SGT Adult Open Gym

Scottsdale Gymnastics and Trampolines Adult Open Gym is a place young adults and adults 16+ can go to train Gymnastics, Acrobatics, Trampoline, Parkour, Freerunning, Tricking and practically anything else they want in Gymnastics.

[08/09/15]   been a while since I posted but thought it may interest you

Adult Tricking and Tumbling Class

This class goes into the fine foundation of movements that will allow you to build any acrobatic trick from the ground up. Instead of learning each skill individually you will get a series of conceptual movement patterns to help build any trick, Everything from foot placement, Kick foundation, rotation, spin generation. to drills, to spotting, to the difference between hooks and crescents that will make movement easier. Main skills we will start with developing are: Pop 360, Tornado Kick, Butterfly Kick, Roundoff, Cartwheel Rebound, Back Handspring, Macaco, Front Handspring, Kip Up, Front Tuck, Side flip, Back Tuck, Aerial, Au Batido, Pop set ups, Cheat Set Ups, Front Set ups, and Side Set Ups. Of course we will be developing basic skills such as Forward Rolls, Backward Rolls, and Handstands as well since they are necessary prerequisites to inverting the body while jumping. This class will also work on conditioning and stretching to complement the skill sets.

Interested in this class?

We have designated days but need to know what days you are interested in coming to.

Monday 7:30pm
Wednesday 6:30pm
Thursday 7:00pm

Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested

[12/22/14]   Adult Open Gym Tonight 8-10pm We only have Monday and Tuesday this week and next week. We return to normal hours when we get back from winter break.

[12/03/14]   Don't forget we have Adult Open Gym tonight 8pm to 10pm at scottsdale gymnastics. Advanced students welcome call the front desk for any questions. 4809511496 12/02/2014

Adult Parkour Class Schedule | Scottsdale Gymnastics and Trampoline

Open gyms are every day during the week 8-10pm in case you didn't know... and we have member rates meow and adult classes. Take advantage of our introductory pricing. Come and try our new facility. It's time to train!

[11/27/14]   My bossman said I can run the open gym friday, but it needs to be when we have a lot of light because he doesn't want the lights in, we can open the garage and all. 2 hours, 15 bucks a person. What are good times for you guys and I need at least five dedicated to show up. 11/18/2014


This is what I have been working on in secret. Thanks to Jon Call for all his inspiration. please check out his website this man has so much to offer the world. Please visit my video on youtube so I can get the views up, I put a lot of effort into this and want it to make an impact. thank You and Blessings. Nov 10, 2014 Training logs vs. Training journals 3 by Jon Call • Training • Tags: mindset What do Dorian Yates, Bruce Lee, and the first person in tricking to land the triple cork have in common?


Speed Course

the four sections of the Team Realay and 18 + Individual Speed Course for November 8th 10/25/2014

2014 SPF Parkour Team Challenge

That's right ladies and gentlemen there is individual 18+ entry now allowed for the SPF Challenge on Saturday Nov 8th. ignore the flier it needs to be updated :). We have a crazy number of challenges ready for you, Speed Course, Freestyle, 8 Skill Challenges in 15 minutes, and a ninja course (salmon ladder, quad step, spider climb, warped wall, and bar to bar). register here If you compete in all events a cash prize will be rewarded to the overall winner, if you place first in any one competition gear will be given out as a prize. May the odds ever be in your favor.

[10/16/14]   A reminder that we Scottsdale Parkour & Freerunning a Branch of Scottsdale Gymnastics & Trampoline are having an open house tonight 8-10 pm of our new Ninja Training Gym. If you want to just come by and see (no Touchee or Trainee) Then just come by and see, if you want to train it is 15 cash at the front desk for open gym with no extra charge for the Ninja gym.

[10/14/14]   We are having an open house this Thursday Night to show off our new NINJA Gym. 8-10pm it's 15 dollars to come to open gym but there is no extra charge to train in the new facility. Stay tuned for more announcements on membership rates and a lot of class and open gym times coming.


RL Grime & What So Not - Tell Me (Rudebrat Refix)

ADULT OPEN GYM TONIGHT 8-10pm bring cash.

FREE DOWNLOAD! All rights belong to the artists! :)

[07/03/14]   Adult Open gym tonight 8-10pm scotttsdale gymnastics. Play yourself to a stronger healthier you.

[06/20/14]   Thursday night I fulfilled one of my dreams. I got to run an open gym for adults in a Parkour facility for the first time. Keep this up and we will have another night open soon. love you all.

[06/19/14]   tonight is the fist night we are opening both the gyms (Parkour and Gymnastics) for Adult Open Gym. it is 15 dollars for one gym ad an extra 5 for the use of the second gym, still cash. we will meet in the main gym and warm up and then you can go where you want.

[06/17/14]   here's a question for you. We are thinking of opening up the Parkour Gym in from 12 noon to 3pm Monday-Friday for ages 16+ to come in when it is not in use and train. Pending price of $5 per hour. What are your thought on that?

[06/15/14]   I am pleased to announce that come this Thursday at 8pm the Adult Open Gyms will also offer the use of the Parkour Facility next door. Price is $15 for use of one gym (either the gymnastics Facility or the Parkour Gym alone) or $20 for the use of both gyms at once. still cash only for now (we're working on it) and still no monthly package for those that want to pay in advance (we're working on it) Warm Up will still be in the main gym prior to access to the Parkour Gym unless you arrive late.


