loss process and improve your physique at the same time by building muscles?

Come visit us at 736 E Schaumburg Rd
Give us a call (847) 781-9595

See yourself how easy it is to get back in shape and blast fat!


Do you want 6 pack?

You may think that you have to spend hours a day trying to get a washboard abs.

That is not the case at all!

If you are able to commit to a short ab workout routine 5 to 7 times a week, you will be surprised how this 6 minute ab routine can help you develop stronger core muscles for better looks combined with sound nutrition and posture.

Remember guys, consistency is what will bring the best results. The most important factors are that you can do the exercises everywhere and it is short enough to allow you to do this on a regular basis without having to fight to schedule the workout into your day.

* Here are the instructions

1. Pick one movement from each ab category
2. You will be performing the each exercise for a minute
3. Move on to the next exercise when the minute is up

Try your best to resist the burn/fatigue and get as many reps as possible within that 1 minute

If you have to stop in between that is completely fine. Get back to working after you take a short rest (5 to 10 seconds)

You can do these after your main workout routine at the gym or at the comfort of your own home.

REMEMBER. if you want to speed up your physique, you have to make sure your nutritional plan is in place as well and you will start to see your abs/oblique taper down as you drop your body fat percentages.

If you would like a step by step guidance to become the healthier and fitter version of yourself, make an appointment for consultation and check us out at 736 E Schaumburg Rd


Fastest way to burn fat and lose weight!

If you want to burn fat fastest you better stop doing low intensity traditional 30 - 60 minute cardio at the gym. We are not saying that there are no benefits to low intensity cardio but your goal should be to retain as much muscle in your body whether you are trying to lose weight or burn body fat.

Then how do we get the best of both worlds? You would want to emphasize high intensity conditioning exercises such as sprinting or jumping. If you want to maximize your all out caloric burn, you want to increase your effort to your fullest.

Try this 10 minute high intensity conditioning workout to save your time and make your training more efficient and effective at the same time in the comfort of your HOME!

Minute 1
Quarter Squat Jumps
Minute 2
Push ups
Minute 3
Jumping Lunges
Minute 4
Skater Jumps
Minute 5
Mountain Climbers
Minute 6
Push Up Plank Shoulder Taps
Minute 7
Body Weight Squats
Minute 8, 9, 10
Jump Ropes or Stationary Hops

The key to the success of this home workout is its simplicity.
The key to workout effectiveness is the INTENSITY.

If you have problem performing certain exercises, slow down or make it easier by performing regular squats or quarter squats instead of jumping. You can get on your knees instead of doing a full plank for the push ups.

If you are feeling stuck and thinking there is no way to lose weight / burn body fat, make an appointment with us now. Start training with us, we will match your current training goals. Become the best version of yourself!


Do you have forward head posture?

Tightness and lack of mobility of the upper back/lower neck often create poor posture where as the upper back rounds and the neck/head to moves forward. The problem is often a lack of mobility of the C7, T1, and T2 vertebrae. Fascial adhesions build up in this area and restrict the motion of these vertebrae.

Let me help you fix the problem and here is how!

Place tennis or lacrosse ball between the t1/t2 vertebrae and your scapula. Be careful to not place the place the ball on the spine.

Gently move your arm up and down to break up the adhesion.

Depending on how much tightness you have in that area up in the thoracic spine. You would want to work on the area little bit everyday. Be consistent with it because this is not a 1 or 2 time fix. Think about how long it actually took you to have tight mid/upper back. Invest 5 to 10 minutes of your 24 hour day and you will see great improvement in tightness and mobility in your thoracic spine!


You do not have to be great to start but start to be great

* It is NEVER to late to be what you might have been
* "I do not have time to exercise" You make the time. We know for a fact that there are people BUSIER than us, who actually exercise.
* Your dedication to become a better version of yourself will beat your motivation because you know it is the right thing to do whether you do not feel like going to the gym or do not want to move at times.
* Stop looking for cookie cutter methods because there is none.

The sweat
The time,
The dedication
It pays off

Make an appointment for fitness consultation to start your journey.


Avoid shoulder problems and improve your posture with these 3 exercises!

The rotator cuff is actually a group of four muscles, three of which externally rotate the shoulder. We spent too much time sitting at our desks which causes us to hunch over which can contribute to discomfort in our mid back area and seriously impact the health of your shoulders. The thing about the rotator cuff is that they are they only muscles you have in your entire upper body that control external rotation. Overtime, the muscles around the shoulder blade can become incredibly weak and impact our ability to lift our arms overhead. Ignoring the only muscles that provide structural support will lead to a massive imbalance in the shoulder joint.

1. Horizontal external rotation 3 x 10

Begin by holding an elastic band with your elbow at your side and bent to 90 degrees. Your forearm should be directed forward in the beginning position. Next, roll your shoulder back so that your forearm is directed to the side. Focus on bringing the hands behind your back while keeping the elbow tucked

Maintain your shoulder blade in a retracted and downward position the entire time.

2. Vertical external rotation 3 x 10

Begin by holding free weights or band with your arm up at 90 degrees away from your side and elbow bent to 90 degrees. Your forearm should be directed forward in the beginning position.

Next, roll your shoulder back so that your forearm is directed upward. Then, return to original position. Again, focus on driving the hands up and behind your back.

