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This little "floof" right here reminds how important it is to be willing to play and release expectation throughout life. Life happens every day and we must be willing to release what we think we have control over, knowing we really control nothing except our choices. When we can be in a state of play, we approach life with curiosity and a willingness to learn when things work out in our favor and even more when they don't by seeing everything as an opportunity for growth. www.jamespatrickaz.com

Episode 8: The Cost of Change by Make SHIFT Happen with James Patrick 08/25/2023

Episode 8 is up! Two more to go before I finish out my first season. Take a listen!

Episode 8: The Cost of Change by Make SHIFT Happen with James Patrick In today's episode we continue the theme that began in episode 6. Once you have decided you want a life of fulfillment and not just success, you must be willing to change your narrative and release anything that doesn't serve your highest good. Once you are in that space, it allows you to create a v...


Sometimes, ya just gotta realize that a lot of times...YOU...are your only obstacle. Be willing to quiet the voices in your head, trust your truth and own your knowing! Then ACT! Been kicking a$$ behind the scenes with so many different things in the works and so grateful!! Thank you for all the support and encouragement! Gotta keep practicing what ya preach, right!?


FACT. You are only responsible for YOU. You cannot fix, save or rescue anyone else. So, stop trying. Each one of us MUST find a center of peace in the world within us so that we may confidently know who we are and attract more of who and what we want in this life. No one else can do that for you. If you don't know how to be on your own without the need for someone else, the validation of the world around you or the fear that just you can't be alone for any extended period of time...take a good long look in the mirror because there's work to be done and YOU are the only one that can do it. You got this!!


As I prepare to set out on my 42nd trip around the sun...AKA...my 2nd, 21st Birthday...lol...I am reminded of everything and everyone that experienced the last year with me. While this life is never the easiest ride to be on...I'm grateful for it ALL. Thank you for the love, the support and the willingness of those who are the fire starters, the risk takers and the motivators that inspire and push me every day to live this adventure, to grow beyond my comfort zones and creating space for doing what I love. Cheers to another epic year, playing in the unknown and living in the mystery!


Remember, it's not about having control or letting go when "life happens." It's about trusting in the process and releasing what does not serve your highest good to remain fully present for what and who is meant to be on your path. Everything and everyone a "blesson."


When "life happens" and you find yourself stretched to your limits, go to the things which bring you the most joy and fulfillment. Immerse yourself in that hobby or that habit and notice how quickly you can disconnect to relax, reflect, recharge and reset. www.jamespatrickaz.com


Had a tough love moment with a friend this morning and as per usual, it became the "blesson" for today. YOU are not responsible for anyone else but yourself. Even in our connections to our family, friends and relationships...you are still only responsible for how YOU show up in those spaces. If you don't know how to be on your own or depend on others to provide fulfillment or make you feel included, secure or complete, you do NOT belong in those connections and there is work to be done. Until that work is done, you will repeat patterns that may find yourself resentful, angry, sad and lonely until you have found and re-established YOU. Long-term connection and sustainability is about being able to function on your own as a self-fulfilling, self-driven, motivated, independent and confident individual who WANTS more of the same but does not NEED it to live and thrive. Like attracts like. So, take a good long look in the mirror and reflect upon who and what you are attracting more of in your life by how you show up.


It's LEO season!! As if anyone ever has to ask what my sign is...lol. Been so busy that I'm a couple days late to the game...but happy and proud to be a VERY fiery LEO!!! Prepping for my next trip around the sun on 8/3!! And...a VIRGO moon for those who follow such things.


Half the fun in life is not always living by the rules. It's about finding the spaces and places where you can make your own to be fully seen, heard and expressed. Own that fire within AND direct it in a plan of your own design to blaze your own path, go where you've never been before and try new things!! www.jamespatrickaz.com

Episode 5: What's Your Sum? by Make SHIFT Happen with James Patrick 07/21/2023

Make SHIFT Happen Podcast, Episode 5: What's Your Sum? is up! Take a listen...

