CrossFit BLUR

CrossFit BLUR


2022 GG MASTER TOUR Celsius in Surprise, AZ !
Individual Competition ages 30 to 70+, RX And Scaled.
5 year age divisions!
Also a qualifier for the Master of the Masters Championships in January 2023.
: On May 13, we posted that CrossFit BLUR was working hard to raise $20,000 for Phoenix Children's Hospital patient families who are experiencing financial hardships due to the pandemic. Jake, the owner of Blur Fitness, committed to cutting his long locks if they reached their $20K goal. Guess what? THEY REACHED THEIR GOAL! ⁣

A huge thank you to the Blur Fitness family, their supporters, and for seeing this through while bringing smiles in the meantime.
: CrossFit BLUR, a local CrossFit gym, is working hard to raise $20,000 for patient families at Phoenix Children's Hospital who are experiencing financial hardships due to the pandemic. Jake, the owner of Blur Fitness, will cut off his long locks if they reach their goal!

Help them by donating here »
Dropped in yesterday and had a great experience. So friendly, great facilities and the programming was fun and challenging. I’ll be back.
What did you do for America this year?

Since getting in the content game I have had so much fun with my little guy. We make silly videos all the time and having him run around me with a camera... OOOO so sick seeing him be his own little person.

Anyways, heres a vlog of something called Freedom Fran.

If you are familiar with CrossFit there is a workout called Fran. Fran strikes fear in the heart of most, we added a twist.

Prior to each round of 21-15-9 and also at the tail end you must chug a beer, yeah it got weird.

Enjoy this litte bit of goodness and spread some positivity today.

If you find yourself in Arizona and looking for laughs and a good workout hit up CrossFit BLUR

Thank you for watching, love ya!
The Wodapalooza Fitness-Festival 2019 TBT Day 1 representing CrossFit BLUR and apparently going for that WOD face award
Who ready to turn up at Blur today?! 🙋‍♀️ CrossFit BLUR
Looking to possible join a box. Doing some research and deciding if it is really worth it for me. Can someone tell me what you think makes this box better then other ones, what’s the age group like? Am in my early 30’s. Does the yoga classes, nutrition classes and the othe classes come with the membership or is that an addional cost?If you are a member at the Tempe can you also go to the Scottsdale one?
TEAM Row Marathon!

Excited to be hosting the rowing marathon to benefit a great cause!

Groups of 4-5- (2+ ladies per team)

Prizes from top golf courses, Balunsd AZ, True Food Kitchen, Fox Restaurant Concepts and many many more!

A limited amount of teams- Let us know you want a spot. ONLY $100 per team and all money go to charity.

Open to all gyms and the general public!

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What amenities do they have? How much does it cost to join and what is the age range that attend?
Thanks to CrossFit BLUR I can now rep out 315 #

Start your year off with a boom and get there! Come join me for a week for FREE I’ll show you the secret sauce to living the healthiest life.

We had three drop ins at the 5PM, welcome back Jake owner of CrossFit BLUR and Mindy, twin to our member Melissa! Welcome for the first time Nancy, Jake's better half!


Operating as usual


Blur newbie class is now available! Learn the form of all the movements we do & build confidence like never before!! Tag a friend who’s been wanting to give Blur a shot!!


Blur family we would love to see you at tomorrow this Wednesday night December 10th 7pm-10pm are performing 🎶 They brought the house down the last show!!! Be prepared for a yeehawwwin country hoe down


Blur intro class kicks off tonight at 7pm 🔥They will be run Monday’s at 7pm & Saturday’s at 9am! You will be taught the form on all the movements we do at Blur! $100 investment! Message us or just come on by tonight! Tag someone who would benefit from this!


Blur Kickball this upcoming Sunday December 10th 12pm at Desert Horizon Park! All are welcome let’s soak up this beautiful AZ winter 🏜


Blur Christmas Party 🎄 this upcoming Friday December 10th 5pm-??? at Blur! Potluck style bring a dish & a festive outfit!


Rewind to last weeks unforgettable Blur Turkey Bowl 🏈 🦃 What social outing would you like to see next for the Blur family?!

🔥 📸


Get off the sidelines & get back into the game! To create breakthrough you must attack! Your potential doesn’t fall in your lap, you must run after it full speed! Your inner bitch doesn’t go away unless you attack it with brutal workouts. Your fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression & irritability won’t disappear unless you attack them with the energy uplifting endorphins of exercise. Come out of bed swinging tomorrow! David woke up early the day he took down Goliath! Quit snoozing & start attacking!
📸 🔥


These next few weeks are huge separator for peoples overall fitness and health for the year. Those who skip workouts and attend every party will go into the new year behind the eight ball 🎱 . Stay focused on your goals and make a commitment to your health and wellness.



