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Via Entertainment - Rotterdam


Will you be offering the hype pass again for the 2019 year? Also, I did not understand this "Via". Do you buy points? I could not find an explanation. How many points are the games? Can you provide examples? Thank you.
I had my daughters 2nd birthday party here yesterday! It was a blast!! The food was fantastic and everyone had so much fun!! The best part: I didn’t have to do anything but show up!!!
Had my son's graduation party there on July 21st and they went above and beyond to make his day special. I was so pleased with the service and attention that we got. All my friends complemented on a wonderful job that was done. I would do reccomend a party do e at the Via Port Entertainment center. Thanks to everyone who made his party a great success
Came here with a group of 8. The minute the bartender sat us the waitress (from across the eating area) threw her arms up in disappointment like “why are you sitting me a table??” Kind of look. I work in food service so I asked if they were closing (even though we knew they didn’t close until midnight) and they gave us some nonsense excuse. Then we got awful service as in we never had anyone check on us until I went to their soda fountain area to find someone and just was an awful experience. We felt unwanted and like we were a problem yet we couldn’t have been since nobody ever came to see us so there was just about zero contact with the staff...gaming area was fine.
Via Entertainment - Rotterdam is just 106 votes out of first place in #KidsOutAndAbout's Top 20 Places survey to take kids. Voting ends June 16, so let's get those votes in! Good luck! The link to vote and share is:
👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻great time with SGHS Prom After Party. Even the Principal joined in the fun!
I looooove this place!!!!!! I come here for the awesome atmosphere and buy one get one free selected drinks. Workers always great me with a smile, handshake and by name too. Thank you all!!!! 5 stars!!!!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Extremely disappointed in your companies follow through. Spoke with Alan on Monday regarding this issue who was going to investigate further than contact me back Tuesday regarding a solution. Never heard back. Clearly this is an issue that extends beyond me and my family if you read the other reviews and posts on this page. Via Entertainment - Rotterdam has such potential to be a wonderful establishment for families such as my own. A little touching up and fresh employees who understand customer service would go a long way and really boost sales and attendance.
Come and see us and get your hair done by the professionals Paul Mitchell focus salon & barbering Rotterdam 2517 Hamburg St. Only the best for our clients or nothing!!
Went last month with my kids some of the games were broke. Went today those games are still broke & more other ones too. Literally half the games were out of order from what I counted. Are you gonna fix them any time soon? I love the place & want to come back but no point in wasting time if all the games I want don't work.
I took all 5 kids (ages 5-15) for a family fun day of playing in the arcade, bowling and lunch but instead ended up being escorted out by security. When we arrived at 2:00 I asked for a bowling lane and was told they were all reserved for parties at 3 and 4 pm. I asked if we could bowl for awhile at the lanes for the 4pm party even if my kids couldn’t finish their game and was told that wasn’t allowed. I asked for a manager and Liz came to speak with me. She was rather rude and clearly irritated and told me they needed the lanes clear to “set up for the parties”, suggested I get on the wait list but they wouldn’t be calling those names until AT LEAST 6 pm. I asked “how long does it f***ing take to set up for a party?” To be fair, my language was colorful but I was calm and frankly, it’s just the way I talk. (Sue me �) She then became hostile and threatened to have me escorted out of there. My kids and I went back to the arcade then decided to grab a bite to eat in their restaurant. By this time, it’s 330 and all of the lanes are STILL EMPTY with NO SETTING UP for parties. After ordering our food and getting our drinks I see a family at lane 2 bowling. I asked if they were part of the party and they said no and told me to just go to the counter and get some shoes and a lane. I went back to the counter, spoke with Jessica and asked again to speak with the manager and was again directed to Liz. I calmly worked through her attitude, hair flipping and general rudeness and asked to speak to the person above Liz. She told me she’s the only manager there so I asked for contact information for management. Jessica repeatedly asked what the issue was, asked if it’s because they would not give me a bowling lane, showed me a blank screen on her computer to “show me the lanes are reserved” and when I pointed out the family bowling she went to get Liz. She came out high on her power trip and insisted she IS management and basically told me she is the one and only and the director of operations. She then told me the only one above her was the owner, who is in Turkey, and said “you can’t just call Turkey.” She gave me a bogus email address. Jessica asked if she should “call down there” but apparently Liz “already called but go ahead and call again.” After maintaining professionalism and being firm but calm, i walked back to the table where my family was sitting and low and behold, they had called security. The entire staff behind the counter was glaring at our table and we were clearly unwelcome so I gathered my kids and decided to leave. Sally, our waitress, was absolutely wonderful and aware of the situation (as was the rest of the staff, apparently) so she packed our food to go and didn’t charge us. I managed to get contact information for Denise, who is apparently the manager, and have left a message for her. The entire situation was completely unprofessional, the staff was rude and hostile, and my kids were all beyond disappointed. We drove 150 mile round trip and they ended up with cold food and playing 4 games in the arcade. My youngest daughter thought Mommy was being arrested when security was called and my middle two couldn’t understand why the police were called on them for wanting to bowl. Over all, Via Entertainment has a lot of potential with a great idea but their follow through is atrocious. Terrible customer service, mediocre (at best) food, machines that have been broken for 6+ months, bathrooms with trash that has been in the same corner for weeks, and apparently mats that squish when you walk on them in front of the urinals. Some company reorganization and a little effort, this place could really be on to something and be the type of experience most families are looking for in an establishment like this. It is truly one of a kind in the area so I hope they are able to turn it around. (Attached is a photo of the clearly empty lanes at 3:30 that have very obviously NOT been set up for the 3 and 4 pm parties.
So, I decided to give this place another try after my initial disappointment. We ordered the Bavarian Pretzel Twists w/ aged cheddar cheese. The server says they are now "bites", not "twists". We said that was fine and she brought them in a timely manner. The "Bavarian bites" we were served were nothing more than frozen soft pretzel bites slathered in butter and served with a canned, processed cheese sauce. $8 Oh, and in case I wasn't clear, The pretzels were not Bavarian and the cheese was not an aged cheddar. On a separate note, the games were adequate and some of them had been repaired since the last time I was there. The server was very attentive and did a nice job.