Episode 5: What's Your Sum? by Make SHIFT Happen with James Patrick This week's episode expands upon Jim Rohn's concept of "you are the sum of the 5 people you are around the most." Take a listen to some of my top 5 characteristics I look for in those I choose to surround myself with and share my time and energy with. Do you have the people that feed your spirit and...


Experience is only valuable if you are willing to learn and pull the "blesson" or the opportunity you were meant to gain from each one. It is in those reflective moments which you discover the tools you may be able to use to continue your purposeful path and make that next moment, day, month or year the next best to come!
PS...not mad that this pic is actually one of my work environments. www.jamespatrickaz.com


Every now and again, I need to remind myself to play between working towards my goals and following my purposeful path. It's easy to get caught up in all of the "life happenings" that we can forget to take time for those moments of laughter and joy which create fulfillment and the energy to keep up with the rest.


Truth. Last week I shared that the hard decisions and the right ones are often the same. The humbling reality in that statement comes when we first admit the truth of the things we may try to avoid at times. We must be clear on what works and what doesn't? What makes sense and what doesn't? What is in our control and what is not? What can change and what can't? Communication with self and others is KEY. And, I know at times I am guilty of not listening to my own words. I'm human. It's stressful. Often times, frustrating. So, be kind to yourself and to others. Give yourself grace and apologize to yourself and others when it's needed. You are better off facing the ugly truth at times, which is better than living the pretty lie. Never easy...and yet...you will be better for it.

Episode 3: Can You Relate? 5 Tips to Building Stronger Connections by Make SHIFT Happen with James Patrick 07/06/2023

New Make SHIFT Happen Podcast episode is up!! Can You Relate? 5 Tips to Building Stronger Connections with Others. Take a listen.

Episode 3: Can You Relate? 5 Tips to Building Stronger Connections by Make SHIFT Happen with James Patrick Last week, we talked about the MOST important relationship in your life and that is the one you have with yourself. then the challenge is showing up in this world as the next best version of you each day. This week, we discuss tips you can use to consciously connect with others and create space for....


Your purposeful path will always present options where decisions need to be made to move you forward and continue the path that you are on OR provide a different direction which you may or may not have expected as a result of your actions. These options are always revealed for your highest good AND it doesn't mean those decisions are any easier. Take time to reflect and sit with your truth. Then the challenge is if you can listen to what your heart and gut tell you versus the voices of doubt or uncertainty in your head.


Don't get me wrong. Making money and being able to afford certain things is great...AND...it's not everything. I've noticed those with the most aren't always the happiest. In fact more times than not, they are miserable. I don't seek out opportunities that will make me the most money in one shot. I seek out opportunities of fulfillment which create value in my life and the lives of others above all else. The truth is...it is those connections and relationships that provide abundance with various sources of income. The greatest result is really about a better quality of life...AND...it keeps things interesting. Not one day is the same as the next. Now, that's living! www.jamespatrickaz.com


True story. You can pay for your health now or pay for it later. You choose. It doesn't take much and yet many will say they don't have the time. The truth is, that if you don't make the time now, you will be forced to later in life without the choice. Participate in wellness activities that are not just physical. Participate in experiences that feed your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well. Something is better than nothing. So, every little bit now saves a much larger headache later. You got this!! www.jamespatrickaz.com


What do you BELIEVE every morning you wake? That first morning stretch and letting the first light into your eyes sets the tone for your day. So, what will you open yourself to? Possibility for what could be or worry for what hasn't happened? You choose. www.jamespatrickaz.com


Word for 2023 is EVOLVE. While change is inevitable, choosing growth is the challenge for many. In order for growth to happen, we must be willing to do the work to transform, integrate what we learn and evolve to our next best selves. I've spent the better part of the last decade and then some doing the work to transform and integrate all that I've learned, which has been a combination of life experiences which my 20's and 30's gave me. Getting into my 40's, I can see how important those times were to mature beyond my education and trainings. While life will continue to happen...I see how important my "life happenings" have been to get me to where I am today. I've gathered enough at this point to GO BIG in 2023 and by putting it out there...I know am SEEN. And so it is! And so it begins...