Teresa Victoria Høy | Leading Ladies (ep.6)

are you one of the girls, then watch this. we are always here to help.

Episode 6 of Leading Ladies has Flow chilling out in Denmark with Teresa Høy. She shares her experience of learning Parkour and meeting new friends. Subscrib...

[05/20/14]   And I would like to get a thumbs up for those of you that would like to have access to the Parkour gym next door (we would have to charge a little bit extra to have it open at the same time as Adult open gym. Also we discussed this last week, but who wants another night to train like Tuesday evening. I do.

[04/03/14]   Prepare yourself im teaching tonight, Francesco

[03/06/14]   your'es truly will be teaching at adult open gym tomorrow. "Francesco" I'm so going to kick your butts

[02/14/14]   Adult open gym tonight! Come and get you acroswag on!

[01/16/14]   Adult open gym tonight, ill have different drills out tonight for people that want to work on different movements! So come and play!

[01/09/14]   OPEN GYM TONIGHT!!!! Come flip yourself off.

[01/01/14]   We have the go to have adult open gym this thursday the 2nd. who is down?

[12/27/13]   Just a Reminder SGT is NOT OPEN TONIGHT.

[12/12/13]   And to host the Open Gym tonight.... FRANCESCO "The Dragon King" CABAN. see you all there. 12/06/2013

* Jan.24th - 28th Scottsdale, AZ. "Scottsdale Gymnastics & Parkour" 9321 North 94th st. Scottsdale, AZ. 85258 Friday Jan. 24th – Tuesday. 28th Friday 24th 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Saturday 25th 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Sunday 269th 9:00 am- 3:00 pm Monday and ...

[12/05/13]   I hope Everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Now its time to come back to Open gym and train that's Turkey off! We are open tonight 8pm til 10pm 15 dollars!

[11/25/13]   No open gym this week :(

[11/21/13]   And once again see all you lovely strong and movement thirsty people tonight at adult open gym.

[11/07/13]   WE ARE OPEN, Francesco Caban the Badassologist will be your guide tonight

[10/31/13]   We are not open tonight, sorry everyone. see you next week at the university of Badassery. 10/21/2013 – Últimas Noticias, Farándula, Novelas, Fútbol, Radio

Univision ( is doing a big video piece on Parkour and Freerunning and I have been asked to rally the troops. I need to know who is available this friday at 11am to take part in the video portion at three locations. Movement Connections Park, Scottsdale Gymnastics & Trampoline at the new facility and then at an outdoor location. It's going to be a long day and I need your help. It is my goal to show this television show how big the AZ community actually is and to show there is a place and need in AZ for this. Got school? Take a day off (ask your parents) This is a call to arms. Let me know if you can do this ASAP. Bruno Reichelt, Sylvia Pina Reichelt Sean Morgan Fernando Nando Carrasco Angela Lay . Tus shows favoritos, capítulos completos de nuestras telenovelas, tu horoscopo diario, fútbol y lo último en la reforma migratoria, sólo por

[10/17/13]   and tonight, yours truly will be here hosting, helping, and helping you with your degree in badassology.

[10/10/13]   Adult Open gym tonight! See you all there!

[09/26/13]   Who's coming to adult open gym? Hope to see you all there! Going to be working on a lot of things tonight!

[09/19/13]   And..... you guessed it, yours truly will be here tonight to help you accomplish your goals. 8-10pm $15 see you there or be [].

[09/12/13]   Who's coming to open gym tonight! 8 til 10pm... going to be fun night! I just know it!

[09/05/13]   Tonight will be hosted by yours truly, the Dashing Francesco Caban. I will have my go pro, so if you want me to analyze any of your skills and see how we can get them better. Let me know, I shoot you from 3 different angles and slow motion it at home and send you the video with critique. 8-10pm see you there.

[08/29/13]   Who's coming to adult open gym tonight, I'll be teaching alot of flips and tumbling tonight, if you want to learn something new So come down and play. $15 dollars. 8pm til 10pm. Hope to see you all there.

[08/22/13]   Yours truely, Francesco Caban is hosting open gym tonight. I will be training with you. I have a schedule for tonight. After warm up. If you want help with PK it will be right after warm up for 30 minutes, for ground and breakdance moves, the next 30 minutes, and for flips and aerial tricks the last 30.


Scottsdale Gymnastics Adult Open Gyms AUG 15

and where were you?

Ashton came down with his amazing aerials.

[08/15/13]   Who's going to tear it up tonight. No crazy kids to cross your path and make you decide "stick the move and stick the kid, or bail the move and let him live to mess me up again later?" I love kids but you know what I mean. I've met so many cool people here. Keep em coming.


Vlog Rough Draft of New SGT Parkour and Freerunning Gym

oh yeah and ha ha this

Went to Kristoffers house and worked on Rough Draft of 3D modeling of new gym being built in the next few months.

[08/13/13]   I am going to ask again though. How many of you would like to see an Open Gym on Tuesday night as well. same price same time. if you like it means you want it.




9321 N 94th St
Scottsdale, AZ

Opening Hours

Thursday 20:00 - 22:00
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