Arsenal By Kenyatta

Arsenal By Kenyatta


For those Of You Ready To Start Transforming your life better Health And Fitness I Recommend
Arsenal By Kenyatta Program He’s workouts will get you on the Right Path, also he’s encouraging words throughout the process, Check Out he’s website Below⬇️⬇️⬇️ #ItTimeToGetRightGetItTight💪🏾

Kenyatta Banks of the Arsenal By Kenyatta workout series joins Ian Knight on Bleav in Arizona Fit! He lets you know about the classes he's teaching & tips to stay in shape!

Check it out:
Yooooo FLEXX is everywhere!!! MAJOR shoutout to my bro Kenyatta Banks out in Arizona!!! He is the founder of Arsenal By Kenyatta and he wanted FLEXX featured for their class out there!!! I see you bro, this will be in regular rotation!!!

For the record, this isn’t just a song for the Oregon Football program, this is also a mindset and a mantra, we don’t just FLEXX on GameDay!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

Yo KB - can you tell me how I can get into an Arsenal sweatshirt please? Thank you 🙏🏽❤️
We're getting ready to announce our 2019 Community Partners! Deadline for submitting the Community Partnership form is April 30th: A big 'Thank You' to last year's partners: Arsenal By Kenyatta, 502nd MI Bn, 898 Eng Bn (Heidi Marie Cristel), Anytime Fitness Spanaway, Army, Atmosphera Global, City of DuPont, Columbia Bank, COUNTRY Financial, Crystal Judson Family Justice Center, Elev8 Hot Yoga, Firefighters Lifeline Foundation, Grit City Magazine, Iron Legacy Fitness, Lakewood WA Police Department, YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties, Orangetheory Fitness Tacoma, Signature Kettlebell, Spanaway Fitness Center, Super Studios 253, Tactical Tailor, Team Rubicon - Region X (Rebecca Chitwood), Team Red, White & Blue, Transformation Fitness by Amy Jo, Travis Manion Foundation, Vie Athletics, wear blue: run to remember
A little Sip Fit Sunday action at Sip Kitchen this morning ☀️
Arsenal HIIT led by Arsenal By Kenyatta followed by yoga led by @natashanamaste 🙏🏼 #sipfitsunday #findyouredge #SIPportLocal
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Sunday Funday at Sip Kitchen! 💥.
Arsenal HIIT with Arsenal By Kenyatta & @jessmpate from TruFusion Scottsdale .
Music by @djfeenicks .

10am-1230pm ~1 HR workout + Q&A Panel.
$20 Bring water, mat, shoes 💪🏼
#sundayfunday #findyouredge #SIPportLocal
#sip #supportlocal #trutribe #hiit #arsenalhiit #workout #healthy #lifestyle #challenge #justdoit #sweat #highintensity #healthylifestyle #proteinshake #powerbreakfast #livemusic #newyearnewyou #localaz #local #localbusiness #northscottsdale #scottsdale #phoenix #arizona #az @ Sip Coffee & Beer Kitchen
Workout day 2. Strength 1.0... Dude. That's awesome. I have to modify somewhat but.. I get it done..
Meet 'Scooch' - one of the dogs who will benefit from racing the stairs. If you would like to learn more about him, or inquire about adopting him, then contact Kindred Souls Foundation at [email protected]