Spending the last days of 2022, manifesting and planning ahead for an even bigger 2023. Stay tuned!! Goals, classes, workshops, firewalks, retreats, books...etc. Stay tuned!


I agree with this quote and the values of self-awareness, conscience independence and imagination. In order or us to be good for ourselves or anyone else, we must first be self-aware of our own presence and behaviors in this world. Listen to our conscience, but connect from the heart versus the head for that single truth. Embrace an independent spirit where it's okay to want certain things and people but don't ever NEED them, because your will is enough. Allow play with childlike wonderment and imagination to remove any limits. AND...GO! Bring on all the GOoD to come in the next year. And so it is.


December 1 is tomorrow!! What will you commit to and compel into action with to complete out 2022 and enter into 2023 strong!? Join the James Patrick Lifestyle Support Group on FB for your complimentary 31 days of accountability and follow through to ensure you start off the new year right!


It's that time again!! Countdown to 2023. Remember, it's not about what you start on January 1st. It's about what you bring into January 1st which sets the tone for the coming year. So, how will you spend your last days of 2022 and influence 2023?? Feel free to join in with your personal/professional goals and actions as we begin the home stretch on Thursday, December 1, 2022!! I will be posting every day leading up to the new year!! Make it count! Join the James Patrick Lifestyle Support Group if you haven't already.

Photos from James Patrick Lifestyle Training's post 11/02/2022

Join me on Friday, 11/4 in person at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts or Live on the main SWIHA FB Page at 6pm (MST) for "Go Thank Yourself! - An Attitude of Gratitude to kick off the season and prepare the best that's within you as we get ready for 2023. Then come back on Saturday, 11/5 for SWIHA's Fall Festival!!


At it again. Stay tuned. 🔥🔥🔥


I saw this quote yesterday and it stayed with me. It got me thinking about family, friends, relationships, jobs...etc. How often do we find ourselves spending energy, giving efforts and holding onto someone or something that chose to let you go? Remember that YOU are always enough to be THE choice for the right opportunities and the right people. It doesn't make the others wrong or bad. Sometimes, it's just not the right timing or you were the "blesson" for someone else to grow from. www.jamespatrickaz.com


Surrender is one of the best things you can do for yourself on a daily basis. Trust in the process that shows up when you do. You find there isn't a need for control because we never really have it. What we do have is the ability to choose what we will do in those moments with the opportunities we are presented with. In doing so, we learn to get out of our own way to truly LIVE and THRIVE. You are always your only limit. www.jamespatrickaz.com


The name of the game is to use the "storms" that happen in your life as a tool of growth and empowerment. The timing is almost never perfect. It almost never makes sense in the moment. Yet, when it clears, you see the "blesson" that was meant for you and you are better because of them. YOU GOT THIS!! There's your Monday reminder. www.jamespatrickaz.com


Every year I make it a point to visit WTC, even for a moment to stay grounded in the reality that tomorrow is never guaranteed. It is a supremely humbling experience every time. I remind myself that I am blessed to be gifted each day and have a responsibility to not only live my best life, but to share my best life with those closest to me and those in need. Create value for others while you create value for yourself. Be the gift and reason that someone smiles and spend time uplifting others.


First. I will say that I do not miss NYC traffic. Second, the signs are everywhere...literally. I laughed when this got taken and the timing of it being on the George Washington Bridge and thinking to myself...how often do we try to change lanes and direction with our goals to the point where they become moving targets with nothing accomplished...versus staying the course to see things through and then moving on? Good food for thought because at the end of the day, when you remain focused, you get to your destination faster. Then when you arrive, you're meant to create your own damn lane...lol. www.jamespatrickaz.com


"No amount of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional or financial wealth is sustainable if we do not create value in the lives of others while we are creating value in our own." That is FACT. A quality lifestyle includes being a part of what makes someone else's quality of life better, through a smile, quality time, volunteering and giving back in ways that leave things better than they were. What will you do to share the "wealth?"


