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Operating as usual


Meet Caitlin 🔥

I teach group Mat and Equipment classes at Remedy, as well as work with a wide variety of private clients. 

Caitlin Rose, movement artist, yogi, and Pilates instructor, received her MFA from the University of Arizona; Dance Performance & Choreography, as well as her 200-hr. Vinyasa Certification & 500 hr. Comprehensive Pilates Certification. She continues to instruct Pilates, yoga, and dance (GCU) all over the valley while performing professionally. Caitlin’s movement philosophy is rooted in utilizing the biomechanical workings of the human form to bring about mental and emotional stability, creativity, alignment, and growth. Through dance, yoga, or Pilates- Caitlin encourages all fellow movers to go deeper into how our breath can unlock freedom of the heart, mind, and body. 

What is your teaching style?
Alignment Ambassador - I am a huge believer that maintaining great alignment is the key to unlocking the true power of pilates. For me, Pilates is about the small details, the little shifts in alignment or internal corrections made in class that, when done correctly, can transform your practice completely.

Why Remedy? 
I teach at Remedy for the quiet fire. When you walk into one of our locations there is usually a group class going on and maybe even a private or two occuring at the same time. You can feel the energy in the room contagiously spread from one client to another. Everyone is in it together. There is a sense of athleticism and great intention behind each instructor, and each client. Do we have fun? Absolutely. We work hard to find the play, the joy, and the heart of it all. There is a strong sense of community in that quiet fire you feel when you walk into a Remedy studio. That’s why I choose tobe a Remedy teacher. ❤️

You can find Caitlin at all 3️⃣ locations teaching classes and private sessions. Teacher requests can be made on our app. 🥰


Happy Holidays from all of us at Remedy. We love helping you reach for your goals.

A special happy birthday to our Linda Remedy would not be the same without your love and inspiration.



What do you teach at Remedy?
Pilates, Barre, TRX, and Bala Moves

I am an Arizona native residing in Cen -Pho. My husband Ryan and I have one son currently attending ASU. We have two Golden Retrievers and a cat. In my free time I enjoy trying local restaurants, DIY house projects, reading, and spending time outdoors and with my pets. 

Teaching style:

I Identify as a creative connoisseur 
Using unique sequencing that I create and choreograph is my favorite thing about teaching. Movement mix ups are endless, and creating new flows and combinations for each class keeps things exciting and innovative for students and their bodies. 

Why Remedy?
Remedy offers a warm, fun, open and welcoming space for everyone who walks through the doors and allows all to shine and grow. Instructors and clients can show up and be their best selves! 

You can find Alexa at Remedy North Central every Tuesday & Thursday for the best Bala and Barre in the valley. Alexa has been teaching at Remedy for 13 years and sets the standard for group fitness. Don’t miss the chance to move with her.

Book now ❤️🙌 Download our app. Link in bio. First fitness class is free.

Donation Barre Class 11/22/2023

Thanksgiving Day Donation Class & Upcoming Workshop

Donation Barre Class Join us for our annual Tuck for Turkey donation barre class this Thanksgiving at 9 am in Remedy Scottsdale. One hour of fun, fitness and giving. Your donations will go to Nourish Every Child, an organization that aims to support families by providing scholarships to impoverished children, including....



YAY! OPEN HOUSE SEASON IS HERE. November is all about big things here at Remedy. To celebrate we have some dates to save & plans to make! REMEDY ARCADIA TURNS 5 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD (tomorrow) 6:30 AM - 6:30 PM Complimentary classes New retail drop Package & New Membership discounts (only available for attendees) Bites from our fr...


What do you teach at Remedy? 


I grew up as a gymnast and have always had a passion for all things wellness. I fell in love with Pilates in 2019 and became obsessed, I completed my teacher training in 2023! 

Describe your teaching style.

I love building in a creative twist on the fundamentals to make my classes exciting and challenging. My style is a mix of trying new moves combined with key staples to create the best flow possible while keeping it interesting for clients. 

Why Remedy? 

Remedy feels like home. The studio has a boutique vibe where the teachers and our clients build relationships and feel connected to a purpose. 