Bring yo overeatin ass to Blur Saturday class at 8am&9am 🔥 Shout out to the Future of Country Music, the 50 Cent of Blur Abigail Faith on her first Muscle Up 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻


Blur Turkey Bowl 2021 🏈 Happy Thanksgiving 🦃
Black Friday classes 1pm,4pm&5pm Come on in & go on a spending spree! We’ve got screaming deals at the mall of muscle 💪


Thanksgiving Special 8am & 9am
Annual Blur Turkey Bowl 10am at Northsight Park 🏈 🦃


Grit is a meaty sandwich of persistence, patience & passion. Grit is showing up & f**kin bringing it even when you’re not in the mood. Antonio the Big B***y Blur Bandito Avilez has displayed that definition for 6 years straight. This pi**he pendajo conquers himself at Blur every mother licking day! Regular hours tomorrow stupid ass. You wanna talk about it or be about it?! Earn your Thanksgiving fooo let’s 🤬go😤

🔥 📸


If you want something you’ve never had you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. Comfort kills. Finish 2021 kicking your complacency in the ass. We will be accepting 10 newbies for our Blur intro program launching in December Monday’s at 7pm & Saturday’s at 9am. The 1 month course will be $175. We will break down the fundamentals of form in each movement. If you are fed up with where you’re at & needing transformation reach out to be one of the 10 🙌


🦃 Blur Holiday Week Hours 🦃
Normal hours through Wednesday
🚨Thanksgiving class 8am 🚨 & 10am Touch Football 🏈 Turkey Bowl at Northsight Park 🏈
Friday- no morning classes
Regular afternoon schedule


Blur blends hustle & humor in holy fitness matrimony 🥵 😂 Message us for a complimentary class today! The best version of you is itching to come out 🤗
📸 🔥


Your infinite potential isn’t going to fall in your lap. Energy & happiness aren’t going to fall into your lap. They’re all buried under consistent effort 🙌 You already have everything you need inside of you. An abundance of internal treasures are awaiting on the other side of challenging workouts. This goes way beyond losing fat & gaining lean muscle. Kick doubt in the dick & uplift your confidence! Grab a shovel and dig up the blessings baby!! Who’s ready to finish 2021 all in all out?!?

📸 🔥


2021 Blur Turkey Bowl 🏈 Thursday Thanksgiving morning 10am at Northsight Park 🏈 All are welcome 🤗

Photos from CrossFit BLUR's post 08/12/2021

The longer it exists the better it gets. Blur is no exception. 10 years in the fitness game and better than ever.

This September we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary!
We can’t thank everyone enough for making this possible.

First order of business. Anniversary Shirts and tanks. Partnering up with the one and only to make something extra special.

DM us now to get on the pre order list.

Event details to come.


That’s how you wrap up the weekend!!!!!


No more excuses. The gym is open! Let’s train!


Class hours 5-6-8-9am 1-4-5-6pm
Single arm KB/DB work
10/10 single arm deadlift
10 goblet squats
20 alt lunges front racked weight


‼️Blur special‼️
💰50% off your first month💰.
🏋🏼Tag a friend who needs a gym! 🏋🏻‍♂️


Labor Day hours
Open gym 8 and 9 am Monday.


Blur is the ultimate fitness experience

Timeline photos 06/23/2020

‼️Purpose in programming ‼️
Intensity equals results. Didn’t finish today’s workout? Don’t feel bad, that was intended. As long as you have your best effort you completed workout.

The goal is to have you giving your max effort at the start as well as at finish of the workout. coasting to the finish line does not make create results. When you have to dig deep and push your limits that’s where real growth takes place. Pressure creates diamonds 💎
You’re spot on the scoreboard does not dictate a good workout. Your effort does.


Blown away by the generosity of the Blur family in the middle of a pandemic! We raised $25,025 for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital!!! Thank you to everyone who contributed ❤️ Thank you to for all the miracles you perform! 🙏


Saturday at Blur
8am & 9am class
10am-12pm Phoenix Children’s Hospital $20,000 fundraising celebration and head shaving event 💁‍♀️ should take place around 10:30am


This Saturday June 20th 10am at Blur Fitness stop by to celebrate the Blur family raising $20,000 for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital! will be holding his end of the bargain by having his head shaved at the event! His golden locks will be donated to Wigs For Kids. We will have a DJ, games, food and drinks ready for you! All are welcome!


