5 Star Fitness Scottsdale

5 Star Fitness Scottsdale


Hey would you be interested in a part time or full time remote job? Or know anyone who is ?It's only paying $13 an hour but you can make your own set schedule. My job is hiring ppl to schedule appointments for Covid vaccinations. So not a long term job but good for some extra money. You do need your own laptop and headset. If you are anyone is interested have them email me their resume [email protected]
So im off at 4:30 am hitting up the gym 5 star fittness here i come
Smart educated team of trainers I am on week 4 and am loosing 1-1.5 pounds a week looking greattt
Day 2, was awesome!😁
Saturday training are the best you have the best people working with you !!
If you want to be pushed and test your endurance this is the place to be ! 5 stars hands up I’m going to love my results already feeling myself
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday had a great workout with 5 Star Fitness.
Leg day again! Surprisingly made it all the way through. Thanks Nick for that workout.
Great workout with Nick. My shoulders and legs are sore. :)
Whew.... Leg day and Denzyel did not disappoint w/ challenging me again.
Great workout with Denzyel. Glad Brianna was there to keep me company. And cardio too. Today is a good day. 😆
My arms are burning, leave it to Denzyel to keep on pushing. But overall I loved it!

5 Star Fitness empowers healthy lifestyle & sets the bar when it comes to personalized fitness coaching. We now have 4 locations in Arizona!

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5 Star Fitness Scottsdale updated their address. 08/23/2021

5 Star Fitness Scottsdale updated their address.

5 Star Fitness Scottsdale updated their address.


Want bigger calves? Tired of trying to figure it out? Watch this video & start getting more results today @5starfitnessaz #AZTrainers #ResultsNotPromises


Want bigger calves? Tired of trying to figure it out? Watch this video & start getting more results today @5starfitnessaz #AZTrainers #ResultsNotPromises


Curtsy Step Ups for B***y Building 🍑🔥

Stepping up from the curtsy position targets the glutes. Adding a box behind you ensures that you extend the top leg and work the entire range of motion. In this potion of the workout Charlie is completing 3 sets of :30 each leg.

This is a great activation or finishing exercise for a Glute Training Day. If you wanna take the guess work out of growing glutes let the pros @5starfitnessaz help you out. Hit the link our bio to get started 💫 #AZTrainers #RealResults #GluteCamp


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Empowering Healthy Lifestyles ⭐️



Say bye-bye to those quarantine carbs! 👋⁠

With social distancing approved workouts, powered by 5 Star Fitness ⭐️


Our park workouts hit different 🥵 #noquarantinebods #5starfitnessaz


Arizona's Leading Personal Trainers ⭐️

Tired of your boring at-home workouts? Come join us at Chaparral Park for an intense workout! Social distance training sessions everyday at 6am & 7pm. Oh yeah...did we mention your 1st session is FREE?! ⚠️


Want to boost your immune system? Here are ten foods that may help strengthen your immune response 🍒🥦🐟⁠

1. Blueberries⁠
2. Spinach⁠
3. Oily Fish⁠
4. Broccoli⁠
5. Ginger⁠
6. Garlic⁠
7. Almonds⁠
8. Oranges⁠
9. Kiwifruit⁠
10. Dark Chocolate⁠

Eat nutritiously, exercise regularly and keep those stress levels in check ✌🏼


You can get fitter or fluffier during the shutdown. Keeping yourself safe should be your #1 priority, but your health is a close 2nd. The choice is yours 🤷🏻‍♂️

Want to try a weight training session at Chaparral Park for free? Social distancing training + wiping down all of the equipment after every use. DM us to lock in your spot 💪🏼



Looking for a new bodyweight exercises to add to your at-home workouts? ✅⁠

Try this & let us know what you think! #5StarFitnessAZ⁠


Chaotic times are upon us. If the stress is starting to get to you, you feel uneasy, or a little on edge…it’s perfectly normal. ⁠

Unfortunately, stress can weaken our immune system and increase health complications, so it is something we want to eliminate if possible. ⁠

So how can you stay on top of the anxiety? ⁠

✅ Eliminate the coffee and alcohol – one’s a stimulant and the other a depressant⁠.⁠

✅ Get a full night’s sleep – make sure you have a relaxing bedtime routine to promote a peaceful night⁠.⁠

✅ Try relaxation techniques – yoga and meditation are great examples⁠.⁠

✅ Get moving – physical activity releases endorphins that improve mood and restore calmness in the mind⁠.⁠

✅Join us at the park. @5starfitnessaz is offering social distancing park WORKOUTS at Chapparal Park. Sessions running everyday!⁠

Comment us "PARK" to save your spots!


✅ Workouts in a Rush ✅⁠

Follow @5starfitnessaz for more fitness/nutrition info!

Are you ever tight on time but want to get a quick workout in? Or want to do a quick high intensity cardio workout after your strength session? Here are 3 workouts that can satisfy those time constraints.⁠

They are pretty straight-forward but let us know if you have any questions or need to sub exercises. We'd be happy to help out, the best we can.

Tag a workout buddy and get moving 🔥


If you could ask a Body Transformation Expert (like we have at 5 Star Fitness) anything, what questions would you ask about training and nutrition?

Let me know below 👇


#Vibes at our group training sessions 😌


Upper-body days at 5 Star Fitness be like...🤣


The basic plank hold is a great bodyweight exercise that will:⁠

✅ Help you build a strong core and a strong core will help every single lift you do⁠

✅ Make functional every-day-life movements easier (especially as we age)⁠

✅ Help build awesome looking abs⁠
➡️ BUT, planks are boring 🙁 Time to spice it up🔥⁠
It’s always good to have a strong foundation, so work up to a strong 60-90 second FULLY ENGAGED (


Best way to start your fitness journey?

