Lucas James Celebrity Personal Trainer

Lucas James Celebrity Personal Trainer


happy birthday to one of my favorite people!

Lucas James, Celebrity Personal Trainer is one of America's top fitness trainers located in Scottsda

Lucas James is a nationally known celebrity personal trainer in Scottsdale, AZ. Lucas specializes in helping men and women achieve their fitness and health goals through a customized healthy lifestyle and meal plan program. If you're looking to lose weight, gain lean muscle, or get your body "Lucas Abs" ready, then give him a try! Lucas James believes that nutritional coaching is huge factor for a

Operating as usual


We’re searching for more fitness rockstars to join our amazing team!

We are private luxury personal training club that is overcrowded with new clients and seeking trainers to train our semi-private clients and we want YOU - Personal Trainer Rockstar!

Must love people.

Must be cheerleader at heart, but captain in ex*****on.

Must have sweet beats and be able to come up with sweet playlists.

Must be comfortable giving sweaty high-fives.

Must be on time. Always.

DM US TO Apply!


How would you like to to lose weight and keep it off? Our brand new 8-week total body transformation will change your life! Our clients are losing 20-30lbs in 8 weeks!

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Summer is just around the corner and it's time to get in the best shape of your life!


Weight loss tip! Please watch and take notes 🙌


Our results speak for themselves!


Our new semi-private personal training program is taking off! Try the 8-Week Full Body Transformation and change your life!


Summer is over and the Holidays are coming! 🎅🏼

It’s time to get YOU in the best shape of your life and get you out of your fitness PLATEAU.

I’m now offering in-person, semi-private, online personaling training and Registered Dietitian Nutrition programs!


The weather is finally cooling down, but it's time to make your body hot! I'm now offering semi-private personal training at my private studio, gym in Old Town Scottsdale. To schedule a consultation, please call 602-400-8506


Summer is almost over and the heat is finally coming down! Coming this Fall we will be offering private 1-on-1 personal training and NEW semi-private personal training!


I have to brag about my Registered Dietitian! Mary is an EXPERT when it comes to managing and running my nutrition program! She has been getting unbelievable results with my weight loss, fat loss, and muscle building clients!

Mary Wirtz, MS, RDN, CSSD, CPT

- Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
- Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics
- MS in Human Nutrition
- BS in Economics and Business Administration
- Certificate of Training in Pediatric and Adolescent Weight Management
- Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

If you’re struggling to lose weight, inches and dropping body fat, but need accountability, education, motivation….direct message me now to setup a free consultation!


Are you ready for Summer 2022? If not, let me and my team help you! How would you like to lose up to 10lbs, 3% body fat and 5 inches off your body in 30 days? DM me if you’re a interested! Online and in-person availability

P.S. I love dodgeball


I’m working ONLINE with 5 busy professionals, execs, and CEOs from all over the United States this February helping them lose the extra weight, regain their higher energy levels, and wake up in the morning with significantly more energy, focus, and drive.

I’ve also just recently partnered up with a world-class Mayo Clinic dietician with more than a decade of experience helping executives, business owners, CEOs, and working professionals dial-in their nutrition and regain their energy levels--without sacrificing their lifestyle.

Here’s who I’m looking for…

You’re currently a busy professional, exec, business owner, or CEO who is short on time and looking for an effective and efficient fitness/health solution

You can dedicate at least 2 hours a week (ONLINE) to lose the extra weight and regain your higher energy levels

You’re ready for a fully customized, and holistic fitness solution that’ll hold you accountable and keep you on track LONG-TERM (no more yo-yo dieting or fads)

Here are just SOME of the results can expect in as fast as 4 weeks:

Lose up to 8-10 LBS and 2-4 inches off your stomach

Significantly less stress, better quality sleep, and more focus and cognitive ability

Waking up in the morning with higher energy, clarity, and drive to tackle your day

Would you like to join us?

Send me a message or give me a call 602-400-8506, [email protected]


New branding and services coming 2022!

- New fitness and nutrition app

- New Registered Dietitian/Sports Dietitan, Mary Wirtz from the Mayo Clinic

- Launching my online Executive Personal Trainer fitness and nutrition program!



What makes a great fitness program that actually WORKS?

- Gym Equipment?
- Convenience?
- Customized to your schedule and lifestyle?
- Time and Effort?

Truth is:

While these ARE important...

They're NOT the most important factors when it comes to a plan that'll get you LONG-TERM results (without demanding too much of your time.)

The most important thing for you to consider is:

Identifying exactly WHY everything you've tried in the past didn't exactly work for you like it was supposed to...