You can find Stephanie in Arcadia and North Central teaching classes & private Pilates. 💋


What do you teach at Remedy? 

Pilates & TRX

I am a wife, mother of two beautiful girls and Beagle lover. After graduating from CSULB with a Bachelor’s in Communication I moved to AZ in 2007. As a former dancer, pilates was a natural transition and provided me a platform to do what I love. Practicing Pilates since 2003, I became PSC certified in 2017 and never looked back.

Describe your teaching style.

I am a creative connoisseur:
I guess you could say my love for movement, creativity and engagement began at the age of 5 when I started dance. Inspired by movement, transitions and people around me, I love to entertain and keep the body guessing.

Why Remedy? 
Remedy is more than a workout, it is a lifestyle. We pride ourselves on the quality of coaching, programing and overall client experience. Not only does Remedy provide you with the tools needed to get stronger both mentally and physically, you will create relationships to last a life time.

You can find Jaime in Scottsdale & North Central teaching group equipment and fitness classes as well as Private Pilates. Book now - link in bio ☝️


What do you teach at Remedy? 

Pilates and Barre 

I have a Bachelor’s in Health and Human Sciences and a Master’s in Communication Disorders. I spent 7 years specializing in pediatric communication and feeding disorders, but felt as though something was still missing from my life.  When I moved to Arizona, my love for health and fitness lead me to instructing barre, and eventually Pilates.  I have never been happier! Outside of the studio I love to hike, read, and spend time with family and friends. 

What is your teaching style?

My teaching style is a combination of Alignment Ambassador and a Creative Connoisseur.  I love to focus on proper alignment in order for our bodies to function at their absolute best and to feel the true benefits of Pilates, while also adding a fun twist to every class to keep it exciting and always bring the burn! 

Why Remedy? 

Remedy has always been a positive escape for me.  The fellow teachers and the clients that walk through our doors always make me feel happy and at peace, no matter what is going on in life. Remedy has brought me some of my favorite people in Arizona!

You can find Jacque teaching classes & privates in Arcadia and soon North Central!

Also, a big huge congratulations to who is expecting her first baby girl this spring. We love you 😘


What do you teach at Remedy? 

Pilates ❤️

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a California native who moved to Arizona in 2020. I grew up visiting my grandma is AZ and always loved the desert.  I’m a wife and a dog mom to two small rescue dogs. Before I became a Pilates teacher I worked in the fashion/ beauty industry. Though I still love fashion and beauty Pilates is my passion. 

What is your teaching style?

I like to think I’m a Creative Connoisseur. I love to put classes together that have rhythm and flow. 

Why Remedy? 

Finding Remedy has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. When I first walked in to meet with Kelly to talk about the teacher trainer program I instantly knew this was the right fit ( Milly really sealed the deal).The studio has such a good vibe and the teachers are not only amazing teachers but also incredible people. I’m so incredibly grateful to have found Remedy.

You can find Shayla from early mornings to evenings teaching classes & Private sessions in Arcadia & Scottsdale.


Make your day brighter. Join us for a Pilates class and learn more about the difference at Remedy.

*Smaller classes for a personalized experience (only 6 people)
*comprehensively certified teachers (we all did the work)
*teachers of all levels from Masters to Students
*private and semi private appointments available to deepen your practice
* we use ALL of the Pilates apparatuses so your body never knows what to expect
*alignment and form focused to ensure you’re safe AND sweaty

Book with us now. Link in bio 👆


Meet Mia.

What do you teach at Remedy? 

I used to dance at the israeli ballet and was on route to get my high school diploma in dance, but then I got injured and had to go though multiple surgeries. 

In addition to that my mom had a Pilates studio in Israel for 15 years, so I was around Pilates a lot. She’s my idol- I love training with her and learning from her all the time! 

I’m israeli, my family relocated from Israel about 5 years ago and I joined them right after I finished my army service.

What is your teaching focus?
I am a alignment ambassador 📏

Teaching correct alignment and correct movement is most important to me. Once someone understands how to move correctly anything is possible!

Why Remedy? 