Just starting.

Trust us, in the beginning not everyone knows what they're doing or if it's even working. But some action is better than nothing.

However, if you have the resources available to you like 5 Star Fitness, these results you've been looking for are just a matter of time. We've tested and vetted endless amounts of plans & programs so YOU don't have to. Our goal? Have 5 Star Fitness be the last personal training you EVER have to try.

Believe us, you'll fall in love.


Are you tired of:

❌ Feeling lost in the gym
❌ Feeling hopeless
❌ No support system
❌ Lack of accountability when times get hard
❌ Being out of shape

Welcome to 5 Star Fitness.

Ask anyone who has trained with us - we promise this isn't like anything else you've tried. Wanna know why? Here's a condensed list of why 5 Star Fitness is Arizona's Premier Personal Training company:

⭐️ 24/7 Support Line
⭐️ Accountability Coaching
⭐️ Weekly Check In Calls
⭐️ Cardio Plans
⭐️ Certified Trainers
⭐️ Group of Like-minded Individuals
⭐️ Routines
⭐️ Eating Out Guides
⭐️ Explaining Videos


Friday Conditioning 🥊🔥


Friday Work 🔥💪🏼



Maybe you tried a few fitness classes. You had a little fun, but did your body change?⁠⠀
Maybe you tried a few popular diets. You lost a few pounds, but were you able to keep it off for good?⁠⠀
Maybe you worked with a trainer before. They were really nice, but did you get the results you wanted?⁠⠀
If you feel like you’ve tried everything before and still haven’t found a simple, safe, and sustainable way to get your dream body, you’re in the right place.⁠⠀
Welcome to the 5 Star Fitness—where ordinary people come to get extraordinary results.💪🏽 #5StarFitFam #AZPersonalTrainer





Who wants a free boxing trial with us?! Comment "BOXXSTAR" under this post & we'll pick a winner for a FREE boxing trial 💪🏼



If you've ever been jammed up on time & can't workout, you know how frustrating it can be! This video is here to solve that problem for you so you can keep progressing 💪🏼


Using your “WHY” to fuel your motivation in your fitness journey can be the ultimate driving force to get you the results you want. Think about it, how do you want to look or feel? What is pushing you to make a change in your lifestyle? After you can answer these questions you need to take ACTION! Change only comes to those who are in constant motion. Getting started on your fitness journey has never been easier – send us a DM to work with us on creating your transformation 🔥💪🏽


Your body & lifestyle transformation begins when you decide to fully commit to your journey & your goals. Everyone knows it’s not always easy to stay on track but when you find your “why” & inner motivation, temptations aren’t even worth it🔥🚫 Ready to get started on your complete transformation? Shoot us a DM today to get started 💪🏽


Empowering Healthy Lifestyles ⭐️

Having someone to keep you accountable & motivated throughout your fitness journey is crucial! Our trainers in Scottsdale make sure you're reaching your goals while assisting you throughout any bumps along the way 👍🏼 Don't know where to get startred on your fitness journey? Reach out today via DM or the link in our bio & ask us any questions you may have about health, nutrition or fitness 🥗🏋🏻


Struggling with LOWER BACK PAIN?

Are you tired of that sore lower back? Did you know 1 in 4 Americans struggle with lower back pain EVERYDAY? Well, we got you. Here is our favorite lower back exercise. See, most of our tightness or pain stems from a lack of developed lower back, spinal & stabilizer muscles. When we are prompted to use these under-developed muscles in our day-to-day life by picking up heavy objects, bending over etc. that lower back will become inflamed due to a load our muscles can't handle...⁠

Like & share this video with a friend to spread awareness!




Struggling with Pull-ups? WATCH THIS VIDEO!

If you’ve been struggling to get your first pull-up all on your own, try this technique out to build up to a normal pull up! 💪🏼 #5StarFitness


Every day we talk to people who are ready to give up.⁠⠀
They’re frustrated by trying everything but getting nothing in return. They try countless fitness and nutrition program, but they always come up short. They’re left wondering:⁠⠀
Am I going to look and feel like this forever?⁠⠀
Why am I the only person this diet doesn’t work for?⁠⠀
What should I be doing to get the most out of my gym time?⁠⠀
Can I really lose that stubborn weight and keep the⁠⠀
weight off forever?⁠⠀
I’m following the workout, I’m doing the exercises,⁠⠀
but nothing is changing. What gives?⁠⠀
If you said “yes” to any of the following then this is⁠⠀
where you want to be. We have the knowledge and⁠⠀
experience to help you, and we’ve perfected the⁠⠀
way to do it.⁠⠀
If you’re ready to put in the effort, we’d be⁠⠀
honored to help you achieve your goals.⁠⠀
Click the link below to learn about our services.

>> https://5starfitness.typeform.com/to/UVNGCd



#GluteCamp is here!


Monthly Large Group Workout 🔥

The 5 Star Story

We know how other gyms can be… Intimidating, nerve-racking, overwhelming, and unbelievably unwelcoming.

The sad truth is, most gyms treat their members as if they’re just another number in the system and a name in the database. It’s like they don’t even try.

They don’t know your name by heart. They don’t know your plans for the summer. And they never ask about how your week is going.

You won’t find any of that here. We didn’t become Arizona’s Leading & Most In-Demand Training Studio by treating our clients the way normal gyms treat their members.

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Arizona's Leading Personal Trainers ⭐️
Friday Conditioning 🥊🔥
Friday Work 🔥💪🏼
Monthly Large Group Workout 🔥
Thursday Thunder 🔥💪🏼
Empowering Healthy Lifestyles ⭐️



2012 N Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ
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