Micalizzi Rides

Micalizzi Rides


GREAT JOB Jessica Mohs!!! You spoke super well for all of us!

❤️❤️❤️❤️ how you estimated 250 & we blew that number out of the water with 371 Biker Chics on our own dang bikes.

Thanks again Superior AZ & Superior Chamber of Commerce for hosting us!!

(And yup … I’m the one in the 💃🏻purple & pink tutu shooting video for Social…lol)

Micalizzi Rides

AZ INTERNATIONAL FEMALE RIDERS DAY: 371 Biker Chics on their own damn bikes took over the town of Superior AZ yesterday.

🥳 It was pretty flippin fantastic!

Thanks to the small but mighty army of volunteers & sponsors it took to put this shin dig together especially Jennifer Parker Sievers, Michelle Theis & Jessica Mohs!!

🙏 Thanks to the Town of Superior & then Superior Chamber of Commerce for being such amazing hosts! You are working hard to make your community vibrant! It was a real pleasure!! We’ll be back!!

Thanks to the Superior Hostle & Peter, Tina & Chris Crass for having a cool spot to stay!


Micalizzi Rides
Carmel Micalizzi
Arizona IFRD 2022
AZ IFRD 2022- May 7th
International Female Ride Day
Motorcycle Princess Ladies Rider Group
Phoenix Moto Girls (Private Group)
Windsisters of Arizona

AZ IFRD 2022- May 7th ✅ out what the Surprise Arizona Mayor & President of Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce had to say!!
Jennifer Parker Sievers
Jessica Mohs
Michelle Theis
Motorcycle Princess Ladies Rider Group
Phoenix Moto Girls (Private Group)
Windsisters of Arizona
Micalizzi Rides

Tomorrow is International Female Ride Day …. I just happened to come across this pic of me on my Softail Ruby taken 10 yrs ago on May 12th tonight.

🔥 I’ve ridden since I was 18 & rolled Ruby my first Harley-Davidson of my own off the lot on April 14, 2000 brand new!

When I first started to ride, as a female, I was a rarity… it was me & thousands of biker dudes. 🫣

Slowly, one by one my Sister riders started to show up.

🔥 Tomorrow, I will meet 100’s of Women who ride the own damn motorcycle. I will not be a minority tomorrow that’s for damn sure… & let me tell ya something THAT is exciting.

When a woman throws her leg over her own damn motorcycle she is saying to the world (& most importantly herself... ) I am my OWN woman & I have my OWN damn keys to the kingdom.

💥💥💥 We suspect almost 300 fierce woman riders to start from points across the Valley & unite in Superior, AZ tomorrow.

Wait to you see what THAT looks like. It’s pretty freakin fabulous.

🙏 Thank you to all the amazing women who plan for countless hours to make this happen… I don’t want to name the many I know cuz I know I’ll accidentally leave someone out & hurt their feelings. You’re all AMAZING!!


AZ IFRD 2022- May 7th

April Bennett
Souls Image photography

👉 Micalizzi Rides

Nice bike.
WESTGATE BIKE NIGHT: I’ll be supporting this event through Oct on Thursday nights!

And look who I spy Jeremy Rajkowski & Riki Rajkowski of Fast Lane Motorcycle Speed Shop!!

Check Micalizzi Rides on Thursday nites to see where I land. Come say hello!

YUP….. the Pacific Coast Highway was a pretty good way to go. Her name is Silver & she is my happy place.

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THE SMILE ON MY FACE says it all....

I just ❤️❤️❤️ riding a motorcycle. It’s one of my churches. I find both God & myself when I ride every dang time. For me? My bike is a .

🙏 Words can never explain how grateful I am for Silver... it’s humbly a miracle I that have her!

I can’t wait for my next 1,200+ mile ride. I come back renewed in a way that only extended time in the seat can do for me EVERY dang time!

🎯 Those of you who RIDE get what I am talking about.

I recall the days when I was REALLY a minority. It was me & a few maverick bad asses who rode our own in a huge herds of men.

❤️ In those days, us old school biker chics would lock eyes at an event & in a moment volumes would be spoken to one another without a word being said. We still do!

During the International Female Riding Day ride on May 1 between The Helmet Center and Prescott, Arizona my heart exploded as I looked in front of me & behind me in my rear view mirror & all I could see in both directions was BIKER CHICS riding thier own dang bike in our own dang herd. I thought & audibly screamed on a few occassions “YEEeeeSSSSssss!”

👏 It has always been my belief that it’s important for genders to hang & bond with one another. It empowers us all when we strengthen one another independently. It’s just a fact. It’s so cool to see the numbers of women riding thier own bike increasing so rides like IFRD are possible!

