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Lapis & Lavender is an alternative healing center offering crystal and sound healing, gentle yoga & meditation classes, alternative wellness workshops & events all wrapped up in an extraordinary, soul-filled space. We are a sacred space for Spiritually-minded people of all ages to gather, heal, express, and explore. Class schedule available on Mindbody.

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My Own Maui

What makes you dance?

Dancing Sunflowers in Maui 😊 - I went to Wailuku for a Doctors visit this morning and stopped by the sunflower place for a bunch of joy! It made me sing "you are my sunshine" all the way back home/work 😊🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻




Never doubt that a difficult time is anything short of a miraculous teacher. 💖


Sacred soul locations...


~S E S S I O N I N P R O G R E S S~

🙌🏼I don’t believe that I’m more enlightened, more whole, or more anything than anyone else. I don’t bestow my gifts or powers of healing upon anyone. I consider myself to be a guide, a mirror, a facilitator of self-understanding and personal growth.

Occasionally a new client shows up who wants me to offer them with answers or just take away pain or confusion. To bestow healing.

My first response to this request is: What do you believe about who you are? The healing that happens at Lapis & Lavender originates with my clients and comes from my clients. I hold space to invite & allow healing and expansion. My starting point is authentic & compassionate.

Yes, I will actively channel messages from Source or departed loved ones. Yes, I will assist in removing unhelpful entities & spirits. But energy clearings & channeled messages are only beneficial when they are readily received. And when we have a deep belief in our capacity to GROW.

We are all directly connected to the same G-d Source that created this earth and all that is. You are capable of CREATION.

What will you DO with the power you have to create your own reality today?


Every element, every aspect of you is calling to you everyday.
Instead of figuring out what’s next in your day or your current life challenge, what if you allowed your inner being’s wisdom to call you forward into the unfolding of a divine experience? Powerful, simple chakra balancing aligns my clients with their own divine knowing...a good way to move through the world.


My dear vibrational tools. Grateful for the wisdom they share with me & my clients everyday.


It is the place we are in right now that creates the beautiful desire of what we know in our Innermost Being is bringing to us.


Q&A on Soul Alignment Coaching, a Little Live Coaching, plus a crystal 🔮 giveaway!!


Looking to find your center?? Q&A plus a little live coaching plus a crystal giveaway!


😇WHAT the heck is Soul Alignment Coaching?!

☕️Grab a cup of tea.
🍷Or a glass of wine.
Have a seat. Let me explain.

🙌🏼🔮The process of Soul Alignment is a path to finding your TRUE center, to becoming solid in the most authentic & perfectly balanced expression of all that is You, to finding extreme clarity in who you are & all you are meant to be becoming. It is not a destination, but a REcalibrating of who you are right now to all that is the most expansive expression of YOU.

✨We all know that EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING is vibrational energy. And everything we experience physically also exists through a vibrational lens.

✨Each of us has a dominant vibrational frequency that guides our daily thoughts & physical experiences & manifested reality.

❤️IF you are deeply and solidly aligned with Your Highest Self, with your Divine Guidance System, you will feel expansive, creative, joyful, inspired, and relaxed of the time. It’s a GOOD place to be. 🙏🏼And it’s where we are all meant to be.

✨If we are not operating from a place of Alignment, we feel annoyed, frustrated, sad, anxious, unsure of ourselves, or even bored .

✨Negative emotions are the direct feedback system from our Spirit/Soul to our physical self that we are off track.

🌿We all know that we have the capacity to shift how we feel by doing things... like exercise, meditation, yoga, eating well, and using affirmations. And these things DO help.

🔥But...creating a permanent change in your dominant, default vibrational setting requires a deeper level of awareness and attention.

❤️There’s a critical piece of the puzzle that’s missing in the practice of “Raising Your Vibration.”

🦋Just because you’re actively doing things that help you feel better & make small shifts doesn’t mean that it actually helps you move beyond the old crappy patterns that you’ve been repeating since... oh... forever.

✨We’ve all been there... I’ve been there. The yoga, the clean eating, the exercise, but still... it’s like those practices become the way you cover over the crappy parts of your life. The way you escape from the life that still exists that you wish didn’t.

✨And we decide that the parts of our life we don’t like are parts we simply have to hide or ignore... and we figure out how to cope or compensate. And we proceed to live a life that is FAR from what we once dreamed for ourselves.

🌿We set intentions of breathe in/peace out and pray and meditate and wish that the people we have to deal with who make us CRAZY or DRAIN OUR ENERGY (bosses and family members) WOULD JUST MEDITATE & DO YOGA TOO so that they could be nicer and THEN we could deal with them!

🔮Or just give me some crystals to ward off the energy-drainers and the negative vibes!!!

❤️Here’s what I’ve determined is TRUE:

❤️No One Else Has Power Over You.

❤️No One.

❤️You create your experiences.

❤️You create your thoughts.

❤️You create your own emotions.


There is an expansive and beautiful and unique reality that you create for yourself Every Single Day.