I got certified with Kelly after I transferred from a different program, and I couldn’t get enough of Kelly’s mentorship. I love the welcoming feeling she created with the remedy studios, the inspiring fellow instructors and amazing clients. ❤️

You can find Mia at both Remedy locations teaching classes and Private Pilates. Book now (link in bio)


What do you teach at Remedy?

Pilates & Barre

2. Tell me a little about yourself.

I'm an Arizona native who loves all things health and wellness. My teaching journey began with my love for Barre, which led me to become an instructor in 2021. When I'm not at the studio, I enjoy traveling and exploring new places or spending time with my dog Kevin.

3. What is your teaching style?

I am a Creative Connoisseur. I'm always trying to find new ways to challenge my clients, through routines that keep them engaged and excited. To me, each class is a chance to infuse creativity into movement and ensure that their time with me is both enjoyable and rewarding.

4. Why Remedy?

Teaching at Remedy is a no-brainer for me. The vibrant atmosphere, the inspiring community of both teachers and clients, and the genuine passion for movement make it an incredibly fulfilling place to teach. It's such a welcoming space where you can truly be yourself!


What do you teach at Remedy? 

Pilates and Barre 

Tell us a little about yourself.

I have a strong passion for dance, which is where I found my love for Pilates! I am not only a dance educator and choreographer around the valley, but I still actively dance and perform whenever I can. I received a BFA in dance and minor in exercise science through Minnesota State University, Mankato. Outside of Pilates I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and dog Leo! I love to go hiking and always try to get outdoors whenever I can.

Describe your teaching style.

I am an Alignment Ambassador. My many years of dance experience allows me to focus on the proper alignment the body needs to function at its absolute best.

Why Remedy? 

Remedy makes me feel at home. The support from fellow teachers and clients inspires me to get creative and teach from the heart. Remedy has such a welcoming environment and I love spending my time at the studio! 

Find Abby on the Scottsdale class schedule. She teaches private & semi-private session at both locations. 💕


To all the amazing dads out there doing the work. We love you.

Happy Fathers Day.

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“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don't make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can't take their eyes off of you."

- Maya Angelou

Become a Pilates Teacher this Fall. Join us for an OPEN HOUSE on Saturday, June 24th at 11 am at Remedy Scottsdale to discuss Teacher Training, making Pilates your career and help you make the decision to do what you love.

DM for details or download our app and sign up for the open house. 👆

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Hey! Did you hear we have a complimentary BARRE class this Sunday at 9 am at Remedy Scottsdale to celebrate all our A-MAZING mothers out there?

Download our app (link in bio☝️) and sign up now! Limited space and you know our moms like to werk.

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Still reliving the buzz from Move for Confidence 2023!

Thank you for some amazing pictures of the big picture. ❤️


Last chance. Only a few tickets left. Move for Confidence 2023 Tickets on sale NOW. Ladies, grab your mat, a friend, a daughter, any woman you love - and come sweat with us. We encourage you to shed your shirt and share your confidence in your... 03/22/2023

Last chance. Only a few tickets left. Move for Confidence 2023 Tickets on sale NOW. Ladies, grab your mat, a friend, a daughter, any woman you love - and come sweat with us. We encourage you to shed your shirt and share your confidence in your... Alexa is an energetic, innovative and highly dedicated teacher who’s passion shines through in every class she teaches. Alexa decided to begin teaching group fitness after her son was born in 2005, driven by her personal dedication to fitness and the strong desire to share it authentically. Her cl...

Just a week away! Move for Confidence 2023 tickets are on sale now! Leave your insecurities at the door and meet us on your mat for 90 min of love, sweat and confidence boosting energy. Tickets on sale NOW. Limited space. Ladies, grab your mat, a... 03/20/2023

Just a week away! Move for Confidence 2023 tickets are on sale now! Leave your insecurities at the door and meet us on your mat for 90 min of love, sweat and confidence boosting energy. Tickets on sale NOW. Limited space. Ladies, grab your mat, a... Priscilla Perez, a New York Latina native, raised by immigrant parents is where her "I'll never settle," mentality comes from. Movement is her form of expression and encouragement is the language she speaks. If you ask her what she does the answer will be "empower others + create impact." She is kno...