…and using those experiences as part of your foundation in developing your fitness and nutrition program.

Things Like:

What diet or nutrition programs have you tried?

Have you ever worked with a personal trainer?

Do you have any injuries?

How was your experience with those programs?

What didn’t work?

And WHY didn’t it work for you?

Because ultimately:

Just like your career and life as a busy professional--with a demanding schedule and your own unique personal and family life--are completely different than any other person on the planet...

So too is YOUR body (and what it responds to) when it comes to nutrition, sleep, and stress.

Problem is... most busy people don't have the time to dig into all this stuff and figure out exactly what'll work for them.

And I don't blame you. At all.

It takes high-level knowledge of fitness and nutrition to identify and research what’s right for me and what’s the best program.

And that takes a bunch of time.

Time you don't exactly have.

Which is why one of my favorite things to do for my clients BEFORE creating their customized nutrition and fitness program is:

Assess and analyze all the critical data that's needed – lifestyle, stress, injuries, medical, nutrition preferences, etc.

They don't have to worry about ANY of this stuff.

Being a fitness and nutrition expert for the past 14 years with more than 20,000 personal training sessions... I can almost instantly figure out the simplest, most efficient path for someone to look and feel the way they want.

And that's based on a careful assessment of all their previous experience (or lack of it), and unpacking what their program needs to be to get the best results... in the shortest amount of time.

So all they have to do is be honest with me, trust me, and communicate with me and I take care of the rest.

Imagine getting a customized fitness and nutrition program that doesn't feel like an "annoying chore" or “stressful” everyday.

And one that actually creates tangible, LONG-TERM results you can see in the mirror and feel in your body in the form of more energy, focus, and productivity.

So if your current fitness and nutrition program does NOT factor in these critical elements and all your previous experience, medical history, and ideal lifestyle goals...

.. it's time to re-think your approach if you're serious about your fitness and nutrition goals.

And if you're ready to take that first step under the guidance of an experienced fitness and nutrition expert who'll quickly identify what's slowing you down the most right now from hitting your goals...

Shoot me a private message right now and let's chat and see if a fully customized ONLINE health, fitness, and nutrition solution makes sense for you right now.

Email version P.S. Although a lot of you know me as a go-to coach in the Arizona area… I’ve been officially booked out for in-person training for months now. However, I still want to help more people from all across the country make 2022 their best year ever when it comes to health, fitness, and nutrition.

So now… I’ve dialed-in a highly streamlined and effective online program that is just as results-oriented and successful as my in-person training and nutrition guidance. In fact… my busy clients are now getting even MORE results with my flagship ONLINE program, in a lot less time. It’s that good.

Send me a message and let me know if this strikes a chord with you.


Raise your hand if you:

- Have a hectic work schedule running a business or leading a company and don’t have time to workout, eat healthy or even get 8 hours of sleep.

- Have struggled with extra weight gain, and constantly lose weight and then regain the weight back.

- Feel stressed, your energy is low, sleep is suffering and by the end of the day you’re too exhausted to do anything.

- Are tired of looking in the mirror and not being happy, and putting clothes on that no longer fit.

I get it…there’s a massive challenge trying to lose weight and build lean muscle with barely any time in the calendar.

Just ask my client Hector.

He’s an executive at one of the largest Fortune 500 companies.

His typical runs 10+ hours long, oversees 30,000 employees, and receives 300-500 emails a day.

He’s feeling completely exhausted by 3pm each day… and couldn’t find a flexible program that could keep up with demanding schedules.

Plus….he was afraid of working out because of past injuries, and didn’t want to take away too much time from his personal life with friends and family.

Fast forward to today…

Hector now wears size 32 pants and dropped 15 lbs, and lost over 12 inches of his body.

Before is first 8am meeting --- he’s already got 7 hours of great sleep, worked out, eaten breakfast.

He’s more focused, more productive, and less stressed now because he has more energy from healthy and making time exercise.

He is no longer is worried about taking his shirt off while on vacation, and has built lean muscle to him that his friends’ are envious of.

He’s living a healthy lifestyle and LOVING his life!

If you’re struggling with the number that’s on your scale or the pants that don’t fit, relying on caffeine for energy, drinking too much alcohol and feel like always wanting to take a nap…

… And want your life to look similar to Hector’s, then send me a private message now and let’s chat and what my fully customized ONLINE fitness and nutrition program can look like for you.

P.S. Although a lot of you know me as a go-to coach in the Arizona area… I’m also now offering spots for ONLINE clients nationwide across the United States.

Just send me a message and let me know if this strikes a chord with you.