3. Band pull apart 3 x 10

While holding an elastic band with your elbows straight and in front of your body, pull your arms apart and towards the side. Twist your hands so the knuckles are pointing behind as you pull the band apart

Do these 4 to 5 times a week and you will see an incredible improvement in your posture and shoulder health.

Also, do not forget to come to our yoga session on EVERY THURSDAY MORNING at 10 am!

Call us and talk to Phyllis to make an appointment!


We are holding another Fat Loss seminar for those of you who missed our seminar last week!

*We will get you to your goals and help you make a lifestyle out of it
*learn how to diet without feeling like dieting
*change your body into fat burning machine
*achieve chronic fat loss and stay in shape forever without ever having to diet again

Give us a call at (847) 781-9595
Reserve your spot now!
Do not miss your opportunity to transform your body this time


The most effective way to get in shape

- Learn about the scientific principles of fat loss
- Understand fat loss is a chronic accumulative process
- Why we struggle to lose weight
- What to do and how to do it

The seminar will show you alternative ways to lose weights and help you to keep it off forever


Are you planning to make some health changes for 2019? Our trainers are now scheduling consultations to set the goals and plans that are required to make those dreams a reality. Call us at 847-781-9595 to schedule your consultation. Let's make 2019 your best year ever!


Homage to Derrick Rose for his memorable night yesterday scoring 50 points most since 2010-2011, his MVP Season

As a loyal Derrick Rose fan since his debut in the NBA, I felt emotional watching his performance and his interview after game. Someone was cutting onions next to me, teary eyes and felt really good for him as a fan.

He showed the world the example of what "Never Give Up" mentality is about.

Embracing where you are at in the current situation and having self-actualization(your potentials and talents), are crucial for success.

When you are moving too fast, slow, or unclear about your goals, you won't be able to transform your mind and body to be where you want to be in the future.

Be resilient to failures
Fortify your core values
Sometimes you need to step back and see the big picture to have a vision of "why" or the real "reason" to achieve the "what." Your true destination (fitness & weightloss, jobs, money, etc).

Do not overwhelm yourself with so many things. We understand that the world is cruel and won't wait for you if you fall behind. Many people feel the same way, you are not alone. We've all hit rock bottom but we never gave up, bounced back, and became better than we were before. Go at your own pace, everyone has their own rhythm and pace.

There are more failure moments in life than successful moments, overcome the adversities and bloom into flower you once were, are, and will be.

Remember, Never Give Up. It's the best thing you can do if you don't want to start over.



Quick nutritional support of the day.

*If you don't like your diet
*There are gazillion diets & methods online that can help you become successful in getting in shape
*It does not matter what kind of diet plan you are following right now.
*If you do not like it and can't wait to be over... You probably cannot stick with it.
*We are good at losing weight but suck at keeping it off.
*Movie actors follow solid diet plan and train diligently to look good in front of a screen shirtless. They do not look ripped and toned 365 days. They hate their diets too and cannot maintain it for life.
*Establish an eating plan that you can stick with and fit them into your life so you could look and feel amazing for 365 days not just for the summer.
*You could have cheat days and not feel guilty if you can keep your sanity with whatever diet you are on as long as it works for you.
*You don't have to feel restricted and deprived all the time
*If you do not like the road you are walking, start paving another one. It is a never-ending journey. Take control of your action and life.


Famous statement by Zig Ziglar.

*We want to be great. We don't dream of being average
*It's easier said than done. It's incredibly difficult to look at situation through the lens of reality and admit you won't accomplish your goal for several months year or decades
*We never take the first step because of uncertainty
*But you have to start to be great. If you never start, you'll never finish.
*Any day is a great day to start moving, feeling, and looking better


Quick Dumbbell full body routine to burn calories to get in shape for busy people!

45 seconds on 15 seconds off Repeat 4 rounds
1 minute rest between rounds

*Squat Thrusters
*Alternating Reverse Lunge w/ side raises
*High pulls
*Dumbbell swings

Get it Done


You are one workout from feeling empowered

"It's Monday, I feel sluggish and tired."

"It's cold and dark outside. I do not feel like moving around."

*If you don't change and you will notice nothing will happen
*Everyday is a new beginning of becoming an awesome and better you
*30-45min workout is less than 4% of your 24 hour day.
*Don't be discouraged by slow progress, if you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent you will keep it.
*Do not let your opinion get in the way of your success



*Become closer to your goals than you were yesterday

*Believe in yourself and your capability to do what you want to do in your life

*You already know what giving up feels like. See what happens when you don't give up

*You are beautiful/handsome


Stop focusing on what you should/must/have to do

*Clear your mind of you can't

*Have certainty and confidence in yourself

*Start moving forward little by little. Look back and see how much you have come and close to your goals

*Breakthrough adversities and see opportunities


*There will always be more unpleasant and challenging moments than joyful moments in life.

*Never give up until you arrive at your destined place, the unique you. Have a vision in life, continue to learn, work diligently, and have the perseverance

*experience the great life. Become a better you



Monday Motivation! Kickstart your week with this at home bodyweight workout.

10 x Squat with a 3 sec eccentric (lowering phase)

10 x Pushup

10 x Squat jumps (explode up from the bottom)

10 x Burpee

Repeat for 3 rounds!


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