🕊So the choice is this:

🦋Are you happy with creating your life unconsciously?


🦋Are you willing to do what is required to allow endless wellbeing to manifest in your physical reality while you are in this body?

🙏🏼This program is my greatest work, tying together my knowledge, training, & experience with Yoga, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Chakra energy, Shamanic Journeying, Spirit Channeling, my devotion to the Divine, and Law of Attraction.

This program is entirely 1:1 and is available both in-person and virtually.

❤️I’ve witnessed extraordinary transformation as women step into the most authentic version of themselves, REcreating their lives in areas of time, health, relationship, finance, career, and self-love.

👉🏼I have 2 spots open right now, and after that my next opening isn’t available til April.

😊If this is calling you or nudging you even a little, send me a message & let’s find out whether we’re a good match.

🌿2018 has limitless potential for you.

What magic are you ready to create?

💖You are loved more than you realize.💖

👉🏼🌿🤓Join me for a LIVE Q&A on my Soul Alignment Coaching Program THIS Thursday 2/22 at 12noon AZ Time (MST) in


Lapis and Lavender


Oh kyanite, how I love thee. This piece of blue kyanite bridges all things that need connecting.

Bridge inner & outer self.
Bridge past & future.
Integrate past into the now.
Bridge spiritual and physical.

Create clarity. Wisdom in communication.

All connected to non-physical realm of all that is.



Alignment is your birthright. 🙏🏼
We ALL have the capacity to feel peaceful, confident, and excited about our daily life experience.

You don’t have to allow confusion, frustration, stagnation, or anxiety to run your life.

We’ve been taught that feeling good takes WORK. We’ve been taught wrong. Feeling good is easy. Working hard to overcome our problems is what creates resistance and that resistance then creates more negative experiences.

You’re not the only one caught in a cycle that keeps repeating itself. You just need to learn new tools to shift your vibrational patterns.

is waiting for you.

📲Text me to set up your free 20 minute Soul Alignment Phone Session! 518-524-4521

Your Expansive Inner Divine Self is patiently waiting for you. 😘


Lapis and Lavender


Day 15


Sometimes it’s hard to shift to a loving place, but we always have access to a better feeling place 💖


Just me...reminding you... things are always working out for you.


Earth Star Chakra Day 12:
✨🌎✨Deepest gratitude for our Eternal Earth Mother. She expresses wisdom at a level beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Patience. Abundance. Peace. Beauty. Presence. Creation.
Gaia wisdom feels intertwined with my own consciousness. Connections, aha’s, continued shifting awareness of stories...


💫Earth Star Chakra Day 10: My story is ALL MADE UP. (And so is yours.)

We are all connected to oneness, to source, and everything we create resistance around separates us from our Innermost wisdom and alignment.
It’s not just how I talk to myself about myself. It’s how I talk to myself and how I talk to others about myself, about EVERYTHING.
I’m diving into the depths of my existence & my experience which is entirely ordinary in terms of universal creation and also completely expansive and connected with Oneness in EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF NOW.

I am shifting to becoming a FULLY 100% conscious creator. It is entirely my responsibility to awaken to the truth that EVERY BELIEF I insist upon having, EVERY THOUGHT I insist upon focusing upon, EVERY EMOTION that dwells within me, is FULLY reflected back to me in this incredible physical reality which I have created.
Taking responsibility = Waking up

Waking up = recognizing that EVERYTHING I think, consider, and focus upon creates countless worlds.

I can only lift you up when I am in a fully present place within me. Not when I’m enraged or sad or even concerned. Because these emotions pull me out of my own inner strength and alignment.

There is NO SUCH THING AS NEGATIVE ENERGY. What we interpret as darkness or negativity is actually the expression of our Innermost Divine Self that we are out of tune.

I will only take action from a place of delight, of inspiration from a FULLY aligned, glowing, steady place within me.

When it’s exhilarating, when it brings me to an expansive level of joy... THAT’S how I know I’m in alignment.

And THAT, my dearest beautiful co-creators of life, IS how we change the world.
Start with the deepest, most expansive, truest love for your own selfish expansion. And you WILL end up just straight up glowing and shining your crazy expansive light ALL OVER THE PLACE.
So WHAT IF everyone began minding their own attunement, DROPPED THE FOCUS on how complicated and challenging it is and instead found their glory? Oh, that’s the right way forward, my friends.




Day 6: Earth Star Chakra... Permission to be with my family, my husband, and embrace the gorgeous messiness of our life together. Letting go of working my biz... just for today.

Confidence can express itself as relaxing into the momentum what you have created.


Day 5: Long-distance client session with strong grounding aspect.

So many of us are going through extraordinary soul evolution, and often it *might* seem almost too much to handle. creep up.

What if we shift the confusion to curiosity and shift the fear to excitement?

Alignment with Your Highest Self, Your Innermost Being of Truth feels expansive and light and graceful.

Fill yourself with openness and watch the gaps between desire and physical reality fill in.