It’s easy to soar when you are being held by badass mf’n Blur trainers who care about your progress. Our recipe is simple. SHOW UP ✊!


Join us Saturday June 20th 10am at Blur Fitness as we celebrate reaching $20,000 raised for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital 🥂 🍾 I will be holding my end of the bargain by shaving my head at the party 💁‍♀️ ✂️ My locks will be donated to Wigs for kids ❤️ Right after that from noon-midnight we will be having a pool party for my Hamberguesas birthday 🎂 All are welcome for the festivities! I hope to see you there ❤️


God’s timing is beautiful! On the same day Kylie Rodgers successfully made it home from the Phoenix Children’s Hospital we hit our goal of $20,000 raised for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital!! Kylie had a month stint of chemo and a bone marrow transplant. She battled through and made it back home to the Rodgers family!! So proud of you Kylie your grit and courage is an inspiration to us all!!! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed! The generosity and love of the Blur family is like no other!!!! Stay tuned for the date of the celebration in the near future where we shave Jake’s head! Hope is alive in this world! Again thank you to everyone who donated! God bless the Rodgers family, the Blur family and the Phoenix Children’s Hopsital!!!!


Want to make the world a better place? Start by taking care of your damn self! Sweat is the best way to relieve stress and gain clarity on your emotions! I firmly believe fitness is a far more potent medicine for us mentally than it is physically. Want to crush negative thoughts and emotions? Crush a workout! If I don’t workout by noon I feel my anxiety and irritability rise. Let’s lead all of our influence with a dedication to self growth and a positive attitude! Demand fitness from your schedule! The busier you are THE MORE YOU NEED IT! Take care of your mind and body at the same damn time with a trip to Blur daily!


We love you Blur family ❤️ Saturday class 8am&9am ✊


Friday we will have regular hours through the 4pm class. At 5pm we will be meeting at Pinnacle Peak for a 5:30pm sunset 🏜hike in honor of Blur OG Brooke Marshall ❤️ I heard numerous times today “on my first day at Blur Brooke greeted me, had me laughing and made me feel at home” ❤️ 🙏 Brooke had a way to make you feel comfortable. She’s so fun loving and judgement free that you were at ease around her. A total chameleon, she could jive with anyone. I’m proud to say her happy place was Blur. All are welcome to celebrate her life with us at Pinnacle Peak. We’d love to hear your favorite Brooke memories please share ❤️

Photos from CrossFit BLUR's post 05/25/2020

Blur is the ultimate fitness experience. Murph is the ultimate workout. Today they were united in holy fitness matrimony! It was an explosion of endorphins, shredded muscles and scorched calories! Thank you to everyone who made it an unforgettable sweat honoring those who gave their life for our freedom 🇺🇸


Monday Memorial Day Murph
Classes 7am-8am-9am-10am
Thank you to everyone who trusts us with their fitness needs! ❤️ Without your health you ain’t got s**t! 💩 So proud of the Blur family for prioritizing daily exercise through this pandemic ✊ If you been slacking don’t get down on yourself tomorrow’s a new day! Get your ass back on the horsie!


Rise and shine! Cheers to the freakin weekend 🍻 Kick off the festivities with some sweat so you’re a little more guilt free after. Saturday class 8am&9am this morning! All are welcome let’s get it while we live!


Saturday class 8am 9am open gym 10am
Come get it!!! No matter what the day throws at it you’ll have the upper hand by starting your day with a great workout with friends.


Reporting live from Arizona Governor Ducey announcing gyms can reopen!! Back to normal hours at Blur 5am 6am 8am 9am 1pm 4pm 5pm 6pm classes offered Monday-Friday. Please give us a heads up of what hour you’d like to come to! We can’t wait to see everyone!! Love you sunsabitches let’s celebrate!


If you fell off the fitness horsie over the quarentine don’t give up on it and beat yourself up. The answer is easy just hop back on that m***a f**ka! You’re definitely not alone and it’s not the end of the world❤️ You got this s**t it’s time to get ball rollin again. Please message us if you have been struggling to stay consistent we will help!

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Blur intro class kicks off tonight at 7pm 🔥They will be run Monday’s at 7pm & Saturday’s at 9am! You will be taught the ...
Bring yo overeatin ass to Blur Saturday class at 8am&9am 🔥 Shout out to the Future of Country Music, the 50 Cent of Blur...




8175 E Raintree Drive
Scottsdale, AZ

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 7pm
Tuesday 5am - 7pm
Wednesday 5am - 7pm
Thursday 5am - 7pm
Friday 5am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 11am

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