If you have not signed up yet to race, then get to it! Online registration closes 29 July. If you are affiliated with one of our community partners, then please be sure to select them from the drop-down menu when you register online: Anytime Fitness Spanaway, Arsenal By Kenyatta, Atmosphera Global, Auburn Gymnastics Center, BGIS, City of DuPont, Crystal Judson Family Justice Center, Columbia Bank, FireFighters Lifeline Foundation, Grit City Magazine, Iron Legacy Fitness, Jason Lee Middle School, Lakewood WA Police Department, Lakewood Family YMCA, Morgan Family YMCA, Orangetheory Fitness Tacoma, Pierce County Sheriff's Department, Signature Kettlebell, Spanaway Fitness Center, Super Studios 253, Tacoma Center YMCA, Tactical Tailor, Team Rubicon - Region 10 (Rebecca Chitwood), Team Red, White & Blue, The Mission Continues Puget Sound, Transformation Fitness by Amy Jo, Travis Manion Foundation, Vie Athletics, wear blue: run to remember, 502nd MI Bn, 898 Eng Bn
If you are affiliated with one of our community partner organizations, then don't forget to select that organization from the drop-down menu when you register: ! Whomever has the most participants signed up by July 29 wins a victory celebration party and gets their organization's name engraved on the perpetual trophy that will reside at their headquarters for the year! Anytime Fitness Spanaway, Arsenal By Kenyatta, Auburn Gymnastics Center, City of DuPont, Columbia Bank, FireFighters Lifeline Foundation, Lakewood Police Department, Orangetheory Fitness Tacoma, Puyallup Tribe of Indians, Signature Kettlebell, Spanaway Fitness Center, Super Studios 253, Tactical Tailor, Team Red, White & Blue, Team Rubicon - Region 10, The Mission Continues Puget Sound, Transformation Fitness by Amy Jo, Travis Manion Foundation, Vie Athletics, wear blue: run to remember, Lakewood Family YMCA, Morgan Family YMCA, Tacoma Center YMCA, Jason Lee Middle School, Grit City Magazine, BGIS, DaKine Sports Center, 502nd MI Bn, 898 Eng Bn
Joshua got his mug!! Lol
It’s Finally Here can’t wait to Rock this #ArsenalStrong 💪🏾 women T-Shirt M hopefully this evening for my Arsenal Ab Challenge Workout If your ready to get your Health and Fitness Journey back on track Follow Arsenal By Kenyatta Inbox him (serious Inquries only)Stop with the Excuses GET It Right! Get It Tight! Show your Body self Love❤️👊🏾

Creator of the Arsenal home workout series, Group X instructor, Army brat, Athlete, Fitness Professional. I can help you change your life. Join the movement.

Creator of the Ateam HIIT workout. Group X instructor, CEO of KBFitness and my own health and fitness biz. Currently teaching at FIT REPUBLIC in Fashion Square. MWF 5:30pm And Sat 8:45am. Currently looking for funding to help film my own workout dvd to share with the world. I am also certified in RIPPED, Insanity, and P90X. My goal in life is to help others change their lives from the inside out.


10 years ago the team motivize fit club. Helped change my purpose in life. Some of the most dedicated, beautiful, fun and energetic people I’ve ever met.

It all started with an idea (3-5 people in a garage). To taking over Monday nights at the boys & girls club.

Throughout this journey, I’ve learned to let those who have never done what you do, continue to try to diminish, disregard and say whatever they must to appease their insecurities. The look-a-who’n face a** people, who always got an opinion, but don’t got the pedigree.

I been sent on a mission to help change lives, got the receipts 🧾 to prove it. In EVERY SINGLE SPOT/GYM IVE BEEN IN. All praises to TMH.

Don’t worry, there’s more to come & what coming next is going to be epic. That’s it. That’s all. Don’t believe me just watch (cuz y’all watching anyway). Get your 🍿 & 🍬 ready. Cuz it’s gonna be a movie!


Embrace change. Whatever happens, happens for good.


💥 BOOM 💥 This Saturday, pull up, bring your friends, family, co workers, spouses, side dudes, side chicks, hinge hookups.

Join the movement at the back lot in old town Scottsdale. Tag someone who wants to come get this smoke. Let’s go!!

We’re just getting started. Stay tuned….

Flyer cred: @grandryzeproductions 👈🏾follow them.

Photos from Arsenal By Kenyatta's post 04/14/2022

Yoo!! Who’s down to get their sweat on this Saturday morning?!
Arsenal HIIT style. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

You know how we do. Come get this smoke.

Tag a friend, bring a friend. Old town Scottsdale Wsup?!

Comment below or Dm for more info.


Everything don’t gotta be posted but everything will be celebrated. No matter how big or “small,” it may seem. Shout out to those embracing all their progress and victories even if it’s not for public acknowledgment.
Keep shining!


That’s it.


Wayyy too hard. Still working (from the inside out) and still illuminating through the darkness. @michellcclark always on point w/ these reminders. Thanks fam. 👏🏾👏🏾👊🏾👊🏾


with my brotha @larrysmithfitness (love you bro) in one of the greatest, most amazing b day surprises, assembled by some genuine people. Y’all know who y’all are & I can never thank you enough for this epic moment.

We set that room on 🔥, burnt it down, built it back up and burnt it down again. Then ascended to outer space 🪐!!!! Priceless moment, priceless memory surrounded by wonderful people.

Photos from Arsenal By Kenyatta's post 03/17/2022

Come join us this summer in beautiful @ithaki_retreat in Greece.