How do I change lives? Simple. I show up for myself, practice self-care daily, do the work that I LOVE and maintain solid boundaries to keep my "tank" full. The rest is focused on those I'm called to serve and making sure that each person, class, workshop and group is always seen and heard. I NEVER leave someone feeling less than and acknowledge their very presence as enough. Abundance shows up when we focus outward and let the GOOD within us empower those around us. www.jamespatrickaz.com


While it is important to have goals, plans and work which we are passionate about; it is equally important that we take time to appreciate the world happening around us. When we do, we may find a deeper connection to the world within us and as a result, could create a space where we unlock even more than we could have imagined. www.jamespatrickaz.com


Remember that "life happens" for you. It may not feel that way or always make sense in the moment. Yet the "blesson" is present or you are being provided with the tools you will need later. Trust and have faith that things are showing up for your highest and best good. www.jamespatrickaz.com


Throwback to 2019, where I spent 2+ weeks on the big island in Hawaii. Can't wait to go back! Where is your "happy place?" "Life happens" and "Shift happens" every single day. And yet...we all need those places where we can escape to for a period of time or even for a moment to be present and know that no matter how great, crazy or heavy things can get...you're still here...and you're gonna be okay. You got this!! www.jamespatrickaz.com *thappen


Officially one week away from my 41st birthday and as per usual, a new trip around the sun serves as a catalyst to plan for more GOOD to come. August 1st, starts a 30 day challenge within the James Patrick Lifestyle Support Group and will only grow from there. We all gotta start somewhere! Every day is a chance to try something new and take another step. Every month provides space and time to work towards our biggest goals. Every year gives space for reflection and acknowledgement of our growth and strength to take into the next. Get to it!! www.jamespatrickaz.com


One of the main reasons I maintain great connections in my life, is that I don't ever try to be someone I'm not. And by that, I mean...I know I'm not always right. I'm not perfect. Most days I make people happy and sometimes p**s others off. I've made some really great choices. I will continue to occasionally make stupid ones. I share my vulnerabilities from a place of empowerment. I'm straight forward in my thoughts. I'm tactful with my words...most days. I'm never too concerned with what people think of me because their opinion of me is none of my business. No one wants to learn from the fairy tale or the one with the silver spoon. And I don't believe in fake it until you make it....because I believe we already are all that we plan to be if we choose to own it. YOU are a perfectly imperfect light with a shadowy badass within and I wouldn't have it any other way!! Hell yes!! www.jamespatrickaz.com


Consistency , loyalty, reliability and trustworthiness among other attributes are values that I seek and attract into my life. I also own my humanness, flaws and slip ups. I pride myself on how I show up for those that matter most, because they are not a convenience in my life nor am I a convenience in theirs. My presence is solid and so is theirs. Remain steadfast in your values and consistent in your actions and you will notice those that fill your cup to be abundant and yet...be open to those who show up, but then leave as sometimes, they have yet to figure out themselves, what their values are and work of their own to do. Realize that YOU may be the reflection of someone else's lesson as much as others can be yours. True friendships, true relationships and true connections is holding space for all of it, without losing yourself in the process. Stay strong. You got this! www.jamespatrickaz.com


The world and this country may not make much sense these days and lord knows many of us feel "activated" by ALL that is happening. I take a step back from the "charge" and realize that nothing that is happening has control over how I choose to show up in this world. When things don't make sense or feel the greatest, lift someone else up, make someone else smile, give of yourself in ways that support your community and create value for others. Create some peace and sense in your own world within while the rest of the outside world figures itself out. www.jamespatrickaz.com

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