It used to be me & a few other nut job mavericks like Kelly Bolio, Julie Whelan & a few others rollin down the road proudly with our brothers! But not on May 1, 2021. (Put the first Sat in May on your calendar girls & come ride with us in 2022! It would be very cool to have you ladies with me!!)

🙏 I also want to say thank you to the few supportive men who joined us as well. We love our biker brothers!! I know what it feels like to be a minority. You were awesome to come support us!


If you’d like to purchase the rights to reproduce your ride pic & prints too:


LOVE YOU MOM..... Thank you for getting the biker chic in me & for loving me like you do! Carmel Micalizzi

BIKER CHICS UNITE | Micalizzi Rides

Some of my very fav biker chics!

BIKER CHICS UNITE | Micalizzi Rides
International Female Riding Day... approx 180 bikes ALL driven by a biker chic..... LOVE IT!!

So many amazing women to tag..... just consider all yourselves loved!!

BIKER CHICS UNITE | Micalizzi Rides
GET ON YOUR BIKE & RIDE!! It always amazes me what happens to my brain once I hit that 25 min mark... My soul actually exhales...

THAT exhale is the WHY of my ride.

I really felt my Dad with me today... His many words of wisdom & encouragement are always in head & most importantly in my ❤️.

Micalizzi Rides
CANCELATIONS: It is with GREAT disappointment that I post this post...

Sadly, I am unable to move forward with the Relentless for A Cure Poker Run & our Bowl-A-Mania events because I cannot obtain event insurance that will protect myself, my company, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Desert Region Arizona Chapter and my vendor partners from potential liability due to COVID.

We have just been informed that we are unable to obtain event insurance for our events because ALL liability insurance policies have a communicable disease exclusion.

As a result, we are forced to revisit hosting these events when our world is more predictable.

Thank you so very very much for your support of me and the LLS mission. I appreciate every single one of you. Vendors, please remove any posters that you have posted.

A special THANK YOU to my mighty team of volunteers, ModLuxe Printing and Marketing, Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson, Ilana Ruber Lowery & the amazing Mischief Makers team for the countless hours we have put in on these endeavors since MAY of last year for some of you..... sigh....

I have to close with the fact that our events may have to be canceled but, Cancer is not cancelled.... If you have it in your heart and your budget to contribute please, visit my donation page and give as you are able:

👉 https://pages.lls.org/mwoy/az/az21/mmicalizzi

Best Regards,

Michelle Micalizzi
2021 LLS WOMAN OF THE YEAR Candidate

Micalizzi Enterprises
Micalizzi Rides
INTRODUCING TEAM MICALIZZI: I am so excited to announce the members of my ever growing team as I continue to launch my campaign for the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Desert Region Arizona Chapter Woman of the Year.


We are so thrilled that Alicia Kitagawa Walker joined us in our efforts to cure blood cancer!

We are grateful that this biker chic real estate agent has a ❤️ for fun & service.

If you’re a business or corporate entity you just very well might get a call from Alicia over the next 10 weeks askin’ you to put some skin in our game!


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2021 LLS WOMAN OF THE YEAR | Michelle Micalizzi


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Micalizzi Rides

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4️⃣ Check Out this link to register & sign up & all connect to all things Team Micalizzi


The official kick off of this years Man & Woman of the Year effort is tomorrow on March 11th.



All of us candidates have 10 weeks to raise as much as we can to ! The closing Gala is on May 22nd.



In our 10 week effort we are focusing on

✔️ Personal & Social Media Asks
✔️ Poker Run for Bikers
✔️ Bowl-A-Mania event for Bowlers
✔️ Story Telling on Relentless Talk Radio
✔️ Retail Sales
✔️ Auction Items

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Michelle Micalizzi documents her adventures on Silver her Harley Davison Road King, her love of mot

Operating as usual

Photos from Michelle Micalizzi's post 05/28/2023

Photos from Michelle Micalizzi's post

Photos from Micalizzi Rides's post 05/25/2023

My girl LeAnne underwent a major surgery on May 12th to fix her spine's curve & relieve her excruciating pain. 😷✨

See her incredible before & after pictures below!! It's truly amazing! 📸😮

Unfortunately, LeAnne will be unable to work for the next three months & she's currently going through a challenging recovery process. 😔💪

To support her during this time, we're organizing a ride THIS COMING SATURDAY! 🏍️🚴‍♀️ We'll be starting early in the morning to beat the scorching AZ heat.

Join us for a fun ride & help LeAnne in any way you can. Together, we can ease her financial burden caused by the hefty medical bills, even with her insurance. 💸🙏

We'd be thrilled to have you there, and it's a fantastic opportunity to catch up if you missed Doc & I’s wedding.