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Just a week away!

Sunday, March 26th @ 8 am

Move for Confidence 2023

Leave your insecurities at the door and meet us on your mat for 90 min of love, sweat and confidence boosting energy.

Tickets on sale NOW.
Link in bio. 👆
Limited space.

Ladies, grab your mat, a friend, a daughter, any woman you love - and come sweat with us. We encourage you to shed your shirt and share your confidence in your sports bra while our teachers guide you through a fusion workout combining Pilates, Barre, Dance, Yoga and more. We will celebrate our bodies exactly as they are and learn to love it unconditionally.

All ticket sales from this event go directly to , an organization that enables young women to feel confident about their bodies by empowering them with the tools to be active.

Only 20 tickets left!


Happy International Women’s Day!

A global day celebrating the social, economical, cultural and political achievements of women.

We truly are in this together. A good friend of ours reminded us today that we still have so much work to do as women. After years of body positive talk and gender equality conversations, so many of us continue to place our biggest value on the way we look.

This month we honor our bodies ability to move, to push, to persevere through hard things.

We MOVE FOR CONFIDENCE on Sunday, March 26th. Movement is essential for mental health and empowerment more than anything else.

Spread the word.

Tickets on sale now. (Link in bio)

All proceeds go to

Photos from Remedy Pilates & Barre - A Pilates Sports Center Training Facility's post 03/05/2023

Tickets on sale now.

Move for Confidence is a 90 minute, all levels donation fitness event combining Pilates, Barre, Dance, Cardio and Yoga with teachers from all over the valley. It is designed to inspire women and girls of all ages, shapes and sizes to use physical movement as a tool for unlocking the values of self-confidence, resiliency and commitment. We believe movement brings power.

Tickets are $35 and include a custom Move for Confidence sports bra. We encourage participants to shed their shirt and embrace the skin they are in.

All proceeds go to the Movemeant Foundations impact programs that focus on providing at-risk, low-income girls with the funding, education and resources to build self-worth and confidence through sports and fitness

So, ladies, grab your best friends, daughters, mothers or any woman you love and join us on March 26th at 8 am here at The Herb Box.

Studio Events & EPL Check In 02/22/2023

Studio Events & EPL Check In Join Remedy Pilates & Barre this Saturday, February 25th @ 9 AM for a complimentary Mat Pilates class in the grass. The beautiful Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Desert Garden Lawn is waiting for you, all that amazing energy and a chance to move in the sun (albeit a little chilly). Have no fear, we will wa...

Happy Valentine's Day or what we like to a call 'Happy Love Yourself Day' 02/14/2023

Happy Valentine's Day or what we like to a call 'Happy Love Yourself Day' Hello EPL'ers! Day 14 means you have made it to the 1/2 way point of your month of movement, healthy choices and making time for yourself. So, how's it going? This is the time to ask yourself if you have truly committed to making change or if you just dipped a toe in the water. Here are some good ti...


EAT.PLANK.LOVE. WEEKEND CHECK IN Day 4 and it's time to check in. The weekend has begun and it is easy to get off track when we have more time on our hands. We wanted to share your top 10 EAT goals and dive into a few ways to stay motivated or to get on track with your commitment to yourself. Drink more water No or less sugar intak...


Ending a Teacher Training program is always bittersweet. We bond over movement, anatomy and our personal journeys.

A huge congrats to this amazing group of graduates. It’s groups like this one that make us want to open more studios to keep them all!!

We love you, we are so proud of the teachers you have all become and cannot wait to see what your futures hold.

Thank you for allowing us to teach you.

Spring Pilates Program starts Feb 15th! DM for details. ❤️



the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way.

What motivates you?

Today is DAY 1 for those participating in our annual EAT. PLANK. LOVE. challenge and we want to hear from you!

If we all tap into the things that keep us going, we will all be successful.

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6949 E Shea Boulevard
Scottsdale, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 6am - 8pm
Tuesday 6am - 8pm
Wednesday 6am - 8pm
Thursday 6am - 8pm
Friday 6am - 1pm
Saturday 6am - 1pm
Sunday 9am - 1pm

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