A 30,000 square foot family entertainment complex featuring Bowling Lanes, Comedy Club, Party Rooms, state of the art arcade and Restaurant.

A 30,000 square foot family entertainment complex featuring Bowling Lanes, Comedy Club, Party Rooms, state of the art arcade and Restaurant.

Images: Sunday's George Floyd protest in Schenectady

Proud to be a part of the Schenectady community today. It was great to see our youth’s voices being heard, our community members protesting peacefully, and our law enforcement responding appropriately! #Schenectadystrong Images: Sunday's George Floyd protest in Schenectady.

“To those in uniform serving today and to those who have served in the past, we honor you today and every day.” 🇺🇸

[05/20/20]   Via Entertainment is looking into curbside pickup/delivery options in the near future. Would everyone be interested in some of the following options with limited menu and beverage provided?

1. Free 32 oz growler of your choice with purchase of $50.00 or more?

2. Your choice of 2 beers or Margarita for 2 with purchase of $30.00 or more?

3. Spend $20.00 or more and receive a beverage of your choice? (Beer, Wine, Wells, Excluding Long Island Iced Teas)

[05/20/20]   Happy Wacky Wednesday! Phase 1 has begun, we will be re opened soon enough for an exciting summer. Until then, enjoy the weather outside and have fun!

[05/11/20]   HAPPY MONDAY!!

[05/10/20]   Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there! ! !


HAPPY THURSDAY! I know the weather outside is not what we are all looking for but the Patio at our location will be ready for all the exciting things we are planning for this summer!

Hope you all are being safe and cant wait to see you all soon.

[04/13/20]   Should we add Virtual Reality Gaming to our location? VR Motor Cross, VR Coaster's and VR Battling Arenas.

[04/13/20]   Happy Monday from everyone here at Via Entertainment! All of us here are thinking of you during the difficult time. We hope you all are staying safe and continuing to social distance. We cant wait to see you all back here having fun and enjoying the summer with us. A lot of great events coming soon and will keep everyone posted.

We have been fortunate enough to partner with Sahr’s to supply all of our restaurant needs at Via. The owner is possibly the most stand up guy I’ve ever met. Our rep and drivers have been amazing every step of the way. It comes to me as no surprise that they are opening their doors to the community during this trying time.

Shop small, support local, & they deliver💛

In light of recent events, Sahrs will be opening its entire wholesale inventory to the public. Whether it be fresh chicken, ground beef, frozen seafood, pasta, or anything in-between, we have you covered! Come check us out at 2068 Curry Rd In Schenectady! We are now offering direct to customer next day delivery on orders over $50. So if you don't feel like dealing with the chaos at the grocery store, or simply want to stay home, give us a call today!

Viaport Rotterdam

For the safety and well-being of our patrons and in accordance with Governor Cuomo's order, we will be closing as of 7:00 PM on Thursday, March 19, 2020 until further notice.