So hop on 2 or 4 wheels & come meet us!

👉 RSVP to the below EVENT:


👉 Donate online | Download Flyer


Let's make this ride unforgettable! 🥳❤️


What an honor! Thank you Rosi Khazoom & the Husband And Wife Law Team!!

We're so excited to share that our newest Rider Of The Month is Michelle Micalizzi! 🏍

Michelle has been riding since 1984, and is deeply rooted in the riding community, including the sub-communities of women bikers and sober bikers. 💪🏽

She is also a newlywed and had an amazing open-to-all wedding at the Roadhouse in Cave Creek! Congrats to the happy couple! 🎊

Look for Michelle (and her motorcycle!) on our billboards across the Valley of the Sun tomorrow, May 16th, and let us know when you see one!👓

Micalizzi Art & Fashion Micalizzi Media Micalizzi Rides Choose Healthy Change


Tomorrow is our big day! (Yes! Of COURSE you’re invited!)

Cavecreek Roadhouse Drop Diezel


Wow!!! So sorry I couldn’t be in that crowd yesterday - but so happy to see this pic!! As usual the organizers of Arizona International Female Ride Day | International Female Ride Day out did themselves!!



Join us on May 27th for the Let's Ride for LeAnne event 🏍️🚗. LeAnne is preparing for a major surgery to alleviate her scoliosis pain and nerve damage.

The event will celebrate her journey and raise funds to support her during her recovery period.

We'll ride to Jake's Corner, enjoy a live performance by Cherokee Jack, and have raffles and 50/50 drawings. Let's support LeAnne and have a great time!

Visit our Linktr.ee/RideforLeAnne to donate and learn more.



It's been a little while since I posted because... I've been setting up our dream house with a big ol' garage so Doc can start building his business! 🏠🔨👨‍🔧 More on that as time goes on!

In the meantime, is the perfect occasion for two bikers to have a breakfast ride to warm up the house. Stay tuned for some photos of that craziness! 🏍️🍳

'Cause nothing tells your neighbors you've arrived like a pack of motorcycles rolling in for Sunday breakfast! 😂


Husband And Wife Law Team always sponsors great community runs - check this important one out!

Photos from Michelle Micalizzi's post 01/09/2023

Photos from Michelle Micalizzi's post

Photos from Michelle Micalizzi's post 11/30/2022

Photos from Michelle Micalizzi's post


So disappointing.....

I am shocked and extremely disappointed to announce that the Shops of Norterra has abruptly Canceled Bike Night for the rest of the season, including Thursday, October 20th. It is particularly disappointing because the crowds were incredible, everyone was having a great time and really enjoyed it. I want you to know that I pushed all the way to the very end to save this event, but it was not to be.

I want to thank all of you that showed up to participate in this event over the first 4 nights. Your support for my events over the years has been extremely humbling, and this one is no exception as you made it a major event from the very first night! I sincerely appreciate that. I would also like to thank our Sponsors that stepped up quickly to make it all happen. Thanks to Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson, GoAZ Motorcycles, Law Tigers, Ridenow Powersports, Indian Motorcycles of Peoria and Nash Powersports for their support.

Stay tuned for what I can come up with next to support the Riders of the Valley.
Thank You again for your continued support!

Below is the official press release from The Shops at Norterra:

Beloved Biker Community,
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be canceling tomorrow’s Bike Night event at The Shops at Norterra, as well as the rest of the series. Unfortunately, a small group of individuals has created an environment that does not promote the fun and positive atmospherics that we hoped to bring to all of you through hosting these events. To those who have respectfully participated in and helped us create community through Bike Night, we look forward to continuing to be a space where you and your family members can eat, drink, shop and enjoy.

-The Shops at Norterra

Photos from Micalizzi Rides's post 10/24/2022

The 4th Annual Witches Ride was a blast today! It’s one of my fav traditions!

Nothing beats watching people’s expressions as they realize there's a pack of 30+ biker 🧙 witches riding in formation on motorcycles.


(Tag yourselves Witches!)

Photos from Michelle Micalizzi's post 10/24/2022

Photos from Michelle Micalizzi's post

Photos from Micalizzi Rides's post 10/11/2022

was a blast on Oct 8!

It’s never to late to donate 👉 bikers4boobiesaz.org


Photos from Michelle Micalizzi's post 10/10/2022

Photos from Michelle Micalizzi's post

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.


Michelle Micalizzi documents her adventures on Silver, her 2012 Harley Davidson.

Learn more bout the REPLACING RUBY SERIES at michellemicalizzi.com/aofl

PPPssssttttt..... This Page is currenlty under development!

• Buddy Stubbs Harley Davidson
• Early Morning Light Studios

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