You’re Successful….But you’ve lost control of YOUR health

If you’re a busy business owner, executive or entrepreneur that has sacrificed your health for your busy work schedule and family life… and you’re short of time and don’t know where to start to lose weight, get your energy back, and sculpt your body.

You need to change your lifestyle – lose weight, drop body fat, cut inches off your body – BUT it needs to convenient, stress-free and work within your crazy work/life schedule.

Listen to this!

Workouts and nutrition are NOT your problem.

The internet is packed with FREE workouts and “diet” plans – BUT that would just be guessing game on which one to pick that works specifically for you.

What you need is an EXPERT that can hold you accountable and create a custom fitness and nutrition program based on your lifestyle and goals.

A Rolls-Royce Phantom is hand-made and designed specifically with precision detail and craftsmanship… your body, your health NEEDS to be custom designed.

I’m going to change your life.

Here’s the plan:

For the first three people to reach out to me, I’m going to give you an hour of my time to help you develop a game plan on what you need to do in the next 4 weeks to lose 8-10lbs, drop 1-3% body fat, and cut 2-4 inches while spending no more than 45min per day.

I’m going to specifically show you why you’ve plateaued or lost control of your health and give you structured program to get into ELITE shape for life!

No more half-ass workouts or yo-yo diet plans. No more feeling like you can’t workout because of injuries. No more feeling like you have to starve or deprive yourself with food.

Why would I do this?

Because health, fitness, and nutrition is my passion. I want you to reach the goals you desire through my one-on-one handcrafted program with me supporting, educating, and motivating you through every step.

Even if you don’t become a private client… you’ll have some knowledge and insight on what steps it takes for you to lose weight, gain energy, and transform your body.

It’s a win-win.

So if this all sounds like something you need….send me a private message now and let’s talk and see what a custom fitness and nutrition program like this can look for you.

First come, first serve for 3 people.


Long over due post! Jon has been new addition to my personal training team and has been a tremendous value to me and clients! He recently moved here from CA and has an excellent ability to train, motivate and educate clients!


While you’re making excuses not to exercise, my grandparents are pumping iron in their living room. No excuses.


Ladies! Are you looking to get in the best shape of your life? We can help with private 1-on-1 personal training and a custom nutrition program by a Registered Dietitan. Lose fat and weight, but keep it off permanently!


Success! Daren is down 30lbs in 70 days! My program gives you accountability, motivation, education and results! He trains with me 2-3x a week and meets my Dietitan .with.hammer 1x a week. We are a complete package team that covers nutrition, workouts, stress and sleep to help your reach your fitness goals!


Weight loss is just not about the gym! It’s 80% nutrition! My client works 80 hours a week and has made small changes to his lifestyle (sleep, nutrition, exercise) and the weight and fat is coming off. Remember, being healthy is marathon, don’t look for quick fixes for long term results!


Daren has exercised 40 days in a row and is working my Dieititian .with.hammer and is down 19lbs! He’s committed to getting better sleep, training with me, and focusing on his caloric intake and food selection with Haley. We are a team and so proud of Daren! Summer bodies start now! 💪💪💪


It’s almost April 1st and it’s time to get in shape! Do you need accountability, motivation and education to reach your fitness goals? I can help you!


Think twice next time you hit the gym and go out for drinks after! Alcohol damages your ability to build lean muscle as well as protein synthesis.


Why me?


Photos from Lucas James Celebrity Personal Trainer's post 10/29/2020

It’s going to be spooky workout today!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist For Weight Loss & Fitness Company Job in Scottsdale, AZ at Lucas James 10/26/2020

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist For Weight Loss & Fitness Company Job in Scottsdale, AZ at Lucas James

We're hiring another Registered Dietitian!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist For Weight Loss & Fitness Company Job in Scottsdale, AZ at Lucas James Easy 1-Click Apply (LUCAS JAMES) Registered Dietitian Nutritionist For Weight Loss & Fitness Company job in Scottsdale, AZ. View job description, responsibilities and qualifications. See if you qualify!


Fall is here and so is your new body! Get in shape, have more energy and start to feel good! Private 1-on-1 personal training and weight loss programs in the heart of Scottsdale, AZ!


Fall is coming and so is your new body! Let’s get in shape, improve your energy and have you start to feel good about yourself! Our custom 1-on-1 fitness and nutrition program will teach YOU, support YOU, motivate YOU for long-term results. No quick fixes or yo-yo dieting!

Want your business to be the top-listed Gym/sports Facility in Scottsdale?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Summer is over and the Holidays are coming! 🎅🏼It’s time to get YOU in the best shape of your life and get you out of you...





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Monday 5am - 10pm
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