Via Aquarium

UPDATE 03/19/20: While we had hoped to reopen on the 28th, new government mandates will require us to be closed to the public until the mandate is lifted. We will continue to update our social media and website when new information becomes available.

We are announcing that VIA Aquarium will be closed to the public from 03/18/2020 to 03/27/20 with plans to reopen on the 28th. Our animals will still receive the same care from our Biology team as always so they will be ready for guests when we are able to reopen.

We hope everyone is staying healthy out there and is using this time to reach out to, reconnect with, and cherish friends and family.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.
Tom Lavin
General Manager
VIA Aquarium

The Entertainment center remains closed until further notice, but the mall will remain open with updated hours.
If regulations change, the website and their social media will be updated.

Please note, we have updated our hours for the upcoming weeks. Be sure to follow us as things rapidly change with government regulations.

3/17/2020 4:55PM Update - The aquarium will be closing 3/18/2020 and is scheduled to re-open on 3/28/2020.

[03/16/20]   Via Entertainment is closed until further notice, due to new government restrictions. As soon as we are able to re-open, it will be posted on all social media and the website.

Please follow us for updates.

Viaport Rotterdam

With the new government regulations, we are closing the movie theater at 8pm and Via Entertainment - Rotterdam will remain closed until further notice. 99 will also be closing at 8pm, but will be available for take-out only.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

[03/16/20]   Good Morning!
We hope everyone had a great weekend and was able to stay safe. The mall, entertainment center, and aquarium are OPEN their normally scheduled hours. (Entertainment is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays). This may change at any time, so please make sure to check our social media and website if anything changes.

Line Dancing last night was so much fun! Thank you to Aaron's 'A' Team of Line Dancers - you guys are truly fantastic teachers 🤠 We can’t wait to have you back!

The photos are in from the A-Moray Valentine's Dinner at Via Aquarium
Don't forget to tag yourself!

#aquarium #valentinesday #dateidea #schenectady

The A-Moray Dinner returns for the third year in a row on Valentine's Day 2020! This Valentine’s Day, enjoy a delicious 3 course meal as our animals and exhibits provide a romantic backdrop for you.

New this year: A performance by Jenna Sue as the soundtrack to your night!

Also new this year: Willow Photography LLC will be capturing the event and offering special Valentine’s mini sessions in her Pop-up studio across the hall from the aquarium.

Notice from Via Aquarium

Please follow our social media for any and all updates.
.#VIAAquarium #VIAPort #Aquarium

[03/12/20]   VIA Entertainment takes the health of our guests and staff very seriously and we have been monitoring the global situation closely. We know it's very hard to separate the hype from reality when it seems news outlets are updating their reports minute by minute and medical professionals are struggling to keep up.

To that end, we are following the current advice of the CDC and medical professionals to ensure the safest/healthiest visits as possible.

We will continue to offer hand sanitizer throughout the center as long as it's available through our distributors and if it comes to the point we need to close, we will make an official announcement alerting guests of that as well.

We understand that the situation can change at any time, and we will update our Social Media and website with any changes.

As of this time, Friday night’s line dancing is still on, however all scheduled events for this Saturday are cancelled, including the the race car show and live music.

Tompkins Drive will be postponed to a later date, that has yet to be determined. We will keep you posted.

Come down for Wednesday Night trivia!!

#trivia #schenectady #rotterdam #trivianight


I am honored by the powerful, inspirational, funny, witty, kind, and AMAZING women I get to stand next to everyday who help me run this business. These girls are my family & the glue that keeps Via running every day❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

#internationalwomensday #womenempowerment #whoruntheworld #girls #viaentertainment #schenectady #rotterdam #betterlatethannever @ Schenectady, New York

Check out our #crafty side!!

Tap Line Up:
-Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner
-Lake Placid Ubu Ale
-Fiddlehead IPA
-Mad Jack Brewery IPA
-Goose Island IPA
-Founders All Day IPA
-Saranac S’more Porter
-Frog Alley Cherry Wheat
-Frog Alley Captain Ellis Porter
-Lone Pine
-New Belgium Fat Tire
-Brooklyn Lager
-Bad Seed Cider

12 Additional Domestic & Imported choices as well😎

Sangria Sunday Funday!

Stop in from 12-8 for $5 Sangria💃🏻
Red, white, or blush available!

#SangriaSunday #Sundayfunday #viaentertainment #schenectady #rotterdam #new

What a great turn out for our first Open Mic Night! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves! Special thanks to Acid Reins for hosting 🎶

Open Mic Night’s will be held the last Friday of every month in our private event space! We hope to see you in March!