Experience one of the most magical places on earth. With wonderful people. We have few spots still available. Link in my bio or dm for more info.

@irenepakyoga and I are super excited to share this amazing retreat with you.


There’s absolute power in being present. We all can be/are easily distracted. Dwelling in the past, worried about the future, to the point we don’t/won’t even appreciate this/the priceless moment(s) we have right in front of us. I am guilty of this and working to improve it.


Embrace and enjoy YOUR journey.
Keep working on you! YOU ARE WORTH IT.

Photos from Arsenal By Kenyatta's post 03/01/2022

Blessed to see another day!!! Blessed to see another year. Reflecting on life’s memories, lessons and blessings.

Grateful for any and everyone’s paths/ journeys that have crossed mine.

Celebrating life! ITS OFFICIALLY MY B DAY!! 😃
Born a preme
Raised a military brat
Reppin da north west
Made in Dade
Ascending in The desert 🏜

For my 360 peeps I’m on my Mike Sellers 💩 (44). If you know then ya know. 👊🏾

Ps: cashapp ya boy: $arsenalbykenyatta


So much outside noise. So much inner work has to be done. Shout out to all of you fighting to heal, from the inside out. Cuz I am too! Keep fighting!

Thx @sahshacampbellgarbutt for this meme.


I haven’t taught a legit Arsenal Hiit class in a min. However (since my b day is on Tuesday) this Sunday I’ll be bringing some more 🔥 to @smtfscottsdale .
Dm for more details.

Bring a friend, co worker, spouse, side dude, side chick, we don’t judge. Sweat is universal.

Ps: Stay tuned for more group class workouts!

Photos from Arsenal By Kenyatta's post 02/25/2022

Join us, this summer! In one of the most magical places on earth. Beautiful people, amazing food/ drinks and experiences of a lifetime.

Spots are limited! Dm for more info.


This is so true. When chasing you will get lost. Been there, learned from that. In the midst of life, chasing can blind you from seeing, appreciating and acknowledging those that are the right people.

Photos from Arsenal By Kenyatta's post 02/20/2022

No dull moments with these two (well 3) cuz young dynasty don’t know what to do with Omari da King. 😂 Fun times!


5 years ago (I think)… I had already attempted to go vegan, just because (FOR ME) it felt better. However, I didn’t really know what to do or what to eat. Had been social media friends w/ my brotha @badassvegan and met @ndem.nkem at a vegan event here in az.

I asked them for advice on getting protein (it’s in more places than we’ve been taught. Anyhow, I just want to give flowers to these two kings, who walk walk and talk talk. I appreciate y’all for helping me change my eating lifestyle, my
Mindset and for always being genuine, phenomenal humans.




🔥🔥🔥🔥 Shout out to my bro @glenn.jordan365 who been talking about this for a min.

Sometimes you need a reminder. Which he does daily and it’s highly appreciated.

Stay tuned the heat is comin!

Lets go!


The moment when you realize you must appreciate and embody your light within the darkness. Both are necessary and both have the power to evoke change.

Shout out to



Photos from Arsenal By Kenyatta's post 01/28/2022

This summer, come do something epic!! Come experience the magic of @ithaki_island in Greece 🇬🇷.

Spots are limited and filling up fast. Dm @irenepakyoga or myself for more info.


This right here! Sometimes you just gotta say thank you. For those that move this way, you are appreciated. You are essential and you are phenomenal.


This summer, come enjoy a life changing retreat you’ll never forget. Hosted by the one and only @irenepakyoga and yours truly. Spots are limited. Dm for more info or click the link in bio.


Destroy your barriers!! We must stop being our own worst enemy. If you built it, you can break it.


This right here can be tough. We are consistently taught to compete w/others. Funny thing is, 9 times out of 10 the people(person) you’re competing w/ ain’t even thinking about you.

We must challenge ourselves to compete against us. Not to mention you have to live in YOUR head day in and day out. Let’s fight to make our minds a happier space.


This summer, we’re headed back to paradise!! Join us for a life changing wellness retreat. Priceless people,
Priceless food, priceless beaches, and magical moments.

Contact me or @irenepakyoga for more info. Spots are limited, memories are not. 🇬🇷


back when I met the amazing @tonyshorton aka mr. P90X. Learned a lot from him and other great people when I was on my journey. I Never will forget where I started and those who’ve helped me along this journey.

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