Receive. The amethyst purple ultra-violet ray of protection & intuition is a master crystal that serves everyone. 🔮🙏🏼
Allow it to enter your field wash over you through the ether.


Day 3 Stepping into integrity is a courageous act of bravery, deep clarity, and steadiness.

This card was drawn by a delightful client who is transforming before my eyes.

She is finding her center, her Soul’s Highest whispers, and her truth. Life is realigning for her as she creates a new reality for herself.

EVERY Healing session I offer to my clients is mutual and the lessons and growth returns me also to my Innermost wisdom.


My first wedding ceremony was the perfect initiation to becoming a minister. We journeyed through the woods of Sedona to the beautiful couple’s ceremony site. It was a perfect morning, filled with drumming along the trail.

I was touched deeply by the couple’s desire to create sacred space, to have me welcome in their Spirit Guides, ancestors, and the Divine Multi-Verse to bind their soul-level commitment to one another.

And to top it all off, the ceremony address was 333 and the ceremony time was 11:11

Beyond blessed to have had the joy of assisting them along their path.

Please message me if you need assistance in creating a sacred wedding ceremony ❤️ [email protected]

#1111 #333


It feels so good to on be fully PLUGGED IN! Get out there and glow all over the place & make the world better for it! 🧚🏼‍♂️💫🙌🏼🖤


Earth Star Chakra crystals & stones. Tethering to the core of Mother Gaia.


My connection to my permanent divine Earth Mother is glorious, deep, and, true. I feel the pulse of earth within my innermost being. All that has come to pass and all that will become is already present within me. I express my gratitude for Gaia in all I do.

Shungite pyramid, snowflake obsidian, hematite, Black tourmaline, jet.

Earth Star Chakra grid.


How to find the energy of Earth Star? Begin the search quiet and low. Ask your Highest Innermost Self to show you the way.

the depths of earth with your . With drumming and hiking and digging in mud and meditation....
What energies tether you below and inside of Mother Earth’s womb?

begins Tuesday with the next lunar cycle. There is no plan, only a willingness to open to the guidance of spirit as I go deep into the essence of each Chakra from Earth Star to 4 energy centers beyond the Crown. This 12 Chakra Journey will last 12 full lunar cycles, bringing us into 2019 with the final chakra. 🙌🏼

How much wisdom is held within the layers of the body? Physical, Emotional, and Energetic layers are gloriously deep.

The experience will be sweet and manageable. The quietness of each will draw me into the Chakra’s essence. Understanding will expand through the and I will be gently guided back down to a whisper as the moon wanes again, to move up into the next Chakra center.

My experiences will be shared here as I live them. Please join me on this journey if it stirs something in your soul.

No prior knowledge is required nor necessary. Experience is your guide and you are the master of your journey.

If you feel called to share in this journey here please use on IG and FB so that we may follow in our shared experience of delightful growth together. 🖤✨


Ocean jasper is key as I begin with the
Earth star works 12-18” below the feet, connecting with us the depths of including the expansive
Earth Star Exploration & connection begins 1/16 on the New Moon through one lunar cycle.
What crystals will you be working with as you connect with Earth Star Chakra?


In preparing for the first wedding I will officiate, I pick up the journal I have nearby (there are so many) and open to this page.
Alignment with the messages of my Highest Self is delightfully beautiful.
How do you experience love? How do you receive love? How do you express love? How do you give Love?
When you feel the well of love within yourself and you share it with, and through, yourself and every person you meet, the world is healed.
Through YOUR love the world may heal.


On the next New Moon 🌚 1/16
I will begin a year-long 12 Chakra Exploration, starting with the Earth Star Chakra.

Each full lunar cycle will be devoted to the experience of returning to the source energy of each consecutive chakra, moving four energetic centers beyond the Crown.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel.” The beautiful wheel orb of light energy that we each carry within ourselves.

How glorious & expansive & humbling it will be to return deeply to each energetic center of my whole being, explore the wisdom of my connection to earth wisdom, Divine Source wisdom, and the wisdom of Infinte Self!

Connecting with Earth Star 💫 means connecting with the deepest pull of our physical selves to our Earth Mother. The magnetic field of our earth is strong enough to shield our glorious planet from cosmic radiation and solar winds. The geomagnetic field is essential to life on earth.

Preparing for the magic that is coming 🖤✨🌎

I will not be guiding this process, but will be sharing my own insights and wisdom along the way. I plan to begin by focusing on colors, crystals, essential oils, poetry, journaling, meditation, and will fully invite my innermost wisdom to lead the way.

If this stirs something in your soul, please join me & share your process of deep inner-wisdom and exploration.

We will learn and feel and grow together.

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Q&A on Soul Alignment Coaching, a Little Live Coaching, plus a crystal 🔮 giveaway!!
Receive. The amethyst purple ultra-violet ray of protection & intuition is a master crystal that serves everyone. 🔮🙏🏼All...
Crystalline Transmission Teaser
No matter how bad it gets... there's hope
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