#viaentertainment #schenectady #rotterdam #openmic #localtalent #funforallages

Just a little under 10 minutes left until game time! We hope you’re ready 🧠 🍻

#viaentertainment #trivianight #rotterdam #schenectady #beer #brains @kconthecat

The Giant Claw machine is fully stocked and ready for you to come play to win!

#viaentertainment #arcade #thegiant #clawmachine #stuffedanimals #prizes #rotterdam #schenectady

Who doesn’t love margs & a reason to celebrate💃🏻

$4 well margs all day🍹

#margs #margaritaday #tequila #viaentertainment #barspecial #schenectady #rotterdam #celebrate #ole

Happy 🐪 Day! Feeling those mid-week blues? Come out, test your knowledge, grab a bite to eat while sipping a nice cold bev with your host @kconthecat 🍻 🧠 🍔

#triviawednesday #trivianightslive #playtowin #happyhour #schenectady #rotterdam

Happy President’s Day! Wondering what to do during February break? Look no further, spend it at ViaPort!

All of the activities might make you hungry so be sure to check out Via Entertainment’s restaurant where Chef Remi Morey has put out a new & delicious menu! Open all week during break!

*Edit: restaurant & bar will be closed Tuesday for meetings & ordering☺️

It's #FebruaryBreak so why not plan a VIA-Cation?! You can fill your day with #entertainment or break it up and fill your week.

Explore the #aquatic with #VIAAquarium.

Play some games and win some prizes and bowl away at #VIAEntertainment.

Grab some friends and family and try to escape one of the rooms at #VIAEscape.

#RotterdamCinema has all the movies you want to see at prices you won't believe.

The #TribesHillHeritageCenter showcases some of our areas rich history.

If you fall in love with anything on your trip and want to learn more; check out the #SecondLookBookstore!

And if your little ones STILL have a lot of energy, there's a #BounceHouse #playground too!
.#aquarium #escaperoom #bowling #arcade #movies #nativeamerican #indigenous #bookstore #family #vacation #wintervacation #winterbreak #PresidentsDay #PresidentsWeek #ViaPort @viaentertainny @rotterdamcinemas @scpl_ny

[02/15/20]   We wanted to thank all of the A-Moray Via Aquarium guests for being one-of-a-kind guests! We were so lucky to have all of you & hope you all had an amazing experience💗

Special shout out to our accompanying wonderful entertainment Jenna Sue and amazing photography by Willow Photography LLC 💗

Least but not last, thank you to our staff and Via family for putting in the hard work it took to make this event so special💗

*edit: to be honest the most credit goes to our new kitchen manager, Chef Reanna Morey who put this dinner together FLAWLESSLY, we all love you chef💗

You don’t want to miss this! Brian Kane is making his debut at Via Entertainment tonight at 7 pm!

#viaentertainment #schenectady #rotterdam #capitalregion #bestlocal #acoustic #livemusic #comejam

🚨 TONIGHT AT 5:30 🚨

Trivia Nights Live debuts a Wednesday Happy Hour game TODAY at Via Entertainment - Rotterdam! Join KC From The Cat as she brings the questions on the big screens, starting at 5:30....

Happy Monday! Just a reminder we launch trivia Wednesday at 5:30 pm. during Happy Hour! You don’t want to miss this!

As we wrap up the Trivia Bowl XVI hysteria....right back to business with another week of trivia and a brand new location kicking off this Wednesday... Via Entertainment - Rotterdam with a special weekday happy hour start of 5:30pm...hit it on the way home and show off the brains!


VIA Entertainment Rotterdam is 30,000 sq. ft. of fun filled excitement! VIA offers fun for all ages with 10 lanes of bowling, 30+ game arcade floor, Billiards Area and Comedy Club/Event Space.

Don’t forget to grab a meal and beverage at our state of the art restaurant/bar were serving exceptional customer service is our #1 priority.

Step out of the office and breathe a little in our state of the art conference space with huge projection screen, perfect for off-site meetings and corporate events.

Celebrate by having your birthday party, baby shower, Themed party and more with us at VIA Entertainment.

ARCADE & BOWLING HOURS Mon & Tues: Closed Wed: 11am – 8pm Thurs: 11am – 10pm Fri: 11am – 12am Sat: 11am – 12am Sun: 11am – 8pm Holiday Hours May Vary

RESTAURANT HOURS Mon & Tues: Closed Wed: 3pm – 8pm Thurs: 3pm – 10pm Fri: 3pm – 12am Sat: 12pm – 12am Sun: 12pm – 8pm Holiday Hours May Vary

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